Student Scheme
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Creative Speech Programme

Creative Speech Programme (CSP) aims to encourage students to think creatively and express their ideas with confidence.  Through recording / public speaking opportunities, students will develop their presentation skills and gain the self-assurance necessary to excel in various aspects of their lives.  Effective communication is a vital skill that empowers students to succeed both academically and in their future careers. 


  1. To promote creative thinking in students
  2. To enhance students’ presentation skills with confidence; and
  3. To polish their English speaking skills

Target Students & Requirements


Video Length

Primary School Division(P4–P6)*


3 to 4 minutes

Junior Secondary Division(S1–S3)*


Senior Secondary Division(S4–S6)*


* According to 2023/24 academic year

Students can enrol individually or in a group of two.

Topics for Presentation

Primary (P4-P6)

Junior Secondary (S1-S3)

Senior Secondary (S4-S6)

If I were a fish

I have forgiven you

In a pizza time, …

What does my puppy want to tell me?

How to forget the unforgettable

I grow up in school

My parents forget my birthday

I am not afraid of fear

Who do I love most?

I have made a mistake

Thanks for making me angry

How do I find myself?

I have one day alone, I will…

Things I think before bed

I will remember this saying for life

I want a sister than a brother

What is unbearable to me?

Something that I cannot live without


Rules & Regulations

1)Creative Speech is open for both Public and Teacher accounts to enrol for students.

2)Speech Summary is a mandatory field to fill in.

3)It is optional for participants to upload videos. Uploaded videos may be published to creative speech’s website / video sharing sites. Alternatively, selected participants will be invited to record the speech again at EdCity’s studio. 

Participants are encouraged to print out the sign of creative speech and state it in obvious position. (Download)

4)Participants who choose not to upload video will be invited to record their speech at EdCity’s studio if their speech is chosen.

5)There is no limit on the number of participating individuals or teams from each school.  Students can participate individually or in a group of two.  Please register according to students’ school levels in the 2023/24 school year.

6)Participating individuals or groups will prepare a script and be filmed in the studio at EdCity on a topic of their choice from the 'Topics for Presentation' section.

7)Rights and permissions to record, archive and disseminate the presentation are given to EdCity. The video might be edited and uploaded onto online video channel / online video platform in the public domain for viewing. Participants must sign a consent form attached in the registration confirmation email and submit the same to EdCity before the presentation.

8)All presentations must adhere to the Rules and Regulations stated of the programme, applying creative thinking and demonstrating  presentation skills.  

9)All presentations must be original and not be published on other occasions before. By registering and giving presentation for publish, the participant warrants that the entry neither contains any third-party copyrighted materials nor infringes any intellectual property rights of any third parties. Participants should also ensure that the content does not include obscene, violent, religious, political, or other inappropriate content. Entries with any violation will be disqualified without prior notice.

10)By giving presentation for publish, the participant indicates to have read and accepted the Rules & Regulations of the programme.

11)Prizes, if applicable, are non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable in any situation.

12)EdCity owns the copyright of the all presentations.

13)EdCity reserves the right to announce and publish the participants’names and photos for promotional purposes if applicable.

14)By giving presentation for publish, the participant authorises the EdCity to display and publish the entry for publication or promotional purposes during or after the event, without the need to obtain separate consent or pay any fees.

15)EdCity reserves the right to amend and/or cancel the activities and the Rules & Regulations without prior notice.

16)In case of any dispute, the decision of EdCity shall be final.


9 Oct­ 2023–12 Jan 2024

Phase 1 – Registration

12 Oct­ 2023–30 Jan 2024

Phase 1 – Studio Booking

31 Oct­ 2023–31 Jan 2024

Phase 1 Studio Recording

For Public Account:

  • Participants must fill in their contact information for further arrangements.
  • Every account can fill in one Individual Participation and one Group Participation information at most.

For Teacher Account:

  • Two participants in a group should come from the same school division (i.e. Senior Primary, Junior Secondary or Senior Secondary)
  • Students must bring along a consent form signed by their guardians and bring along the signed form to the studio on the day of shooting. 

Studio Booking:

An email with the studio booking link will be sent by email separaently after registration.

  •  Please fill in and sign the consent form before video recording
  • Participating students can have a maximum of three trials for a topic at the studio; and shooting for two topics per visit is allowed.
  • Each student / group will be given a timeslot of 15 minutes for each video recording.

Students will get a certificate of participation upon attendance to the recording session.

In addition, students may be awarded Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up, and a list of merits in the end of the school year.