About TTV

Teacher TV (TTV) is an online video platform designed to support the professional development of teachers, providing videos which cover 11 learning areas and professional development categories for teachers to keep abreast of education trends, and to learn flexibly according to their needs.



Videos are divided into two main categories: 'Teaching Strategies and Assessment' and 'Professional Development'.


Teaching Strategies and Assessment

Teaching Strategies and Assessment includes 11 channels with videos about a particular learning area:

  • Chinese Language Education
  • English Language Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Science Education
  • Technology Education
  • Personal, Social and Humanities Education
  • Physical Education
  • Arts Education
  • General Studies
  • Liberal Studies
  • Cross KLA / Others


Professional Development

Professional Development includes 3 channels with videos regarding students, school administration and general education trends:

  • Student Support and Whole-person Development
  • School Administration and Development
  • Education Policies and Trends


Viewing history

For teachers’ easy viewing of videos, TTV is open for watching without login requirement. For claiming CPD hours, please login with HKEdCity teacher account to record viewing history.


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