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Reading Challenge

Special Awards!

Complete all the challenges of any levels by 18/8 to get a limited virtual Bean Sofa on Small Campus after the end of the scheme.

Reading Challenge stimulates students' interest in reading by providing playful quizzes of designated books. Students who have completed the scheme will be awarded. Teachers can understand students' reading habits and capabilities with online reports.


  • Stimulate students’ interest in reading and develop students' reading ability


Two levels of challenges for students to choose from:

  • Junior Level: suitable for P1-6 students
  • Senior Level: suitable for S1-6 students


  • Challenges are released in October, December and April. Students need to log in with their HKEdCity student accounts to finish the challenges within the scheme period.
  • Each challenge includes preview of book contents, questions, record of reading progress, etc.
  • All students are free to join the scheme and get individual student prizes.
  • Teacher reports with student progress are available on the website.
  • Hong Kong Education City have the final decision on the rules, terms and results of Reading Challenge.

Each challenge include the following items:

  1. Go to HK Reading City to read excerpt of the book.
  2. Take the quiz about the book.
  3. Add the book to  'My Reading Log', save and record your reading progress!
  4. Express your feelings and find more good books.

Reading Challenge starts on 8 October 2018 (Mon) till 18 August 2019 (Sun). Challenges are released in October, December and April. 


Books (Junior Level)

Books (Senior Level)

8/10/2018 01. 噠噠噠!爹地超人 01. 一笑解千愁
02. 何紫散文精選集 02. 300秒的生命故事
03. 貼身的化學知識 03. 韓瘋──讓世人瘋狂的韓國現象
04. 火柴人日記 II(迷你版) 04. 屍骨的餘音 ——法醫人類學家為逝者發聲
17/12/2018 05. Q版特工 38 逃出北京 05. Q版特工 38 逃出北京
06. 大偵探福爾摩斯 40 暴風謀殺案 06. 雜魚又如何
07. 阿濃兒童文學作品精選集 07. 阿濃兒童文學作品精選集
08. The Chronicles of Narnia (7 Volume Set) 08. The Little Prince: Film Graphic Edition
8/4/2019 09. 愛與被愛 09. 吶喊
10. 妙趣新知通通識 10. 天地不說話
11. 一天一個幸福系列 01 箭豬交朋友 11. 我是你的忠心GPS
12.The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck 12. The Chronicles of Narnia (7 Volume Set)

Schools and students with excellent performances will be rewarded. Teachers can register online with their HKEdCity teacher accounts by 15 July 2019 (Mon). Schools that have entered the Scheme are entitled to win school prizes. 

Student Awards

Students having completed all reading challenges in a level will receive an electronic certificate (unlimited quota).

Best Participation Awards for Schools

For the whole year, the 10 schools with the highest participating rates will be awarded. Awarded schools will receive $1000 gift vouchers and certificates.

Result Announcement

Results will be announced on 16/9/2019. Awarded schools will receive a separate notification through email.

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