All of Hong Kong join hands in the fight against SARS! As a stronghold for the war against SARS, Hong Kong Education City Ltd provides daily updates on SARS and the latest news for schools, parents, students and the general public, including arrangements for the suspension and resumption of school, government circulars, guidelines, measures, announcements, support hotlines, and body and mind health tips, etc.. We strongly believe that the first step in the fight against SARS is to spread this fighting spirit and to disseminate accurate information to every corner of the city!
News In Focus
Combat Possible Re-emergence of SARS
Points to Note on Resumption of Classes
Guidelines to Parents for the Prevention of SARS
Guidelines and Government Information
Learning How to Cope
Extended Reading and Reports
Arrangements for Extracurricular Activities When Classes Resume
Anti-SARS Supplies

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  Department of Health Hotline 1872 2222
  24-hour Health Education Hotline 2833 0111
  Regional Office : Hong Kong 2961 8729
  Regional Office : Kowloon 2199 9149
  Regional Office : New Territories East 2158 5107
  Regional Office : New Territories West 2615 8571
  Hospital Authority Infoline 2882 4866
  Social Welfare Department Hotline 2343 2255
  Education and Manpower Bureau Hotline 2892 2352
  Medilink (The Hong Kong Medical Association) 9000 0222 322
  Emotional Assistance:  
  We Are With You 1833 033
  The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups 2777 8899
  The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong 2520 6800
  SARS Info-Line 3561 1111