Student Schemes
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HKEdCity organises a series of award schemes for students, covering Chinese Language, English Language, Science, General Studies, Liberal Studies, creative writing and reading. There are prizes for schools and individual students.

  • All students are free to join the schemes with their HKEdCity student accounts and get individual student prizes.
  • Teachers can enrol online with their HKEdCity teacher accounts before the scheme enrolment deadlines. Schools that have entered are entitled to win school prizes and receive the latest news about the schemes.

Please click here to download Scheme Fact Sheets (PDF)




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  • Secondary Secondary
Students demonstrate their creativity and create their own stories, essays and illustration writing.
Subjects: Chinese
Through news games and exercises, students can learn English, expand vocabulary, train critical thinking skills and raise the awareness of social issues.
Subjects: English, Liberal Studies
Encourage students to read extensively, record their reading progress and share the love of books and reading.
Subjects: Cross-subjects
Through gamified learning, primary school students can read and learn English in the Summer Holidays through interesting topics and a variety of text types.
Subjects: English
Motivate students to acquire knowledge in science, mathematics and general studies with fun games.
Subjects: Maths, General Studies, STEM