A Set of Combs

Jim comes home and sees something very surprising. (Part 3)
  • 1He stopped inside the door.
  • 2His eyes were fixed upon Della.
  • 3Please don't look at me that way.
  • 4But Jim didn't say a word.
  • 5Tomorrow is Christmas!
  • 6Let's be happy, Jim.
  • 7I bought a beautiful gift for you
  • 8You've cut off your hair?
  • 9Jim asked
  • 10Cut it off and sold it.
  • 11Do I look funny?
  • 12You're still beautiful
  • 13But you loved your long hair!
  • 14You're right. But now I love my short hair, too.
  • 15Anyway, I prepared a Christmas gift for you.
  • 16What's this?
  • 17Jim handed a small box over to Della
  • 18Della opened it
  • 19Oh my God! I've always wanted these!
  • 20There were a set of combs decorated with gems!