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TVNews Award Scheme

TVNews provides online exercises based on local news videos (from News Archive) and other thematic videos for self-access learning and teaching. It is available to teachers and students in Hong Kong with their EdCity accounts.

Choose your level and start the challenges (modules). If you are new to TVNews, we recommend that you go to [Module 0 - Trial] to familiarise yourself with the format before you start Module 01.

IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you access TVNews in 2021/22, you must click on either button to enrol yourself to the right level. Or, click on any game on English Campus to get started.



  • Encourage students to learn English via authentic multimedia online resources, enriching their English vocabulary and enhancing their listening skills
  • Increase students' awareness of social issues in Hong Kong
  • Broaden students' exposure in a wide range of areas, e.g. science, technology, culture
  • Facilitate students' self-directed learning


There are two levels for students to choose from:

  • Junior Level: Suitable for S1-3 students and more able senior primary school students
  • Senior Level: Suitable for S4-6 students

Students are encouraged to opt for a level that is suitable to their abilities.


TVNews challenges are built on local news and other thematic videos, testing students' vocabulary and comprehension of the videos. The challenges are delivered through a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

There are 4 items in each challenge (called 'Module' in the VLE):

  1. Prep: Learn about the topic and useful words / phrases from the video.
  2. Vocab / Grammar Game: Test your understanding of the vocabulary / grammar items related to the video.
  3. Watch: View the video and answer related questions.
  4. Wrap-Up: Express your feelings and record any reflections.

There are marks allocated for different items in each module. Students with the highest marks in each phase and level will get awarded.

In the VLE, there is a trial module for students to familiarise themselves with the navigation and format of a challenge. Students' work in this trial module does not affect their overall results.

Students can also check their completed work and progress through 'Grades' in the VLE.

Thematic Videos

In addition to news videos, a wide range of thematic videos are included in the challenges:

  • science / nature
  • food
  • inspiration
  • sports
  • travel / culture
  • technoloy
  • books / literature
  • DIY

Teacher Reports

Teachers can refer to the school report for students' performances in each module.
Meanwhile, teachers also can view the practices as a student in the VLE.

News Archive

Local news videos in English and Chinese are available.

TVNews Award Scheme 2021/22 is in 3 phases:

Senior Level: Exercises are updated every Tuesday and Thursday.

Junior Level: Exercises are updated every Tuesday.

Detailed schedule:


Phase 2

1 February 2022 - 31 May 2022


Senior Level

Junior Level

Module 32
Module 17
Module 33
Module 34
Module 18
Module 35
Module 36
Module 19
Module 37
Module 38
Module 20
Module 39
Module 40
Module 21
Module 41
Module 42
Module 22
Module 43
Module 44
Module 23
Module 45
Module 46
Module 24
Module 47
Module 48
Module 25
Module 49
Module 50
Module 26
Module 51
Module 52
Module 27
Module 53
Module 54
Module 28
Module 55
Module 56
Module 29
Module 57
Module 58
Module 30
Module 59
Module 60
Module 31




Students and schools with excellent performances will be awarded.

Schools that have enrolled are entitled to win school prizes. Teachers can enrol online for the whole school with their EdCity teacher accounts by 21 August 2022.
The teacher-in-charge having enrolled will receive award notification for both student and school prizes.


Best Performance Awards for Students

For each level in each phase, the 10 students with highest marks will get:

  • HK$150 book vouchers
  • A certificate

* If a student is eligible to be awarded at more than one level, they will get awarded at Senior Level.

Best Participation Awards for Schools

For the whole year (Phase 1 + 2 + 3), the 10 schools with the highest participating rates will get:

  • HK$1,000 book vouchers


Result Announcement

Phase 1: 18/2/2022

Phase 2: 17/6/2022

Phase 3: 2/9/2022

Results will be announced on this website. Awarded schools and schools with awarded students will receive a separate notification through email.


Results (2021/22 Phase 1)

Here are the results for Phase 1 of TVNews Award Scheme 2021/22. The schools with awarded students will be notified of the prize collection arrangement.

