Della's Beautiful Golden Hair

Della finds a way to make money. (Part 1)
  • 1One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That's all.
  • 2Della counted it already three times.
  • 3What can I do?
  • 4I can't buy anything with this.
  • 5Della had saved every penny she could for months.
  • 6But there was only one dollar and eighty-seven cents!
  • 7Suddenly, Della walked to a mirror on the wall.
  • 8She stood before the mirror.
  • 9She pulled down her hair carefully.
  • 10It was shining like a cascade of golden water.
  • 11Della put on an old coat and went out.
  • 12After a while, she arrived at a shop.
  • 13Merry Christmas! May I help you?
  • 14Will you buy my hair?
  • 15Let's have a look at it first.
  • 16Please take your hat off.