High Speed Rail Resumption Businessman looks forward to service resumption
Border Reopening Crossing quota raised to meet holiday demand
Medical Blunder Health chief concerned about charges on doctors
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 7749 new cases
Labour Rights Executive Council approves raising minimum wage to $40
Border Reopening Government mulls regulations to prevent drug shorten
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 9379 new cases
High Speed Rail resumption Complaints flood in as train tickets go on sale
High Speed Rail Resumption 10000 tickets on sale for Hong Kong’s high-speed rail link
Stock Market Hong Kong stocks kick off 2023 with a rebound
Border Reopening Quarantine-free travel to mainland to resume on Jan 8
Cross-border Travel Real-name tickets no longer needed for bus to Macao
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 18422 new cases
Personal Data Breach Privacy watchdog: electoral office breached ordinance
Plastic Bag Levy Plastic bag charge doubles today
2019 Social Unrest 13 convicted of rioting get 29 to 63 months behind bars
Border Reopening High Speed Rail starts trial run
Hong Kong Tourism HK Disneyland eyes more new hires
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 16186 new cases
Public Healthcare System HA expects surge in people seeking medical services
「 e世代 ‧ 網樂行 」家長講座(一): 網絡危機及應對錦囊
「 e世代 ‧ 網樂行 」家長講座(一): 網絡危機及應對錦囊
First Duty Visit CE to set off his first duty visit to Beijing
Border Reopening Fosun offers mainlanders with booster shots in HK
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 18626 new cases
HK Politics Chief Executive’s Policy Unit to be established
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」決賽評審及頒獎禮 - 活動回顧
COVID-19 Expert: HK should not scrap isolation rules before winter
COVID-19 Japan adds 3 more airports for arrivals from Hong Kong, Macao
COVID-19 Airport arrivals hail convenience after testing scrapped
Traffic Accident 11 injured in Causeway Bay bus crash
Christmas Residents ready to travel abroad during festival season
COVID-19 Health chief: Don’t abuse emergency healthcare services
COVID-19 Government scraps rapid test requirement, capacity limits
Hong Kong Politics John Lee meets Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing
Consumer Council 70% of nail polish tested contain carcinogens
Sports HK’s first mountain bike practice ground opens
National People’s Congres 36 HK deputies elected to Chinese legislature
National Security Law Tam: NPCSC in no rush to handle law interpretation
Stock Market HK stocks skid as U.S. Fed warns of higher rates
Interest Rate Hike Hong Kong follows Fed to raise interest rate
Hong Kong Courts 10 found guilty of rioting in Yau Ma Tei in 2019
Cold Weather Mercury to dip to around 10 degrees Celsius
Hong Kong Housing Lawmaker criticizes high cost for temporary homes
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 15774 new cases
Stock Market HK Stocks close higher as city eases COVID curbs
National Anthem Blunder CE: Google has moral obligation to fix search results
COVID-19 Government slashes LeaveHomeSafe, amber code requirements
National Security Trial Jimmy Lai’s case adjourned to September 2023
「SMART Use of Technology - 精明使用」- 電子學習與眼睛健康
「SMART Use of Technology - 精明使用」- 親子共塑數碼技能
第19屆十本好讀小學生最愛書籍第5位《鬥嘴一班 23 時間魔法師》得獎感言
第二十四屆常識百搭-F02-鳳溪創新小學 - 研究使用納豆菌進行灌溉水源消毒
第二十四屆常識百搭-F04-馬頭涌官立小學(紅磡灣)- 智 ‧ 夾
第二十四屆常識百搭-F05-保良局陳守仁小學- 水果保鮮箱
第二十四屆常識百搭-F06-旅港開平商會學校 - 菜採不盡
第二十四屆常識百搭-F07-新界婦孺福利會梁省德學校- 蒸蒸日上動力船
第二十四屆常識百搭-F08-佛教陳榮根紀念學校 - 「綠」能生巧
第二十四屆常識百搭-F09-澳門陳瑞祺永援中學(小學部) - CSK-greenhouse-PHC :改造學校天台種植計劃​
第二十四屆常識百搭-G01-聖公會靈愛小學 - 生物電流智能城市
Stocks Market HK shares rise around 3%
Hong Kong Courts Jimmy Lai jailed for 5 years, 9months over fraud
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 14377 new cases
Hong Kong Transport TKO-LT Tunnel and Cross Bay Link will open on Sunday
Land development Streamlined procedures won’t undermine Legco
Jiang Zemin’s Death Jiang Zemin’s Death Hong Kong mourns late leader Jiang
Stock Market Hong Kong stocks end lower amid strong economic data
MTR Accident Lawmaker worries recent failures not ‘isolated incidents’
COVID-19 Government further relaxes quarantine requirements
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 9952 new cases
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 14373 new cases
Ombudsman Investigation Watchdog probes maintenance of recreational facilities
Cross-border Travel Shenzhen to increase quota for HK travellers
Waste Charging Scheme SPD: Bidding prices for rubbish bags higher than expected
COVID-19 Sources: New “health code” specifics to be revealed on Thursday
COVID-19 Hong Kong introduces stricter border control measures over Omicron
Hong Kong Courts 2 Cathay cabin crew members jailed for 8 weeks
男子網上發文煽惑製造爆炸品炸軍營 判囚4年半
港鐵:初步相信路軌旁金屬護欄組件移位致列車偏離 將聘專家調查
恒指飆1244點或逾7% 升幅近八個月最大
MIRROR演唱會意外警拘五人 總承辦商涉虛報重量誤導康文署
MIRROR演唱會意外調查報告完成 舞蹈公司無買勞保及無報工傷
新增5599宗新冠病毒確診 多10名患者離世
據報國安公署逾五億元購物業 議員斥政治炒作
警方「防騙視伏器」上月錄逾7.4萬次搜尋 約一成五「有伏」
黎智英聘英御用大律師抗辯 律政司上訴遭駁回
大埔匡智松嶺二校女教師被捕 涉嫌捏造虐兒匿名信及影片
20歲男子違檢疫令判監8天 緩刑12個月
聯合醫院確診病人襲擊兩護士 盧寵茂譴責行為
議員倡設「線人費」舉報濫用公屋 當局稱會以不同方法打擊
故宮文化博物館特別展覽 展出逾百件列支敦士登王室珍品
台灣開放港澳團體觀光 旅行社料團友可自由活動
入境旅行團持黃碼旅客 可到訪指定景點及餐廳
Suspicious Fire Two dies in Wan Chai fire
20th Party Congress Beijing officials: 'One Country, Two Systems' the best for HK
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 10111 new infections
National Security Trial CE: Law interpretation won’t affect qualified foreign counsels
National Security Trail Bar Association hopes power to interpret can be exercised sparingly
Stock Market HK stocks jump with mainland’s move to support develops
National Security Trial High Court adjourns Jimmy Lai’s case until Dec 13
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 10137 new infections
COVID-19 Government relaxes PCR test requirements for inbound travellers
律師陳子遷遇襲案 被告判監19至34個月或入教導所
恒指升821點 重上萬六點
市民提早放工 金鐘站及紅隧巴士站人流漸多
政府未就「免針紙」司法覆核案上訴 議員憂影響其他附例
立場新聞串謀發表煽動刊物案開審 鍾沛權及林紹桐不認罪
營業時間仍有限制 蘭桂坊餐廳料萬聖節前夕生意增幅有限
旺角有食肆發生懷疑食物中毒事件 9人不適
【施政報告】重奪供應主導權 加快私樓造地建屋
規管眾籌及網絡安全法將展開諮詢 李家超:嚴防威脅再現
【施政報告】政府將成立引進重點企業辦公室 接觸內地和海外重點企業
【施政報告】合資格專才居港7年可申退額外印花稅 地建會批無意思
建制派冀政府交代簡約公屋安排 民主黨批評政策無助留住本地人才
【施政報告】增建博物館至十九間 推動本港成為中外文化藝術交流中心
政府未來五年建3萬簡約公屋 冀輪候時間減至4.5年
孫東:「安心出行」在病情追蹤仍發揮重要作用 並不過時
消委會關注新興「先買後付」模式 致過度消費
63歲男子捲入田螺車底不治 司機涉危駕被捕
童樂居虐兒案 一名女職員認掌摑女童囚四周
深圳健康驛站名額削減 盧寵茂:會與深圳保持溝通
港深「逆向隔離」專班舉行視像會議 商討方案構思
英女王兩度訪港掀起哄動 古物收藏家:一個時代的終結
本港增10076宗新冠確診 醫管局籲家長盡快安排子女接種疫苗
National Security 6 fomer Apple Daily executives plead guilty to collusion charge
Hong Kong Courts 9 people found guilty od rioting on 2019 National Day
COVID-19 HK records 7139 new cases
Stock Market Hong Kong stocks fell for a fifth straight trading day
Lamma Ferry Crash High Court denies bid for inquest into deadly ferry disaster
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 9219 new Infections
Bus Fare Gov’t urged to let bus operators to find more revenue sources
Hong Kong Currencies Billionaire investor shorting HK dollar on bet peg will break
Stock Market HK shares climb as Fed minutes hints on smaller rate hike ahead
National Security Case Heavyweight: NPCSC should interpret national security law
Hong Kong Courts 6 convicted for rioting during PolyU siege
Hong Kong Police 93 officers pass out from Police College
COVID-19 CE tests negative on day 6 of quarantine
COVID-19 Online reservation for bivalent vaccine opens tomorrow
Stock Market Hong Kong stocks jump after Xi met Biden
Social Distancing Measures Residents frustrated at government U-turn on COVID curbs
APEC Summit CE finds first official visit meaningful and exciting
Stocks Market Hong Kong shares drop more than 1%
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 8060 new cases, nine more deaths
Labour Import Chris Sun: Local workers employment remains top priority
Stock Market Hong Kong stocks tumble before U.S. inflation update
International Travel Lawmakers: new rules have minimal effect on tour groups
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 5723 new cases
COVID-19 CE: Not to delve into ‘0+something’
COVID-19 Pediatrician worries more child deaths during winter surge
Consumer Council Watchdog: Beware of purchases and booking via online platform
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 5951 new cases
Healthcare Reform Chris Sun: Gov’t will allow all care homes to import non-local workers
Public Heath CE: Gov’t to lift restrictions in ‘an orderly and progressive manner’
COVID-19 Government further relaxes restrictions on mask-wearing premises
Hong Kong Courts Women becomes first convict under national anthem law
Traffic Infrastructure TKO-Lam Tin Tunnel to be opened next month
COVID-19 Expert urges gov’t to move to ‘0+0’ policy
「免針紙」司法覆核案政府敗訴 林定國︰積極考慮修例處理
最快明年禁堂食即棄餐具 政府稱有替代品部分價格更平
本港增5106宗新冠確診 首次發現BA.4.6及BQ.1.1亞系輸入個案
本港新增4788宗新冠確診 新增5宗XBB亞系輸入個案
本港新增4874宗確診 首發現變異病毒株 XBB.1亞系
本立法年度立法議程刪15條條例草案 包括23條立法相關草案
市建局啟動土瓜灣兩重建項目 提供約2200個住宅單位 料2033年落成
何啟明:向內地資助院舍長者提供擔保書 回流能較快輪候公屋
本港增4369宗確診 多2人離世
四名公務員涉串謀詐騙取得「免針紙」被捕 警指已審視所有證據及專家意見
本港新增3642宗新冠確診 多10名患者離世
【重上18000關】恒指飆1008點 散戶指不宜過早撈底
立法會第三次前廳交流會 議員關注中央首在香港選拔太空載荷專家
本港新增3642宗新冠確診 多10名患者離世
盧文端:料中共二十大後香港有望與內地通關 並非空穴來風
本港增3529宗新冠病毒確診 多3名患者離世
「0+3」措施實施一星期 入境旅客未見明顯增加
內地女生遇電騙自拍被綁架片 家人遭勒索五百萬
國家首次在港澳選拔載荷專家 孫東:將推薦足夠人選參加
本港增3911宗新冠確診 兩幼童接種科興後面肌肉無力
兩萬張免針紙將失效 有醫生料少於一成病人真正有需要獲豁免
運輸署引入自動執法系統 拍攝違泊車輛
海關反走私檢六合彩彩票 約600張中獎 彩金7萬
離岸人仔破底 恒指瀉609點
新學年小學再減14班小一 中學減22班中一
六旬漢月前紅磡站內無障礙洗手間不治 港鐵證洗手間求助掣故障
據了解安心出行加入「親子針卡」 政府最快明公布詳情
612基金案開審 控方:基金收逾10萬筆款項用作政治活動
「 0+3」措施下取消檢疫 酒店住客可以離開
入境檢疫放寬至「0+3」 有來港公幹旅客對新措施感興奮
本港增4034宗確診 多12名患者離世
入境檢疫放寬至「0+3」 李家超:聯通世界不走回頭路
廠商會會長史立德:需時觀察「0+3」吸引力 促一周後取消所有限制
日本下月恢復個人遊免簽證入境 旅行社:遊日港人或增一至兩倍
入境檢疫措施再放寬 市民外遊意欲增
本港新增5687宗新冠確診 兩歲確診男童仍危殆
本港失業率進一步跌至4.1% 連跌四個月
明年首季東鐵綫多個車站實施新停車安排 方便乘客使用設施
Press Freedom CE: Press freedom is fully protected
Stock Market Hong Kong stocks slip as caution reigns ahead of U.S. midterm elections
Transport infrastructure Government to build link between Tsing Yi and Lantau Island
International Travel CE: Gov't won't lift Red Code and Amber Code restrictions
Industrial Accident Construction worker dies after being hit by falling rebar
本港增8999宗新冠確診 屯院四歲染疫男童情況突轉差離世
何文田有大樹倒塌 壓中四輛車包括校巴
深水埗有非華裔男子被斬 昏迷送院
多區空氣質素健康指數風險達嚴重水平 環保署:或會持續多日
MIRROR紅館演唱會持票人士 周四起可辦理退票手續
本港增7579宗確診 當局須多觀察數天始能判斷疫情走勢
男子刺傷何君堯囚九年 不服刑期申請上訴許可遭駁回
楊何蓓茵到訪長者安居協會熱線中心 了解鼓勵長者接種工作
李澤楷上周探訪李啟言 以個人名義提供一千萬港元經濟支持
志記鎅木廠收地限期前辦最後工作坊 負責人盼記得樹木珍貴
深圳驛站名額減至一千 有旅客憂北上更難
新增7938宗確診 一名10歲腦癇男童確診危殆
有工程師料連接天秤與基座接駁位燒焊不佳 導致天秤倒冧
本港增10194宗確診 墨爾文國際學校小學部累錄35宗個案須停課一周
羊村繪本案 前言語治療師總工會五人串謀發布煽動刊物罪成
佐敦一間學校被淋紅油案 一名17歲男子被捕
工人被困天秤底部逾七小時救出後證實死亡 當局徹查意外成因
本港增10021宗新冠確診 學校呈報3444宗
Weak Stock Market CE: Global economic situation remains volatile
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 4418 new cases 13 deaths
Local Stock Market Hong Kong stocks fell more than 3 % as Asian stock markets tumble
Hong Kong Financial Summit FS: Traders betting against HK dollar will lose
Hong Kong Financial Summit COVID-hit Paul Chan denies preferential treatment
COVID-19 CHP: Daily case tally down in the past week
Typhoon Nalgae Hong Kong drops all storm signals
Rugby Sevens Fans fills stadium with party atmosphere
COVID-19 Gov’t pandemic advisor: HK has the condition to open up
COVID-19 Kevin Yeung says ‘0+3’ provided limited help to tourism sector
Hong Kong Honours John Lee officiates Honours and Awards Presentation Ceremony
Hong Kong Finical Summit CE: Banker s pulling out of the event only make up of a small number
Typhoon Nalgae Signal No. 3 in force as Nalgea nears Hong Kong
Vaccine Exemption Certificates Lo Chung-mau: 7 doctors an ‘insult’ to medical sector
Drug Trafficking Seizure of meth breaks record in Hong Kong
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 5383 cases
Vaccine Exemption Certificates Health minister granted legal power to nullify vaccine exemption certificates
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 5221 COVID-19 infections
Hong Kong Courts Media tycoon Jimmy Lai convicted for fraud
Hong Kong Education Teachers who breach the national security law will likely be deregistered
Stock Market HK shares close lower after regaining early losses
COVID-19 HK set to scrap restriction on opening hours of eateries
Hong Kong Courts Man jailed for rioting in Yuen Long MTR Station
Hong Kong Courts Two people sentenced to up to one year in jail over sedition
Stock Market Tech stocks extend Hong Kong stock’s rebound
Plasticware Ban Authorities to bring forward disposable plastic tableware ban
Fiscal Deficit Financial Secretary Paul Chan reveals a fiscal deficit of more than $100 billion
Labour Rights Sources: Statutory minimum wage may raise to $40 per hour
Policy Address CE announces topic to be mentioned in policy address
Article 23 Legislation CE: More time needed for research of Article 23
Vaccine Exemption High Court grants legal aid to 'king of judicial reviews'
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 4954 new COVId-19 cases
Stock Market HSI surges for the third consecutive day
Local Economy HKMA buys nearly HK$800 million to shore up currency peg
Policy Address 2022 Lawmakers bang the drum for CE’s maiden Policy Address
COVID-19 Group dance returns as social distancing measure eased
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 5433 new cases, nine virus deaths
Stock Market HK shares slump despite expectations for mainland quarantine relaxation
Local Unemployment HK jobless rate drops for five months in a row
National Security Student activists charged with subversion get jail term
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 5953 new cases, seven virus deaths
Quarantine Arrangement CE: ‘One step at a time’ for Hong Kong to move towards ‘0+0’
Article 23 Gov’t withdraws bill to make it more effective
Hong Kong Politics 14 students suspended for no-show at flag-raising ceremony
Stock Market HSI ends below 17000 for the first time in 11 years
COVID-19 Live performances in bars and eateries set to return next Thu
Hong Kong Mega Events Hong Kong Marathon set to be held on Feb 12
Stock Market Hong Kong shares hit their 11-year rock bottom again
Local Economy HKMA steps in to defend currency peg
COVID-19 Expert: Emergence of new mutant strains nor a cause for concern
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 5424 new infections, 23 more XBB cases
National Security Law LawSoc: More time needed to clear doubts towards NSL
Local Economy HKMA steps in to shore up currency peg third time this week
Hong Kong Aviation Thousands cry foul over HK express flight cancellations
"COVID-19 HA chief: Public hospital prepare for resurgence of COVID and flu in winter"
"COVID-19 IT chief: Gov’t no plans to ditch LeaveHomeSafe"
"Child Abuse Scandal Po Leung Kuk sets up review committee to look into child abuse cases"
Chung Yeung Festival Hundreds go grave-sweeping under scorching heat
COVID-19 Expert: LeaveHomeSafe and gathering ban should go
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 3286 new cases, eight virus deaths
International Travel HongKongers flock to Japan after COVID-19 restrictions lifted
Vaccine Exemption High Court postpones invalidation of alleged fake certificates
COVID-19 Outport isolation for CX crew lifted
第19屆十本好讀 — 精華片段
COVID-19 Health officials: Hong Kong has passed another COVID-19 peal
COVID-19 CE: Further easing of travel curbs possible if cases don't rebound
COVID-19 Parents can add children’s vaccine pass to their ‘LeaveHomeSafe’ app
劉宇隆籲加快幼兒打針 不應再等復必泰幼兒版
新一批銀債認購人數29萬人 認購額626.4億元
警方與內地公安合作瓦解裸聊勒索集團 八成受害者是30歲以下
鄒幸彤等人被控煽動顛覆國家政權罪 展開初級偵訊
本港增9901宗新冠病毒確診 多8名患者離世
新學年63間小學縮減共70班小一 屯門涉9校成重災區
一帶一路高峰論壇舉行 副總理韓正發表主旨演講
本港新增9495宗確診 多9名患者離世
蔡若蓮發開學信 將因應疫情果斷應變籲推動疫苗接種
COVID-19 Hong Kong’s new COVID-19 cases reach 4000 again
Stock Market HSI closes at 18012, down 0.4%
Local Economy Private sector activity shrinks, first time in six months
National Day CE: We should have full confidence in HK’s prospect
National Day Police ramp up security for flag-raising ceremony, reception
National Day CE: We should have full confidence in HK’s prospect
Consumption Vouchers Latest round of e-vouchers issued
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 3907 new cases, six virus deaths
COVID-19 ‘Two-tier’ self-paid virus test available from late-Oct
Elderly Vaccination Residents aged 50 or above cam get flu and COVID jabs at community centres
COVID-19 Patrons and restaurants rejoice as dine-in restrictions eases
COVID-19 John Lee hints easing of quarantine rules for arrivals
Hong Kong Marathon Organisers ‘actively planning’ for the event to be held next February
Quarantine Measures Former minister calls for ‘end game roadmap’
Hong Kong Politics Beijing official: Electoral overhaul gives HK 'true democracy'
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 5594 new cases, seven virus related deaths
滙豐前亞太區主席鄭海泉離世 終年74歲
Stock Market HSI ends at its lowest in 11 years
新增8488宗確診 即日起不再覆檢所有快測陽性呈報
電纜橋大火由光管過熱引致 中電指難判斷是否有人忘關燈
本港增7835宗新冠確診 多7名新冠患者離世
黃碼人士可參與特定展覽 業界指檢疫措施嚴謹未能吸引商務客
卓永興及丘應樺感染新冠病毒 商經局副局政助須家居檢疫
演唱會事故 鋼絲有金屬疲勞 承受力較一般少兩成
山頂纜車完成升級工程周六重開 成人來回票價上調約7成
理大主校門揭幕 校董會主席林大輝:標誌踏入新發展階段
COVID-19 Police arrest three more doctors over alleged jab exemption scam
Hong Kong Public Health HKU research: Chinese herb extract helps prevents COVID-19
Car Incident One dead after truck falls off bridge, crashes on schools bus
本港增7884宗新冠確診 多14名患者離世
黎智英、黃偉強涉欺詐罪 辯方結案陳詞
港人東南亞遭誘騙求助增至39宗 組織促立人口販運罪
擺脫跨代貧窮試驗計劃首階段涵蓋二千名學生 獲配一名義務友師
何俊仁保釋外出 黨友劉慧卿透露他患病須接受檢查治療
《蘋果日報》被控違反國安法 六名前高層擬認罪
保安局指累計接26港人被誘騙至東南亞求助 12人仍未獲救
本港增6445宗新冠確診 醫管局下周重開亞博館接收確診者
機場三跑貪污案 廉署起訴兩人涉款約380萬元
Stock Market HSI closes at 17860, up 0.03%
Vaccine Pass Parent concerns about unvaccinated son’s growth under extended vaccine pass
Vaccine Pass Civil Service Chief: New feature brings convenience not incentive
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 4269 new cases, 5 virus deaths
Hong Kong Courts Former lawmaker Ted Hui convicted of contempt of court
Stock Market HSI closes at 17166, down 0.5 %
COVID-19 Health official: Do a rapid test before family gatherings
COVID-19 Pediatrician: Nearly 20% of children recoveree had 'long COVID'
Mid-Autumn Festival Residents get ready to feast at night to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
Hong Kong Courts Five speech therapists sentenced to 19 months in jail over sedition
The Queen’s Death Hongkongers pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at British embassy
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 7218 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 2023 dragon boat event moved to Thailand over HK’s ‘strict quarantine’
COVID-19 Health chief: Gov’t actively considering scrapping hotel quarantine
Child Abuse CE pledges to ‘solemnly’ hold abusers legally responsible
COVID-19 Chamber of Commerce wrong losing 10% of business events to competitors
Suspected Murder Police probing five-year-old boy’s death as murder cases
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 10426 new coronavirus infections
COVID-19 David Hui: Coronavirus cases may peak in September
COVID-19 City reports 8848 new cases 13 more death
COVID-19 Gov’t: 90% three jab coverage by Now for full day, in person classes
Hong Kong Courts Court let national security police search Jimmy Lai’s phones
COVID-19 Vaccination Researchers: Increased carditis risk after second BioNTech dose
Rules of Law LawSo chief: Presence of jury not an indicator for fair trial
本港增5757宗新冠確診 八成入院患者年逾60
逾百公院病人轉介私院接受治療 醫管局重申只需支付公院費用
本港失業率進一步跌至4.3% 連跌三個月
本港新增4270宗確診 多6名患者死亡
童樂居虐兒案女職員認罪 判監約7個月
66歲老伯周三紅磡站失蹤 四小時後被尋回最終不治
一名27個月大染疫男童危殆須插喉 父親及胞姊均確診
抗妊娠紋產品四成驗出香料致敏物 消委會:提防嬰幼兒攝入
有組織與發展商推過渡房屋 首批提供76個單位
教育大學將大灣區元素加入必修課程並計學分 本科生須到大灣區考察
一連七日書展開幕 書商期望生意額與往年持平
有完成檢疫「藍碼」人士反映未能入食肆 資科辦:已即時檢查系統
政府降全年經濟增長預測 已計及放寬入境檢疫安排
社署就童樂居事件成立檢討委員會 月內交首階段報告
MIRROR演唱會主辦單位下周公布退票詳情 MIRROR停工兩個月
MIRROR演唱會事故 工作小組指懸掛系統裝置和裝工或是屏幕下墜原因
本港新增4593宗確診 兒童醫院一病房四員工確診
理大衝突十人被控油麻地參與暴動 一女子認罪
海外抵港「3+4」檢疫 李家超:世界接軌及內地通關無矛盾
本港新增4040宗確診 醫管局:確診兒童患嘶哮症個案增加
已預約檢疫酒店可獲退回未住房費 業界料未來數日處理數以萬計退款
政府計劃推「紅黃碼」減酒店檢疫 業界冀有兩星期準備
再多一名從非洲抵港感染瘧疾病人離世 醫管局派員赴機場做篩查
本港新增4428宗新冠確診 再多4名患者離世
Consumer Council Watchdog: Textbook prices hike outruns inflation rate
COVID-19 Queues appear at check in counters, as hotel quarantine axed
COVID-19 Authorities stop holding pandemic news briefing from tomorrow