Best Performance Awards for Students

Each awarded student will get HK$150 gift vouchers and a certificate.

Junior Level

School Student
Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College Lam Chau 
Pentecostal Gin Mao Sheng Primary School Yim Ho Pong
Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Primary School Tam Yi Ki
Good Hope School Au Cheuk Yu
G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College Chiu Long Tin, Isaak
Pentecostal Gin Mao Sheng Primary School Yim Ho Ching
SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School Chung Man Hei
Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School Wong Hei Ching
Shek Lei Catholic Secondary School Tin Kar Ying
Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School Fong Sze Ching


Senior Level

School Student
Belilios Public School Chau Grace
St Francis' Canossian School Suen Emma
Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten (Primary Section) Mohammed Ameera Khera
St Francis' Canossian School Suen Hayley
Cheung Chuk Shan College Yau Hiu Chung
Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School To Wing Kit
CCC Mong Man Wai College Poon Wing Lok
CCC Mong Man Wai College Leung Lok Him
SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School Cheng Chi Man
Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School Yeung Hok Yi



Here are the highlighted vocabulary items covered in TVNews:

Junior Level


Vocabulary Items

Module 17 - Regenerative Medicine joint tissue diminish societal regenerate
Module 18 - City’s first automated car park opens for public use automated pallet machinery glowing sweetener
Module 19 - Saving Cambodian Cooking From Extinction campaign fund culinary cuisine erase
Module 20 - Extended lockdown at Tuen Mun block ends lockdown chaotic cordon off emerge screening
Module 21 - The Grandfather Paradox paradox journalist exist mainstay universe
Module 22 -   embattled requisition lot ambulance open air
Module 23 -  state establishment convenience store plain bake
Module 24 -  patriot divert concise glean impact
Module 25 -  demonstrate valuable shield knight castle
Module 26 - 
care home morgue stretch convert elderly
Module 27 - insecure network sensitive encrypt software
Module 28 -  rub squeeze abuse watchdog hazard
Module 29 -  source perspective genre viewpoint multimedia
Module 30 -           
Module 31 -           


Senior Level


Vocabulary Items

Module 32 - Regenerative Medicine tissue diminish augmentation regenerate coax
Module 33 - Guidelines requiring schools to fly National Flag daily kick in Draw sth from sth emblem constitution allegiance belonging
Module 34 - City’s first automated car park opens for public use automated pallet stack head-on sweetener
Module 35 - Chief Executive: Press freedom not linked to media closures outlet press accordance suppress allegation
Module 36 - Saving Cambodian Cooking From Extinction campaign culinary erase regime precise
Module 37 - Caspar Tsui ousted until after investigation bar bash scandal sanction resume
Module 38 - Extended lockdown at Tuen Mun block ends lockdown cordon off transmission scramble emerge
Module 39 - Hospital Authority eases discharge criteria for coronavirus patients relax discharge nucleic acid antigen mild
Module 40 - The Grandfather Paradox paradox mainstay trilogy universe prevail
Module 41 -  specialist tsunami impose allowance jab
Module 42 - embattled visible requisition vacant lot
Module 43 -  slaughterhouse disinfection posed epidemiological grasp
Module 44 -  state establishment convenience store ferment stewed
Module 45 -  gas station diverse phase out inject all-round
Module 46 -  patriot divert opposition scrutinize glean
Module 47 -  exemption exploit privilege boost put forward
Module 48 -  demostrate goal shield castle march
Module 49 -  take part in conduct inspect take into account rapid
Module 50 -  care home pass away morgue stretch accumulate
Module 51 -  leaflet checkup prenatal consent pregnancy
Module 52 -  insecure sensitive virtual VPN encrypt
Module 53 -  severe determine a host of decline pre-existing
Module 54 -  rub squeeze abuse suffocation carcinogenic
Module 55 - medic practitioner mishap batch dialysis
Module 56 - source numerous perspective genre pertinent
Module 57 -  household parcel kit relatively proprietary
Module 58 -          
Module 59 -          
Module 60 -          

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