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TVNews provides local news clips and online exercises for self-access learning and teaching. It is available to teachers and students in Hong Kong with their HKEdCity accounts.

Students and schools with excellent performances will be awarded under TVNews Award Scheme 2016/17.

Click on the buttons below to start the News Practices (modules). We recommend that you go to [Module 0 - Trial] to familiarise yourself with the new format before you start Module 1.
IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you access TVNews, you must click on either button below to enrol yourself to the right level.

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All modules of TVNews Award Scheme 16/17 (Phase 2) are now out. Finish all the exercises by 31 May if you haven't!
Phase 3 will start on 11 July.

TVNews is on spring break. The next exercise will be available on 25/4/2017. Make use of this break and finish all the modules if you haven't!
Also check out if you're awarded in TVNews Award Scheme 2016/17 (Phase 1)!

TVNews Award Scheme 16/17 (Phase 2) has started. Challenge yourself, finish the exercises and compete for prizes!

TVNews is on winter break. The next exercise will be available on 3/1/2017. Make use of this break and finish all the modules (Vocabulary Quiz, Watch and Wrap-Up) if you haven't!

Students, the Leaderboard is now live! Go and see if you are currently among the top 50 students under TVNews Award Scheme! Senior Level / Junior Level

Teacher reports are now available. Access them with your HKEdCity Teacher Account: Senior Level / Junior Level.
Also, register for your school now if you haven't!

Welcome to the brand new TVNews! We have a new format and new challenges for you to learn English through local news clips (know more). We hope you like them! Click on the buttons above to start now!

School registration of TVNews Award Scheme 2016/17 is now open. Teachers please fill in an online form in order to be eligible for school awards and receive award notification. Know more.

Results of TVNews Award Scheme 2015/16 (Phase 3 and whole-year awards) are out now.

TVNews 16/17 will start on 4 October. Check out the detailed schedule.