Public Health First monkeypox case found in quarantined traveller
COVID-19 CE: No decision yet on scrapping quarantine
Child Protection CE vows to push ahead mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse
Luxury Watch Heist Six suspects arrested over alleged roles in a theft in Causeway Bay last week
Public Dental Services Residents say midnight queues for appointment registration inconvenient
COVID-19 Children need at least one jab to eat out starting Sep 30
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 11091 cases, 12 virus deaths
Industrial Accident Police and Labour Department probe deadly crane collapse in Sau Mau Ping
Press Freedom Chinese Foreign Ministry: Journalists enjoy no amnesty
Stock Market HSI sinks below 19000, falling for the sixth straight day
Hong Kong Accidents Gov’t to review over 10000 flame trees after the fallen tree incident
COVID-19 Domestic helper union: Hotel quarantine not part of helpers’ protocol
COVID-19 Domestic helper union: Hotel quarantine not part of helpers’ protocol
Policy Address John Lee: Gov’t to press ahead with attracting tech talent
Hong Kong Court Duo who hurled Petrol bombs sent to rehabilitation centre
Abandoned vehicles Ombudsman probes car dumping in public spaces
COVID-19 Vaccine pass to include children, as daily infections surpass 10000
COVID-19 CE: Mainland backs 'reverse quarantine' cross border travel plan
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 4376 new infections
盧寵茂:「黃碼」分兩階段實施先涵蓋酒店檢疫者 再擴至家居密切接觸者
新增4254宗確診 22個月大確診女嬰情況持續惡化離世
本港增4884宗新冠確診 醫管局放寬處方新冠口服藥指引
日本盃場地單車賽 李慧詩與李思穎奪銀牌
政府指嚴重受傷舞蹈員家屬抵港 完成檢疫程序後可到醫院探望
紅十字會支援熱線接逾百宗求助 有演唱會在場觀眾情緒受困
李澤楷高度關注演唱會意外 會承擔傷者醫療費並嚴肅跟進
外匯基金上半年投資虧損1442億 港股輸85億
1個月拆息10連升 普遍H按升穿2.5厘封頂水平
陳茂波:本港加息無可避免 但毋須跟隨美國步伐
本港新增4508宗新冠病毒確診 多10名患者離世
私家醫院將騰出364張病床 接收公立醫院轉介病人
衞生署推電子平台試行計劃 供酒店檢疫人士登記快測結果
Mirror演唱會試行實名制 有歌迷提早到場核對身份
本港新增4130宗新冠病毒確診 多3名患者死亡
酷熱天氣持續 有家庭醫生指中暑及熱衰竭求診個案增
本港增3805宗新冠確診 即日起感染變異病毒株人士可居家檢疫
文憑試八名狀元 多人志願成為醫生
文憑試放榜 考生回校領取成績單
WWGC 2022 - 印尼森林內的幼虎和貘
WWGC 2022 - 在不丹發現的老虎蹤跡
WWGC 2022 - 在中國汪清自然保護區發現的老虎家庭
WWGC 2022 - 老虎:我們的英雄|第一集
WWGC 2022 - 老虎:我們的英雄|第二集
Car Accident Multi-car crash shuts down major highway, injured six
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 8457 new coronavirus infections
COVID-19 No full-day, face-to-face classes if COVID-tally hits 10000
Suicide Prevention Samaritan Befrienders: Elderly suicide cases rose to record high last year
Hong Kong Tourism Peak tram reopens to public after $800mln upgrade
COVID-19 Gov’t adviser: Tightened testing rules can halt infections
Hong Kong Crime Two arrested over suspected kidnap and murder
Consumer Council Watchdog: Almost all margarine and spreads found to be carcinogenic
COVID-19 Health chief: COVID-19 not just a flu
Stock Market HSI closes at 18930, up 0.4%
一名女子涉及5宗電話騙案騙被捕 涉案騙款約32萬元
新增3436宗確診 九龍塘國際英文幼稚園持續有學生染疫
金管局買入近55億港元 銀行體系結餘將跌穿2000億
香港故宮與教育局合作製作學習資源冊 讓學生透過展品學習中國歷史
周四起可網上預約深圳灣口岸離境特別核酸檢測 有旅客表示歡迎
至正家族第一集 - 情緒學習息息相關
至正家族第三集 - 留意你的負面偏見
至正家族第二集 - 樂趣能擴大你的學習境界
至正家族第四集 - 建立正向關係和正面情緒的溝通方式
使用 3D 打印: 捕「竹」蜻蜒力學原理 Hopping into the Learning of Forces: 3D-printed Hopter
被問紅黃碼群組會否擴大 李家超:措施因時制宜可變動
本港增3154宗新冠病毒確診 再多2名新冠患者離世
睇通「磁通量」 Dynamic Magnetic Flux Model
磁電定律 「螺」俾你睇 Visualising Electromagnetism through Fidget Spinner
隔離「睇」圖 Free-D Set
使用 3D 打印: 捕「竹」蜻蜒力學原理 Hopping into the Learning of Forces: 3D-printed Hopter (setup)
Hong Kong Courts John Lee spared fines, jail time, for Election Ordinance violation
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 6054 COVID-19 cases
Human Trafficking Hongkongers reported held captive in Myanmar, lured by online scams
International Travel Expo Exhibitors still deterred by on-arrival hotel quarantine
Traffic Congestion Gov’t plans Lion Rock Tunnel expansion to ease traffic flow
COVID-19 6654 new daily cases recorded, and 10 virus-related deaths
Border Travel Gov’t: Priority crossing for HK students studying on mainland
City’s Homeless Lawmakers: Better quality hostels needed for homeless women
Human Trafficking Tally of HK’ers lured to Southeast Asia rises to 38
Hong Kong Courts Eleven convicted of rioting near government offices in 2019
COVID-19 Care home staff to perform PCR tests every other day
COVID-19 Travel industry calls for easing anti-pandemic measures on cruises
COVID-19 Expert: Seek medical help immediately if kids can’t breathe
Vehicle Disposal Gov’t mulls new law to fight vehicle dumping
Fatal Accident Security guard at health centre dies after metal gate falls on her
Children’s Residential Home Case Ex-care home staff jailed around six months for abusing kids
National Security Law 29 democrats to plead guilty to subversion over 2020 primaries
Hong Kong Athletes Fencer Edgar Cheung among six top athletes admitted to HKBU
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 5162 new cases, 10 virus-related deaths
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 6389 new infections
本港增3574宗新冠確診 國際英文幼稚園現校巴感染群組
深圳灣口岸檢測須網上預約 離境檢測陽性直接送隔離中心
本台發現深圳灣旅客檢測陽性可自行離開 盧寵茂:了解事件再處理
深圳灣口岸繼續迫滿旅客等檢測 有旅客稱即使設預約作用不大
消息:行會最快明日討論三間巴士的專營權 據悉新巴、城巴有意合併
盧寵茂:研究安心出行實名制 推「紅黃綠」三色健康碼
盧寵茂:暫緩熔斷為更精準外防輸入 從不考慮躺平
本港增2945宗新冠病毒確診 學校呈報個案持續高企
入境處一連四日反非法勞工行動 共拘24人
積金局:已追回77萬亞太餐飲旗下公司拖欠供款 仍有81萬正在追討
港鐵大部分員工加薪逾3.3% 工會:未追回前兩年凍薪
32歲女子因嚴重肺動脈高壓 急需進行肺移植
政府:公務員加薪2.5%是最好平衡 公務員總工會:極度偏低
陳茂波率土地房屋供應統籌組 持續預測未來十年熟地供應
COVID-19 Shorten hotel quarantine rules confuse travellers and hotels
COVID-19 Lo Chung-mau: On-arrival quarantine can’t 'hastily be reduced to zero'
Conflict of interest Regina Ip stays out of golf course development decision
COVID-19 Coronavirus cases rise above 5000, three new deaths reported
Suspected Child Abuse Babysitters arrested after infant died with suspicious wounds
COVID-19 Officials to plug possible health code loophole
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 4045 new coronavirus cases
Hong Kong Courts Students loses appeal against conviction for resisting police officers
八號東南烈風或暴風信號生效 暹芭料今晚至明早最接近香港
李家超及新班子首個工作天 卓永興:以行動建設更美好香港
Hong Kong Courts Activist wins judicial review to allow reporting of subversion case
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 4123 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 Vaccines Toddlers as young as 6 months to get Sinovac starting Thursday
Public Health HA: One –off purchase of mainland drugs due to fifth wave
Ani-Com 2022 Cosplayers hope suggestion on “costume modest” can be lifted
Public Housing Sources: Flat tenants to expect 1.17% rent hike
警方破三宗管有仿製槍械案拘三人 初步不涉針對慶回歸活動
COVID-19 Government adviser proposes conditionally shortening hotel quarantine
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 4683 new COVID-19 infections
Hong Kong Courts Four convicted of rioting near PolyU campus in 2019
School Placement 94% of P6 students to attend preferred secondary school
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 4276 coronavirus infections
Quarantine Facilities Gov’t: Over 5000 currently quarantined at Penny’s Bay
Hong Kong Judiciary Judiciary quashes complaints against magistrate of bias
821 Yuen Long Attack Man who refused bail, re-arrested for rioting
Hong Kong Economy Paul Chan: City may cut annual GDP outlook in August
Consumer Voucher Scheme Survey 72 % unhappy that e-voucher rollout raised local retail prices
Hong Kong Politics Democratic Party has no plan to run for LegCo by-elections
Policy Address CE listens to district voices in Sham Shui Po
MIRROR Concert Government launches probe into screen-drop incident
Hot weather Man dies after reportedly hit be heatstroke while hiking
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 4265 new coronavirus cases
Aviation Industry Greater Bay Airline’s first flight takes off on Saturday
Public Housing Winnie Ho: Public flat wait times can’ t be slashed in the short run
COVID-19 Gov’t adviser: COVID-19 is far from endemic in Hong Kong
Cyber Crime Legislation Commission: Paralysing ticketing system could be illegal under proposed laws
Cyber Crime Legislation Commission: Paralysing ticketing system could be illegal under proposed laws
Giant Panda Giant panda An An passes away at 3
Overseas Doctors Gov’t: No intention to exclude mainland medical schools
COVID-19 Hong Kong’s new coronavirus cases top 4000
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 3674 new infections
Consumption Vouchers Residents deemed ineligible for e-vouchers appeal
Hong Kong Courts HK activists plead guilty to perverting the course of justice in failed escape to Taiwan
COVID-19 CUHK develops algorithms to analyse COVID vaccine effectiveness
COVID-19 Travellers may reserve online for Shenzhen Bay Port tests
Horse Racing Fans flock to Sha Tin Racecourse for season finale
習近平提四點希望:切實排解民生憂難 維護和諧穩定
習近平提四點希望:切實排解民生憂難 維護和諧穩定
本港增1447宗確診 當局料短期內或突破2000宗
兩名下屆問責官員確診 葉國謙:或影響領導人來港安排
本港新增1860宗 學校呈報個案有近200宗
食安中心測試隔夜熟菜 未檢出亞硝酸鹽
新一屆行會成員名單公布 葉劉淑儀任召集人
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 1794 new coronavirus cases
Hong Kong Civil Society HA Employees Alliance passes motion to disband
Press Freedom City’s largest journalists’ group lowers threshold to disband
25th Handover Anniversary Xi Jinping to attend event for 25th anniversary of handover
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 1685 new coronavirus cases
25th Handover Anniversary Road closures, drone bans unveiled ahead of Xi Jinping’s visit
25th Handover Anniversary Preparations and security at full steam ahead of July 1 events
Anti-government Protests Teenage duo on trial for manslaughter
Infrastructure Pandemic delays opening Kai Tak Sports Park by 12 months
Handover Anniversary LegCo cancels meeting to prep lawmakers for July 1 celebrations
Hong Kong Politics IT minister confidents in Mandarin-speaking successor’s ability
Anti-terrorism Police ask hardware shops to snitch on suspicious buyers
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 1650 new infections
Consumption Vouchers Newly eligible applicants sign up for e-voucher scheme
Hong Kong Courts Five barristers appointed as senior counsel
Hong Kong Courts Two men jailed for 10 years for manslaughter and robbery
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 1198 new infection
One-way ticket Jumbo Floating Restaurant sinks in South China Sea
油塘貨車疑未拉手掣衝落山坡 一人傷一狗亡
本港新增1145宗新冠病毒確診 本地個案有1014宗
林鄭月娥:疫情現反彈跡象籲減宴會 以身作則取消多場餞別宴
民航處處長廖志勇一名同住家人確診 廖志勇檢測陰性
本港失業率跌至5.1% 政府料勞工市場未來數月將逐步改善
香港故宮傳媒預覽 故宮博物院珍藏陶瓷展現歷代精品
觀塘繞道私家車與的士相撞 四人輕傷
立法會通過政府架構重組決議案 狄志遠投反對票 林新強投棄權票
立法會三讀通過僱傭修訂條例草案 檢疫令或隔離令可視為病假
本港增1047宗新冠病毒確診 一名曾與逾60人聚會中學生疑染變種病毒
政府擬推過海隧道擠塞徵費 業界:未必有效分流
童樂居涉虐兒被扣180萬元撥款 議員斥無阻嚇力
新增737宗確診 增兩宗本地個案懷疑感染BA.4或BA.5
本港增672宗新冠病毒確診 多106宗學校呈報個案
兩幫派凌晨中環鬥爭有人曾開槍 一人腹部中槍四人被捕
立法會擴建追加撥款 有議員質疑為何給建築工人四倍薪金
立法會二讀辯論取消強積金對沖條例草案 商界憂引發裁員潮
政府擬修例膠袋徵費加至一元 目標今年12月31日實施
紅色暴雨下大埔橫涌石澗如急流 有行山人士失蹤
新增558宗確診 多14宗本地個案懷疑感染BA.2.12.1
綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽
Green Flame Project - Smart Energy Competition
Civil Service Pay Carrie Lam defers pay rise decision to successor
Jumbo Floating Restaurant Famed landmark leaves Hong Kong
Antitrust law Company linked to husband of justice chief charged for price-rigging
Anti-government Protests Former TVB technician jailed 12 months for inciting damage to properties
Hong Kong Courts Judiciary launches three-month consultation on remote hearings
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 1276 new cases
Hong Kong Courts Woman with pliers and lighting fuel in protests jailed 1.5 years
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 1,179 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 Allan Zemen: Negative test to visit bars an 'overreaction'
Hong Kong Politics State official lauds 'One Country, two systems'
本港新增543宗確診 學校呈報204宗陽性個案
李家超:管治須迎難而上 具備風險管理憂患意識
政府計劃明年下半年實施垃圾徵費 首半年有適應期
多名議員促盡快研究方艙醫院改為過渡性房屋可行性 政府:待疫情緩和再通盤考慮
六四前夕康文署宣布關閉維園部分範圍 警指有人煽動非法集結
本港增499宗確診 蘭桂坊Shuffle現爆發
沙頭角首日開放碼頭 林鄭月娥:冀局部開放沙頭角墟形成多贏局面
政府上年度稅收3785億元 創歷來新高
本港4月零售銷售額升11.7% 遠勝預期
本港增505宗確診 快速測試呈報大增不排除涉虛報
旺角追債謀殺案 三人被控謀殺周四提堂
荷李活道The Iron Fairies多11人確診 累計22人
周二實施第三階段疫苗通行證 不少市民趕打第三針
六輛美食車於先導計劃結束後 可於西九文化區繼續營運
市建局啟動衙前圍道及賈炳達道重建項目 九龍城市政大廈將重置
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」 - 設計思考工作坊 設計思考小貼士
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 489 new infections
COVID-19 Current social distancing rules to remain until June 30
Culture Ticket prices for HK Palace Museum to range from $50 to $120
第19屆十本好讀小學生最愛書籍第5位《鬥嘴一班 23 時間魔法師》得獎感言
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 446 new cases
Hong Kong Courts Pro-democracy scholar Benny Tai Jailed for 10 months over election expenses case
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 270 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 David Hui: Next government should discuss border reopening
Hong Kong Politics CE-elect John Lee Beijing for formal appointment
National Security Law CE: Next government must increase national security awareness
Hong Kong Housing Frank Chan: Target of 20000 transitional housing units in sight
June Fourth Remembrance Catholic Church cancels Masses over national security concerns
第19屆十本好讀教師推薦好讀(中學組)第10位 《白先勇、劉再復 <紅樓夢> 對話錄》得獎感言
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」 - 模型設計工作坊
手指「套」著弗林明 Fleming's Finger Gloves
第二十四屆常識百搭-H01-救恩學校- 零碳蔬菜種植器
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」 - 人工智能應用程式工作坊
陳肇始指疫情受控 放寬防疫措施須有序安全
立法會選舉開支申報「出爐」 選委會界別花費最多逾20萬元
中學及幼稚園周二起陸續復課 面授課堂學校增至逾2100間
李家超:土地房屋供應要提速提效提量 倡公屋提前上樓計劃
李家超研政府改組加強管治 倡設應急動員機制集中指揮公務員
李家超要提升香港競爭力構建關愛社會 推解決跨代貧窮試驗計劃
本港新增366宗新冠病毒確診 多11名患者離世
政府委任查逸超為中文大學校董會主席 為期三年
運輸署牌照事務處人龍不減 審計署促引入派籌制度
本港新增430宗新冠病毒確診個案 多8名患者離世
多19間學校呈報陽性檢測個案 當局指學校未見爆發會繼續留意
保就業計劃周五接受申請 僱主須承諾全數補貼用於支薪
譚志源:李家超政綱本周公布 據悉接納本屆政府重組架構方案 續推明日大嶼
旅遊業界:放寬熔斷後 航空公司更有信心提供對港直航
按摩院為周四重開消毒做準備 水池桑拿仍暫停影響預約反應
本港新增574宗確診 當局指放寬社交距離措施不排除疫情反彈
文憑試首日21名考生入住竹篙灣 1人身體不適無應考
文憑試開考 首科英文近四萬七千名考生報考
行政長官選舉投票時間兩個半小時 五個界別選委分時段投票
競選辦YouTube頻道被禁 李家超斥制裁無理屬霸凌行為
晚市堂食星期四重開 有酒樓加緊準備
COVID-19 Secondary schools and kindergartens resume face to face classes
COVID-19 CE: Hong Kong to further ease social distancing rules next week
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 284 new cases, 33 imported infections
COVID-19 HKU introduces more flexible admissions due to pandemic
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 273 new coronavirus cases
Hong Kong Politics CE: Government restructuring requires consent from John Lee
Judicial Independence Bar Association slams idea to sanction judges, prosecutors
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 294 new infections
Torrential Rain HK Observatory warns heavy showers in coming days
COVID-19 Swimmers return enmass to public pools on first day of reopening
COVID-19 Government apologizes again for vaccine pass glitch
Hong Kong Courts Wong Wai-yin jailed 20 months for explosives charge
East Rail Extension Carrie Lam: New rail section will strengthen integration with mainland
COVID-19 Health officials report 347 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 CE: Hong Kong to stick with plan to further ease coronavirus curbs
Press Freedom Source: Top press award scrapped after Stand News won nine recognitions
Hong Kong Courts Three found guilty of rioting near Central Government Offices in 2019
Employment Support Scheme Official: Workers must get full amount of subsidies
Hong Kong Courts Jimmy Lai’s fraud trail over Apple Daily’s land-lease begins
Financial Crime Police arrest 58 people for scam and money laundering charges
COVID-19 Health officials trace outbreak to Yuen Long hot pot eatery
新增613宗新冠病毒確診 再多20名患者離世
周四將放寬防疫措施 美容院預約理想 食肆冀每枱人數再放寬
孔繁毅:疫情回落快 當局應考慮有否必要推行全民核酸檢測
MIRROR演唱會實名制售票 紅館首個流行演唱會試行實名制購票
本港新增251宗新冠病毒確診 多2名患者離世
薪酬趨勢調查報告結果獲確認 工會盼政府按指標加薪
律師會接投訴 正調查612基金案疑有律師專業失當
本港增190宗確診 為二月初以來新低
本港增243宗新冠病毒確診 上環「宏思」群組持續擴大
袁國勇:新冠疫苗接種率達95% 可取消疫苗通行證及入境限制
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」網上研討會 - 日常生活中的綠色能源
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」網上研討會 - 創意結合科研,打開新能源之門
Legal Conference CE: Hong Kong well-known for having the rule of law
Labour Welfare LegCo approves scrapping MPF offsetting mechanism
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 674 new cases
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 851 new cases
COVID-19 99 years old added to Taikoo Shing virus cluster
Tobacco Control Smoking decreases to historic low, while e-cigarette usage increased
Central Allocation Results out next week for pupils allocated a Primary One place
Pets Control Ombudsman: rodent survey results may be inaccurate
Paragliding Activities Ombudsman urges real-name registration for paragliding pilots
Unemployment Subsidies FTU urges authorities to reconsider rejected cases with leniency
Pricey mistake Father pays $33600 after son accidently broke Teletubby prop
COVID-19 Health officials report 328 new virus cases, no new deaths
COVID-19 4 in 5 elderly caregivers have depressive symptoms under the pandemic
COVID-19 People may exercise indoor without masks as curbs further eased
COVID-19 Health officials record 291 new coronavirus infections
第二十四屆常識百搭-C06-鳳溪第一小學 - 果皮有用
第二十四屆常識百搭-K08-嘉諾撒聖方濟各學校- 哪種食用形式使蔬果的維他命C含量較高?且最能減低碳排放?
第二十四屆常識百搭-M04-深井天主教小學- 農業智能監察裝置
第二十四屆常識百搭-L01-深井天主教小學- 自耕自足 智能種植裝置
第二十四屆常識百搭-L07-靈糧堂秀德小學 - 惜德食,任你食
第二十四屆常識百搭-L02-滬江小學- 萬能植物空間
第二十四屆常識百搭-H09-民生書院小學 - 環保酵素大破解
第二十四屆常識百搭-B02-靈糧堂秀德小學 - 自動環保酵素清潔劑製造機
第二十四屆常識百搭-E01-嘉諾撒小學 (新蒲崗) - 調校你「溫室」 
第二十四屆常識百搭-E02-東莞同鄉會方樹泉學校- 智能農作物箱
第二十四屆常識百搭-E07-嗇色園主辦可譽中學暨可譽小學 - 新世代我行我「塑」
第二十四屆常識百搭-J09-港九街坊婦女會孫方中小學 - 水耕系統-自食其力
第二十四屆常識百搭-L04-粉嶺公立學校- 去去害蟲走
第二十四屆常識百搭-K09-保良局陳守仁小學- 屋屋有「餘」 回收先鋒
第二十四屆常識百搭-K08-嘉諾撒聖方濟各學校- 哪種食用形式使蔬果的維他命C含量較高?且最能減低碳排放?
第二十四屆常識百搭-J10-嘉諾撒聖方濟各學校- 妙用絕世好「皮」
第二十四屆常識百搭-J11-宣道會葉紹蔭紀念小學 - 飲料小水球
第二十四屆常識百搭-K01-元朗公立中學校友會小學- 「元」頭減廢食物分類車
第二十四屆常識百搭-K05-英華小學 - 植得食 PLANT I ͒T
第二十四屆常識百搭-C08-長沙灣天主教小學- 吸引你嗎
第二十四屆常識百搭-J07-嗇色園主辦可譽中學暨可譽小學 - 救救「爛」番茄
第二十四屆常識百搭-C04-聖公會主恩小學 - 「自營」水耕
第二十四屆常識百搭-J06-天主教明德學校- AI FOOD Radar Box 智能食物監測箱
第二十四屆常識百搭-C02-東華三院李賜豪小學 - 保護地球-種植園
第二十四屆常識百搭-B09-宣道會台山陳元喜小學 - 校內減少浪費食物機
第二十四屆常識百搭-J04-優才(楊殷有娣)書院 - 超市過期食物分配程式
第二十四屆常識百搭-E03-順德聯誼總會李金小學 - 「肉」罷不能!?
第二十四屆常識百搭-E04-福建中學附屬學校- 廚餘收集車
第二十四屆常識百搭-E05-東華三院黃士心小學- 蟲蟲危「機」
第二十四屆常識百搭-E06-東華三院高可寧紀念小學- 食物包裝紙的天然塗層
第二十四屆常識百搭-F01-聖公會聖提摩太小學 - 家居水耕研究
第二十四屆常識百搭-L06-培基小學- 鈣藻保鮮,分解再植
第二十四屆常識百搭-M10-廣州市實驗外語學校 - 發電鞋
第二十四屆常識百搭-M10-廣州市實驗外語學校 - 發電鞋
第二十四屆常識百搭-i03-香港九龍塘基督教中華宣道會台山陳元喜小學 - 環保澆水器
第二十四屆常識百搭-i08-沙田循道衛理小學 - 菜尾綠渡輪回
第二十四屆常識百搭-i02-天主教領島學校 - 連個盒都唔放過!
第二十四屆常識百搭-i01-樂善堂梁黃蕙芳紀念學校 - 餐‧蛋‧面 餐具‧蛋殼‧面面觀
第二十四屆常識百搭-C01-馬頭涌官立小學(紅磡灣) - 西 ‧ 檸爽
第二十四屆常識百搭-C03-中華基督教會基全小學 - 運用生物資源解決食物保存問題-智能環保食物盒
第二十四屆常識百搭-C09-聖伯多祿天主教小學 - Eaternet
第二十四屆常識百搭-D01-香海正覺蓮社佛教正覺蓮社學校 - BYOB素食販賣機
第二十四屆常識百搭-D09-聖保羅書院小學 - 分析由廚餘製造的有機肥料對植物生長的效用
第二十四屆常識百搭-D08-澳門陳瑞祺永援中學(小學部) - 「菜」學兼「蚯」
第二十四屆常識百搭-B08-元朗朗屏邨東莞學校 - 多功能食用碗
第二十四屆常識百搭-B07-聖公會油塘基顯小學 - 「油」「機」送餸
第二十四屆常識百搭-B05-救恩學校 - 綠色環保水果包裝
第二十四屆常識百搭-H07-嘉諾撒聖家學校(九龍塘) - 以AI方式減少五年級學生浪費食物
第二十四屆常識百搭-L05-東華三院鄧肇堅小學 - 保鮮地球 環保蜂蠟布
第二十四屆常識百搭-L09-宣道會葉紹蔭紀念小學- 新一代環保食物多功能貨車
第二十四屆常識百搭-L10-廣州市實驗外語學校 -智能種植箱
第二十四屆常識百搭-M02-漢華中學(小學部) - 善用IoT讓本地農業作可持續發展
第二十四屆常識百搭-M03-聖公會呂明才紀念小學 - 食物「過期」拯救機
第二十四屆常識百搭-M05-東華三院姚達之紀念小學- 環保『海』鮮紙
第二十四屆常識百搭-M06-僑港伍氏宗親會伍時暢紀念學校 - 自動施放DIY有機鹼性肥
第二十四屆常識百搭-M07-黃埔宣道小學- 豆豆「究」地球
第二十四屆常識百搭-M08-中華基督教會灣仔堂基道小學 - 探討智慧機械車運輸食物的運作
第二十四屆常識百搭-M09-香港培正小學 - 不同光質(不同波長的光與輻射) 組成的比例對植物生長速度的影響
第二十四屆常識百搭-i04-北角官立小學- 驅蚊吸濕包
第二十四屆常識百搭-i05-優才(楊殷有娣)書院 - 天然農藥效果測試
第二十四屆常識百搭-i06-仁濟醫院蔡衍濤小學 - 現代蔡倫──天然發酵造紙術
第二十四屆常識百搭-i07-中華基督教會灣仔堂基道小學- 比較水耕和土耕的農業生產方式
第二十四屆常識百搭-i09-聖公會主恩小學 - 智fresh保鮮袋
第二十四屆常識百搭-J02-聖公會李兆強小學 - 蔬菜大翻身
第二十四屆常識百搭-J03-南元朗官立小學 - 人工智能農作物醫生
第二十四屆常識百搭-J05-聖公會青衣邨何澤芸小學- 如何應用粉末延長蘋果保存的時間
第二十四屆常識百搭-C05-嘉諾撒聖心學校私立部 - 慳力環保小農莊
第二十四屆常識百搭-C06-鳳溪第一小學 - 果皮有用
第二十四屆常識百搭-C07-樂善堂梁銶琚學校(分校) - AI營養櫃
第二十四屆常識百搭-D02-聖公會青衣主恩小學 - 綠色智能灌溉系統
第二十四屆常識百搭-D03-香港浸信會聯會小學 - 可食用健康警示餐具
第二十四屆常識百搭-D04-僑港伍氏宗親會伍時暢紀念學校 - 土壤酸化提示器
第二十四屆常識百搭-D05-滬江小學 - 人體發電機
第二十四屆常識百搭-D06-聖母無玷聖心學校 - 「膳」愛地球
第二十四屆常識百搭-D07-崇真小學暨幼稚園 - - 人工智能回收蔬果檢測系統
第二十四屆常識百搭-E09-海壩街官立小學- 智能水耕機
第二十四屆常識百搭-G09-荔枝角天主教小學 - 超級泥寶寶
第二十四屆常識百搭-H01-救恩學校- 救救地球餐盒
第二十四屆常識百搭-H02-協恩中學附屬小學 - 救救地球餐盒
第二十四屆常識百搭-H03-聖公會奉基千禧小學 - 「自肥企劃」廚餘化肥計劃
第二十四屆常識百搭-H04-澳門聖若瑟教區中學第五校 - 石屎森林糧食配給系統
第二十四屆常識百搭-H05-佛教黃焯菴小學- 水循環魚菜共生
第二十四屆常識百搭-H06-聖保羅男女中學附屬小學 - 循環水冷種植屋
第二十四屆常識百搭-K03-國民學校- 乜都食得乜都得!
第二十四屆常識百搭-K04-鳳溪創新小學 - 人工智能電腦視覺智能土地檢測系統
第二十四屆常識百搭-K06-中華基督教會基全小學 - 廚餘處理裝置
第二十四屆常識百搭-K07-救世軍韋理夫人紀念學校- 自動食品回收機
第二十四屆常識百搭-G08-香港浸信會聯會小學- 智能蔬菜成長加速器
第二十四屆常識百搭-G06-元朗公立中學校友會小學 - 廚餘環保餐具-可生物降解器具
第二十四屆常識百搭-G07-北角衞理小學 - 智能雪櫃小幫手
第二十四屆常識百搭-G02-東華三院高可寧紀念小學 - 糭葉具有防腐能力嗎?
