Adopting AR in the Classroom for Student Engagement and Enriching Learning Experiences

發佈日期: 11/12/2019
Learning with only texts and images in textbooks is never as effective as students’ literal experiences. With lots of teaching tools integrated with Augmented Reality (AR) technology, teachers may find some clues on constructing innovative and interactive classes with immersive virtual learning environments to develop students’ multiple intelligences.

An experienced educator, Arjita Sethi, and a professional game developer, Anshul Dhawan, will share the teaching strategies with AR adoption in classrooms, also demonstrate how to make effective use of AR tool to enrich curriculum, lesson plan and student activities.

1. Introduction of Augmented Reality

2. Teaching strategies of using AR

3. Introduction of AR learning tool

4. Hands-on workshop

Ms. Arjita Sethi
Ms. Arjita Sethi

Arjita Sethi has been an educator for 15 years. She has taught ESL and public speaking to over 10,000 students in the last 12 years. She leads the learning, community and impact at Da Vinci club AR.

Mr. Anshul Dhawan
Mr. Anshul Dhawan

Anshul Dhawan has been a game developer for 8 years. He worked at Zynga, as a product manager and a software engineer. He leads product development, AI and game design for DaVinci Club AR.

關鍵字詞: AR | immersive learning

程度: 小學
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