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April 23 is chosen as the World Book Day by UNESCO General Conference in 1995 to encourage reading and publishing, and to promote the protection of intellectual property. April 23 is chosen because this is a special day in the literature arena. William Shakespeare, the great poet, died on 23 April 1616. In addition, many famous authors such as Maurice Duron, K. Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla and Manuel Mejia Vallejo were born or died on this day.

To celebrate the World Book Day, various activities are organized in different countries and places. Take a look at the following:


The United Kingdom
World Book Day
Date: 6 March 2003

Recommended Reads
We Are What We Read - Voting on shortlisted books
Book Tokens
Readathon - A fund raising activity to encourage children to read more books
Readathon Storymarker. Try this game!! Create your own story!
Bookstart Programme - Books for Babies
  The United States
Children's Book Week
Date: 17 - 23 November 2003
Theme: Free to Read
Plays, Visit to the auditorium or study hall
Poetry Festival
Story Writing Contest
Arts and Crafts Projects (Design bookmarks, banner etc.)
Book Sharing
Check out the History of Children's Book Week!
  World Book and Copyright Day in Australia, Canada, Cuba, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden
Date: 23 April 2003
  Numerous book fairs and street festivals are held and customers are offered a rose with every book they buy. A comic book will be published for this occasion in order to raise awareness about copyright among students and young people.
  15 paintings by local artists will be sold at a charity auction to raise funds for youth rehabilitation projects through books and sports. Participants also will be invited to donate new and used books to a stock of five mini-libraries.
  The association of publishers is donating 35,000 books to schools, which will be delivered free of charge by post on April 23.
  UNESCO Regional Office for Culture will inaugurate a UNESCO Cultural Library at the Palacio del Segundo Cabo.
Africa and the Asia-Pacific region
  UNESCO is backing regional co-publication programmes with an emphasis on books for children, women and those who have only recently acquired reading skills.