第二十四屆常識百搭-G03-培基小學 - 一分耕耘,「培」你收穫
第二十四屆常識百搭-G04-天佑小學 - 免「廢」雪櫃
第二十四屆常識百搭-G05-東華三院李東海小學 - 轉廢為寶 – 惜食有出路
第二十四屆常識百搭-B01-荔枝角天主教小學 - 自動水耕收割機
第二十四屆常識百搭-A07-筲箕灣崇真學校 - 精耕細種
第二十四屆常識百搭-A08-保良局世德小學 - 吃生果也會醉嗎
第二十四屆常識百搭-A09-宣道會陳元喜小學 - 智.安心餐具俠
第二十四屆常識百搭-A01-聖公會油塘基顯小學 - 全食
第二十四屆常識百搭-A05-軒尼詩道官立小學 - 綠色移動城堡計劃
第二十四屆常識百搭-A06-崇真小學暨幼稚園 - 超級市場香蕉成熟度​檢測系統
第二十四屆常識百搭-A03-陳瑞祺(喇沙)小學 - 越洗越有機
第二十四屆常識百搭-A02-香港扶幼會則仁中心學校(小學部) - STEM 種植
第二十四屆常識百搭-A04-旅港開平商會學校 - 轉「廢」為「肥」—天然有機肥料大比拼
第二十四屆常識百搭-H08-陳瑞祺(喇沙)小學 - 「環」我本「色」
第二十四屆常識百搭-B03-慈航學校 - micro溫室:bit出未來
第二十四屆常識百搭-B04-聖母無玷聖心學校 - 以BOKASHI堆肥創造有機生活
第二十四屆常識百搭-B06-基督教宣道會徐澤林紀念小學 - 紙の重生術—利用「抹手紙」生產「生質酒精」 的可行性及效能探究
壹傳媒欺詐案 周達權指力高顧問有向蘋果印刷支付租金
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 2268 new infections
Hong Kong Courts Trial begins at the District Court for seditious children’s books
Wild Boar Nuisance Government plans tougher fine, jail for illegal animal feeding
COVID-19 Hong Kong halts flight suspension mechanism
Travel Quota Reports: Shenzhen to allow compassionate entry for 8 types of travellers
Civil Servants Pay Rise CS: We hope civil servants’ unions can accept 2.5% salary hike
Labour Rights Union urges KMB to raise salary by 6%
John Lee’s Administration Lee: will enact Article 23 as soon as possible
Civil Service Pay Rise Gov’t proposes 2.5 % pay rise for all civil servants
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 2358 new coronavirus infections
本港增250宗新冠病毒確診 當局懷疑港島區有隱形傳播
COVID-19 Hong Kong logged 2227 new coronavirus infections
本港新增329宗新冠病毒確診 觀塘御善私房菜多6人染疫
Tropical Storm Chaba Chaba downgraded to No.3, showers expected for Sunday
Tropical Storm Chaba Vessel split in half by strong waves, dozens of crew overboard
Tropical Storm Chaba HK Observatory issues first No.8 Storm Signal of the year
黎智英涉欺詐案 周達權任控方證人獲免起訴
本港增234宗確診 御善私房菜和星月樓群組擴大
港大教授:本港已進入第六波疫情 確診數字於未來數周上升
電車申請加價 成人票價建議加至3元
本港新增298宗新冠病毒確診個案 上環星月樓爆疫
早前用作暫託中心 社署明交還四體育館
居大埔男子感染大鼠戊型肝炎 暫未能確定源頭
COVID-19 John Lee: Travellers may get home stay, shorter quarantine
本學年公營及直資教師流失逾4000人 較對上一年增七成
鄧炳強:會就基本法第23條立法諮詢 不傾向先用白紙草案
本港新增280宗新冠病毒確診個案 元朗火鍋店再多三食客染疫
天文台:雨帶分布不平均 定時定點預報雨量有困難
Power Outage Tin Shui Wai schools resume as electricity restored
會展站舉行開放日 港鐵指將加派人手協助乘客分流
Master Code編程大賽 2021 - 頒獎禮
女乘客新巴上遭針刺傷 暫時無人被捕
本港新增324宗確診 多7名患者在公立醫院離世
立法會三讀通過《2022年撥款條例草案》 社福界狄志遠投棄權票
本港新增313宗新冠病毒確診 多3名患者離世
Getting Started - A Guide for Teachers
Getting Started with Coding Adventure - A Guide for Students
How To Access Skill Mode
University Entrance Exams Some mainland schools will offer HKDSE from 2024
【星星話】撐循環經濟:塑膠回收 本地再造
【星星話】撐循環經濟 木回收 Y•PARK
同心抗疫 污水檢測[長版]
霧 = 雲
網上導賞團 ‧ 豬舍
網上導賞團 ‧ 蕨類植物小徑
網上導賞團 ‧ 翟克誠野生動物護理中心
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」啟動禮暨簡介會 - 主題分享(綠色能源與可持續發展背後的物理學)
第二十八屆「家長也敬師運動 - 電子版敬師卡」 - 小學組亞軍
第二十八屆「家長也敬師運動 - 電子版敬師卡」 - 小學組冠軍
第二十八屆「家長也敬師運動 - 電子版敬師卡」 - 小學組季軍
第二十八屆「家長也敬師運動 - 電子版敬師卡」 - 幼稚園組亞軍
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」啟動禮暨簡介會 - 主題分享(智慧能源)
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」啟動禮暨簡介會 - 協辦機構致辭
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」啟動禮暨簡介會 - 問答環節
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」啟動禮暨簡介會 - 比賽簡介
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」啟動禮暨簡介會 - 致歡迎辭
「綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽」啟動禮暨簡介會 - 致開幕辭
綠火焰計劃 - 環保智慧能源大賽
Green Flame Project - Smart Energy Competition
Eurasian Otters in wetland
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 俯臥撐傳球
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 籃球拍球
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 擲球高手
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 足球練習
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 平衡包剪揼
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 軟飛盤
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 閃避指揮棒
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 拉力帶
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 平板支撐過三關
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 賽車競技
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 緩和動作
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 核心輸送帶
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - V-sit 傳接
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 熱身篇
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 小型網球
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 平衡大作戰
「賽馬會家校童喜動計劃」童喜動趣味運動短片 - 熱身篇
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_22
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_23
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_24
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_25
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_26
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_27
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_1
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_2
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_3
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_4
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_5
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_6
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_15
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_16
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_7
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_17
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_18
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_21
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_20
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_19
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_12
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_11
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_10
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_13
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_14
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_5
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_6
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_7
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_8
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_9
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_25
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Minecraft
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_21
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_23
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_22
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_1
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_2
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_3
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_24
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-高小 - Scratch_4
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_15
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_16
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_17
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_18
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_19
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_20
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_12
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_11
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_13
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_14
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 321 new coronavirus infections
COVID-19 Health officials reported 628 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 Catering industry expects a drop in unemployment rate as curbs ease
COVID-19 Long queues for Transport Department walk-in services
COVID-19 Long queues for Transport Department walk-in services
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 523 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 Survey: Most want public transport services unchanged during pandemic
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 413 new cases
Fire Accidents Two injured in Tsuen Wan No.3 alarm blaze
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 363 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 Second phase of vaccine pass scheme kicks in
COVID-19 Wallace Lau: Vaccine coverage should reach 90% in all age group
Employment Support Scheme Wage Subsidy scheme gets 50000 sign-ups on first day
Yuen Long Murder Case Three more arrested for precenting lawful burial
Vape Ban Ban kicks in today for sale of vapes, e-cigarettes
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 290 new coronavirus cases
Hong Kong Transport Cross-harbour section of East Rail Line set to open on May 15
Chief Executive Election John Lee meets local NPC, CPPCC delegates
Cyber Security Laws Public consultations to begin in late 2022
COVID-19 Health officials report 794 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 Sophia Chan: Hong Kong can cope if cases rebound
COVID-19 Vaccines Govt adviser: Healthy individuals don’t need 4th shot for now
COVID-19 Face to face classes resume under new testing rule
COVID-19 Health officials let recovered persons obtain special QR codes
COVID-19 Govt starts handing out free test kits to the elderly
2019 Anti-government Unrest Ear-biter sentenced to 14.5 years in prison for knife attack
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_1
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_10
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_2
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_3
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_4
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_5
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_6
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_7
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_8
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Unplugged & Others 不插電及其他_9
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Scratch JR_3
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Scratch JR_4
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Scratch_1
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Scratch_2
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Scratch_3
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Scratch_4
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Scratch_5
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Minecraft
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Scratch JR_2
賽馬會運算思維教育計劃-特別假期興趣班-低小 - Scratch JR_1
GU22 STAR Online Mode Trial Assessment Materials User Guide
GU22 STAR 網上模式 模擬評估材料 用戶指南
Membership Guideline
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 公正杯
COVID-19 Hong Kong crowds return with easing of social distancing rules
Plastic Bag Levy Residents concerned over possible doubling of levy
COVID-19 Health officials reports 1043 new infections
Candidate Eligibility Review Committee Paul Chan, Kevin Yeung to join board on vetting 'allegiance to SAR'
Chief Executive Election John Lee: Enacting Article 23 the top priority if given top job
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 檸檬電池
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 紙杯喇叭
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 雪條棍口琴
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 齒輪
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 太陽能玩具
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 自製濾水器
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 動手造纜車
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 檸檬電池
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 齒輪
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 雪條棍口琴
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 自製濾水器
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 紙杯喇叭
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 太陽能玩具
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 動手造纜車
for testing only
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 並聯和串聯電路
STEM Sir 趣味教室 - 閉合電路
Rental Control Tenants say power and water rip-offs continue
復活節四日長假開始 離島商場人頭湧湧
本港新增946宗確診 繼2月10日後首次跌破一千宗水平
李家超成唯一特首參選人 指任何人符合資格都可參選
確診數字跌至三位數 林鄭月娥不再每日主持記者會
李家超獲786個選委提名報名參選行政長官 李家超稱會盡快撰寫政綱
基層、勞工等界別取最少提名票 李家超:盼透過接觸選委解釋理念
作家分享:《Rosie Easy English 露思兔子——漫畫學Grammar(進階2)》灰若 (Miss Rosie)
作家分享:《走過風雨的孩子》陳凌軒[文]、 鄭美姿 [文]、芝麻羔 [圖]
Select Books through EdBookShelf
作家分享:《Rosie Easy English 露思兔子——漫畫學Grammar(進階2)》灰若 (Miss Rosie)
School Resumption EDB: Schools can exercise discretion to distribute RAT kits
Chief Executive Election John Lee hopes gov’t restructuring finishes by July 1
COVID-19 Health officials report 1433 new infections
Hong Kong Courts Three found guilty of rioting over protests near PolyU
COVID-19 EDB: Unjabbed students won’t experience labelling
Chief Secretary CE: No appointment for No. 2 official in current gov’t term
COVID-19 Social distancing rules to relax on April 21
Chief Executive Election John Lee: Enacting Article 23 high on priority list
National Security Law Police bust boxers allegedly training for rebellion
COVID-19 Centre foe Health Protection records 13074 new infections
中小學及幼稚園分階段復課 未打疫苗學生不能參加非學術活動
警方國安處拘54歲男子 據報為資深傳媒人區家麟
本港新增2492宗確診 當局料全民快測開展呈報個案將增
作家分享:《香港釣太郎:香港釣太郎釣魚手冊》Calvin Cheung
作家分享:《消失的文學部 2 漫遊奇境的阿麗思》智慧老人
作家分享:《球魂不滅——美國籃球眾星誌》Roy Cheng
作家分享:《認識中國系列 1 地理山河一》陸人龍
作家分享:《守藝工匠 II 香港手藝匠人精神》Rain Haze
作家分享:《我在非洲忘了時間——盧旺達鄉村生活日誌》朱芷均 Lafelle
作家分享:《消失的文學部 2 漫遊奇境的阿麗思》智慧老人
作家分享:《潮讀4000年 7》黃獎
作家分享:《魔法公主學院 13 魔畫之亂》一樹
作家分享:《STEM 少年偵探團 4 垃圾王國的公主殿下》STEM Sir 鄧文瀚
作家分享:《STEM嘉年華——發掘遊樂場中的趣味科學》鄧文瀚 STEM Sir
作家分享:《反斗小學奇遇記 1 變身彈彈球》利倚恩
作家分享:《反斗群英 1 小三戊班》梁望峯
作家分享:《巴士的故事》吳博林、譚小晴、Clayton Chau、Wing Lo
李家超:服務市民多年獲寶貴經驗能力 周六交代下一步工作
一連三日全民快測開始 有市民稱出門前忘記快測
周五起一連三日全民快速檢測 陽性結果須24小時內呈報
李家超辭職計劃參選 感謝林鄭月娥、公務員及香港人
陳茂波指欣悉李家超辭職並擬參選特首 祝願對方一切順利
據悉中聯辦指李家超是唯一支持人選 下屆特首須有應變能力、不易被攻擊
新增3138宗確診 單日病例連續11日回落
五人被控19年龍翔道參與暴動等罪成 最高判監四年半
有無家者向康文署請願 不滿丟棄家當只賠償一百元
林鄭月娥宣布不競逐連任行政長官 冀下屆可延續北部都會區、重組政策局等政策
新增5823宗確診 本港發現兩宗輸入個案感染Omicron複合變異病毒株
警拘四賣淫集團骨幹成員 涉操控未成年少女賣淫及藏兒童色情物品
九個國家航班復航 有回港人士指終等到縮短檢疫期
大律師公會、律師會發聲明 對兩英國法官辭任表遺憾 湯家驊質辭任受政治影響
港鐵累計逾3%加幅延後處理 議員促檢討機制時免加幅無限滾存
本港新增7685宗新冠病毒確診 連續三天維持四位數
本港新增10405宗新冠病毒確診 多192人死亡
林鄭月娥:不回應會否競逐連任 選管會刊憲5月8日舉行行政長官選舉
涉虛擬貨幣交易綁架案 七名疑犯由內地移交香港警方
消費券最遲今改八達通領取 市民趕到中心辦手續
本港增122240宗新冠病毒確診 多205名患者離世
有議員批評特首抗疫失當 林鄭:沒有水晶球看疫情趨勢
多區續有大廈污水檢測呈陽性圍封強檢 居民須接受檢測
過去一周當局接獲三宗死亡報告死前14日曾打針 無證據顯示由疫苗引起
旅發局待疫情紓緩 重推「賞你遊」「賞你住」
新增14068宗新冠病毒確診 再無新院舍出現個案
暫緩追租草案刊憲 下周三交立法會首讀
政府再推保就業計劃 僱主每名月薪3萬元以下僱員補貼8千元
本港新增20082宗新冠病毒確診 再多259名患者離世
臨時失業支援計劃下周三起申請 須失業至少連續30天
林鄭月娥:仍在觀察疫情走勢 若環境理想考慮提前放寬防疫措施
議員促確保新冠口服藥供應 陳肇始:已開始在院舍派發
去年因永久離港提取強積金達90.14億元 按年升52%
新增29381宗確診 當局指暫未見疫情有開始下降跡象
李克強:中央每天關注香港疫情 特區政府負起抗疫主體責任
李家超視察接收新田社區隔離設施 提供2800床位
特首及局長每日交代抗疫工作 現階段重點減少死亡及重症
新增25991宗核酸檢測確診 快測平台單日錄32766宗呈報
新增25150宗確診 快速測試呈報平台啟用
本港增52523宗確診 過去一日多136名患者不治
長者接種第三針相隔時間縮短至三個月 周六起可網上預約
本港新增六宗新冠輸入個案 均接種疫苗
本港確診數首次破千 醫管局籲感染者留家等侯送院
林鄭月娥指全民檢測有措施限制外出 強調會照顧市民生活所需
食環署加開火化時段 籲家屬盡快辦理先人身後事
本港單日新增確診首破萬宗 最新呈報個案逾2.1萬
食環署四個街市涉初確個案 提早關門消毒
上水屠房及荃灣屠房周六凌晨零時起暫停提供屠宰牲口服務 直至另行通知
施榮懷深圳隔離期間檢測呈初步陽性 同車人大政協無法赴京出席兩會
立法會內會成立小組委員會 研究押後特首選舉
財政預算案推多項逆周期措施 總承擔額逾1700億元
有議員歡迎派消費券 亦有認為派現金更合適
政府倡立法禁止業主對指定行業租戶追租 陳茂波:盼業主租戶商量共渡時艱
新增8674宗確診再破頂 檢測陽性短訊新增連結供填資料
預算案預留12.6億元支援旅遊業 開發文化古蹟及綠色本地遊
陳茂波:經濟發展不平衡 致青年未能一展抱負
疫苗通行證周四生效 適用於食肆、商場及街市等場所
新增7533宗新冠病毒確診 一名11個月大染疫女嬰離世
譚耀宗因疫情留港 請假缺席下周人大常委會
本港失業率維持3.9% 13.5萬人冇工開
本港新增34466宗新冠病毒確診 再創單日新高
李嘉誠基金會資助惜食堂400萬元 以維持疫情下服務
COVID-19 Hong Kong’s daily tally drops to below 10000
COVId-19 CE: No plans to significantly relax flight suspension rule
COVID-19 Gov’t to vaccinate elderly and disabled at their homes
COVID-19 Centre foe Health Protection records 7,596 new infections
COVID-19 Mainland Chinese medicine experts arrive in Hong Kong
COVID-19 Patients' rights group: Hospital conversion afferts non-COVID patients
COVID-19 Health officials report 14152 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 Health chief: Rules will ease gradually, and based on several factors
COVID-19 HKU: Choose between dynamic zero COVID and moving towards endemicity
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 21650 new coronavirus cases
COVID-19 CE: Universal testing scheme details to be revealed "in days"
COVID-19 Top experts: City should return to normalcy be July
Contraband Certificates Two arrested for allegedly selling vaccine exemption certs
COVID-19 Sophia Chan: More data needed to prove 'herd immunity'
COVID-19 Quarantine centres to be converted due to low live-in rates
COVID-19 HA reports 16597 new coronavirus cases on Saturday
COVID-19 Survey: 71% teachers against resuming in-person classes next month
COVID-19 Transport Department: 79 bus routes to resume service
Public Health Man spitting on doors at housing estate denied bail
National Security Police Ex-leaders of disbanded trade union taken in for questioning
COVID-19 Centre for Health Protection reports 6646 new infections
COVID-19 CE: Authorities will use rapid tests to learn about HK’s outbreak
COVID-19 Gov’t begins handout of anti-epidemic service bags
COVID-19 CE urges residents to take rapid tests for three days
COVID-19 CE side steps explaining Friday’s cancelled news briefing
COVID-19 David Hui: XE variant not a concern at this stage
COVID-19 CE asks for more mainland experts to help in SAR
COVID-19 HA: 15000 patients prescribed oral antivirals
COVID-19 Special DSE arrangements for close contacts
COVID-19 Prison visits resume after seven-week ban
COVID-19 Centre for Health Protection reports 4475 cases
羅致光:強制舉報虐兒配套服務必須到位 以防機制被濫用
中聯辦與各界商討抗疫行動 MIRROR任抗疫大使
行政長官選舉押後至5月8日 提名期4月3日至16日
醫管局正騰空醫院內空間 爭取周六前將所有院外病人移往室內
本港新增3629宗確診 初步確診約7600宗
作家分享:《鬥嘴一班 23 時間魔法師》卓瑩
作家分享:《三國風雲人物傳 1 隱世高人諸葛亮》宋詒瑞
作家分享:《公主傳奇 31 偵探小王子》馬翠蘿
COVID-19 Hong Kong’s daily cases hit new pandemic record
Mission to Decarbonisation
Landfill Gas Utilisation
Consumer Council Watchdog: 75% of stress-relieving toys fail to meet safety standards
COVID-19 Health authorities reports 27765 new cases
COVID-19 HA opens six more designated clinics for COVID-19 patients
COVID-19 Mainland medics start treating patients in AsiaWorld-Expo
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs 27647 new infections
COVID-19 CE: More time needed to determine actual infection trend
COVID-19 Residents flock to get haircuts as hairdressers’ reopen
COVID-19 More public hospitals to be designated for COVID-19 patients
COVID-19 Chief Executive: Use of emergency alert “suitable”
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 31402 cases, in PCR and rapid tests
COVID-19 28475 cases confirmed; another 14715 report positive with rapid tests
COVID-19 Mainland virus expert: SAR should focus on reducing deaths
Consumption Voucher Long Queues at service to update account details
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports over 17000 new cases
Electronic Vouchers FS: Expiry date of e-vouchers might be extended if outbreak continues
COVID-19 Nearly 700 suspected cases found in four overnight lockdowns
COVID-19 Gov’t CE election on May 8 “is the only plan for now”
Fernando Cheung Ex-opposition lawmaker released after three-month sentence
COVID-19 Mainland medical personnel exempt from licensing requirements
地建會:會員基本上同意提供酒店 料可達建議數量
本港新增4285宗新冠病毒確診 暫錄約7000宗初確
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports new pandemic high in daily infections
Vaccine Pass Malls, eateries vet customers for vaccination records
Budget 2022-2023 FS: Landlords may recover rent owed before fifth wave of virus
火眼實驗室周二起24小時運作 料可大幅提升檢測量
利安邨利盛樓圍封強檢錄44宗初確 須延長圍封一日
深水埗扶幼會則仁中心疑染疫學生留院舍多天 家長憂致更大爆發
牛池灣街市及駱克道街市分別現疫情 須提早關閉
第六輪基金涉款270億 涵蓋髮型屋、清潔及保安員及失業人士
本港新增2071宗新冠病毒確診 初步確診約4500宗
Planning the Key Emphases_PSHE_Cognitio_final_part 1
Planning the Key Emphases_PSHE_Cognitio_final_part 2
Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School_part 1
Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School_part 2
PSHE KLA PDP_Major Curriculum Updates_final_20201011
分域碼頭完成近70載歷史任務 營運商及租戶到場見證
胡定旭:本港檢測能力已加無可加 盼內地派出1000人來港增加檢測量
因應檢測需求大增 有零星確診個案大廈不再納強檢
本港增1323宗本地確診 再多兩名新冠患者離世
Go AI 計劃中學教師培訓【進階程度】
屯門良景邨良傑樓累計有70宗初確 政府再度延長圍封行動
民安隊兩名隊員初確 曾於竹篙灣檢疫中心執勤
中大所有課堂轉為網上進行 強烈鼓勵宿生遷離宿舍
梁美芬不滿積壓大量政治案件 鄭若驊:排期需時涉很多原因
多名議員關注三年上樓目標何時達 陳帆指逐步改善公屋輪候時間
再有跨境貨車司機確診 有業界擔心蔬菜供應不穩會持續
竹篙灣社區隔離設施周二啟用 密切接觸者或家居檢疫
本港增614宗新冠病毒確診 當局估計或升至800宗
林鄭月娥:現時兩年抗疫最惡劣 目標仍是「動態清零」
政府將申請至少200億元撥款 推第六輪防疫抗疫基金
本港新增131宗新冠病毒 其中59宗源頭不明
葵歡樓再現垂直傳播 22樓以上06室居民要撤離
大興邨興平樓最少有14個單位 共26人染疫
政府圍封啟德嘉匯第1至3座及5至9座 居民須接受強制檢測
一名跨境司機疑染疫 業界擔心會影響食品供港
本港新增116宗個案 30宗源頭不明創新高
15人涉大前年728上環暴動 押後下周三判刑
林鄭:徐英偉無用安心出行 敏感度不足 已接受其請辭
馮英倫及馮浩賢被口頭警告 其餘十二名官員毋須紀律跟進
晚巿禁堂食 酒樓稱做少一晚團年飯損失約20至30萬元
港隊冬奧滑雪選手金和曉確診新冠病毒 須接受隔離
本地新增92宗確診 13宗源頭不明
袁國勇:疫情未算失控 可考慮疫苗通行證擴展至公交
立法會政府帳目委員會等選出正副主席 新委員全部自動當選
本港增115宗確診 111宗屬本地感染6宗源頭不明
新增七宗不明源頭個案 部分患者去過或居於爆疫地點附近
一周三宗長者離世前14日曾打針個案 無證據因疫苗引起
駱惠寧:中央重視香港特殊優勢 猶豫不決會錯失機遇
映葵樓增至71人受感染 居家隔離延長至七日
調查報告揭童樂居職員掌摑腳踢幼兒 總幹事與院長已請辭
COVID-19 Lee: Gov’t will give enough time for citizens to prepare for mass testing
COVID-19 CS hails new Tsing Yi isolation facilities a “milestone”
COVID-19 Education chief: Early summer break will be helpful to citywide testing
COVID-19 Hong Kong’s fifth virus wave has seen 225000 total cases
COVID-19 Sinovac jabs available at 19 maternal health centres
COVID-19 Mass testing might go with city-wide lockdown
醫管局下月十六日起推行疫苗氣泡 不適用於求診病人
葵涌邨再增69宗確診 累計逾210宗個案
食環署職員巡視南昌街一帶 檔主斥衞生情況不理想
葵涌邨逸葵樓展開五日禁足令 居民購備大量食物及日用品
有逸葵樓居民理解政府做法 但批評行動太遲
逸葵樓群組增至20人 當局估計清潔工為超級傳播者
本港新增24宗新冠病毒個案 18宗屬本地感染 寵物店群組增五人確診
Electric Vehicles Car owners welcome gov’t plan to turn gas stations into charging points
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports over 37000 new cases
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports over 6000 new infections
COVID-19 Taxi fleet for patients to launch tomorrow
Confederation of Trade Unions Reports: police request details on groups’ past activities, foreign links
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports over 6000 new cases
Vaccine Pass Official: Don’t exploit exemptions to stay unvaccinated
Legislative Council Limit placed on lawmakers questioning public expenditure estimates
消委會測試肉丸:龍蝦丸無龍蝦 牛丸摻雜豬和雞 海關跟進
本港新增七宗新冠病毒個案 寵物店職員感染Delta源頭未明
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 促進平等學習機會——為才華未展的資優生製定有效的校本增潤課程計劃 & RITHA 資優專家培訓 & 謝絕高能低分
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 香港特殊教育教學助理(SENTA)的工作困境與滿足感
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports over 6000 new cases
COVID-19 Patients waiting outside the hospital moved indoors
COVID-19 Elderly care homes may face consequences for not taking back residents from hospitals
COVID-19 Pork supply disrupted after slaughterhouse closure
3. Scratch使用小秘訣(教師適用)
4. Scratch使用小秘訣(學生適用)
5. Scratch教程介紹
梁天琦凌晨出獄 社交媒體發文稱須守監管令謝絕探訪採訪
立法會辯論有關通關議案 多人促追究國泰責任
出席洪為民派對的議員出席立法會大會 梁君彥尊重決定
COVID-19 CHP records 1619 new local coronavirus infections
COVID-19 Chief Executive says city to stick with “Dynamic Zero”
National Security Law Tommy Yuen arrested for incitement, money laundering offences
COVID-19 John Lee’s foreign domestic helper a suspected case
COVID-19 Isolation areas set outside hospital due to surge in cases
漁護署人員到Little Boss大埔倉庫及多間寵物店採取行動
本港新增16宗新冠病毒個案 7宗屬本地感染
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 實習為本介入模式:支援特別學習需要青少年面對轉銜期挑戰
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 無障礙學校圖書館
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 漸進式互動教學
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 小學生中文認讀困難的處理方案:由形音對應說起
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 如何將幼兒成長發展檢核表應用於日常教學活動及三層支援系統
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 特殊教育需要支援老師(支援老師)的角色
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 運用運動教育作為輔導策略
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 生涯規劃之「賽馬會特教青年學苑」
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 工效與功效——探討特殊教育需要統籌主任與支援教師的互質及暈輪效應情況
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 一個策略應對多種SEN:執行功能第一層支援
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 擁抱天倫人學‧珍惜生命瓔珞——繪本教學應用在融合班中文科孝親教育之實例分享
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 如何將幼兒成長發展檢核表應用於日常教學活動及三層支援系統
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 藝術課程設計促進身心靈健康和社交情緒學習
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 如何提升SEN學生執行功能與自主學習能力
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 多元培訓——如何協助SEN青年將興趣轉化為事業
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 透過跨專業團隊協作及多感官中文教材提升學生的語文及書寫能力
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 香港紅十字會甘迺迪中心副校長 黃考秀女士
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 賽馬會「智歷奇境」學習計劃 ——特殊學校適用的歷奇教育
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 身心靈健康 社交情緒教育之實踐
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 擁抱學習多樣性:運用電子工具推動服務學習及公民教育科
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 針對患有專注力不足及過度活躍症及/或讀寫障礙的學童之電腦化工作記憶訓練
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 疫下教學新常態:支援 SEN 學生的困難、策略與建議
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 智障學生/人士共通能力評估工具
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 香港特殊教育教學助理(SENTA)的工作困境與滿足感
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 分享在主流學校支援有特殊教育需要學生的經驗及策略
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 聽覺言語治療與心智解讀
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 自閉症青年的職涯規劃——魚菜共生農耕
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 《繪本童思》:利用繪本增進幼兒的語文學習
特殊教育需要研討會 2021 - 以電子IEP支援「校本多元」
立法會將討論召開遙距會議安排 議員強調抗疫為重
海關拘5男涉走私凍肉約520萬元 僱用「曬水艇」監視當局行動
荃灣有小巴翻側 四人輕傷送院
酒樓指農曆年全軍覆沒 促政府繼續沿用上輪補貼措施
本港新增9宗新冠病毒確診 3宗屬本地感染
禁晚巿堂食等社交距離措施延至年初三 年宵花巿取消
食肆:收緊防疫措施「殺個措手不及」 美容院:如判死刑
北角空姐母親群組再增六人確診 當局指染疫空姐母親衍生13宗個案涉四代傳播
洪為民生日會出席者 一確診一初確
Parent-Led Home – The basic Chinese writing (Basic structure) (Hindi)
Parent-Led Home – The introduction of word bank (Hindi)
Parent-Led Home – Word sources (Hindi)
Parent-Led Home – How to use word bank (Nepali)
Parent-Led Home – How to use word bank (Urdu)
Parent-Led Home – Activities for assistance of writing (Nepali)
Parent-Led Home – Tip for writing (Urdu)
Parent-Led Home – Tip for writing (Nepali)
Parent-Led Home – Activities for assistance of writing (Urdu)
Parent-Led Home – Introduction (Nepali)
Parent-Led Home – Introduction (Urdu)
Parent-Led Home – The basic Chinese writing (Use the grid) (Nepali)
Parent-Led Home – The basic Chinese writing (Use the grid) (Urdu)
Parent-Led Home – The basic Chinese writing (Basic structure) (Nepali)
Parent-Led Home – The basic Chinese writing (Basic structure) (Urdu)
Parent-Led Home – The introduction of word bank (Nepali)
Parent-Led Home – The introduction of word bank (Urdu)
Parent-Led Home – Word sources (Nepali)
Parent-Led Home – Word sources (Urdu)
本港新增24宗確診 5宗屬本地個案
Parent-Led Home – How to use word bank (Hindi)
Parent-Led Home – Activities for assistance of writing (Hindi)
Parent-Led Home – Tip for writing (Hindi)
Parent-Led Home – Introduction (Hindi)
Parent-Led Home – The basic Chinese writing (Use the grid) (Hindi)
林鄭提重組政府架構 交由候任行政長官決定
楓林花園三期B室不同樓層有確診料垂直傳播 所有B室居民須撤離
本港增22宗確診 5宗屬本地感染
周五起食肆禁晚巿堂食、健身室美容院等關閉 大型活動取消
林鄭:研引入漸進式按揭 首期、供款減半
教育局籲學校嚴格防疫 不應舉行陸運會或水運會等活動
Go AI 計劃小學教師培訓【基礎程度】
梁卓偉:望月樓群組若有第三代傳播 須收緊社交距離措施
COVID-19 Hospital Authority eases discharge criteria for coronavirus patients
新增29宗確診28宗輸入個案 涉一名國泰男機師
梁君彥料新議會「沒有最忙 只有更忙」 管浩鳴辭教會秘書長職務
COVID-19 Expert: Home –isolation for patients with light symptoms
Hong Kong Politics Tsang: Government still aims for implementation of universal suffrage
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports over 1500 new cases
COVID-19 Postman a suspected case, mail delivery on HK Island delayed
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 120 new cases, 11 of them untraceable
COVID-19 Expert: Too early for Hong Kong to think about living with the virus
Hong Kong Court Man found guilty of rioting and attacking police in Tuen Mun in 2019
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 625 infections, most of them local cases
Article 23 Tang: Aim to hear lawmakers’ views on local sedition law in May 2022
Drug Bust Customs seize cannabis buds and crystal meth worth $70 million
COVID-19 CHP records over ten preliminary cases of infection
Hong Kong Unemployment Rate Joblessness hits 3.9%, lowest in 21 months
COVID-19 CHP probes 14 new infections, 10 local cases
COVID-19 HKU virologist: strong evidence of animal to human transmission
COVID-19 Yat Kwai House in lock down for 2nd day
Primary One Allocation Competition for spots still tough despite emigration exodus
Hong Kong logs 164 new cases, highest daily count since start of pandemic
Chief Executive Elections 2022 Nomination to begin on Feb 20, election held on March 27
Hong Kong Crime Police figures show indecent assaults up 50% last year
COVID-19 Crowd control measures begin for Mongkok flower market
