Winter English is open to all primary school students in Hong Kong.
Junior Primary Division: P1-3 students
Senior Primary Division: P4-6 students


  1. Schools that have enrolled are entitled to win school prizes. The teacher-in-charge having enrolled will receive award notification for both student and school prizes.
  2. All primary school students in Hong Kong are free to join Winter English at any time and get individual student prizes.
  3. All challenges must be completed by 2 March 2018.
  4. The challenges consist of reading passages and relevant questions. When attempting the challenges, students will gain marks when they have got a correct answer, and extra marks if they have got all the answers of a challenge correct. Students with highest marks within each division will get prizes.
  5. The school prizes are determined based on the participation rates of each school (i.e. number of participating students / total number of students within the school).
  6. Results will be announced in March 2018 on this website. Schools with awarded students will be notified of the prize pickup arrangement.
  7. The organisers have the final decision on the rules, terms and results of Winter English.


Hong Kong Education City



  • A new challenge is available every Wednesday and Friday from from 31 January to 23 February 2018.
  • All challenges must be completed by 2 March 2018.
  • Results will be announced in March 2018.

Junior Primary Division: P1-3 students

Date Theme About the Challenge
31 Jan (Wed) Everyone is Different Challenge 1 - Who am I? 
Sport is a lost puppy who finds his way to a barn, where a family of cats take him in. When Sport discovers that he is very different from the cats, he begins to feel sad. Sport soon learns to appreciate his unique traits and realizes that even those who are different can be good friends. 
2 Feb (Fri) Challenge 2 - Differences
Differences make people special and interesting. Nianci likes to run--maybe she'll be in the Olympics someday. Clifton is quiet and likes science and animals--maybe he'll be a veterinarian someday. Sage, Sarah, and Daniel are all different, too. It's good to be different!
7 Feb (Wed) Getting Along Challenge 3 - Charley’s Chance
People can find solutions that are good for everyone in a group.
9 Feb (Fri) Challenge 4 - What Would You Do?
Several scenarios of bullying behavior are identified with possible ways to address each one.
14 Feb (Wed)  Reaching our Goals Challenge 5 - Dog Wash
Jade asks her parents if she can get a dog. They say no. She asks if she can get a dog if she pays for it, and they say yes. What does Jade do next?
16 Feb (Fri) Challenge 6 -  Hooray for Us
The park next to the school is a mess. Children, teachers, parents, and people from the community work to make it beautiful.
21 Feb (Wed) Doing the Right Thing Challenge 7 - Save the Manatees
Manatees are large animals that live in Florida. Problems caused by humans have put manatees in danger. A group was started to help protect the manatees. 
23 Feb (Fri) Challenge 8 - Community Service
Students in an after-school program vote to clean up a park as their activity for the week. They put cans in a recycling bin, pick up litter, fill bird feeders, and greatly improve the park's appearance.

Senior Primary Division: P4-6 students

Date Theme About the Challenge
31 Jan (Wed) Understanding Culture Challenge 1 - New Kid in School (1) 
Sam is the new kid in school---the only kid from Earth at a school on another planet. The alien children find Sam's looks and actions strange, and Sam has a hard time fitting in.
2 Feb (Fri) Challenge 2 - New Kid in School (2)
The alien students try to apply the Golden Rule to make Sam feel more accepted, but they soon learn that what is desirable in one culture may not be desirable in another culture. In the end, the aliens learn about the way to find out about another culture.
7 Feb (Wed) Dealing with Conflict Challenge 3 - A Day Off for Santos
Santos has a conflict with his parents. They need his help at the family restaurant, but he wants a day off to play baseball with his friends.
9 Feb (Fri) Challenge 4 - No More Bullies!
Read about Henry's struggle with being the target of a bully and learn different ways to deal with bullying.
14 Feb (Wed)  Pursuing Our Dreams Challenge 5 - Jessie the Guide Dog
Jessie, a dog in training at guide dog school, tells about being trained to work with someone who is blind.
16 Feb (Fri) Challenge 6 -  Karate Is for Girls
Megan is excited for her first day of karate class. She enjoys everything about her karate classes, except for Brian, a boy in her class. He tells her that girls shouldn't do karate. What happens next?
21 Feb (Wed) Doing the Right Thing Challenge 7 - Going Green
Students are given ways they can reduce, reuse, and recycle trash to do their part in protecting Earth.
23 Feb (Fri) Challenge 8 - The Tree Woman of Africa
Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan woman, planted trees to help save the environment in Africa. She started the Green Belt Movement, which first assisted thousands of women in Kenya to plant trees. Women in other countries in Africa took notice, and they too started planting trees.