The Exchange of Christmas Presents

The couple feast on their Christmas dinner. (Part 4)
  • 1Della had seen them in a Broadway window.
  • 2They were too expensive for her.
  • 3Now she got them, but her hair was gone!
  • 4Don't worry, honey! My hair grows very fast.
  • 5Suddenly, Della jumped up from the chair.
  • 6Jim didn't see his present yet.
  • 7Della gave Jim his present and he opened it.
  • 8Isn't it wonderful?
  • 9Give me your watch.
  • 10I want to see how it looks on it.
  • 11After a silence, Jim smiled and said.
  • 12Dell, let's keep our Christmas gifts a while.
  • 13They are too nice to use right now.
  • 14What are you talking about?
  • 15Don't you like the chain?
  • 16Yes, of course I like it. It's fabulous!
  • 17In fact, I sold my watch to buy your combs.
  • 18What?
  • 19I feel hungry.
  • 20Let's enjoy our Christmas Eve!
  • 21Wow, it looks delicious!
  • 22Really? Try some.
  • 23It's terrible!
  • 24What? What did you say?
  • 25Oh, it's delicious!
  • 26No, it's perfect!