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 5 new cases, 2 locally acquired
PolyU Riot 7 sentenced to 38 to months in jail, 2 sent to training centres
Witman Hung Party Carrie Lam: Probe shows venue might not have met FEHD requirements
Hong Kong Economy Paul Chan: HK enhancing its secondary listing regime
COVID-19 Cluster linked to mom of flight attendant continues to grow
COVID-19 Health chief: Hong Kong still at risk of more outbreaks
COVID-19 Vaccines Gov’t gears up to meet rising demand for jabs
COVID-19 Health officials worry virus spreading silently thought Tuen Mun
Man arrested for allegedly kidnapping toddler, domestic worker
COVID-19 Kindergartens, primary schools o halt in-person classes
COVID-19 LeaveHomeSafe compulsory for all dine-in-services
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports seven imported cases
June 4 Vigil Three pro-democracy activists convicted over unauthorized candlelight vigil in 2020
Democracy Summit Beijing officials hit out at Western forces in seminar on “essence if democracy”
旅發局倒數演唱會 西九文化區越夜越多人聚集
大批市民到蘭桂坊慶祝 協會派指引提醒食肆遵守防疫措施
機場地勤員工初步確診 懷疑感染Omicron
《立場新聞》部分資金流往倫敦分社 警循此方向調查
立場新聞宣布停止運作 即時遣散所有員工
本港增14宗輸入確診 另12宗Omicron個案
Go AI 計劃小學教師培訓【進階程度】
外交部駐香港特別行政區特派員公署特派員劉光源 為第十四屆「香港盃外交知識競賽」致辭
本港增九宗新冠輸入確診 均帶有N501Y 及T478K變異病毒株
警方拘三名童樂居職員涉虐兒 曾掌摑及把幼兒拋到地上
本港新增五宗新冠病毒輸入個案 另再多七宗Omicron個案
元旦起接種復必泰人士可打第三針 12至17歲可打第二針
一連五日冬日美食節於會展開幕 不設試食
醫管局:未打針員工下月四日起每三日一檢 二月將跟隨政府疫苗氣泡措施
前支聯會常委梁錦威承認沒遵從通知規定提供資料罪 判囚三個月
民建聯成最大黨 李慧琼︰積極與其他板塊合作
海洋光譜號因有密切接觸者登船提早返港 三千多人須強檢
染疫空姐家人群組擴大 不排除維園跳舞時長距離傳播病毒
譚耀宗指無收選舉指示 胡定旭強調無內定「祝福名單」
香港民研調查4成8人會投票 3成9人不投票
兩名貨機機組人員證實感染Omicron 本港累計11宗個案
銅鑼灣世貿中心發生三級火 消防疏散逾700人
再多一名患者證實感染Omicron 本港累計九宗
高院頒令壹傳媒即時清盤 壹傳媒自今年6月中停牌至今
去年六四非法集結案 李卓人等八人判監4個半月至14個月
海關破廿年來最大宗私煙案 檢1.3億元私煙拘3人
本港現第五宗Omicron個案 男子昨日確診美國抵港無入社區
港康碼接受登記 截至晚上9時逾187000人註冊帳戶
報道指入境處高層收恒大禮籃無申報 入境處未回應
港鐵:車門受廣告牌撞擊而飛脫 循更換廣告等程序調查
警方拘捕11人 涉清洗2.2億元黑錢
COVID-19 CHP records 93 new local infections
COVID-19 Yat Kwai House lockdown extended for two more days
COVID-19 Casper Tsui ousted until after investigation
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports record daily untraceable cases three days in a row
COVID-19 HongKongers get jabbed as vaccination centres reopen
COVID-19 Experts warns of possible “tsunami-like” outbreak
COVID-19 Parents continue navigating new normal as pandemic hits two-year mark
立法會選舉設邊境票站 內地港人今起網上登記
Go AI 計劃中學教師培訓【延伸程度】
Go AI 計劃小學教師培訓【延伸程度】
林鄭月娥:香港已具備通關條件 籌備工作越快越好
港大深圳醫院年底約滿 院長盧寵茂指港大與深圳市政府將續約
譚耀宗認為兩地通關在望 初期每天1千個名額合理
中學生將可接種科興疫苗 專家預計年底中學生接種率達八成以上
油塘拆卸中冷藏貨倉火警 一死兩傷
小一自行分配學位獲派比率約47% 創11年新高
Hong Kong Courts Activist charged with “preparing to act with seditious intent”
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports record 351 daily cases
COVID-19 Extended lockdown at Tuen Mun block ends
Lunar New Year HongKongers celebrate the Year of Tiger
Lunar New Year Tiger babies usher in Lunar New Year with gusto and joy
COVID-19 Businessmen to be given priority in quarantine-free travel to mainland when border reopens
COVID-19 Study found BioNTech produces more antibodies than Sinovac
LegCo Elections CS: Honghongers should vote to eradicate destructive anti-China forces
LegCo Elections ICAC looking into if pollster violates election laws in survey
Constitution Day Luo: Refusing national legislation means disregarding “One Country, Two Systems”
COVID-19 Food and health chief says city will stick to “zero –infection” strategy for now
COVID-19 Daily untraceable cases hit new high in current wave of pandemic
Go AI 計劃小學教師培訓【基礎程度】
非建制派全入閘 劉兆佳:願棄以往立場人士可入閘
詹培忠詹劍崙涉「買殼」交易串謀詐騙 獲保釋候訊
香港律師會法律周開幕 終院首席法官張舉能指應譴責向法官施壓
22個月大女嬰被虐致死案 情侶認虐兒罪囚5年4個月
去年六四案李卓人蔡耀昌等認罪求情 下月中判刑
內地寄往本港包裹包裝驗出新冠病毒 收件人及貨倉員工須檢測
消委會發現一款鑄鐵鍋致癌重金屬「砷」超標 代理商稱已停售
港第3季經濟增長5.4% 料全年增長6.4%
Go AI 計劃中學教師培訓【基礎程度】
July 21 Yuen Long Attack Another man arrested and charged with rioting in relation to mob attack
LegCo Elections CS hails upcoming pools as a “competitive and quality” election
LegCo Elections Low expectations for voter turnout at border polling stations
COVID-19 Wan Chai case with unknown source appears to have Omicron
COVID-19 Yuen: Contamination may be behind positive test result of RTHK host
COVID-19 Some officials, lawmakers escape three-week quarantine fate
COVID-19 Long queues form outside testing stations in Victoria Park
COVID-19 Expert: Schools should suspend if more untraceable cases found
Anti-Government Unrest Defendants of July 28 riot jailed 30 to 42 months
National Security Law Former Studentlocalism leader to serve more than 3.5 years in jail
Frigid Waters Over 500 athletes join in New Year swim race
COVID-19 Vaccine bubble to include restaurants and schools on Feb 24
COVID-19 Sources: Remaining close contacts of restaurant cluster found
Chief Executive: Press freedom not linked to media closures
June 4 Vigil Chow Hang-tung jailed 15 months for “incitement”
COVID-19 Mainland health experts wrap up four-day trip in HK
COVID-19 Vaccines Lau: Residents should get a third jab ahead of potential fifth wave border reopening
COVID-19 HK sees six imported cases
Court rules 8-day-old newborn died of misadventure
Hong Kong Education Lam: One country, Two Systems teaching was not up to par
Anti-government Protests PolyU heads clarify misconceptions of 12-day siege in 2019
Next Digital Management and founder get new sedition charge
Goji Shutdown Consumer watchdog receives 114 complaints about gym
COVID-19 HKU experts suggest vaccine mandate for complete border reopening
COVID-19 Health authorities tighten air crew quarantine arrangements
Anti-government Protests Court jails three for up to 4.5 years over MTR arson case
Anti-Government Unrest Court convicts nine for rioting during PolyU siege
COVID-19 Expert says quick actions needed if more local cases emerge
COVID-19 Vaccine Sridhar: Science is clear on third dose efficacy
Hong Kong Education Guidelines requiring schools to fly National Flag daily kick in
Land Sale Programme Gov’t to sell one residential site in Tuen Mun in the next quarter
Stand News Arrests Chief Executive rejects criticisms of media crackdown
Hong Kong Courts 14 people found guilty of rioting in Sheung Wan
Child Abuse Sources: Four more care home staff charged
Future Plans CE announces changes in subsidized housing supply
孖寶利是封小風車 轉出新年希望
提名期最後一日 黎棟國報名角逐選委會界別
首宗接種新冠疫苗後死亡個案 死因庭裁定死因存疑
本港增一宗輸入確診 患者來自英國已接種三劑復必泰
去年六四非法集結案續審 鄒幸彤否認李卓人主持維園集會
林鄭月娥料通關初期只限廣東省設配額 按群組需要定次序
新增五宗輸入個案三人為機組人員 當局檢視相關豁免安排
Hong Kong Economy Retail sales inch up 7.3% in September, missing estimates
COVID-19 Hong Kong records two imported infections
COVID-19 Vaccines Inquest into death of man who received Sinovac jab begins in HK
Officials bid farewell to late marine officer at funeral with full honours
June 4 Vigil Trial continues over banned candlelight vigil in 2020
National Security Law Former student activist to plead guilty to secession
LegCo elections Election hopefuls continue to file papers for December pool
Legal Week SJ admits HK has “no specific legislation” to regulate crowdfunding
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports seven imported cases, five with mutant variants
CE: Developers are willing to support government in solving housing shortage
COVID-19 Vaccines Gov't approves Sinovac use in children as young as three
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports one imported case
COVID-19 Migrant worker test positive after quarantine
National Security Law Students Politicism trio remanded in custody on subversion charges
LegCo Election CS: Upcoming December polls to be more representative
64yo arrested for inciting others to target gov’t officials and judicial officers
CE: Housing subsidies by HA just an idea, not a suggestion
2021 Honours List Law enforcement officers among hundreds to receive gov't recognition
Anti-government Protests Young man jailed for 4 years and 9 months over Sheung Shui mall rally
Beijing’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong CE thankful for outreach effort done by Beijing’s top office in HK
National Security Law Court pushes back pan-dem hearing to buy time for case transfer
COVID-19 Vaccines CE: People should tell the government what to do to boost inoculation rates
'Kwok: Inevitable tariff hikes on electricity as a result of carbon neutrality
COVID-19 Government relaxes restrictions on fitness centers
National Security Law Fourth Student Politicism member remanded in custody over subversion charges
National Security Law Ex-Apple Daily executives may face trial in High Court in December
COVID-19 Vaccines Gov’t outreach team administers COVID-19 shots to the elderly in Shek Li
Man arrested over suspected killing of taxi driver in Sai Wan
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports two imported cases, all fully vaccinated
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports one new imported case
Hong Kong Elections Li: Democratic Party members should run for LegCo or dissolve
Anti-government Protests Seven pan-democrats jailed for 6 to 12 months over July 1 rally
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs six imported cases, all fully vaccinated
Anti-Government Protests Court jails five of up to early five years over 2019 CUHK clashes
HK sees a surge of Group B Strep infections in recent weeks
Hong Kong Civil Servants Nip: Political climate will drive civil servants to work harder
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports two new imported infections
Ocean Park holds celebration reception for HK Olympians
Civil Human Rights Front Police conduct series of raids on places linked to the Front
Inspector raids Next Digital’s office to seize information
LegCo passes record-umber of 46 government bills in 2021
National Security Law Man pleads not guilty to secession charge for chanting independence slogans
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 13 imported cases
COVID-19 Vaccines Expert hopes third shot can be administered starting next fortnight
COVID-19 Expert: Quarantine hotels can’t stop people from escaping without police help
COVID-19 Hong Kong records two imported infections
Anti-government Protest Man sentenced to 27 months in jail for rioting during 2019 clashes
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs three imported cases, all with L452R mutation
National Day Celebrations Sources: Police deploy over 8000 officers to ensure smooth Oct 1 activities
LegCo Election Pro-establishment figures, businessmen vie for Election Committee seats
HKJA expresses concerns over new RTHK editorial rules
Hong Kong District Councils Zimmerman: Gov’t plans to cut back DC responsibilities from the very beginning
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports five imported cases, all with L452R mutation
COVID-19 HK sees three new fully vaccinated patients from overseas
Policy Address 2021 DAB wants a Deputy Chief Secretary to alleviate heavy workload
COVID-19 Vaccines Experts: HK likely to approve BioNTech jabs for children aged 5 to 11
Policy Address 2021 CE calls reopening of borders “top priority” in Policy Address
Wong: Gov’t will review electricity tariff with prudence
District Councils CE: Gov't will only consider future of councils after oath-taking
CE: Beijing has no timetable to introduce anti-sanctions law in HK
June 4 Vigil Chow Hang-tung pleads not guilty to inciting other to joins to join banned rally
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports seven new imported infections
2021 Policy Address CE: Northern Metropolis plan would have been battered in LegCo three years ago
Policy Address 2021 Legislators applaud metropolis plan but want faster implementation
Sit: Gov't aims to push for more tech infrastructure in coming 10 to 15 years
CUHK student union announces disbandment
Security chief calls for Article 23 legislation within next LegCo term
Anti-government Protests Seven pan-democrats plead guilty to July 1 rally involvement
Government Restructure DAB proposes revamp of government structure
National Security Law Tang: 'Prime time' since 1997 handover for local legislation of Article 23
CS backs China in drawing up list of US interference in HK
Anti-government Protests Trio jailed for at least 5 years after convicted if rioting near PolyU
National Security Law Student Politicism disbands after core members charged under NSL
Hong Kong Election Committee Chan: Newly-formed committee is representative and consists of only patriots
Hong Kong Elections CE: Vote counting blunder needs to be solved before LegCo polls
COVID-19 Gov't suspends booking for rooms at Penny's Bay Quarantine Centre
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports nine new imported cases
COVID-19 HK reports eight imported infections
COVID-19 Fully vaccinated migrant worker tests positive
PMH apologizes for not having heart monitoring device connected to patient
National Security Law Police warn HK Alliance of legal liability over refusal to cooperate
Hong Kong Oath Bill District councillors to take oaths of loyalty to the government from Friday
Hong Kong Oath Bill DP slam gov’t for intentionally ignoring rumours
COVID-19 HK to allow quarantine-free entry for mainland visitors next week
COVID-19 Hong Kong records 6 new infections, all with mutated strain
COVID-19 Vaccines Government expands same-day jabs for five target groups
Qianhai Plan CE: Qianhai Plan to boost HK’s economy, gives HK a greater hinterland
National Security Law Hong Kong police raid June 4 Museum
June 4 Vigil Twelve activists convicted of unauthorised assembly over candlelight vigil last year
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs two imported cases
CityU develops fast-track ventilation system that can thoroughly filter COVID-19
Decades-old, embattled teachers’ union formally disbands by a 132-6 vote
COVID-19 Vaccines Gov’t goes all out to boost inoculation rate among the elderly
Hong Kong Oath Bill Tse: Gov't responsible to solve shortage of district councillors
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports five new imported cases
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs four imported cases, all fully vaccinated
Hong Kong Overseas Doctors Lam: Foreign specialists unlikely to give up practicing in their own countries
HKFP: Google provides data to HK gov’t despite pledge to not cooperate
Hong Kong Oath Bill Tsui: Disqualification reason stated in letters to those unseated
National Security Law HK Alliance delete social media posts according to police orders
National Security Law High Court grants bail to Raymond Chan pending national security trial
Ten set to be sentenced for bribery-related crimes in 2016 LegCo race
Election Committee Police to deploy up to 6000 officers for EC polls
$5000 Electronic Vouchers People rush to resubmit application documents for spending vouchers
Dozen arrested for allegedly conspiring to defraud by using old empty flats
Customs make $125 million ketamine seizure
COVID-19 Vaccines Nip: Gov't to review service arrangements for vaccinations centres
COVID-19 Gov't allows BGI to operate mobile testing stations again
COVID-19 Chan: Gov't closely monitors Mu Variant with stringent border control
COVID-19 HK reports one imported infection from the Philippines
COVID-19 Vaccines Lau: Current jab guidelines too conservative and should be updated
Anti-government Protests Trio found guilty of rioting over PolyU siege in 2019
Embattled teachers' union reportedly to vote on disbandment soon
COVID-19 Gov't would consider easing social-distancing rules, says Carrie Lam
National Security Law CE: Changes to Film Censorship Ordinance will not curtail freedom of expression
Gay Games 2022 CE says Gay Games comments regrettable, divisive
Civil Service Pay Adjustment ExCo decides to freeze gov't workers' pay for another year
Anti-government Protests Activist Agnes Chow leaves prison after more than six months
COVID-19 HK free of domestic infections for five days straight
One country, Two systems Beijing's top man calls 'end one party rule' advocates 'real enemies' of HK
One country, Two systems HK Alliance says it will keep on pursuing 'end one party rule'
叩門準備——面試技巧 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Interview skills (Urdu)
叩門準備——自我介紹 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Self-introduction (Urdu)
叩門準備——文件 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Portfolio and letters (Urdu)
統一派位填表需知 Tips in filling the application form of the “Central Allocation” stage (Urdu)
統一派位知多點 Information of “Central Allocation” stage (Urdu)
叩門需知 Introduction of the “Knock the door” stage (Urdu)
叩門準備 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage (Urdu)
叩門準備——禮儀 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Manner (Urdu)
填表需知 Filling out the P.1 application form (Nepali)
選校的有用資源 Primary school selection resources (Nepali)
選校考慮 School selection (Nepali)
香港教育制度 Hong Kong education system (Nepali)
統一派位填表需知 Tips in filling the application form of the “Central Allocation” stage (Nepali)
統一派位知多點 Information of “Central Allocation” stage (Nepali)
叩門需知 Introduction of the “Knock the door” stage (Nepali)
叩門準備 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage (Nepali)
叩門準備——禮儀 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Manner (Nepali)
叩門準備——面試技巧 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Interview skills (Nepali)
叩門準備——自我介紹 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Self-introduction (Nepali)
叩門準備——文件 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Portfolio and letters (Nepali)
平安夜 中環近蘭桂坊一帶有特別交通安排
女子阻差辦公罪名不成立 官:三警員非誠實證人
直選候任議員見傳媒 陳克勤形容當選人有不同政治理念
兩公司涉騙逾400萬保就業資助 七人被捕
華置表決私有化 小股東反對稱作價不合理
網傳警員買球衣展示委任證 監警會:未收投訴不作評論
法改會倡律師可因應仲裁結果收費 最多可收當事人賠償金一半
港鐵稱為配合政府提供免費服務 新巴城巴要求乘客拍卡統計人流
新世界擬建資助房屋 首期13.5萬上車
民主思路首次夠提名參選 管浩鳴出戰選委會
Liaison office Chen: 1.3 million turnout “a slap in the face” for election critics
2020 Lunar New Year Fair Auctions fetch over $4.5M for stalls at Victor Park
US-China Relations US panel hits out at Beijing's tightening grip on Hong Kong over the past year
Animal Welfare Officials deny "luring" boars out before killing them
COVID-19 Vaccines Booster programme expanded to all Sinovac recipients
COVID-19 Hong Kong log four imported case, all with L452R mutation
Foodpanda Workers on Strike Talks continue between Foodpanda riders and company
Children's Rights NGO receives 200 suspected child abuse reports
Stock Manipulation HK, SG authorities crack alleged “ramp and dump” scheme
World Trade Centre Fire Offices reopen a day after blaze
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 10 new imported cases
Electronic Consumption Vouchers HongKongers registered with Octopus gets final batch of handouts
Anti-government Protests Pair acquitted from damaging Fo Tan tunnel with graffiti
COVID-19 Vaccines Lau: Sinovac rollout will help children resume full face-to-face classes
COVID-19 Gov't COVID-19 expert Keiji Fukuda steps down on Dec 1
Law Society intervenes into operations of two firms over alleged fraudulent transactions
Hong Kong Parking City’s first automated car park opens for public use
COVID-19 Vaccines Study shows gut bacteria could boost antibodies from jabs
'Commission: future changes of minimum wage unclear
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports three imported infections
COVID-19 Expert: New variant “unlikely” to have spread into Hong Kong community
COVID-19 Tsang: Hong Kong unlikely to see imported cases from the mainland
COVID-19 Hong Kong records six new imported infections
HK Health Code Mainland can ask for visit records if health-code user is “high risk”
COVID-19 Imported case from Qatar triggers mandatory testing order for building in Tai Kok Tsui
COVID-19 Vaccines CE gets third Sinovac jab a booster programme begins
COVID-19 Vaccines Yuen may take Sinovac booster jab as an experiment
National Security Law Man jailed five years and nine months for chanting pro-independence slogans
CityU head to go after contract ends in 2023
LegCo Elections Non-establishment hopefuls file papers to join race
Suspicious letters Court staff evacuated after reports of power-filled envelopes
COVID-19 Vaccines Lau” BioNTech recipients unnecessary to get booster
COVID-19 Tougher self-isolation rules for Cathay aircrews
CE refuses to say why foreign journalist was denied work visa
Hong Kong Economy Jobless rate drops to new low of 4.3 % since early 2020
Olympic Delegation Mainland athletes perform in front of Hong Kong crowds
COVID-19 HK sees four imported cases, all fully vaccinated
COVID-19 HK, mainland officials meet to discuss border reopening
COVID-19 HK reports another Omicron case
LeaveHomeSafe App Jokey Club donates 20,000 smartphones to elderly
LegCo Elections CE: Free rides on public transport will show the importance of LegCo polls
LegCo Elections EAC makes procedural changes to speed up vote counting
Police arrest ten for allegedly possessing firearms to be used during LegCo polls
Corner’s Court rules elderly man died of misadventure from improper extubation
Home Ownership Scheme Reports: Around 9000 units to be sold at half market price
COVID-19 8 new cases, two patients were vaccinated three times
COVID-19 5 new imported cases, 3 of yesterday’s cases involved Omicron
Nanjing Massacre Clip Yueng: EDB trysts teachers to choose materials suitably
US condemns China’s “continued efforts” to undermine HK democracy
Hong Kong Courts Pair charged with inciting others to cast blank votes granted bail
ElgCo Elections EC lawmakers-elert meet the media
LegCo Elections Hong Kong government dismisses poll criticism
香港教育制度 Hong Kong education system (Hindi)
填表需知 Filling out the P.1 application form (Hindi)
叩門準備——面試技巧 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Interview skills (Hindi)
叩門準備——自我介紹 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Self-introduction (Hindi)
叩門準備——文件 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Portfolio and letters (Hindi)
叩門準備 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage (Hindi)
叩門準備——禮儀 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Manner (Hindi)
選校考慮 School selection (Hindi)
選校的有用資源 Primary school selection resources (Hindi)
統一派位填表需知 Tips in filling the application form of the “Central Allocation” stage (Hindi)
統一派位知多點 Information of “Central Allocation” stage (Hindi)
叩門需知 Introduction of the “Knock the door” stage (Hindi)
元朗堂真光幼稚園爆上呼吸道感染 涉20名學童
夫婦攜兩子燒炭輕生被控企圖謀殺 明年一月再訊
終院駁回丁權案上訴 裁定丁屋政策合憲
去年六四非法集結案 鄒幸彤稱警無權以公共衞生為由反對集會
立法會選舉提名期倒數三天 所有功能界別有人報名
胡定旭指提名非建制派參選 希望政府聽不同聲音
免疫力弱及高風險人士 下周四起可打第三針
葉劉再戰立法會 被問將來打算
下周五起收緊入境豁免檢疫類別人士 取消領事館人員免檢疫
提名期第二日 新思維與民建聯競爭社福界議席
民建聯18人參選立法會 10人戰地區 選委會及功能界別各4人
多名建制議員到中聯辦 馬逢國指與選舉無關
孕婦醫院催生羊水栓塞大量出血不治 死因庭裁定死於不幸
警拘32人涉及21宗騙案 涉款達910萬元
海關檢12億元懷疑走私貨 為有紀錄以來金額最高
立法會三讀通過電檢修訂條例草案 規定需考慮上映會否不利國家安全
有專家指收緊新冠患者出院條件減少復陽個案 亦有專家憂加重公營醫療負擔
國際特赦組織將關閉在港兩個辦公室 指國安法下無法自由工作
鄒幸彤稱沒有指定地點不構成煽惑集結 控方質疑「堅守陣地」即六四維園集會
管浩鳴免潘母誤以為陳同佳無聯絡台方 發放文件顯示台灣態度反覆
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Students continue to boycott schools
WAN CHAI FIRE One dead; at least seven injured in building blaze
特殊教育需要研討會 2017 - 透過科技支援特殊學校推行「學習成果架構」(LPF)
Hong Kong Housing Tsang: Gov’t not able to meet supply target with current strategies
COVID-19 Vaccines Experts suggest all adults to get booster six months after second dose
Redevelopment Plans Town Planning Board discusses Cheung Wah Street project
LegCo Lawmakers-elect visit LegCo Complex
Ombudsman Probe Ombudsman: Lack of actions against dog licensing breaches
Law Enforcement Police find over 100 people for breaching anti-virus rules on Christmas Eve
COVID-19 CHP confirms 25 new imported cases
LegCo Elections Tsang: Independents could form alliance to gain bargaining power
Legislative Council DAB vice-chair wishes “no further political struggle” in Council
Police seize suspected ketamine worth $800 million in record bust
立法會選舉12月舉行 投票時間縮短8時半開始
前支聯會五人涉沒遵從規定提供資料獲保釋 鄒幸彤梁錦威拒絕接受條件續還柙
立法會通過再改議事規則 流會缺席議員被扣人工
選管會發表調查報告 指選委選舉日有人流因新安排致流程緩慢
政府擬改法援制度 刑事案申請人將不能指定律師
東鐵過海段明年六七月通車 港鐵料不再超支
規管劏房租務條例立會恢復二讀 田北辰指投棄權票
元朗江夏圍建約二千伙過渡性房屋 首批明年三月入伙
外匯基金上季轉蝕132億 港股輸263億
林鄭︰發展北部不怕收地 保育濕地或魚塘
六中全會11月8日召開 將審議中共百年成就及歷史決議稿
風暴期間一男子死亡20人傷 政府收到72宗塌樹報告
八號信號維持大半天 下午街上人流增加
移走國殤之柱限期屆滿 港大︰合法合理處理
Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo opens
俄羅斯駐港總領事館人員初步確診 月初俄羅斯抵港
海關拘捕四人 涉威嚇強迫他人購買健身會籍
直資議會:聘任外籍教師比例高 落實基本法測試要求前冀理順行政安排
Lamma Island Ferry Crash CE respects decision against death inquest into 2012 deadly accident
【香港教育城】回顧成就‧展望未來 【EdCity】Retrospect and Prospects
Bishop Hill reservoir to open in December for public tours
Government headhunts for Civil Service College chief
Uber Eats to quit Hong Kong by year’s end
COVID-19 CE: HK to scrap most quarantine exemptions
National Security Law CE: National security law not a concern for law-abiding groups
Legal Aid Reform CE: Sensible revamp to avoid “monopoly” by small group of lawyers
Hong Kong Judiciary Top court rules “joint enterprise” not applicable to riots, unlawful assemblies
COVID-19 Vaccines Gov’t will continue to monitor vaccine supply
LegCo Elections CE: Plans for quarantine-free voting at border checkpoints to be announced soon
LegCo Elections Five-time hopeful Christine Fong will not vie for LegCo seat
COVID-19 CE: Cross-border travel resumption talks see ”good progress”
民主黨沒收到報名參選立法會 韓東方︰不會退黨參選
丁權案終極上訴開審 上訴方指丁屋政策涉歧視違憲
Hong Kong Overseas Doctors Overseas hiring bill to allow non-HK residents to practice as specialists
COVID-19 Vaccines CE: No immediate plans to ban unvaccinated people from certain premises
COVID-19 Government to quarantine migrant workers at Penny's Bay
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports two imported cases
Anti-government Protests Man jailed for four years over 2019 riot near PolyU
Hong Kong Elections Lam: Vetting committee members disqualified Cheng according to review mechanisms
The Law Society of Hong Kong CM Chan elected president of Law Society
警方國安處八鄉搜獲一支手槍 拘捕一對夫婦
支聯會稱港大限下周三前移走國殤之柱 已回信要求保留
黑雨期間有商戶因水浸損失 質疑天文台是否太遲發出
Anti-government Protest District Court convicts 20 of rioting, 3 acquitted over Sheung Wan clash
LegCo Elections Debate over “LeaveHomeSafe” app exemption of voters
COVID-19 Health minister backs vaccine passports idea “to some degree”
跑馬地塌棚架一女工不治 消防指大量竹枝增搜救難度
本港新增兩宗新冠病毒確診 一宗屬源頭不明本地個案
家有良師——如何使字詞庫 Parent-Led Home – How to use word bank (Eng)
家有良師——輔助寫字小活動 Parent-Led Home – Activities for assistance of writing (Eng)
家有良師——簡介 Parent-Led Home – Introduction (Eng)
家有良師——中文寫字基本(字格的使用) Parent-Led Home – The basic Chinese writing (Use the grid) (Eng)
家有良師——中文寫字基本(字的基本結構) Parent-Led Home – The basic Chinese writing (Basic structure) (Eng)
家有良師——字詞庫 Parent-Led Home – The introduction of word bank (Eng)
家有良師——字詞庫來源 Parent-Led Home – Word sources (Eng)
家有良師——寫字小技巧 Parent-Led Home – Tip for writing (Eng)
Anti-discrimination Law Government advise to put up a bigger shield to fight bias against mainlanders
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs six imported cases, all fully vaccinated
'Rambler Garden Hotel to provide quarantine rooms for incoming migrant workers
COVID-19 Sridhar: COVID pill not a substitute for vaccines
Yueng: Schools may shut down amid drop in student population
LegCo Elections December polls see 16 more candidates on day seven
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Wei Shyy to step down as HKUST President a year early
HKU: Targeted hepatitis C screening scheme can prevent worsening health
Hong Kong Overseas Doctors LegCo passes controversial bill to allow more foreign doctors to practice in HK
CHP confirms invasive Group B Streptococcus cluster of 32 patients
Hong Kong Oath Bill More opposition district councilors unseated after pledging allegiance
Hong Knog’s power companies announce price hike in 2022
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports seven imported infections, six involving mutated strains
Hong Kong Economy Unemployment rate drops to 4.5%, beating expectations
COVID-19 HK sees 6 new imported cases, including an Indonesia migrant worker
LegCo Elections More candidates to stand in December polls
Jail term reduced for pair guilty of manslaughter after beauty treatment blunder
政府調整取消強積金對沖資助方案 僱主首3年最多承擔每名員工3000元
林鄭月娥:將有100萬個以上單位應市 但需時20至25年
林鄭月娥:發展北部都會區 跨越香港及深圳的行政界線
聶德權:院舍長者若適合接種新冠疫苗會徵求家人同意 非施壓
林鄭:香港真正踏上一國兩制正確軌道 回歸以來最具優勢
新增四宗確診全由外地輸入 來港前均已接種疫苗
拉丁舞導師抽脂死亡西醫囚六年 法官指死者家人承受巨大打擊
新界東區議員今日宣誓 三人宣誓前辭職
施政報告料談運房局拆局 工聯會︰不拆局影響運輸政策
第二期電子消費券今日發放 有市民排隊領取
起底刑事化法例通過 構成傷害最高罰百萬囚五年
Consumer Council: Agents selling foreign properties should be licensed
下季賣地計劃推兩幅住宅地 首三季供應超標一成
政府發布香港營商環境報告 強調國安法無損金融穩定
屯門可藝中學全校恢復面授課堂 暫只恢復部分課外活動
國安處凍結支聯會六四紀念館物業 蔡耀昌:影響清盤
光城者七成員被控串謀煽動他人顛覆國家政權 還押至11月再訊
支聯會回信保安局 強調不接受支聯會危害國家安全
香港教育制度 Hong Kong education system (Eng)
填表需知 Filling out the P.1 application form (Eng)
叩門準備——面試技巧 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Interview skills (Eng)
叩門準備——自我介紹 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Self-introduction (Eng)
叩門準備——文件 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Portfolio and letters (Eng)
選校考慮 School selection (Eng)
選校的有用資源 Primary school selection resources (Eng)
統一派位填表需知 Tips in filling the application form of the “Central Allocation” stage (Eng)
統一派位知多點 Information of “Central Allocation” stage (Eng)
叩門需知 Introduction of the “Knock the door” stage (Eng)
叩門準備 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage (Eng)
叩門準備——禮儀 Preparation of the “Knock the door” stage – Manner (Eng)
Louise Ho becomes HK’s first female customs chief
第二批區議員今宣誓 包括涉國安案民主黨涂謹申
Gay widower drops legal bid after gov't clarifies equality in after-death arrangements
Reports: Mayer Brown no longer represents HKU over Pillar of Shame removal
賢學思政案國安處拘捕多一名19歲女子 據悉發言人黃沅琳自首
疫苗接種中心即日籌擴至所有合資格人士 領籌人士不多
過去一周六名青少年接種復必泰後胸痛 情況穩定
全運會女子200米跑 港隊陳佩琦未能躋身決賽
點票逾13小時 馮驊︰時間超合理預期感抱歉
民建聯有150多名選委 提名民主派與否視乎是否愛國
恒指曾瀉過千點 地產內房股大冧
據報職工盟通過解散 主席黃迺元:周日記者會交代
本港新增三宗新冠病毒輸入個案 均帶變種病毒
去年六四維園未經批准集結案 12人囚4至10個月 3人獲緩刑
鄧炳強質疑記協是否政治中立 記協批鄧炳強:建議邏輯混亂
鄒幸彤涉違國安法 再度申請保釋被拒
劉宇隆倡科興疫苗接種年齡降至12歲 為長者醫護等打第三針
政府倡劏房續租加租上限減至一成 團體憂業主走法律罅避規管
慈善團體支持不利國安活動將被撤銷豁免繳稅資格 職工盟相信非針對自己
港島區議員完成宣誓 七人有效性存疑要再提供資料
觀塘中學下周中六全日面授成全港首校 有望全校返全日
支聯會接保安局信件擬剔出公司登記冊 湯家驊:如獲行會通過等同解散
支聯會副主席鄒幸彤及三名常委被捕 涉沒遵從國安法規定資料
警方及內地執法部門搗洗黑錢集團拘22人 涉逾七億元
鄧炳強批有組織用物資獄內製造特權 石牆花: 僅基本人道支援
已打針外傭上周起可來港 至今八宗確診 專家:若情況持續應暫停
新增兩宗新冠病毒輸入個案 患者均曾接種疫苗
612基金因真普聯停止執行支款指示 即時停收捐款
支聯會明午到警總 鄒幸彤重申不會應要求遞交資料
政府增設3中心助重新登記消費券 市民認為安排有改善
女子赴美返港後初步確診 當局圍封日出康城領都2座強檢
本港新增4宗新冠病毒確診 全屬抵港外傭
熱血公民稱無政治進路 即日起解散
海關到悅榕莊銅鑼灣分店調查 成立專責隊跟進停業
前年九龍遊行七人煽惑或組織未經批准集結 囚11至16個月
悅榕莊全線分店停業 有員工到勞工處求助
政府以逾四千萬元聘公關推廣形象 強調價格合理
2021 Policy Address Fong: HK should utilize Greater Bay Area for local IT development
CE leaves hospital with fractured elbow after overnight stay
Lawmakers express concerns over proposed Northern Link
微動畫創作比賽 ─成就「我的未來」教室 - 得獎結果公布
Anti-smuggling Police seize frozen meat in joint anti-smuggling operation
「Master Code編程大賽 2021」:人工智能備戰工作坊 20210929
「Master Code編程大賽 2021」:Minecraft編程備戰工作坊 20210927
Hong Kong raises T8 Kompasu approaches
Court of Final Appeal Top Court reserves judgment on landmark small-house policy case
Hong Kong Elections Localist unsearted as Legco member after barred from running in EC
COVID-19 Foreign domestic workers to start flying in from Monday
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports three imported infections
Municipal Waster Charging Scheme LegCo passes long-delayed rubbish plan to encourage recycling
Anti-government Protest Students sentenced to 3 years in jail over Mong Kok protest in 2020
COVID-19 Vaccines Experts: HK could ease measures if vaccine coverage reaches 80% or above
Anti-government Protests Man sentenced to seven months in prison for joining anti-national anthem law gathering
COVID-19 HK reports two imported cases, all fully vaccinated
Gov't proposes to ban films 'contrary to national security interests'
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs seven imported cases, five vaccinated
14th Five-year Plan Huang assures investors HK's 'irreplaceable' role in national development
COVID-19 CE: Number of migrant workers arriving must be controlled
Anti-government Protests Court denies bail to activist accused of organising as unauthorised assembly
EdCity Ending Credit 2021
LTE 2021 3-minute Guide
Man arrested on suspicion of murdering neighbour
‘Smart Net Surfing with Kids’ Parent Seminar (1)- Balance Together
‘Smart Net Surfing with Kids’ Parent Seminar (1)- SMART Device SMART Care SMART Students
Hong Kong Economy Consumption voucher scheme boosts retail sales up 11.9% in August
$5000 Electronic Vouchers Second instalment of spending vouchers to be distributed on Friday
Policy Address 2021 Gov’t reportedly plans to make it easier to sell ancestral lands
COVID-19 Vaccines Experts recommend just one BioNTech jab for teenagers aged 12 to 17
Hong Kong Unemployment Unemployment rate drops to 4.7%
Albert Yuen replaces Raymond Siu as deputy police commissioner
言語治療師工會多三人被控 五人涉發布煽動刊物
中西區區議會前主席鄭麗琼認違限聚令 罰款一萬元
僱傭公會倡設計分制 按需求分批安排外傭抵港
有院舍兩輪外展接種僅一成多長者打針 家屬仍有憂慮
徐英偉承辦全運會是喜訊 爭取辦港隊強項比賽
港大學生容頌禧涉宣揚恐怖主義 獲高院批准保釋
本港新增17宗輸入確診 其中15人為印尼貨船船員
學者憂修訂電影檢查條例後紅線模糊 影響創作
警方續查大埔的士車禍 再多一名婦人不治
鍾健平再被捕 據悉遭控以組織及參與未經批准集結
Water World Ocean Park Water World Ocean Park opens
父涉姦女兒案 父母及兩親屬妨礙司法公正判囚 官斥駭人聽聞
黃柳權到立法會出席十四五規劃講座 首京官到立法會宣講
國家「十四五」規劃首場宣講會 黃柳權指政府帶領發展
RD Demo
Municipal Waste Charging Scheme Greener Actions slams extra time to implement gov't rubbish plan
Hong Kong Election Committee Election hopefuls grab final chance to submit nominations for EC seats
COVID-19 Vaccines Nurse suspended after jabbing man with BioNTech double dose
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports five imported cases
University Admission JUPAS releases result, 82% admitted to first three choices of programmes
Food Expo Food Expo begins, but no sample testing allowed
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports four imported cases
COVID-19 CUHK study finds BioNTech jabs beat Sinovac in antibodies count
Democrat activists charged for releasing a balloon outside LegCo
Eric Cheung resigns as HKU council member over student entry ban
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports seven imported cases, all vaccinated
Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law CE supports adding mainland retaliatory legislation to Basic Law
COVID-19 Expert: Mainland returnees should quarantine in hotels instead of at home
Subsidised Housing Ballots drawn for the Green Form subsidised housing scheme
COVID-19 3 of 4 new cases reported have been fully vaccinated
壹傳媒前高層張劍虹羅偉光被控違國安法 下月底再訊
土瓜灣街市魚檔進口魚類及包裝驗出病毒 暫停營業
二手樓價指數創新高 學者料下半年樓價急升機會不大
國旗及國徽修訂草案周五刊憲 禁網上侮辱國旗或國徽
教協超市續現人龍 有教師憂日後無人代發聲
官媒批教協解散咎由自取 不等於違法行為一筆勾銷
第三日選委提名 批發零售參選名單幾乎全取業界提名
選委會提名期倒數兩日 狄志遠參選社福界選委
美准港人延期離境18個月 外交部駐港公署強烈譴責
有民主派質疑選舉新制代表性 不角逐連任選委
COVID-19 Vaccines Elderly aged 70 or above may get walk-in jab tickets
一名美國返港人士染疫 患者在港住所圍封強檢
State media hits out at PTU despite its withdrawal from HK Alliance
Hong Kong Electoral Reform Election Committee candidates and members must declare if they hold BNO passports
US-China Relations Biden to warn US companies of risks of operating in HK
COVID-19 Airport staff confirmed with Delta variant, genetically linked to imported cases
Yuen Long July 21 Attack Four men made mitigation pleas over Yuen Long mob attack
Land Supply CE vows to tackle housing problem in remaining term
COVID-19 Sources: HK to life ban on fully vaccinated residents from extremely high-risk areas
HKJA warns about press freedom erosion under national security law
Customs officers make first-ever crackdown on cryptocurrency money laundering
COVID-19 CE: more gov't workers should get vaccinated, or pay for own tests
Anti-government Protest Seven men jailed for role in 2019 Yuen Long mob attack
Quarry Bay Park Shooting Spree Bodyguard convicted of murder of fatal shooting in public park
Seditious Publications Union members arrested for allegedly 'inciting young children's hatred towards gov't'
National Security Law Bail rejected for 4 ex-Apple Daily staff over foreign collusion case
Ombudsman urges FEHD to put in place better warning systems for mosquito infestation
Hong Kong Economy Inflation slow down to 0.7% in June
Tenancy Control So: Rent adjustment cap in place to blance rights of tenants and landlords
COVID-19 HK reports one imported case from the US
COVID-19 HK sees two imported cases, all with L452R mutation
Sedition Trial District Court continues to hear Tam Tak-chi's sedition case
COVID-19 Vaccines Elderly aged 70 or above to get walk-in jab tickets
若學校教職員及學生接種率達七成 可恢復全日面授課堂
選委會選舉首日報名 多個界別協調名單與議席數目相同
國安處拘捕前報社男編輯 據悉為前蘋果日報執行總編輯
何詩蓓女子100米自由泳奪銀 再破亞洲紀錄
【唐英傑案】鄧炳強歡迎裁決 研究判詞決定下步行動
新增一宗輸入確診個案 患者是確診沙特領事子女的胞姊
多區有市民觀看何詩蓓奪銀牌 對港隊再奪牌感興奮
廉署起訴戴耀廷等三人 涉2016年立會選舉宣傳雷動
公社科樣本試題增多項選擇題 資料多取材自官方機構
9月選委會選舉選民人數大減 首以電子選民登記冊系統發選票
律師會下月底改選 理事黃巧欣爭連任組五人名單
本港新增一宗輸入確診 患者為希臘抵港男子
唐英傑案 控方專家證人繼續作供
前年中大衝突四名大專生被控暴動罪 兩人罪成
涉企圖策劃炸彈襲擊 三中學生被控違港區國安法提堂
美國抵港男子帶變種病毒 離港前住大廈圍封強檢
東奧開幕倒數四天 港乒乓球隊到場館備戰
台北經濟文化辦事處租約將屆滿 服務組8月搬遷
九巴:屯馬綫通車令客量大跌 冀保留部分路線
本港新增一宗確診 40歲女子由阿聯酋抵港
721元朗白衣人暴動案 各被告下周四判刑
前年油麻地超市開槍案 死因庭裁定死者合法被殺
兩人打針後十四日內死亡 衞生署指無證據因疫苗引起
書展開幕 有市民為買限量書早上七時到達排頭位
Book Fair Last-minute shoppers swamp Hong Kong Book Fair on final day
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports seven imported cases
Oath-talking Bill Lo resigns over uncertainty to proceed with community work
US-China Relations US sanctions seven Chinese officials over crackdown in Hong Kong
2021 HKDSE HKEAA: Seven top scorers in the this year's DSE exam
Tokyo Olympics Hong Kong athletes head to Tokyo for the Olympic Games
國安處再拘5人疑涉「光城者」 兩人涉參與炸彈計劃
唐英傑案 辯方專家證人李詠怡繼續作供
大埔劏房火警 警方:起火前已接到報案有人爭執
聶德權:三名官員接受款待不算接受利益 惟敏感度不足
電影檢查修例 邱騰華:劃清楚紅線對業界有幫助
近百名區議員辭職 包括多名區議會主席
區議員本月宣誓 消息:四類行為屬負面清單
本港增一宗輸入確診 韓亞首爾赴港航班明起禁抵港兩周
中聯辦:反中亂港勢力未清 仍有人美化暴力行為
本港首間中醫醫院籌備開院 浸大承辦料2025年落成
警方拘捕一34歲男子 涉嫌網上煽動他人犯意圖傷人罪
七月一日起禁英國客機來港 列英國為極高風險地區
National Security Law CE: Immoral to mourn police attacker
Chief Secretary Electoral Reform Chief Secretary John Lee to head new vetting body for election candidates
Secondary One allocation 92% of students get into top choices
Oath-taking Bill Scores of pro-democracy district councilors resign over possible disqualification
Pavilia Farm III New World Development to demolish and rebuild defective blocks
Anti-government Protests Hong Kong court jails US lawyer for 4.5 months over scuffle with police officer
July 1 Attacks HKU slams students council's mourning of police attacker
National Security Law CP urges a rethink from society over alleged bomb plot
Pro-democracy group HK Alliance lays off staff by the end of July
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports three imported cases
Government proposes rent control bill for subdivided flat tenants
Patriotic Education CE says Hong Kong must boldly push for patriotic education
Hong Kong July 1 Lee: SAR is rebounding from the doldrums after unprecedented challenges
National Security Law 9 arrested, including 6 students, over alleged plot to plant bombs
COVID-19 CE: No timetable yet on reopening mainland border
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports four imported cases, no local infection
Hong Kong July 1 Victoria Park locked down to curb protests on handover anniversary
袁國勇:紅茶館酒店房間消毒時間不足十分鐘 未能完全殺死病毒
本港新增11宗確診 紅茶館清潔女工列源頭不明個案
網上發起拜祭襲警案疑犯 警方不准市民在崇光外停留
首宗國安法案件 偵緝警員接受辯方盤問
天文台發黑色暴雨警告信號 港島摩星嶺徑出現山泥傾瀉
港鐵屯馬綫全綫通車後首個工作日 早上上班時間運作大致暢順
李家超對獲委任感光榮 會確保政府效率維持高水平
國務院任命李家超為政務司司長 鄧炳強任保安局局長
蘋果日報午夜後停止運作 明日出版最後一期
27歲男子帶Delta變種病毒 基因組與3印尼個案脗合
首宗國安法案件開審 控方指光時口號有港獨意思
本港增兩宗輸入確診個案 據了解大埔有污水帶病毒
壹傳媒要求保安局解凍資產 若被拒將停運蘋果日報及動新聞
香港航空裁員700人 將按勞工法例補償
機場地勤初確帶變種病毒 大埔運頭塘邨運亨樓圍封強檢
政府周四起放寬社交距離措施 大部分處所可增人數上限
酒樓料放寬入座率改善生意 酒吧望放寬接種疫苗要求
National Security Law CE accuses US of 'beautifying' offences over Apple Daily remarks
區議員下月宣誓 按負面清單判斷宣誓是否有效
COVID-19 CE: No exact science behind eased COVID-19 measures
Apple Daily Long queues across the city to grab a copy of the last edition
COVID-19 Vaccines Cathay Pacific makes vaccinations a must for HK crew
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees 7 new cases with one untraceable domestic infection
Hong Kong see sharp drop in human rights performances amid COVID-19 pandemic
National Security Law Cheung: Gov't needs further legislative reform under sweeping legislation
July 1 Attack Security chief criticises 'beautification' of violence and terrorism
$5000 Electronic Vouchers Electronic payment operators launch reward schemes
National Security Law Two Apple Daily directors denied bail over collusion
COVID-19 Hui urges efforts to achieve zero infections to resume travel with mainland
National Security Law High Court grants bail to activist Owen Chow over national security cases
COVID-19 Vaccines Expert: Only 30% of cases with adverse events linked to vaccination
Real-Name Registration of SIM Cards Lawmakers' first meeting to discuss real-name registration of mobile SIM cards
Hong Kong unveils new Clean Air Plan to meet WHO standards
COVID-19 HK reports one imported case, no local infection
Tuen Ma Line CE rides new railway line ahead of it's full commissioning
Government Reshuffle New Chief Secretary believes he can 'do well' in new role
疫苗保障基金接74宗申請 3宗獲批共發放45萬元
Hong Kong Economy Chung: $5000 e-vouchers contribute little to speedy recovery
電子消費券下月4日起接受登記 最快8月1日取得2000元
周二車務控制中心一度未顯示車務資訊 港鐵:不涉列車營運安全
大澳舉行傳統龍舟遊涌 疫情令旅客大減
721元朗白衣人暴動案 五人暴動罪成下月判刑
醫管局門診將提供接種疫苗諮詢 社協冀公私營合作
12至15歲首日接種復必泰 有家長帶子女到中心打針
本港新增一宗輸入個案 初步確診少於五宗
本港單日零確診 染變種病毒17歲女生仍未找到源頭
去年六四集會案20名被告提堂 何秀蘭楊森有意認罪
政府修訂電影檢查條例指引 檢查員須防範危害國家安全
田啟文:電檢條例指引含糊不清 憂影響電影界發展
半島酒店內部通知 若月底前疫苗接種率未達七成或裁員
港航下月起停飛A320機隊 機師放假半年獲一個月薪
政府建議會計師發牌由財匯局負責 許正宇:非「加辣」
本港新增四宗確診 全為輸入個案
律政司倡律政人員可獲任資深大狀 離職不可保留銜頭
首宗國安法案件 控方提出加控危險駕駛作交替控罪
本港新增七宗確診 包括感染變種病毒女學生胞姐
本台工程人員李小龍索償案 律政司願庭外和解兼付訟費
盧文端︰國安法下不允許保存支聯會 蔡耀昌:支聯會會堅持到底
香港故宮文化博物館料年底完工 將公開約880件展品
的士司機涉撞解放軍軍營遭控兩罪 還柙候精神科報告
沙田校巴與私家車相撞 24人受傷包括22名學童
17歲女學生初步確診帶變種病毒 感染源頭不明
警方引《公安條例》封鎖維園 園外截查黑衣市民
前年九龍遊行非法集結等罪成 5人分別判囚6至8個月
據報何熙怡女男爵將離任終院非常任法官 律政司:法官職務不受干涉
COVID-19 Vaccines CE U-turns on vaccine mandate for domestic workers renewing contracts
Annual June 4 Candlelight Vigil Joshua Wong among four activists pleaded guilty over banned June 4 vigil
National Security Law Local student group members arrested for alleged acts of secession
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 2 new cases, both are imported
COVID-19 Residents of Caribbean Boast return home from quarantine center
HKDSE 2021 No controversial question on Sino-Japanese relations this year
COVID-19 Gov't pulls plug on mandatory vaccination for migrant workers
COVID-19 Wong: Most restaurant still operate at four per table, until 10 pm
A Final Goodbye Wu Chi-Wai attends father's funeral amid tight security
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees no local infection for fourth straight day
COVID-19 CE apologises for 'substandard' service in quarantine
COVID-19 HK reports three new COVID-19 cases, no untraceable
Anti-extradition Protests Court selects new jury, resumes death inquest of Marco Leung
Police warn of futther legal action against Civil Rights Human Front
Ombudsman: EMSD should step up suprise inspections of lifts and escalators
Lands Resumption Ordinance Gov't to take back three land parcels in Fanling, Yuen Long
Smuggling Attempt Authorities find $50 million worth of goods in largest marine seizure
COVID-19 Migrant workers subject to second round of mandatory testing
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports its first untraceable local cases in a week
2021 Pay Trend Survey Report Pay Trend Survey shows negative salary indicators for civil servants
Hong Kong Overseas Doctors Government announces bill to attract overseas doctors
HK-Taiwan Relations Hong Kong closes office in Taiwan
Hong Kong Government Carrie Lam defends her policies over CY Leung criticisms
COVID-19 Hong Kong logs zero untraceable local infections for the third consecutive day
COVID-19 HK reports no untraceable local COVID-19 cases, only one imported
New Catholic Bishop Chow treads carefully in first post-appointment media briefing
National Security Law Lam: Gov't adopted stringent standard to freeze Lai's assets
Professional Misconduct Court hears legal bid from CY Leung to disclose teachers' information
National Security Law Tong Ying-Kit loses bid for a jury trial
Hong Kong Overseas Doctors Yeoh: Gov't has mechanism to vet medical practitioners
COVID-19 Justice Centre: Pandemic exacerbates problems faced by refugees
COVID-19 Health officials believe new local cases may be imported from Indonesia
June 4 Candlelight Vigil Police ban annual June 4 candlelight vigil and March
Hong Kong Electoral Reform Pro-establishment camp reassures room for opposition after bill passage
June 4 Candlelight Vigil Organisers lose appeal to hold annual candlelight vigil
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports no COVID-19 cases, first in seven months
National Security Law Reuters: Bankers may face jail for handling Jimmy Lai's money
Hong Kong Electoral Reform Leung: Fate of Civil Party in the hands of supporters
COVID-19 HK reports one imported case from Indonesia
COVID-19 Vaccines CE: Venue bans on unvaccinated HongKongers not a punishment
COVID-19 HK reports seven new COVID-19 cases, one untraceable
Prepaid SIM card users to be included in mandatory registration plan
1989 Tiananmen Square Crackdown Tong: Gatherings in commemoration of June 4 could constitute breach of law
Customs inspector jailed for three weeks over unauthorised loan from subordinate
National Security Law CE refuses to definitely answer on legality of Hong Kong Alliance slogan
COVID-19 Vaccines CUHK Survey: Only a quarter of the unvaccinated want jabs
COVID-19 Vaccines Deparment of Health approves jabs for children aged 12 and above
Barge fire in Victoria Harbor put out after nearly 15 hours
COVID-19 Experts urge Japan to require vaccination for all Olympic Games participants
COVID-19 HK reports one imported case from Indonesia
COVID-19 Vaccines Gov't to expand mass inoculation drive to non-residents
Civil Servants Survey:80% civil servants refuse to take pay cut
Anti-extradition Protests Death of 'raincoat man' ruled a misadventure
COVID-19 HK reports two new COVID-19 cases, all untraceable
COVID-19 CE: U-turn on quarantine-free suspension for Guangdong not due to external pressure
Hong Kong Electoral Reform LegCo passes electoral reforms by a 40-2 vote, with no abstentions
June 4 Candlelight Vigil Police yet to reveal decision on events marking 1989 crackdown
COVID-19 Vaccines Online bookings for 12 to 15 years olds to open on Friday
COVID-19 HK reports two imported COVID-19 cases, no local infections
2020 New Year's Day Protest Student sent to detention centre after DOJ wins sentencing review
National Security Law HKJA fears latest police move will lead to further self-censorship
Customs seize $120 million worth of goods in largest speedboat smuggling bust
Unemployment Rate Jobless rate drops to 6% as local epidemic eases
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports zero COVID-19 cases
Ta Kung Pao reporter let off the hook over improper registry access
Consumer Council Survey finds consumers more reluctant to recycle
Hong Kong Housing Gov't launches Cash Allowance Trial Scheme
COVID-19 HK reports three imported COVID-19 cases
COVID-19 Hong Kong Airlines set to cut more staff in restructuring plan
Civil Service Pay Adjustment Gov't proposes civil servant pay freeze for another year
Anti-government Protests Bus driver gets 100 hours of community service for careless driving
COVID-19 CE: Inappropriate time to relax social distancing measures
COVID-19 HK reports three new imported cases, another one unclassified
COVID-19 Expert: Late detection in COVID-19 case due to low viral load
Fintech 2025 HKMA unveils new fintech strategy for the city
1989 Tiananmen Square Crackdown China berates foreign embassies in Hong Kong for displaying candles
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees first untraceable local case of UK variant
COVID-19 Leung: Unfortunate that transmission link was discovered after so long
Hong Kong Customs busts suspected smuggling case
Hong Kong Politics CE says election is not the only way to participate in politics
COVID-19 HK sees three new COVID-19 cases, one with N501Y mutation
COVID-19 Immigration Headquarters in Wan Chai suspended services
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees eight new cases, no unlinked local infections
Tuen Mun Fu Hong Home for the Elderly Elderly man dies in suspected murder case in an elderly home
COVID-19 Expert believes horizontal transmission occurred in Sai Ying Pun quarantine
Civil Human Rights Front faces police probe
Travel Bubble Yau: Mandatory vaccination aims to ensure safety of HongKongers
Return2HK scheme Extended Return2HK opened for application for residents in mainland
Police Commercial Crime Bureau Seven arrested over cross-border gold trading scam
CE says no need to intervene in Bar Association for now
Paul Harris denies 'anti-China politician' label
Anti-government Protests Martin Lee, Margaret Ng face probe over illegal assembly convictions
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees 15 new infections, all imported from overseas
Ding Right Court of Final Appeal to hear legal challenge against lower court ruling
Court jails man for life over girlfriend murder
新增四宗新冠病毒確診 全屬外地輸入
COVID-19 Genomes of latest variant case in HK identical to first such infection in community
COVID-19 Restrictions NowTV: Tour agent suspected of organizing local tours with over 30 people
本港增一輸入個案 灣仔男警樣本疑受污染從確診中刪除
法援署署長:曾拒「爆眼女」申請 惟對方上訴得直
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 14 new infections with a majority of imported cases
COVID-19 Vaccines Gov't urged to shorten quarantine period for those fully vaccinated
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 0 local cases, 8 imported infections
Former Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma Retired CJ raises concerns about 'strange' national security provision
RTHK producer Bao Choy found guilty of violating Road Traffic Ordinance
Travel Bubble Singapore says launch date yet to be fixed with HK
Six in Hong Kong arrested for laundering $2.5 billion
Hong Kong Unemployment Jobless rate drops to 6.8%, beating analysts' forecasts
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees eight new COVID-19 cases
National Security Education Day RTHK reporter arrested for possession of toy guns
政府推疫苗獎賞 公務員及政府僱員可獲假期每劑一天
The District Court Trial begins for four charged with rioting over CUHK clashes
Anti-extradition Protests Telegram channel admin sentenced to 3 years in jail
田飛龍:應要求支聯會刪除顛覆綱領 蔡耀昌:應提供更多法律依據
立法會二讀修改選舉制度條例草案 多名議員表示支持
前年十一組織未批准集結十名被告求情 周五判刑
過去一周10宗死亡個案 曾經接種新冠疫苗
本港新增一宗確診 46歲外傭曾隨前僱主往巴基斯坦
在台香港經貿文辦暫停運作 港府:台方多次粗暴干預香港事務
科大鼓勵師生新學期前接種疫苗 擬安排外展隊到校打針
劉宇隆:若學校接種率達七成 陸運會或毋須戴口罩
新增一宗輸入個案 本地連續五日零感染
香港迪士尼2020財年收入跌逾七成 淨虧損約27億
長洲太平清醮部分活動取消 人流明顯減少
港星旅遊氣泡啟航延後 下月13日前再公布
接種復必泰疫苗外傭昏迷不治 個案轉交死因裁判官跟進
COVID-19 HK reports seven new COVID-19 cases, only one local infection
Hong Kong Electoral Reform DP: New changes are a step backward from the goal of universal suffrage
CE backs controversial move by RTHK chief to axe shows
COVID-19 Vaccines CE: Gov't hopes to resume BioTech vaccination as soon as possible
COVID-19 Vaccines Gov't to resume BioTech vaccination on April 5
Anti-government Protests Seven pro-democracy figures convicted of organizing an illegal assembly
National Security Law Tong Ying-kit's trial to begin as scheduled without a jury
Hong Kong Electoral Reform Top gov't officials conduct more seminars on electoral overhaul
Hong Kong Electoral Reform Police: Assessing notional security risk is ongoing
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees 13 new infections with most of them imported
Hong Kong Electoral System CE: Electoral overhaul bill to be tabled next week
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 7 new cases, including a 12-day-old baby
COVID-19 Vaccines HK expands vaccination plan to cover those aged between 16 and 29
COVID-19 HK reports 10 new COVID-19 cases, one untraceable
COVID-19 Vaccines CE does not understand why inoculation scheme is not appealing
National Security Education Day Police perform Chinese-style foot drills in public for first time
National Security Education Day Luo cautions attempts to test national security bottom line
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 6 new cases, 2 are local infections
COVID-19 Vaccines Tsang: One jab too weak to guard against coronavirus
COVID-19 HK reports 10 new COVID-19 cases, three untraceable
COVID-19 HK reports 8 new cases, 7 are local infections
Hong Kong Electoral Reform Gov't No plans to hold by-elections for District Council seat
Hong Kong Electoral Reform CE: Legco to be given the most time to vet election bill
COVID-19 HK reports 12 new cases, authorities probe possible restaurant outbreak
Hong Kong Electoral Reform Tong: Reform must not give impression that views of HKers are not treasured
The District Court Trial continues for six men over 21 July Yuen Long mob attack
Anti-government Protests Au Nok-hin given jail term over megaphone attacks
COVID-19 Vaccines Nip: Gov't finds no packing defects in Sinovac jabs
COVID-19 HK sees nine new COVID-19 cases, no untraceable cases
National Security Law Andrew Wan denied bail in High Court
Save 12 Hong Kong Youths Concern Group Family & concern group claim Andy Li is missing
District councilor Timothy Lee unseated in petition
Court of Appeal CA rules in favor of allowing 'joint enterprise' prosecutions in riot cases
Rules of Procedure LegCo passes amendments to rules book with overwhelming majority
BNO Passport Reuters: HK tells foreign gov't to snub British ID
Anti-government Protests Barista on remand ahead of sentencing or rioting and arson
National Security Law Pro-democracy duo continues to reserve rights for regular bail review
The High Court Online radio host denied bail on sedition charges
前年大埔刀傷派反修例傳單青年 內地男囚6年4個月
政府:疫情存在不確定性 全年經濟增長預測不變
旅遊氣泡或再未能如期啟動 星港下周初再檢視情況再決定
鄧炳強:正調查蔡展鵬涉不當行為 至今無收到辭職申請
民協決定全體區議員宣誓 包括涉初選案何啟明、施德來
染變種病毒印裔男及菲籍女友人涉瞞報行蹤 女被告留院缺席提堂
唐英傑就不設陪審團提司法覆核 律政司擬加控危險駕駛
新增四宗輸入個案 本地連續三天零確診
本港增3宗新冠病毒確診 華大基因職員感染源頭不明
政府宣布倘大廈現變種病毒 同座住戶可不用隔離檢疫
院舍即日起放寬探訪 負責人:反應未如預期般熱烈
四人前年國慶日參與暴動 囚4年3個月至4年8個月
懲教署拒批胡志偉奔喪申請 首安排視像方式參與
社區檢測中心預約名額爆滿 門外大排長龍
逾百萬人已接種疫苗 陳肇始︰建社區保護屏障仍有距離
本港首季經濟增長7.8% 連續6季收縮後首次正增長
新增兩宗輸入個案 連續三日本地零確診
豪峰及康怡花園N2座確診外傭染變種病毒 居民要隔離
荃威花園R座居民撤離赴隔離營檢疫 有年長居民不適
香港民族陣綫成員盧溢燊認管有炸藥 判囚12年
華大30宗初步陽性個案 27人初步呈陰性
法改會擬立「沒有保護罪」 照顧者不通報虐兒將違法
818未經批准集結案 黎智英、李柱銘及何俊仁提上訴
本港新增一宗輸入個案 無本地感染個案
中介料逾千多名外傭未能來港 僱主願高薪聘本地外傭
本港確診12宗新冠病毒 1宗本地感染
818流水式集會 黎智英組織及參與未經批准集結判囚一年
前年831集會案 黎智英等7人下午判刑
黎智英被加控兩罪 涉助李宇軒潛逃及串謀勾結外國勢力
譽宴:全部員工已接種疫苗或交證明 將放寬至六人一枱
秀茂坪寶達邨單位失火四死 包括一名女童
最少兩團體成立不足三年仍可參選選委會 政府稱屬法例指明團體
政府放寬院舍探訪 訪客接種兩劑疫苗後可進入院舍
Public Transport Fare Hikes Four Bus companies to charge passengers more from next month
本港增13宗新冠病毒確診 2宗屬有關連本地個案
政府五月中推「來港易」 內地來港人士免檢疫14天
COVID-19 HK records 18 new COVID-19 cases, two untraceable
Hong Kong Unemployment Jobless rate hits 7.2%, a 17-year high
Hong Kong Electoral Reform Beijing officials conduct 2nd day of consultation on elections overhaul
COVID-19 Vaccines Injection bookings surge after enlargement of priority coverage
COVID-19 CE: No policy to deliberately separate children from infected-parents
National People's Congress China adopts decision to improve Hong Kong electoral system
Hong Kong Electoral Reform CE: Changes needed to plug loopholes in the electoral system
District councilor accuses secretariat of altering meeting records
National Security Law High Court grants bail to Helena Wong but remands Ng Kin-wai in custody
The President of the Legislative Council Andrew Leung LegCo President expresses respect and support to NPC's decision
Financial Secetary Paul Chan FS says HK deserves to be in Economic Freedom Index
COVID-19 HK sees 22 new COVID-19 cases, three untraceable
COVID-19 Vanccines Hong Kong to expect new guidelines amid concerns over side effects
Hong Kong Unemployment Most employers expect to downsize or freeze recruitment next quarter
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 21 new cases, 3 are untraceable
the RTHK Review report RTHK has a unique role as gov't department and media organisation
Powers and Privileges Top court to hear appeal on LegCo file-snatching case
The District Court Teenage student cleared of rioting in Aug 31 protest
全港外傭五月九日前須強制檢測 完成接種疫苗者可豁免
the RTHK Review report RTHK has a unique role as gov't department and media organisation
港大批學生會為大學帶來違法風險 須釐清雙方法律責任
本港新增4宗確診 1宗源頭不明2宗輸入個案
新增七宗確診包括六宗輸入及一宗本地感染 無源頭不明
六四參與未經批准集結案 黃之鋒岑敖暉等認罪
立法會通過修訂入境條例 政府可禁個別人士登機來港
星港旅遊氣泡最快下月26日重啟 港人需完成接種兩劑新冠疫苗
疫苗氣泡細節料明公布 食肆員工不宜接種毋須醫生證明
63歲男子死亡 十日前曾接種第二劑科興疫苗
本港新增4宗確診 全部是輸入個案
政府將以疫苗氣泡為基礎調整社交距離措施 冀月底實行
本港增9宗確診 一本地個案源頭不明曾往將軍澳舒適堡
本港再多2人染新冠病毒後死亡 累計207人
本港新增14宗確診 兩宗本地感染一宗源頭不明
海關檢阿布泰八千多件無中英文警告字句貨物 拘33歲董事
政府與新加坡商討重啟旅遊氣泡 或須接種疫苗方可參加
陳肇始:阿斯利康疫苗毋須今年內供港 正研究購新一代疫苗
黎智英李卓人楊森前年831非法集結 下周五判刑
警方破網上投資騙案拘九人 涉款逾3500萬元
新增八宗確診 兩宗本地感染源頭不明
曾國衞:組織或煽動投白票等同操縱選舉 會研究規管
復必泰疫苗恢復接種 有接種中心未開放已現人龍
港增16宗確診一源頭不明 患者曾到觀塘母嬰健康院
12港人案 其中5人完成檢疫到法院就案件提堂
許樹昌:社區仍有不明源頭個案 外出要縮短除口罩時間
本港新增19宗確診 7宗本地感染無源頭佔1宗
港鐵按可加可減機制需減價1.7% 07年實施後首次
政府:本港疫情正處「清零」關鍵時刻 復活節長假鬆懈或反彈
本港增8宗確診 一本地個案屬源頭不明患者為浸大學生
港府與新加坡開展討論重啟旅遊氣泡 研究滯英港人4月下旬乘指定航班回港
中華總商會不認為削弱商界影響力 有會計界選委稱要評估參選作用
劏房租務研究小組報告 倡定標準租約兩年內不准加租
本港新增6宗確診 1宗本地不明源頭感染
本港新增11宗確診 1宗源頭不明患者為日籍空服員
教育局:學校復活節假期後可安排三分二學生回校上課 維持半日制
首宗國安法案件 男子涉煽動分裂國家下周二提訊
復必泰疫苗包裝有瑕疵暫停接種 政府籲已預約人士毋須前往接種中心
政府指44次發現復必泰藥瓶有異 要求藥廠跟進
55歲傢俬送貨員染病 十多名顧客須檢疫
12港人案 其中8人今日由內地移交香港警方
本港新增13宗確診 4宗源頭不明
本港新增18宗確診 七宗本地感染兩宗源頭不明
721元朗襲擊 六名被告暴動等罪表證成立
COVID-19 Hong Kong 18 new COVID-19 cases, six untraceable
Hong Kong Electoral System LegCo Bill Committee on electoral overhaul bill holds 1st meeting
$5000 Electronic Vouchers Tap & Go to waive fee as incentive for business participation in scheme
Couple sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering 5-year-old daughter
Hong Kong Electoral Reform 10 smaller geographical constituencies for upcoming LegCo elections
Yau Ma Tei Highway Robbery Four men arrested over $16m robbery in Yau Ma Tei
The High Court Parents found guilty of murdering a 5-year-old girl
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 13 new cases, 3 are local infections
Unemployment Assistance System Welfare chief says unemployment insurance contradictory to gov't's work
COVID-19 Vaccines CE: Incentives are opportunities for HK to return to normality
Anti-government Protests Prominent activists jailed for 4 and 5 months for illegal assembly
張曉明總結座談 很多意見促取消或減選委會區議員名額
新增11宗新冠病毒確診 8宗屬本地感染
狄志遠出席座談會 促立會有30直選議席
考評局更新試場防疫指引 試場分區域考生禁越界
港增30宗確診 健身中心群組再增13宗確診
港增60宗確診 Ursus Fitness多47人染疫
張曉明:完善選舉制度非民主問題 涉及奪權較量沒退讓
National Security Law All 47 pro-democracy suspects remanded in custody
Consumer Council Watchdog slams supermarkets for price hikes
69歲男人接種科興疫苗後 初步診斷患「貝爾面癱」
Occupy Central Benny Tai sent back to jail to await court ruling in appeal case
Index of Economic Freedom Hong Kong ousted from list it used to dominate
National Security Law High Court puts bail decision for 11 oppostition figures on hold
Two Sessions Tang: Still room for opposition voices after electoral reform
COVID-19 HK sees nine new COVID-19 cases, one untraceable
Hong Kong Electoral Reform G7 nations express grave concerns on sweeping changes by Beijing
National Security Law High Court grants bail to more activists facing subversion charges
COVID-19 Vaccines Bookings for BioTech jabs resume in Hong Kong
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports two new cases, only one local infection
COVID-19 Leung: This weekend critical in preventing the spread of coronavirus
西營盤健身室URSUS FITNESS增至十人染疫
人大審議選舉制度草案 譚耀宗︰不涉具體方案
全國人大:須完善本港選舉制度 重新構建選委會
National Security Law UK and US condemn worsening suppression of HK opposition
National Security Law National security hearing resume after marathon session
COVID-19 Vaccines Gov't: Online queue expected for BioNTech jabs
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees 13 new COVID-19 cases, 4 untraceble
Occupy Central High Court hears the appeal against convictions of nine opposition leaders
Two Sessions Period NPC deputies & CPPCC members depart for annual plenary sessions
Sickness reported by four vaccinees unrelated to jabs: expert
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination DSE Candidates to get exam results through SMS message
COVID-19 HK sees 15 new infections, 4 are untraceable
COVID-19 Vaccines Hong Kong delegates get second doses of Sinopharm jab in Shenzhen
Pledging Allegiance Four pan-dem district councillors to face disqualification
Pledging Allegiance Failure to properly take oaths risks five-year election ban
Hong Kong Bar Association Harris says political affiliation can't affect his independence as new chair
COVID-19 Vaccines Injection slots open for booking starting Tuesday
COVID-19 Gathering limit rises to four starting tomorrow
The 2021-22 Budget Gov't dismisses claims that it is funding the National Security Office
2021-22 Land Sale Programme Gov't to sell 15 residential plots including a RTHK building
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 33 new cases, 10 are untraceable
COVID-19 Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant records 11 infections so far
COVID-19 HK sees 13 new COVID-19 cases, three untraceable
林鄭:循序漸進達至普選要視乎實際情況 不應視為倒退
LegCo Elections Tsang: Gov't to go ahead with elections unless Beijing has other plans
黃頌仁醫生醫務所男病人染疫 名潮食館群組增至50人
男子接種科興疫苗後死亡 許樹昌︰很可能血管病導致
47名民主派初選案 已聽取所有被告保釋申請陳詞
即日起網上預約接種復必泰疫苗 多間中心首四日額滿
中大學生會內閣「朔夜」辭職 指受到校方前所未有壓力
K11 Musea延長閉館至周五 袁國勇到場視察
名潮食館群組增至48人現二代傳播 涉及大角咀黃頌仁醫生醫務所
COVID-10 Ocean Park reopens again after a two-month closure
COVID-19 HK reports eight new COVID-19 cases, three untraceble
National Security Law High Court rejects Jimmy Lai's bail application
COVID-19 Vaccines Expert: EU drug regulator has made fair assessment about AstraZeneca jab
Police shoot driver in right shoulder to end car chase
Lead Water Scandal Two subcontractors walk free from court for perjury and fraud
Burglary Syndicate Police arrest five people allegedly involved in burglaries
COVID-19 More residents evacuated from Tuen Mun block
COVID-19 Lam: Zero infections not needed to ease social distancing measures
Subject Revamp Yueng: Teachers can decide what to teach through professional judgement
Two dead, two injured in a family tragedy in Hung Hom
721元朗襲擊案 官斥警方拖延一年多始揭受害人醫療報告出錯
本港新增16宗確診 4宗屬源頭不明
Subject Revamp Universities to revise minimum admission requirements to '332A'
新增24宗確診 名潮食館群組共30人確診或初步確診
財委會通過十億元撥款 設立疫苗保障基金
電子消費券連續五個月發放 每張面值一千元
張華峰:加稅是「殺雞取卵」 港交所失望
政府擬收緊檢疫安排 源頭不明患者發病前七天的密切接觸者須送檢
預算案撥款重振旅遊業 與合適地區商討旅遊氣泡
政府公布新一份預算案 疫情重創經濟派糖措施大幅減甜
本港新增13宗確診 當中8宗源頭不明
廣播處長梁家榮提前解約 李百全下月接任
檢討報告指港台編輯管理存在缺失 問責意識薄弱
梁家傑:日後選舉近乎委任制 難以預料民主派參選空間
前年國慶日單位搜出白電油 6人被控暴動不成立
科興料百萬劑新冠疫苗周五可抵港 消息指復必泰疫苗下周抵港
Subject Revamp EDB announces measures to optimise for secondary core subjects
葵涌消防局再有消防員確診 消防局納強檢名單
Hong Kong Electoral Reform Election Committee to dominate LegCo with 40 seats
Hong Kong Electoral Reform CE and senior officials to form vetting committee
COVID-19 Gov't to relax some social distancing measures on Thursday
COVID-19 Bars workers slam the government for reopen ban
Hong Kong Electoral Reform New sectors to include associations of HongKongers in the mainland
August 18 Rally Two ex-lawmakers plead guilty to protest-related charges
THE Advistory Panel on COVID-19 Vaccines Sinovac's vaccines are recommended for emergency use
Customs arrest one man over $20m cross-border smuggling attempt
Year of the Ox Hang Seng Index off to bullish start
Chan Tong-kai Koon: Taiwan yet to issue visa for murder suspect
COVID-19 Vaccines CE: Gov't aims to lower age threshold to 16 for COVID-19 jabs
COVID-19 Vaccines HK authorities mulling incentives to boost inoculation rate
COVID-19 Vaccines Initial report shows no safety risk in BioNTech vaccines with defective packing
COVID-19 Sources: Gov't mulls further in-person class resumption after Easter
M+ Museum CE: Henry Tang to properly handle disputes over artwork
COVID-19 Vaccines Nip: HK COVID-19 vaccination progress 'not going fast enough"
COVID-19 HK reports zero local COVID-19 cases after four months
農曆年假期人潮「逼爆」長洲 居民不滿生活被打擾
政府強檢逾110幢污水呈陽性大廈 發現逾50宗確診
何文田懷疑虐狗案 一男被捕
政府擬修例賦權入境處長禁港人離境 大律師公會深切關注
年初一大批善信到黃大仙祠參拜 過百人在門外排隊
COVID-19 Seven more priority groups eligible to book jab starting today
本港增9宗確診 自11月中首度錄個位數
林村許願樹被圍封 市民嘆氣氛不及往年熱鬧
二人限聚令下過新年 七人家庭酒樓分四枱
COVID-10 HK sees 47 new COVID-19 cases, 35 linked to gym cluster
COVID-19 Four schools in Tin Shui Wai served with testing mandate
本港新增24宗確診 18宗屬本地個案一半源頭不明
British National (Overseas) Passport UK informed that HK no longer recognises dual nationality
COVID-19 Vaccines Experts: Sinovac jab safe for seniors with stable health conditions
COVID-19 Long queues seen at testing stations
Explosive Ordinance Disposal Bureau Police detonate a WWII mortar shell found in Shek O
COVID-19 Vaccines First batch of Fosun-BioNrTech land in Hong Kong
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees eight new cases, half are local infections
COVID-19 Vaccines A 55 year old woman dies of stroke days after vaccination
Nip: Private clinics could assess whether a person is suitable for vaccination
COVID-19 Gov't imposes lockdown in To Kwa Wan
Yau Ma Tei Fire Tenement building blaze kills one man, injures several others
National Security Law Jimmy Lai to remain in custody after top court upholds DOJ appeal
COVID-19 HK reports 26 new cases, 5 are untraceable
COVID-19 CE: No more lockdown orders during CNY holidays
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. HKEX taps JPM's Aguzin to be CEO, awaits SFC approval
National Security Law No jury for first prosecution over 'personal safety of jurors'
連日封區找到20宗確診 專家稱行動應更迅速及時
COVID-19 Vaccines Around 200 people first to receive Sinovac jabs
Two men arrested over suspected bomb-making substances
太和邨愛和樓14樓疑現橫向傳播 同層居民要撤離
Hong Kong Unemployment Jobless rate hits 7%, as COVID-19 fourth wave takes toll
Restaurants required to ask customers to use contact tracing app
COVID-19 Vaccines HK to launch citywide vaccination drive next week
Gov't says 800 hotel rooms to become transitional housing
The 2021-22 Budgt FS rejects critisms over lastest finacial bluepoint
網台主持傑斯被控具煽動意圖 因病留醫案件周四再提堂
粉嶺發現懷疑爆炸品 警拘至少一名疑犯
年初七放寛晚市堂食至十時 健身美容戲院等處所重開
COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Community vaccination centres will be set up in 18 districts
COVID-19 CS: More contact tracing app downloads is a good indicator
COVID-19 HK reports 12 new COVID-19 cases, two untraceable
Senior constitutional and mainland affairs official quits
Lunar New Year's Eve Markets remain busy as shoppers prepare for family dinners
Chung: HK still needs to criminalise acts of dooxing
Year of the Ox Lunar New Year feast of dried seafood shop under the pandemic
Poor hygiene in street sleepers' hangouts amid pandemic
COVID-19 HK reports 21 new COVID-19 cases, 7 untraceable
袁國勇:惠利大廈疑垂直傳播 建議撤離04室住戶
筲箕灣官中兩學生確診 百多名師生隔離檢疫
Lunar New Year Fortune stick sounds major alarm for HK gov't
駱惠寧對香港未來提出四個判斷 維持一國兩制不變
楊潤雄:不想校園內有政治宣傳 初小學習國安法不會早
海關檢獲近二百盒冒充澳洲進口車厘子 拘一女子
本港新增37宗確診 9宗屬源頭不明
即日起大廈有一宗源頭不明個案須全幢強檢 年廿九前將有更多「封區」
本港增34宗確診 8宗源頭不明
National Security Education Elements to be added to all subjects as soon as 2022/2023
黃大仙祠取消年三十頭炷香 改為網上直播
The Education Bureau EDB refutes claims that the resumption arrangement mounts pressures on schools
COVID-19 Lockdowns Gov't imposes lockdown in two districts
LegCo CE Question & Answer session Gov't to bring in laws to require oath-taking by district councillors
CE: Zero confirmed cases in restricted areas equals 'good sign'
COVID-19 HK sees 22 new COVID-19 cases, 10 untraceable
Secretary for Labour and Welfare Law Chi-Kwong Gov't to lower working hour requirement for Working Family Allowance
CE: RTHK's performance in the past two years 'unacceptable'
East Rail Line MTR rolls out new nine-carriage trains
Lunar New Year fairs open starting Saturday
COVID-19 Gov't ramps up testing as HK sees 19 new cases
COVID-19 Lockdowns Gov't seals off another slew of areas for mandatory testing
Police chief voices regret over rejection of crime preventions funding requests
Liberak Studies EDB proposes LS to be renamed, lesson time to be reduced by half
COVID-19 Lockdowns CE: Not a waste of resources despite zero new cases found
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports lowest daily infections in almost a month
COVID-19 Temporary hospital to commence operations in late February
Hong Kong Minimum Wage Figure to be frozen for the first time at $37.50 per hour
Value of total retail sales HK retail sales value drops by 13.2%
Hong Kong Judiciary CE: Meeting Chief Justice will not affect judicial independence
本港增50宗確診 48宗本地感染16宗源頭不明
紅磡永明粥店爆感染群組7人染疫 當局籲食客做檢測
外匯基金去年賺1978億 按年跌24%
佐敦受限區域解封 惟衞生情況依然惡劣
藍田麗港城第五座9名住客確診 袁國勇及衞生署人員到場視察
本港新增73宗新冠病毒確診 38宗源頭不明
COVID-19 HKU: Intentions to get shots plunged
政府擬圍封油麻地佐敦部份地方禁居民出入 具體範圍未定
DOJ appeal lands teenager in rehabilitaion centre
COVID-19 HK sees 28 new cases, 6 are untraceable
Nabela Qoser signs 120-day RTHK contract
Nip: BNO visa issue not to be mixed up with nationality of civil servants
COVID-19 Gov't vaccine advisor says Sinovac yet to submit final-stage data
COVID-19 Gov't ambushes residents with lockdown in Yau Ma Tei
Deputy Director of Social Welfare Lam Ka-tai passes away
COVID-19 Vaccines CE seeks help from Beijing in securing mainland-made jabs
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees 64 new cases
COVID-19 Another 'ambush' lockdown ordered in North Point
COVID-19 CX asks crew to volunteer for compact set of flights roster
COVID-19 Queen Elizabeth Hospital arranges COVID-19 testing for employees
COVID-19 Funeral industry voices worries over potential unexpected lockdown
COVID-19 HK sees 39 new COVID-19 cases, 20 untraceable
陳肇始指機組人員將須在指定酒店檢疫14天 未透露實施時間
本港新增61宗確診 24人居於油尖旺區
本港新增77宗確診全屬本地個案 41人居油尖旺區
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 32 new cases
鄭若驊對David Perry在英受針對攻擊感驚訝
COVID-19 33 new COVID-19 cases, 5 untraceable
Lam Cheuk-ting among seven to face rioting charges
Press Freedom CE: New alert will not undermine media work
Wu tried after failing to adhere to bail conditions
National Security Law Joshua Wong & Tam Tak-chi arrested while in prison
COVID-19 Gov't imposes 48-hour lockdown in Yau Ma Tei and Jordan
Pompeo warns of sanctions over HK mass arrests
Jury returns open verdict over Chow Tsz-lok's death
COVID-19 CE: This is not a a lockdown, but a restriction testing declaration
Coroner's inquest into Chow Tsz-lok's death Coroner begins to sum up to jurors
COVID-19 Residents worry livelihoods affected under lockdown rules in Jordan
COVID-19 HK sees 59 new cases, more mandatory testing ordered
COVID-19 HK sees 81 new COVID-19 cases, 35 intraceable
East Rail Line First Sunday Closure between MK East & Hung Hom tomorrow
COVID-19 CE: Still too early to relax social distancing rules
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 60 new local cases
Stone Factory in Wo Hop Shek 13 people arrested over stone factory murder
$2 Transpot Scheme Beneficiaries to be required to use specialised Octopus cards
Chief Executive Carrie Lam CE: District Councillors & Election Comm. members should take oath
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees 29 new COVID-19 cases
Tuen Mun Magistrates' Courts Two convicted of possessing offensive weapons, one cleared of charge
Frozen Assets Law Society: Release of funds subject to court authorisation
COVID-19 All residents of Kowloon tenements evacuated due to infection fears
COVID-19 Yuen Kwok-yung inspects Yan Shek House
COVID-19 HK sees 56 new infections, 31 from Yau Tsim Mong District
Bao Choy RTHK producer returns to court over violating traffic laws
12 Hongkongers District councillor among 11 arrested over helping the group of 12
COVID-19 COVID-19 testing contiues in Sham Shui Po
COVID-19 HK sees 70 new cases, 16 are with unknown origins
COVID-19 Rapid antigen tests claim to be 90% accurate
COVID-19 Vaccines Residential care home residents to get their jabs first - CHP committees
COVID-19 Social Distancing Measures Exisiting restrictions to be extened
COVID-19 Residents of 'core area' in Yau Tsim Mong ordered to undergo testing
Bright light therapy for treating 'night owl' depression patients
Unemployment Rate HK jobless rate hits 6.6% - a 16- year new high
COVID-19 U-turn on Lunar New Year fairs
New Year's Eve 'Atmosphere is less cheerful': citizens
HK's top court sends Jimmy Lai back to prison
Employment Support Scheme CE says gov't has no plan to extend ESS scheme
Teenage detainees' trial postponed due to quarantine
COVID-19 HK sees 68 new cases, 62 are local infections
COVID-19 35 new cases, lowest since late November
Tai Mo Shan recorded zero to minus one degree Celsius
'Chow Tsz-lok most likely fell by accident': expert witness
Hong Kong Judiciary CJ: Rule of law remains in the SAR
COVID-19 vaccines Hui: Fosun & Oxford jabs could be administered at outpatient clinics
COVID-19 vaccine Nip: HongKongers to start receiving injections in February
本港新增107宗確診 42宗源頭不明
袁國勇料曉峰樓或垂直向下傳播 十二樓以下13室要撤離
油麻地佐敦指定範圍 大廈有確診便須強制檢測
政府推遲海洋公園54億元貸款開始還款日期 今年7月起免息
北區醫院深切治療部醫生初步確診 曾照顧確診病人
本港新增38宗確診14宗源頭不明 兩大廈需強制檢測
政府及鄉議局上訴得直 私人協約及換地興建丁屋合憲
新填地街部分唐樓需強制檢測 居民指大廈衞生惡劣
兩元乘車優惠擴展至60至64歲 最快2022年初實施
青衣救護站三名救護員確診及初步確診 防護中心:有小型爆發
COVID-19 HK sees 50 new cases, 15 with unknown sources
COVID-19 Dissemination of information to ethnic minorities difficult due to illiteracy
Mass arrest of pro-democracy figures US slaps sanctions on 6 officicals over HK's mass arrests
Mass arrest of pro-democracy figures US slaps sanctions on 6 officicals over HK's mass arrests
COVID-19 Isolation order issued for tenement blocks in Yau Ma Tei
WhatsApp delays privacy policy update following backlash
HKDC: Five activists arrived in the US seeking asylum
本港新增45宗確診 22宗屬源頭不明
胡志偉違保釋條件 被撤銷保釋繼續還柙至下月
警拘最少53人 涉參與初選違顛覆國家政權罪
前年機場反修例集會 三人暴動罪成求情
警方:初選為配合策略投票 旨在癱瘓政府運作
瑪嘉烈醫院日間內科病房爆疫 曾經前往人士須強制檢測
李家超:若初選歹毒計劃得逞 香港陷萬劫不復深淵
本港新增25宗確診 再創六個多星期以來新低
社交距離措施延兩周 陳肇始:農曆年前放寬機會不大
主教山食水減壓缸將臨時加固及整理 以便復修保育
本港增53宗確診 累計突破9000宗
12港人涉偷越邊境 十人判囚七個月至三年
再多四名新冠患者離世 本港累計147人染疫死亡
12港人案開審 多國領事館代表未獲進入
去年8月銅鑼灣衝突 6人暴動罪不成立1人罪成候判
本港增57宗確診 25宗源頭不明
聯合醫院2D病房關閉 病格水龍頭驗出新冠病毒
本港新增61宗確診個案 19宗源頭不明
袁國勇多名教授合撰文章 指應先採用科興及BioNTech疫苗
伊院95歲男病人確診同日離世 全港累計136人死亡
行會通過立法緊急使用新冠疫苗 將成立保障基金
12港人案 部分家屬接通知指下周一鹽田法院開審
被控勾結外國勢力 黎智英向高院申保釋候審獲批
湯家驊:國安法無改變保釋原則 僅將舉證責任移至被告
午夜起禁英國航班來港 英國抵港者須額外居家檢疫七日
多三幢住宅大廈多個單位有感染 居民須強制檢測
12港人家屬冀北上聽審見家人 要求港府派員協助
財委會通過64億注資第四輪防疫基金 張建宗:措施僅短暫紓緩
沙田乙明邨疑有環境污染 32樓部分住戶須檢疫
12港人案 深圳檢方起訴其中十人涉偷渡
李偲嫣離世 新冠病毒檢測初步陽性
Bishop Hill Service Reservoir Commissioner for Heritage apologised for 'miscommmunication'
12 detained HongKongers Shenzhen detainess to hear their sentence on Wednesday
Community Care Fund Fresh round of subsidy rolled out for 'N-Nothings' households
Temporary cold shelters will be opened under cold weather
PTU's Tseung Kwan O venue recalled by government
Gov't launches one-stop personalised digital platform
Teenage activist Tong Chung jailed for flag insult
COVID-19 Two more people dead including a 71-year-old patient
COVID-19 Hong Kong sees 53 new cases, 14 are with unknown sources
本港新增42宗確診 36宗屬本地感染
Next Digital Jimmy Lai resigns as Next's Board chairman & executive director
COVID-19 Ming Yau Lau residents hit with impromptu checkpoint
青嶼幹線免費後首個公眾假期 東涌人多擠擁
街頭民調:七成三人不接種新冠疫苗 憂慮疫苗成效
Law Society intervenes firm for alleged fund misappropriation
China's market regulator launches antitrust investigation into Alibaba
COVID-19 Superspreader causes outbreak at United Christan Hospital: Yuen
COVID-19 HK sees 59 new cases, 26 with unknown origins
COVID-19 infected escapee brought to court
Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link Northern Connection CE officiates the commissioning of Tuen Mun-Lantau Tunnel
Elderly care sector hopes gov't can help on testing
12 detained HongKongers Gov't lawyers ask about irrelevant information - families
No politics behind bank account freezing - John Lee
Nasal strip is a more accurate COVID-19 test for children - CUHK researchers
Jimmy Lai denied bail in national security law case
COVID-19 69 new COVID-19 cases, 19 untraceable
COVID-19 Vaccines CE asks citizens not to listen to malicious vaccine rumours
COVID-19 98 new COVID-19 cases, 30 untraceble
Chan Ho-tin acquitted of protest-related charges
Customs busts a HK $800 milion monet laundering case
Home Ownership Scheme Flats 2020 Ballots drawn for sale of HOS flats
COVID-19 Chan vows to improve quarantine process
COVID-19 HK sees 109 new cases, 102 are local transmissions
Hong Kong Police Force PSU officers to be equipped with HD Cameras
COVID-19 Hong Kong reports 63 new cases, 13 are with unknown sources
COVID-19 Patient aged 63 wanted by police for fleeting isolation unit
COVID-19 Vending machines for specimen collection packs placed at 10 more MTR stations
POLYU student found guilty of unlawful assembly
COVID-19 Travellers to quarantine at designated hotels starting today
COVID-19 WSJ: Sinowac delays trial results until next January
COVID-19 71 new COVID-19 cases, 31 untraceable
COVID-19 Gov't tightens measures, bans night-time dine-in
貴東樓6單位9人染疫 全幢住戶須強制檢測
July 1 Protest March Former lawmakers, activists among 8 arrested over illegal assembly
HKMAO strongly condemns US sanctions
US sanction on 14 Chinese officials Gov't strongly condemns 'so called' US sanctions
Laser Pointer Case Keith Fong granted bail after appearing in court
Frozen of Ted Hui & his family's bank accounts Lam says Hui should be blamed for damaging HK's financial system
112 new COVID-19 cases, 34 untraceable
COVID-19 Richland Gardens residents evacuated to quarantine centre
COVID-19 Yuen kwok-yung inspects infected block at Richland Gardens
Department of Justice DOJ strongly appeals to stop attacking judicial system
Ted Hui declared to go into exile Exlcusive: Hui arrives at the London Hearthrow Airport
Medi mogul Jimmy Lai Lai was denied bail after appearing in court
People Power Tam tak-chi Designated national security judge to preside over Tam’s trial
COVID-19 HK reported 100 new cases, 27 are with unknown sources
i-Cable sacks 100 staff members, 40 are from news department
Airport Authority AA prices debut US $1.5 billion perpetual capital securities
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge HK to increase regular private cars quotas using HZMB to Macao
Prevention of Bribery Ordinance Lam says law amendment affects CE’s constitutional status
82 new COVID-19 cases, 23 untraceable
柴灣景翠苑5單位6人染疫 中心到大廈派樣本瓶
科興使用傳統疫苗技術 輝瑞BioNTech則屬新技術
Police Sprots and Recreation Club Police recreation club attacked with petrol bomb
三警北區醫院襲擊老翁 判囚17至32個月
Gov't rolls out 4th round of Anti-epidemic Fund
19歲男學生北角拒捕罪成上訴 遭高院駁回
COVID-19 90 new local cases, 26 untraceable
HK lastest unemployment rate: 6.3%
LRC recommends outcome related fee structures for arbitration in HK
The Ombudsman Procurement and delivert process of CSI masks considered satisfactory
COVID-19 Resident of Ming Yan House, Jat Min Chuen take mandatory test
本港增86宗確診 37宗屬源頭不明
政府與兩疫苗供應商簽採購協議 最快下月到港
警偵破逾四億元基金投資騙案 二百多人受騙多為內地人
八人涉中大遊行被捕 當中兩名是區議員
翠柳頤庭女院友確診新冠肺炎不治 累計113人死亡
10個港鐵站可領檢測樣本收集包 有市民指安排方便
葵盛西邨八座五樓群組爆發 防護中心促居民盡快檢測
許智峯宣布流亡 胡志偉稱尊重許智峯的決定
閉路電視拍到有人墮下 周梓樂父親:向真相邁進一大步
四確診者曾到紅館看張敬軒演唱會 英皇娛樂:已通知相關人員盡快檢測
The Consumer Council 29 out of 30 face masks tested attain ASTM Level 1
方仲賢涉管有攻擊性武器被捕 下周二西九龍法院提堂
621包圍警總 黃之鋒等三人分別囚7至13.5個月
上環星月樓食客要強制檢測 歌舞群組累計520宗確診
消息指違限聚令等罰款增至一萬 專家指應加強執法
政府大幅收緊抗疫措施 周三生效維持兩周
學校暫停面授課堂 應屆文憑試考生憂影響學習進度
林鄭:已覓330公頃土地 滿足十年長策需求
擬推「躍動港島南」計劃 珍寶海鮮舫捐予海洋公園
港深政府研究科技園公司承租深圳科創園 助港企業北上
林鄭:強化教師培訓 嚴肅跟進教師失德免誤人子弟
POLICY ADDRESS 2020 CE to resume monthly Q&A session at Legco
621包圍警總 黃之鋒周庭林朗彥罪成還柙下周三判刑
「回港易」首日 深圳灣口岸及港珠澳大橋續有市民返港
POLICY ADDRESS 2020 'I like our young people very much' – CE
COVID-19 31 untraceable cases – highest number since August
ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTESTS 'Occupy Painter' jailed after throwing eggs at police
Beauty Treatment Blunder Doctor jailed for 3.5 years in beauty death case
Former HKU professor jailed for life over murder of wife
CARRIE CARES CE says she cares and will fight for Hong Kong’s interests
HKU MURDER TRIAL Cheung Kie-chung convicted of killing wife
POLICY ADDRESS 2020 Existing civil servants required to sign allegiance declaration
COVID-19 'HK sees 101 new cases, 92 are local infections
Taxi drivers ordered to undergo mandatory COVID-19 test
增73宗確診 跳舞群組多50宗累計132人染疫
Theatre Arts Sector 'Gov't urged to subsidise the sector amid COVID-19 pandemic
本地確診基層市民可獲五千元恩恤津貼 有薪病假者不會受惠
本港增92宗確診 養和兩護士初步確診曾接觸染疫離世病人
跳舞群組增至17人 防護中心:確診個案涵蓋各職業地區
建制派促推全民強制檢測  消息︰林鄭指有難度需配合「封城」
袁國勇:疫情進入第四波 應為有病徵人士強制檢測
周梓樂死因研訊 警稱不清楚周梓樂傷勢
朱凱廸﹑陳志全及許智峯被捕 涉立法會投擲臭水事件
酒店檢疫人士禁接受探訪 有酒店要求訪客簽聲明確保知悉相關刑事責任
本港增9宗確診 的士司機感染源頭不明
周梓樂父親:冀為兒子盡努力 令事情更接近真相
本港第三季經濟收縮3.5% 料全年經濟收縮6.1%
被釘牌教師:對歷史認知薄弱向學生家長致歉 但懲罰過重會堅持上訴
新增六宗確診 浸大女生曾到協恩中學實習學校需停課 
律師會發聲明 要求政府交代取消議員資格的法律依據 
民主派宣布總辭 胡志偉:一國兩制正式宣布死亡
張祺忠殺妻案續審 庭上透露二人財政及感情狀況
本港增18宗確診 3宗本地感染源頭不明
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov't ups voluntary and mandatory testing efforts
COVID-19 PANDEMIC 78 local cases confirmed as dance cluster passes 310 infections
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Liberal Party to give one-off subsidy to 500 infected workers
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Entertainment venues to close as HK sees 80 new cases
POLICY ADDRESS 2020 Gov't to revamp Liberal Studies with new name
ANTI-MASK LAW ERO powers like ‘unrestricted nuclear power’ – activists’ lawyer
POLICY ADDRESS 2020 CE to introduce some 200 new policies tomorrow
DISQUALIFYING DEMOCRATS Acting CE: won’t comment on speculations over Beijing’s move
HK JUDICIARY UK considers removing British judges from Hong Kong court
HKU MUDER TRIAL Mixed arguments on professor as verdict nears
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Current measures stay for another week
ELECTRICITY FEES CLP Power and HK Electric to freeze rates next year
US SANCTIONS MOFA, HK gov’t slam interference from Washington
HKU MURDER TRIAL Unusual intimacy ahead of alleged killing – victim’s sister
PRESS FREEDOM RTHK reporter urges gov't not to restrict flow of information
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 84 new infections, 27 with unknown sources
EDUCATION FREEDOM Principals oppose de-registration of teacher – PTU survey
COMMON ASSAULT Cop given 160 hours community service
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Designated transport, hotels for city’s arrivals soon – CE
HK EDUCATION CE defends liberal studies curriculum change
DISQUALIFYING DEMOCRATS Beijing slams mass resignation as 'buffoonery'
SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS Survey shows parents find online training beneficial
CIVIC PARTY Alvin Yeung quits party leader role after ousted from Legco
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 23 cases, 6 with unknown origins
TEACHER DEREGISTRATION EDB slams teacher for 'nonsensical thoughts'
STINK PROTEST SAGA Ex-lawmakers case adjourned to February
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Gov't failed in indp't mechanism for police complaints - court
LEGCO BILLS Government shelves bills on franchised taxi and vacancy tax
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters gather at CUHK to mark graduation ceremony
HONGKONGERS DETAINED Families receive letter, but doubt written out of free will
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Officials worried as signs show community cases spreading
JAMES WU Maxim's founder dead at 98
ALEX CHOW INQUIRY Cop's time codes for tear gas firing conflict news video
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Travel bubble delayed as HK warns of super-spreader event
HKU SHENZHEN HOSPITAL Cross-border treatment grapples with insufficient records
YAU MA TEI FIRE One more dies, as fire services to begin inspections Monday
DEAD BODIES FOUND Mother and two children found dead in Sham Tseng home
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov’t bans dancing, live gigs, party rooms in new measures
DISQUALIFYING LAWMAKERS Pro-Beijing groups collect signatures to support DQ decision
NO REGRETS Dennis Kwok to quit politics after ouster from Legco
LAMMA FERRY TRAGEDY Coroner's Court won't inquire into the collision case
律政司介入陳志全私人檢控郭偉强案 獲法庭批准撤銷檢控
人大常委會一旦撤銷議員資格 全體民主派議員將總辭
八人涉違立法會權力及特權條例 明年二月再訊
PLEDGING ALLEIANCE DQ-ing lawmakers sets a 'good precedent' - Zhang Xiaoming
教育局發通告倡學校辦活動 推廣國家憲法日
律政司介入陳志全私人檢控郭偉强 稱將不提證供起訴
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW 1,600 teachers attend first national security seminar
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Hong Kong Alliance calls scholar accusations "baseless"
POLICE CRIMES Two officers arrested over alleged rape
PRIVATE PROSECUTIONS Ted Hui judicial challenges DoJ over intervention
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Police fired tear gas into car park, according to inquest testimony
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong sees four new infections
YAU MA TEI FIRE Eight people in critical condition
COVID-19 PANDEMIC 8 new cases; gov’t tightens social distancing rules
HK EXPRESS Budget airline to slash pilot, cabin crew salary
TRAVEL BUBBLE Overseas tour not exempted under group gathering cap – gov’t
DISQUALIFIED LAWMAKERS Kwok Ka-ki not hopeful on appeal against expulsion
DISQUALIFICATION SAGA Paul Tse, Alan Leong agree bypassing courts sets bad precedent
HONG KONG AWARDS Police, Legco and national security officials recognised
POLICEMAN ARRESTED Officer accused of stealing canned food, mobile equipment
LAW AND ORDER Former top cop disagrees relations with public have worsened
WAN CHAI ATTACK Two men stabbed in late night attack
BAO CHOY Journalists Association disappointed as CS bans rally
HKU VICE-PRESIDENTS Students protest against mainland candidates
POLICY ADDRESS CE to visit BJ next week for talks on economic revival
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Restrictions of eateries; bars eased to allow more people
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov’t highlights safety ahead of COVID-19 tracking app launch
螞蟻暫緩上市 部分券商孖展息手續費全退
教育局將安排教職員檢測 楊潤雄指是自願性質
詐騙集團以租賃金條誘騙 涉款9500萬元
CATHAY PACFIC More than 100 staff join petition in protest of new contract
NATIONAL SECURITY Police arrest former leader of pro-independence group
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 7 cases, including 6 imported
COMMON ASSAULT Sergeant pleads guilty to attacking female officer
RULES OF LAW Injunction against doxxing judiciary members takes effect
HONG KONG REPORTS SAR takes dispute with US over export labels to WTO
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Pompeo condemns arrest of student activists
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports three imported cases
LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL IT panel elects pro-Beijing Junius Ho as chairman
ANTI-GOVERNEMTN PROTEST People gather to mark 14 months since 831 incident
TABLOID TROUBLES Mark Simon resigns over ‘false’ report against Joe Biden
RTHK ARREST Producer linked to programme on July 21 attack arrested
HONG KONG HOUSING Gov’t to seek $3.3 billion from Legco to build more flats
ANTI-GOVERNEMTN PROTEST Seven people found not guilty for rioting
CATHAY PACIFIC Staff find new concession offer unattractive – union
PAN-DEM ARRESTS Nobody is above the law – CE
PRESS FREEDOM RTHK won’t stop investigative reporting – Leung Ka-wing
PRIVACY BREACH Man lands two years in jail for doxxing
JUNE 4 VIGIL Pro-democracy figures appear in court over banned rally
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Police launch hotline for public to report suspected breaches
BAO CHOY ARREST Obtaining public records not same as doxxing – journalists
JOURNALIST ARRESTED Reported 'obstructed officers' related to toilet-filming incident
BAO CHOY No authority to grant legal aid – Civil Service Bureau
COVID-19 PANDEMIC One local case but no end in sight for border closure
HONGKONGERS DETAINED Justice Ministry to review mainland lawyer’s work
CONTINUING EDUCATION FUND Open U students lose subsidy due to online teaching
NATIONAL CONSTITUTION DAY Government gives guidance to schools, promoting Constitution
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Five new cases, including local woman without infection source
COVID-19 PANDEMIC New virus testing centres to offer discounted screening
DEAD BOAR FOUND Man arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty
HONG KONG UNEMPLOYMENT Jobless rate continues to rise, almost reaching 16-year high
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov’t lifts caps on weddings, local tour groups
SEDITIOUS WORDS Detained activist Tam Tak-chi hopes to end case
CHAN TONG-KAI Poon’s mother calls for gov’t to assist murder suspect surrender
HONG KONG DOLLAR HKMA intervenes again as Ant demand strengthens currency
WINTERING BUSINESS Another 1,000 staff expected to face furlough – unionist
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Tony Chung becomes second to be charged under legislation
SOCIAL-DISTANCING RULES Ex-Civic Party lawmaker in court over breaching virus-rules
OMBUDSMAN PROBE Cleaning contractors, playground facilities under scrutiny
COVID-19 PANDEMIC FTU urges gov’t to implement health code system
SALARY TRENDS Survey finds lowest average raise in a decade
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Police hotline for informers to be launched soon – sources
本港增六宗確診 三宗與銀礦灣渡假住宿群組有關
旅遊業界發起旅遊巴請願 冀政府推健康碼
本港今天沒新增本地感染確診 全屬輸入個案
新華旅遊發通告 全體員工12月起停薪留職
袁國勇:新冠病毒嚴重程度與其他傳染病相若 應強制檢測
12港人案 律師稱接通知司法部要求退出案件
TOURISM TROUBLES More gov’t assistance needed for ‘harsh winter’ – Yiu
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Local tours allowed to resume with 30-person cap
COVID-19 PANDEMIC HK records five cases, one from unknown cases
LIFE GYM CSD uses VR cycling game in holistic psychological treatments
CHAN TONG-KAI Police ask to meet Poon’s mother to return evidence
TRANSPORT SUBSIDY Gov’t denies shelving transport subsidy scheme expansion
CATHAY PACIFIC Gov’t will likely give dropped aviation rights to Cathay – expert
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Sole local infection raises ‘long incubation’ concerns
OTTO POON Justice Chief’s husband appeals against illegal structure conviction
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST SAR upset with Germany allegedly granting asylum to local girl
SEASONAL INFLUENZA Gov’t free flu shot programme starts
國泰未來數周裁5300駐港員工 員工指未知重組方案詳情
鄭麗琼承認違反禁制令藐視法庭 判監28日緩刑一年
私家醫生反映缺四至五萬劑流感疫苗 冀政府分配
新增15宗確診僅1宗本地感染 沒不明源頭個案
習近平:吸引港澳青少年到內地發展 增強對國家向心力
12港人涉偷渡案 鄧炳強指不宜透露警方行動細節
香港管弦樂團樂師初步確診 約90多名樂師需要檢疫
POLICE ASSAULT 18-year-old protesters jailed after DoJ appeal
CHAN TONG-KAI Murder suspect still doesn’t have a visa – Rev Koon
KMB JOYRIDE Bus company to fire two workers for driving off double decker
ECONOMIC REVIVAL Wine & Dine Festival goes online as local tours kick off
FIGHTING VIRUSES One local COVID-19 case reported; winter flu jab urged
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Singapore and SAR to create travel bubble 'in weeks'
CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT Bulldozer falls into shaft in work site for Central Kowloon Route
LEGCO PANELS Welfare, IT still without chairpersons and deputies
SUN PROTECTION Concerns about skin risk after 80% of sunscreens 'deceptive'
HONG KONG AUTONOMY Washington sanctions 10 HK and Mainland officials
REGIONAL TENSIONS Taiwan says HK warned off flight to South China Sea
LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Pro-Beijing camp takes chairman positions in all but two panels
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 7 more cases
COVID-19 PANDEMIC HK records 17 imported cases; no local infections
DRUG BUST Suspected cocaine worth $33 mln seized in Chai Wan
VACANCY TAX Gov't says bill suspension is for HK's economic benefit
GRANDMA WONG' Protester reveals details of her Shenzhen detention
NATIONAL FLAG LAW People who insult national flag, emblem could face prosecution
HONGKONGERS DETAINED Lawyer receives rejection SMS from Shenzhen authorities
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong sees 8 new cases
LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Police called after Ted Hui allegedly took votes from ballot box
JIMMY LAI Media tycoon says police raid 'took everything'
ALLEGIANCE TO SAR Civil servant unions voice concerns on new arrangement
林鄭:月底赴京商惠港措施 爭取下月底發表施政報告
PRIVACY INFRINGEMENT Watchdog to probe complaints against CY Leung
本港新增11宗確診 3宗源頭不明
本港增11宗確診1宗源頭不明 屯門職訓局女學生確診
楊潤雄:被取消註冊教師作為課程設計者 責任最大
本港增11宗確診 四宗屬本地感染
PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT Teacher’s registration removed over pro-independence messages
CHAN YIN-LAM CASE Police officers and Chan's classmate testify in court
國泰工會與管理層會面 盼以自願離職取代裁員
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports eight coronavirus cases
SOCIAL RESTRICTIONS Gov't to step up inspection of eateries
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Social distance measures may be eased too soon - expert
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Care home and bar clusters point of concern
ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTESTS Police group lashes out at Kwok ka-ki
VIRAL HEPATITIS Gov't pledges $70 mln increase in antiviral spending
WINTER FLU SEASON Influenza, COVID-19 overlap leads to surge in vaccine demand
ARTICLE 23 Gov't studying overlapping terms between NSL and Art. 23
ANTI-GOVERNEMTN UNREST Gunshot victim may plead guilty to rioting – defence lawyer
HONG KONG JUDICIARY Complaints against Magistrate Stanley Ho not substantiated
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Royal Garden Hotel evacuated as 8 new cases reported in city
HONGKONGERS DETAINED Gov't Flying Services deployed upon police request - activists
LEGCO SESSION Starry Lee elected as chairwoman of House Committee
MEDICAL WORKERS STRIKES Hospital Authority follows up on staff who took part
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Clinics extend time for distribution of specimen collection packs
ALLIANCE PRIMARY SCHOOL Alumni support disqualified teacher in frontpage ad
VOTING RIGHTS Priorities residents' rights in Greater Bay Area - Exco member
TEACHER DISQUALIFICATION EDB's looking into more teacher misconduct cases – Kevin Yeung
HONGKONGERS DETAINED Police arrest nine suspected of helping 12 held on mainland
GOLD SMUGGLING Customs seize $35 million of gold bars, arrest six
1911 REVOLUTION Republic of China flag raising barred at Red House
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Six new case; more free testing available
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Tong Ying-kit to face trial at High Court
HONGKONGERS ETAINED 'Police has no role to play' - Carrie Lam
PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT Teacher involved only made worksheets for colleagues - source
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST DOJ seeks clarity on use of rioting and unlawful assembly charges
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Social distancing rules extended; Disneyland reopens on Friday
MEDIA RELATIONS Police to exclude some press associations after review
CHAN TONGKAI No basis for gov't to request Chan's surrender - CE
ROBUST JUDICIARY CE expresses confidence in legal system amid justice departure
LIBERAL STUDIES DP proposes no changes to controversial HKDSE subject
UNFAIR REPORTING RTHK warned over 'damaging' comments towards police
CHAN YIN-LAM Passers-by leave flowers at memorial for teenager
LEGCO MEETING Finance Committee resumes to scrutinise anti-epidemic fund
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Man arrested over weapons now accused of 'separatism'
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Construction worker given four years in jail for rioting
MEIDA REPRESENTATIVES CE rejects claims that new rule suppresses press freedom
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Disneyland reopens with reduced capacity
LEGCO EXTENDED TERM At least 19 pan-dems to remain in Legco for another year
CIVIL SERVANTS Government to require its staff to pledge allegiance - Nip
OCTOBER 1 RALLY Police reject CHRF rally application, citing virus
BACK TO SCHOOL Phase 2 of in-person class resumption kicks off
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov't in quarantine exemption talks with mainland, Macau – CE
GARRISON LAW CE formally hands over Central military dock to PLA
831 PROTEST Court withdraws rioting charge against social worker
NATIONAL DAY Trio arrested over online calls for attacks on police
TRANSITIONAL HOMES Temporary apartments are castles for Hong Kong's poor
NATIONAL DAY ARREST Scores detained as police stem anti-government rally
MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL Social distancing rules bring people different ways to celebrate
HONGKONGERS DETAINED Families fret over 'torture and secret trials' after formal arrest
NATIONAL DAY CE thanks national security law for bringing stability to city
PRESS FREEDOM HKJA observer slams inconsistencies in media treatment
CHAN TONG-KAI Murder suspect plans to surrender himself in Taiwan this month
PLANS DERAILED Gov't demands report on suspended train signal system
DETAINED IN CHINA Families of 12 arrested urge SAR gov't to bring them home
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Seven new cases reported in Hong Kong
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong sees 13 new cases, death toll hits 100
TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 23 injured in Sham Shui Po crash
EASING RESTRICTIONS Entertainment venues reopen Friday, gathering ban stays
PANDEMIC RELIEF Additional gov't aid to push HK's budget deficit to $300 billion
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Catering, tourism call for more business reopening
US-CHINA TENSIONS State Department tells Americans reconsider travel to Hong Kong
VIRUS TESTING Programme 'concluded successfully' - Government
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong sees 4 imported cases, lowest figure in a week
INCITEMENT ARREST Police arrest 25-year-old TVB worker
ILLEGAL ASSEMBLY District Court will hear case of 26 activists on October 15
CRIMINAL INTIMIDATION Justice Dept seeks appeal after Jimmy Lai's acquittal
TAM TAK-CHI High Court refuses bail for People Power vice-chair
MONEY LAUNDERING 29-year-old sentenced to 12 years in prison
ASSAULT Man who stabbed ex-legislator released on bail
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Construction worker guilty of rioting during police HQ siege
HK ECONOMY Unemployment rate at 6.1% for June-August 2020
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 9 new cases
SEPARATION OF POWER Top officials urge public to stop focus on semantics
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Mass tests reach 1 mln bookings as outlying island centres open
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Seven new cases; inmate tests preliminary positive
KWAI CHUNG MURDER Mentally disabled man alleged killed by mother
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Education chief rules out full day classes for now
ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTEST Teen boy charged with rioting , released on $10,000 bail
MIDNIGHT SHOOTING Man drove himself to hospital after being wounded
SEDITIOUS SPEECHES People Power's Tam Tak-chi appears at Fanling Court
COVID-19 PANDEMIC HKU to develop nasal spray vaccine in hopes to reduce side effect
COVID-19 PANDEMIC City reports 12 new cases; 2 found from mass-testing
JEWELLERY HEIST Four suspects at large over robbery in San Po Kong
SUBSIDISED HOUSING 7,047 flats for sale as application opens today
NEXT DIGITAL MEDIA Shares swing wildly as 15 arrested over manipulation
MTR PROBLEM Operator halts signalling system over reliability issue
CHAN YIN-LAM Jury finds 15-year-old girl's death suspicious
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong see 12 new cases, nine imported
REVIEW GRANTED Sixtus Leung to take 'unlawful assembly' case to top court
LEGCO GRATUITY All lawmakers eligible for end-of-service payment
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Six confirmed cases, including Tai Wai Building janitor
COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS Groups of four allowed out, arcades and sports centres re-open
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Agnes Chow reports to police again on December 2
'SEPARATION OF POWERS' Dispute on concept comes from 'misunderstanding' - CE
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Social-distancing rules eased Friday; bars remain closed
COVID-19 PANDEMIC More public services gradually resume as outbreak slows down
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Six positive result from gov't mass-testing scheme
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Japanese journalist arrested and released in HK - Sankei News
JIMMY LAI Media mogul acquitted of criminal intimidation
HONG KONG JUDICIARY Local courts help create environment for mayhem - Litton
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Four more infections found through mass-testing scheme
BAD FORTUNE Six arrested in $1.2-mln fortune-telling fraud case
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Tighter border control key to fighting outbreak - Kwok Ka-ki
COVID-19 PANDEMIC More businesses reopen while dine-in allowed till 10pm
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Mass-testing scheme extended until Sept 11
COVID-19 PANDEMIC 66-year-old woman dies, pushes Hong Kong's death toll to 90
LEAVING LEGCO Pan-dems to base decision on poll results, survey stars Sept 21
CHAN YIN-LAM Forensic scientist unable to ascertain cause of death
DEFERRED DSE Exam timetable revised due to pandemic, starts April 23
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Universal Community Test Programme kicks off today
COVID-19 PANDEMIC IVE student infected, school to close for two weeks
ENGINEERING HONOURS British NEC Awards recognise Hong Kong projects
SHATIN FIRE One dead in No. 3 alarm blaze at Lek Yuen Estate
MEDIA RELATIONS More proof police treating reporters as enemies - Chris Yeung
GAMBLING DEN Police arrest 82 people in illegal baccarat sting
FANLING RAID Mother and son arrested for possessing weapons
JOSHUA WONG Arrested on suspicion of taking part in unauthorised assembly
SUBDIVIDED HOUSING Task force hearts out tenants over long running problems
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters given up to four years in jail for rioting
OCTOBER 1 RALLY CHRF expects police to reject rally application
OUTSTANDING YOUNG PERSONS Blind singer and handicapped doctor among seven awarded
本港增10宗確診個案 一人是啟德地盤工友
下季兩住宅地招標 連其他項目料可供應2780個單位
本港新增九宗確診 包括一名元朗護老院院友
林鄭批外國無理制裁 強調繼續履行維護國安職責
本港8月零售銷售跌幅收窄至大約一成三 較預期小
中秋節前夕 水果銷路與往年相若惟燈籠滯銷
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Study shows dementia patients more vulnerable
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov't begins relaxing social distancing measures
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Mass testing online registration starts tomorrow
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Food delivery platform see membership surge
YUEN LONG ATTACK Lam Cheuk-ting hits out at police over investigation
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Breath of relief for some as relaxed rules take effect
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Schools looking to resume face-to-face lessons in phases
HONG KONG ARRESTS China confirms arrest of 12 Hongkongers at sea
JIMMY LAI Both sides finish intimidation case closing statements
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hikers take masks off as restrictions ease
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Online registration for mass testing begins today
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Three deaths; Yuen Long clinic nurse among 18 new infections
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Dine-in-till 9 pm allowed from Friday as some rules eased
MINIMUM WAGE Level to remain at $37.5 until 2023 - sources
NATHAN LAW Calls for international support for Hong Kong in Rome
CHAN YIN-LAM Social worker testifies in death inquest
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Tong Ying-kit remanded in custory since July
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST No attempts to rewrite history - police chief
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Democratic Party pair released on bail
警方:修訂選用行之有效機制 非由警方界定傳媒
滙控股價回落至25年低 跌穿30元大關
本港增六宗確診 一宗源頭不明
政府向低收入新來港人士派一萬元 認委託中銀代理無招標冀增效率
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Welfare chief touts relief efforts, as HK sees one new case
岑子杰遇襲案 兩人接載施襲者判囚46個月及入教導所
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Travel sector demands easing of restrictions, more support
LIVESTREAMING SHOPPING Consumer Council warns compensation not guaranteed
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Zero local infections but expert warns against complacency
US SANCTIONS US prohibits any direct dealings with sanctioned targets
LIBERAL STUDIES Educators oppose making independent studies optional
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov't braces for next infection wave as total cases hit 5000
COVID-PANDEMIC Free testing for market staff and hawkers
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Washington suspends bilateral treaties with Hong Kong
HONG KONG DETAINED Shenzhen police bar lawyer from meeting client
HONGKONGERS DETAINED Govt in contact with detainees' families - Matthew Cheung
JIMMY LAI Court hearing begins on criminal intimidation charge
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW 23-year-old remanded in custody
DOJ INTERVENTION Justice chief steps in to dismiss taxi driver private prosecution
EXTENDED LEGCO TERM Democratic Party, Civic Party to decide upon public poll results
YUEN LONG ATTACK Police arrest six more people on riot and assault charges
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Free testing begins in September, testing stations in all districts
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong records lowest figure in more than a month
EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT SCHEME Doubts over effectiveness of supermarket discounts
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong sees another 27 infections, most locally transmitted
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Mass testing will be 'wasting bullets' - Ho Pak-leung
LEGCO TERM Ray Chan unlikely to serve extended term
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Third round of Anti-Epidemic Fund on the way - Carrie Lam
LIBERAL STUDIES Publishers remove topics in textbook revisions
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Experts warn of coronavirus mutation
COVID-19 PANDEMIC 36 new infections including Kwai Chung terminal cluster
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST SJ intervenes in lawmaker's private prosecution against cop
CIVIL SERVANTS CE defends dismissal clause for new government recruits
AURORA CHICKEN Aurora to resort to WTO over Hong Kong's ban on its chicken
PRIVATE PROSECUTION UK to take expat police accused of torture to court
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Apple Daily to apply injunction against police search
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Didn't expect the arrest to come so early - Jimmy Lai
COVID-19 PANDEMIC HK Airport to allow outbound transit from mainland
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 69 new infections; 2 more deaths
JUPAS RESULTS More than 37 percent of applicants admitted
PRESS FREEDOM Nathan Law slams RTHK's decision to remove interview
PRESS FREEDOM Nathan Law slams RTHK's decision to remove interview
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 48 confirmed cases, 9 with unknown origins
FATAL ACCIDENT Elderly man dies in Kowloon Tong car accident
US-HONG KONG RELATIONS Google ends data request response to SAR
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov't to develop 'exposure notification' system
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Help urged for foreign domestic workers as more test positive
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 46 new cases , Kwai Chung terminal cases rise
SMALL CLAIMS TRIBUNAL Gov't cleaner sued for dumping homeless persons' belongings
LEGCO TERM EXTENSION By-elections won't be held because of pandemic - government
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Production companies struggle amid coronavirus situation
PRESS FREEDOM Executive councillor hits out at police 'media screening'
POLICE DOCUMENTS Police clerk arrested for allegedly posting documents online
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Legal aid refused for teen shot in the chest
LABOUR RIGHTS Bauhaus deducts staff pay after claiming they owed hours
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Agnes Chow arrested at her home
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Ocean Park and bars reopen, as industry reps urge support
LGBT RIGHTS High Court quashes bid for same-sex marriage recognition
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Fourth, worse wave expected in the winter - Sophia Chan
YAN CHAN UNSEATED Top court rejects Chan's legal challenge bid
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Seek long-term ways to reduce plastic waste - McCook
JIMMY LAW TRIAL Alleged victim grilled over smile in intimidation case
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Court turns down Tong Ying-kit writ of habeas corpus
TOP COURT Foreign judge James Spigelman's appointment withdrawn
SOLD OFF Consortium acquires New World First Bus & Citybus for $3.2 bln
NEW BORDER CROSSING Heung Yuen Wai opens on August 26
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Govt to earmark vaccine budget - Sophia Chan
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 26 new cases, 7 with unknown sources
EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT SCHEME Restrictions defer businesses to ask for help - Law Chi-Kwong
EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT SCHEME Employee fired after company receives gov't subsidies
DOXXING CASE Immigration staff accused of doxxing public officials
本港新增九宗確診 當中五宗屬本地感染
教育局准彈性安排部分學生回校 有學校安排小一適應周
陳志全私人檢控郭偉强普通襲擊 11月9日審前覆核
周梓樂墮樓案 死因庭11月16日開庭聆訊
美禁「香港製造」標籤 邱騰華:已向美方提反對
譚耀宗指華春瑩言論針對美方 被捕港人涉越境由內地審
本港新增14宗個案 三人曾光顧屯門都城餐廳
新巴司機涉藏攻擊性武器獲准保釋 新巴稱仍在了解事件
團結香港基金倡通識科改革 只評及格和不及格
12港人仍扣押深圳 有律師帶同公證書要求會面仍被拒
本港新增11宗確診個案 5宗經普及檢測驗出
本港新增六宗確診 其中兩人家人涉大圍交通城群組
食肆晚市周五起可營業至十時 健身中心按摩院等可有條件重開
中大證實腸道糞便可帶病毒 擬與政府討論修訂出院指引
本港新增8宗確診 全屬本地感染
陳彥霖死因研訊 資深法醫馬宣立指遺體全裸是很大疑點
逾52萬人預約全民檢測 張建宗籲踴躍參與
林卓廷涉721元朗暴動 許智峯涉屯門公園案被拘捕 
太子站831事件一周年 警員在附近戒備
本港新增9宗確診個案 是繼上周一後再回落至個位數
本港增24宗確診全屬本地感染 10宗源頭不明
許智峯兩宗私人檢控案 律政司提出撤控獲法庭接納
本港新增約九宗確診個案 另逾十宗初步確診
最新失業率回落至百分之6.1 分析料未見頂
本港新增26宗確診 23宗屬本地感染
本港增44宗確診31宗屬本地感染 貨櫃碼頭增兩確診
天文台改發三號強風信號 巿民陸續出門上班
民主派多數議員傾向留守議會 會繼續商討
本港新增62宗確診個案 1宗輸入個案
仇栩欣襲警罪名不成立 官關注警使用不恰當武力
警方搜查壹傳媒大樓歷時逾五小時 帶走多箱證物
國泰上半年蝕逾98億 料客運不會顯著復甦
本港新增69宗確診 當中67宗屬本地感染
葉國謙料立法會將延長一年 四名DQ議員都可延任
本港多85宗確診 有確診外傭曾與約30名外傭同住
七一灣仔駕電單車衝向警員 被告申人身保護令等本月20日處理
86歲屯門康和護老中心院友病逝 累計43死
黃之鋒、林朗彥去年621包圍警總案 11月開審
張曉明中聯辦晤各界 聽取立法會真空期意見
本港增80宗確診 連續12日過百後單日確診數字回落至雙位數
全港學校可如期開學 但面授課堂暫停至另行通知
LEGCO DISQUALIFICATION Barred lawmakers should not unseated - Michael Tien
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Businessman to provide coronavirus tests in Hong Kong
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Guangdong tightens travel restrictions for Hong Kong visitors
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Experts calls for mass testing in domestic helper dorms
COVID-19 PANDEMIC One more domestic helper confirmed with coronavirus
LEGCO ELECTION 'Caretaker' legislative shouldn't handle Article 23 matter - Ip
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Beauty industry hit hard under pandemic
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Citywide testing scheme available in two weeks - Carrie Lam
MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS Social unrest, COVID-19 likely cause jumps in depression, PTSD
JUNE 4 Police to prosecute activists for taking part in Tiananmen vigil
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 89 new cases, 32 with unknown origin
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Testing is not sufficient in and of itself - HKU expert
JOSHUA WONG Activist challenges District Council disqualification
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Shenzhen and Macau further tighten travel restrictions for HK
US SANCTIONS Sanctions by foreign govt have no legal status in HK - HKMA
LEGCO ELECTIONS State Council tells NPCSC discuss Legco election delay
US SANCTIONS Chief Executive says she will cancel US visa
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Public won't accept stay-at-home order for testing
COVID-19 PANDEMIC 69 confirmed cases, false negative case sparks concern
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Mainland experts visit BGI Group test lab
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports another 80 infections
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Event industry blames shifting govt policy for dire business
QUALIFIED FOR TESTING? Lab contacted for testing lacks credentials - Mingpao
COVID-19 PANDEMIC 1st field hospital to be built near AsiaWorld-Expo - reports
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports over 100 cases for seventh day
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Source of 3rd wave could be exempted people - Sophia Chan
COVID-19 PANDEMIC EDB to discuss changes in DSE with HKEAA - Kevin Yeung
BENNY TAI The University of Hong Kong sacks legal scholar
PUBLIC HOUSING Rents waived for two months by Housing Authority
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Kitchenless HongKongers brace for dining ban
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Foreign banks refuse accounts of senior HK officials- FT
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Hong Kong to suspend UK, Canada, Australia crime treaties
LEGCO ELECTIONS 12 opposition figures disqualified
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Government U-turns on all-day restaurant dine-in ban
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports another record high 149 new cases
HK RETAIL DATA Sales plunge 24.8% in June as spending is slammed by pandemic
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Four former pro-independence members arrested
LEGCO DISQUALIFICATIONS Civic Party chairman warns about election 'safety valve'
LEGCO ELECTIONS Gov't postpones poll over virus concerns
RTHK RECRUITS Government looks for Director of Broadcasting
COVID-19 PANDEMIC HK sees over 100 new infections for tenth straight day
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Arrest warrants issued for six HongKongers overseas - CCTV
COVID-19 PANDEMIC HK's first makeshift hospital begins operations
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 125 cases; four deaths
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Testing at care homes to start as soon as next week - Gov't
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports at least 28 cases, including 16 local infections
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Network providers will break law if refuse data handover - Lee
PAN-DEM PRIMARIES Voting takes place at moe than 200 polling station
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Two more deaths as infection tally passess 2,000 in HK
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Network providers will break law if refuse data handover - Lee
HKDSE RESULTS Seven exam-takers clinched all top grades
HKDSE RESULTS Politics pushes university hopefuls to leave for overseas
JULY 21 ATTACK Protesters warned of NSL, public gathering ban breach
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Govt open to mandating mask-wearing outdoors - Sophia Chan
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 111 local infections, 15th death
COVID-19 PANDEMIC 10,000 sailors waived quarantine since Feb - Marine Department
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 123 confirmed cases; 16 death
FUTURES FRAUD Four-year jail sentence handed to former Exco member
CHINA TENSIONS Britain's move on BNO against comity of nations - Elsie Leung
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Lei Yue Mun Park holiday camp opens for recovering patients
COVID-19 PANDEMIC CE denies considering complete lockdown in HK
COVID-19 PANDEMIC AsiaWorld-Expo to take patients in a week - Sophia Chan
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Two more deaths as 133 new cases are reported
LEGCO ELECTIONS Tsang Yok-sing urges delay, but Regina Ip warns of instability
LEGCO ELECTIONS Pan-dems face questions from returning officers
DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES 'Illegal: polls jeopardise election fairness' - Liaison Office
COVID-19 PANDEMIC All dining-in may be banned if situation worsens - Sophia Chan
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 11th coronavirus death
TAM TAK-CHI ARRESTED Police arrest ex-radio host who's running for Legco
OFFICIALS SHUFFLE Government announces new appointments
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Cathay to receive nearly $460 million wage subsidies
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Hong Kong reports 48 new infections
BARRY CHEUNG Former Exco member convicted of fraud
食肆首日全面禁堂食 多人午飯時間在室外公眾地方用膳
本港增118宗確診 大部分是本地感染
76歲確診女患者死亡 疫情至今累計24人死亡
疫情打擊 本港次季經濟按年收縮9%
本港新增145宗確診 再破單日新高
周三起室外公眾地方須戴口罩 運動吸煙不獲豁免
中學文憑試放榜 疫情下學校改以網上發布成績
本港新增113宗確診 105宗屬本地感染
多人參選新界東 競逐九個議席
本港新增73宗確診個案 66宗屬本地感染
最新失業率6.2% 逾十五年最高
ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTEST Man with petrol bomb materials handed 13 months jail-term
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Record 67 new cases confirmed today
KAI TAK STATION Roughly a thousand evacuated after wartime bomb discovery
ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTEST Police arrest two men linked to stabbing on July 1
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Record 67 new cases confirmed today
一日內兩名確診長者死亡 疫情至今累計十人不治
政府收緊防疫措施 有餐廳決定取消晚市
大圍站一男子拒戴口罩 港鐵勸喻不果報警
LEGCO MEETING Lantau artificial island study put off until next term
FINANCE COMMITTEE Reclamation is only way out for Hong Kong - Chan Kin-por
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Cabbies tested, markets cleaned, but what about subpar homes
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Over 100 cases recorded in just eight hours, 83 of them local
FATAL FIRE Kwai Chung housing estate blaze claims one life
LEGCO ELECTION 2020 Hopefuls must show intent to uphold Basic Law - Ronny Tong
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST District councillors arrested over illegal assembly
何栢良促政府加強防疫 強制市民戴口罩
慈雲山中心多間食肆有人確診 領展:已全場消毒
本港多52宗確診包括41宗本地個案 20宗源頭不明
本港新增24宗確診 19宗屬本地感染五未知感染源頭
何栢良:新增兩宗本地確診個案 反映有社區隱形傳播
民主派周末立會初選 發起人指無違反國安法
去年621包圍警總案 周庭認煽惑及參與非法集結
港區國安法條文正式公布 即時生效
保就業計劃過百間公司承諾受薪人數為零 個別獲逾十萬元補貼
國安公署極少情形啟動立案 認為無機會發生
警方銅鑼灣一帶拘捕180人 當中7人涉違港區國安法
葉巧琦:港區國安法定義含糊 四類罪行定義太闊
國歌法生效首個回歸紀念日 有學校舉行升旗儀式
17歲男生攜汽油彈被判囚 法官指年輕並非犯法藉口
因應疫情 七一升旗儀式不設公眾觀禮區
舞台燈光師管有汽油彈及企圖縱火 判囚4年
COVID-19 PANDEMIC 42 new local cases; social distancing rules to be tightened
立會二讀延長產假草案一度流會 建制派批民主派政治化民生議題
BABY BUMP Working mothers to get 4 weeks more maternity leave
HOSPITAL PRICE PROBE Accusations over not enough low cost beds
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Staff shortages in elderly homes increase virus risk
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Worries grow amid unknown sources of infection for local cases
COVID-19 PANDEMIC KMB, Long Win Bus announce salary freeze for workers
CIVIL SERVANTS Staff shouldn't attend anti-gov't protests - Patrick Nip
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Tightened social distancing measures kick in from midnight
SCHOOL SUSPENSION Government urges early summer break from July 13
HONG KONG PROTESTS Court of Final Appeal to determine legality of mask ban
JULY 1 PROTEST Police arrest 7 people linked to stabbing suspect
CHINA TASK FORCE New unit will safeguard China's political system - state media
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Pan-dems spar with gov't officials over new law
LEGCO ELECTION 2020 Pro-democracy candidates to go-ahead with primaries
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov't ramps up border control after infection spike
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW TikTok quits Hong Kong as tech firms suspends govt requests
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Entire floor of infected block should be quarantined - expert
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW New law is not 'doom and gloom' - Carrie Lam
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Classes suspended over virus scare
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Man given four weeks in jail for breaching quarantine order
JUNE4 Hong Kong artists perform 'We are all Tank Man'
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Ted Hui's private prosecution against cab driver to go ahead
MTR SAGA Legco committees slam gov’t, MTR lack of accountability
HOUSE COMMITTEE Friday’s session sees protests and votes
SAFETY CONCERNS Lawmaker Jeremy Tam says he was stalked
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Schools can call police over anthem dispute - Kevin Yeung
NATIONAL SECURITY SAGA Unionists plab first-ever referendum on general strike in HK
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Labour chief pledges plan for those left out of job subsidy
ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTEST Young arrestees are 'victims' - Police chief
NATIONAL ANTHEM BILL Legco passes law amid protests from opposition camp
TIANANMEN SQUARE ANNIVERSARY Citywide online vigil marks 31 years of June 4 crackdown
COVID-19 OUTBREAK More HK residents stranded in India return
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Shatin estate residents evacuated amid more infections
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Investors pleased as HSBC and StanChart back legislation
JULY 1 RALLY Pro-democracy activists vow to march despite ban
UNDER PRESSURE Chickeeduck told to vacate Tsuen Wan premises in 21 days
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Beijing appoints Eric Chan as new committee secretary-general
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Beijing loyalist warns slogan chanters could be law breakers
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Bar Association 'gravely concerned' with NSL
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Chanting slogans might not constitute a crime - Maria Tam
COVID-19 PANDEMIC Gov't takes back procured masks over false trade descriptions
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Gov't sets up new committee; CE appoints judges to handle cases
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW World should stand up to China over Hong Kong - Nathan Law
CASH HANDOUT Gov't to advance $10,000 disbursement to next Monday
HKDSE SAGA Candidate fails to overturn HKEAA decision to scrap question
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW 23yo man first to be prosecuted under new legislation
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Police can take DNA samples if it helps probe - John Lee
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Protest chants criminality depends on context - justice chief
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Xi Jinping signs law as NPCSC votes it through unanimously
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HK reports 22 new imported cases
LOVE SCAM 70-year-old loses $6 mln to scammer
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW UK will see through BNO holder status offer - Dominic Raab
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, Nathan Law quit Demosisto
LAND SALE 2020/21 2,710 residential units to be provided through public tender
SANCTIONS ROW HK's special status under threat as US sanctions tech exports
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW CE unfazed over sanctions amid more global opposition
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW NPCSC set to pass security legislation in special meeting
MONEY LAUNDERING Mainland women given six years and eight months in prison
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW HK gov't spends $6.88mln to promote new legislation
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW US sanctions pose threat to businesses - Felix Chung
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW US threatens visa curbs for CCP officials and possibly family
JULY 1 RALLY Police ban march over potential health risks and violence
JULY 1 CEREMONY TVB takes over flag raising event broadcasting rights
HONG KONG ECONOMY Bankruptcy filings jump to 17-year high in May
JUNE 4 VIGIL Organisers summoned to court over June 4 event at Victory Park
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Gov't won't help with quarantining foreign domestic helpers
COVID-19 OUTBREAK No local cases, expert calls for extra care on Father's Day Law details unveiled as NPCSC wraps up meeting
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Law details unveiled as NPCSC wraps up meeting
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hong Kong reports 6th coronavirus death
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Judges won't be hand-picked by CE to handle trials - CE
JULY 1 RALLY CHEF urge second meeting with police over application
ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTESTS Convicted social worker Lau Ka-tung now on bail
RENT WAIVED Public housing tenants won't need to pay rent for July
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Expert refutes Beijing's judicial independence' understanding
HONG KONG BOOK FAIR Sales of book must be 'within legal framework' - TDC
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Expert warns of coronavirus risks from strander travellers
COVID-19 OUTBREAK No new local cases but Hong Kong records seventh death
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Foreign Correspondents' Club seeks clarification on legislation
RENT HIKE Housing Authority executive on warning rent for 2 months
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Each household to get 10 disposable masks next week - CE
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Will look into bringing law into curriculum - Education chief
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Former Bar Association chairman vows not to be silenced
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW UN urged to appoint special HK envoy over potential 'tragedy'
PRIVATE PROSECUTION Sai Wan Ho shooting trial to start on August 31
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW NPC Standing Committee to review legislation in Beijing
HUMAN TRAFFICKING SAR on US watch list over inadequate anti-trafficking efforts
LEGCO ELECTIONS Candidates stepping up as nominations begin July 18
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Another meeting most likely to be held for bill - Ip Kwok-him
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Frank Chan resists calls for resignation over Shatin-Central Link
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Latest case is relative of infected Lek Yuen Estate resident
INCITEMENT CHARGES Nine more activists prosecuted over banned June 4 vigil
COVID-OUTBREAK Another coronavirus case emerges from Lek Yuen Estate
DISMEMBERMENT CASE Mother given hospital order over daughter's killing
PAUL CHAN Downplays US sanction worries, offers more on Cathay lifeline
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Knife attacker among at least 43 arrested in Friday protests
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Civil servants reminded of duty to stay loyal to gov't
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Legislation opponents are 'enemy of the people' - CE
TOURISM TROUBLES Travel arrangements in Greater Bay soon to come - reports
HONG KONG ECONOMY Unemployment hits 15 year high of 5.9%
FOUL-SMELLING LIQUID Ted Hui, Eddie Chu and Ray Chan to pay cleaning fees
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Groups of 50 allowed in public, other restrictions eased
NATIONAL ANTHEM EDUCATION EDB issues guidelines on sing anthem, raising flags at schools
港鐵下月一日起推八達通八折乘車優惠 為期半年
社工阻差辦公罪成囚一年 官稱要求警放慢推進不合理
滙控重啟裁員計劃 全球裁減3.5萬人
派一萬元計劃即日起派表 周日起分三階段收表
港澳辦副主任:國安法須設強而有力執行機制 港府有主要執法責任
警方於洪水橋拘捕三人 搜獲曲尺手槍及三百發子彈
海洋公園周六重開 書展下月15日舉行
政府派發一萬元計劃本月21日起接受登記 下月8日起陸續發放
林鄭月娥由深圳啟程往北京 向中央講解港區國安法意見
國歌條例草案全委會階段 民主派不滿梁君彥減審議時間
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hong Kong reports 6 new infections
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Govt extends social distancing measures over rising infections
PAY FREEZE Civil servant to take pay freeze - Sources
FILE-SNATCHING DRAMA DoJ challenge over Leung Kwok-hung acquittal upheld
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Carrie Lam says US adopts 'double standards'
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST July 1 Legco protesters charged with rioting
PROTEST ANNIVERSARY 'Government, lawmakers need to learn lesson from unrest' - CE
PROTEST ANNIVERSARY Hundreds gather in Central to mark one year of unrest
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Businesses to get government subsidy Friday earliest
CATHAY PACIFIC Hong Kong government to lead $39 billion rescue package
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Gov't attempt to discredit his report is political maneouvre - Stott
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW SAR law enforcement must get prepared - John Lee
TIANANMEN SQUARE ANNIVERSARY Vigil organisers charged over event at Victoria Park
HONG KONG EDUCATION Political songs not allowed at schools - Kevin Yeung
PRIVATE PROSECUTION First police officer to face charges over anti-government unrest
HONG KONG PROTESTS Democratic Party's Ted Hui arrested in Causeway Bay
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Quota to be set for health-tracking system - sources
RTHK SHAKE-UP Kirindi Chan steps down as deputy director
NATIONAL ANTHEM SAGA Demosisto activists fined for Legco hearing scuffle
HONG KONG PROTESTS Students form human chain in defiance of Beijing's warnings
COVID-19 Recovery Disneyland Hong Kong reopens after virus break
警方反對舉行六四晚會 支聯會籲市民當晚「遍地開花」悼念
SAVING OCEAN PARK Finance Committee passes $5.4-billion payout
COVID-19 Recovery Eateries to offer discounts in July, August to boost spending
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Demosisto said Beijing should be responsible for US sanctions
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Trump's interference may be breaking int'l laws- Teresa Cheng
COVID-19 CASES Preliminary positive patient in intensive care - sources
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Social distancing measures to be lifted, HK reports no new cases
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW 'No one ever in trouble' over controversial books - Elsie Leung
STANLEY HO DIES One of Asia's richest man passes aged 98
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW NPC passes HK anti-treason law, Premier Li's work report
NATIONAL ANTHEM BILL Pan-dems kick up a stink as members kicked out of chamber
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Understand concerns, but law is lesser of two evils - Elsie Leung
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW 'We won't get bullied' by the US - Henry Tang
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Xia Baolong says Basic Law freedoms guaranteed - NPC deputies
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HK reports 13 imported cases, as nightclubs, karaokes reopen
FREEDOM OF PRESS Government to set up RTHK review team
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Ministry of Public Security to 'guide and support' HK police
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Jimmy Lai vows stay and 'fight' China
NATIONAL SECURITY CONTROVERSY No need to worry about HK's freedoms and rights - CE
ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTESTS Australian woman jailed for hurling bricks at police
HISTORY EXAM SAGA More restrictions possible for future exams - lawmaker
HONG KONG CHIEF JUSTICE Lawmakers approve Andrew Cheung's appointment
NATIONAL ANTHEM BILL Heavy security ahead of second reading at Legco
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Six arrested related to petrol bomb attacks on police station
RETURN TO SCHOOL Kevin Yeung warns against protesting in school
私家醫生轉介樣本化驗趨跌 政府提醒診所多做檢測
DRUGS BUST Customs seize $2.5 million cocaine from aircraft engine
RUPERT DOVER Senior police officer ordered to take down illegal structures
TUEN NG FESTIVAL Scaled down celebrations marking Dragon Boat Festival
OCEAN PARK Thousands visit as park reopens with distancing measures
多區下午有人聚集 警方拘捕約300人涉非法集結
今日恢復二讀國歌法 警方於立法會及政總一帶加強布防
新增三宗本地個案 救護員疑因保護裝備不足致感染
陳弘毅:修改僅字眼統一 不影響港區國安法起草方向
港區國安法決定草案修改稿 危害國家安全加入「活動」字眼
DSE QUESTION Controversy lingers over invalidated question
NO NEW CASES 15 public beaches reopen
本港新增一宗確診 患者由美國返港
RTHK APOLOGISES Broadcaster scraps Headliner show after government warning
BODY MIX-UP TWGH apologises after body meant for burial was cremated
CIVIL SERVICE PAY Civil servants could see pay increases of up to 1.98%
UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HK jobless rate hits 5.2 percent
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Social distancing measures to continue until June 4
NATIONAL SECURITY Two Sessions to discuss Article 23 legislation in HK
EXAM QUESTION CONTROVERSY 'Professional mistake' involved in question setting - CE
BITTER VICTORY' Lau Siu-lai wins election petition, unseats lawmaker Yan Chan
NATIONAL SECURITY NPC to announce details of security law for HK tomorrow
ALLEN LEE Ex-lawmaker dies age of 80
POLICE APOLOGY Press groups say police chief 'sorry' for abuse of journalists
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HK reports eight imported cases from Pakistan
OCEAN PARK Board appeals for full $5.4 million funding
DSE EXAM controversy Students concerned about Chinese History questions
RTHK CONTROVERSY Dir. of Broadcasting left out of advisory board meeting with govt
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Legco president sidesteps concerns about Legco autonomy
NATIONAL SECURITY LAW CE says she support NPC proposals for city
OCEAN PARK Lawmakers continue debating $5.4 bln bailout
DSE QUESTION Exams authority to drop history question
HONG KONG ECONOMY Banners worry new laws could lead to capital flight
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Questions raised as hundreds of arrested protesters in limbo
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HK reports 2 new coronavirus cases
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST First person to admit 'rioting' jailed for four years
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST IPCC defends use of force on protesters, with some exceptions
DSE QUESTION Education Bureau slams exam authority over history paper
LEGCO HOUSE COMMITTEE Pro-Beijing Chan Kin-por appointed to chair on Monday
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Private jet pilot infected after earlier negative test
DSE QUESTION Sources say two top exam officials resigned as debate rages on
PRESS CARD HKJA Files police report over fears of forged cards
OCEAN PARK Edward Yau refuses to let park become 'victim' of pandemic
POLICE ASSAULT Man abused by police in detention jailed for earlier assault
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Multiple arrests made in Tseung Kwan O protests
POLICE-MEDIA RELATIONS 'Reporters mistreatment in protest "undesirable"' - police chief
ANTI-EPIDEMIC FUND CE announces changes to $81 bln fund after criticism
LEGCO DEBATE Lawmakers passed Appropriation Bill 2020
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HK confirms local case, tests residents of Lei Muk Shue block
SHATIN-CENTRAL LINK Scandal-hit station work due to finish mid-2020
RIOT CHARGES 32 people charged for involvement in last year's protests
LEGCO DEBATE All 52 amendments moved by pan-dems voted down
LAW SOCIETY ELECTION Recommended candidates are 'personal' picks - Lawson president
旅議會:年初至今36間旅行社結業 涉一千萬元團費
李家超指接納監警會報告 批坊間有評論誤導
學生網媒採訪衝突現場 安全問題成關注焦點
立法會內會主席選舉出現碰撞 會議一度暫停
考評局委員會開特別會議商歷史科試題爭議 暫未有公布
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 'Reviving economy is of immediate priority' - Christopher Hui
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Health chief mulls easing social-distancing for eateries
保就業計劃設罰款 公司規模越大罰款比率越高
ANTI-GOVERNMENT LAW Hopes to enact Article 23 next year - Tam Yiu-chung
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Liaison Office condemns illegal activities of 'extremist radicals'
PROPERTY PROBLEMS Senior cop Rupert Dover vows to cooperate in probe
ABUSE ALLEGATIONS Police arrested over suspected child abuse
HOMEMADE BOMB Police find explosives in abandoned school
LEGCO DEADLOCK CE expects Starry Lee to take control of House Committee
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Social distancing rules eased; schools to resume gradually
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Reuters wins Pulitzer Prize for photography
ACTIVISTS AT COURT Trio to answer to charges of participating in illegal assembly
PRISON ABUSE Anti-government protesters allege torture and abuse in prison
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Officials reveal production details of CuMask
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Four new cases linked to people returning from Pakistan
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Regular tests for workers under high exposure risk - Sophia Chan
BUDGET DEBATE Pan-dems propose amendments to cut police funding
LEGCO SCUFFLES Raymond Chan reports slipped disc
RIOT POLICE Officers disperse crowds at two malls
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Triple antiviral drug combination effective against symptoms
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Au Nok-hin given community service for megaphone assault
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Gov't mulls chartered flights for residents in India and Pakistan
RECORD HAUL Local authorities seize 34 tonnes of smuggled ginseng
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Joblessness on rise but may cap at 5% - Law Chi-kwong
DSE EXAMS 14 no-shows, one student taken to hospital
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Gov't services resume next week; travel restrictions extended
CAUSEWAY BAY BOOKS Exiled Hong Kong bookseller opens new shop in Taiwan
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Homelessness on the rise in Hong Kong
DISTRICT COURT Controversial judge barred from anti-government protest cases
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Gathering restriction clearly defines 'common purpose' - CE
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST 26 out of 28 suspected corruption cases involve police
COMPETITION COMMISSION CE sidesteps question over Dennis Kwok departure
JUDICIAL REVIEW Activist challenges prison term rule for elections
CHEUNG CHAU Hongkongers celebrate a more muted Bun Festival
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Eight charged over 'pungent' protest last year
JUDICIAL REVIEW District councillor set to oppose $50 mln music fountain
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 319 residents arrive home from Pakistan chartered flight
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters mark 8 months at Prince Edward station, Tin Shui Wai
GERARD MCCOY 'Occupy Trio', Rurik Jutting barrister dies of heart attack
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST 'Relentless torture' of politics and violence can damage SAR - CE
DOVER SCANDAL Journalist groups condemn police reporter arrests
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Police fire pepper spray in Shatin mall
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hong Kong reports two imported coronavirus cases
INVESTIGATING POLICE Senior cop questioned on property legality
LABOUR DAY PROTESTS Chief Secretary cheers for local workers
LABOUR DAY PROTESTS Ralliers charged despite keeping within 4-person limit
FOREIGN INTERFERENCE' China prosecutes Belizean citizen over Hong Kong affairs
TEMPLE REOPENS Worshippers pray to Wong Tai Sin for jobs, virus recovery
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Half-capacity restriction eased on restaurants
DSE EXAMS Students take final-year after coronavirus delay
HOUSE COMMITTEE SAGA Another meeting with no new chair or vice-chair elected
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Two subsidised mask production lines meet safety standard
MAY 1 RALLY Police rejects bid due to coronavirus concerns
GOVERNMENT RESHUFFLE Anti-sedition laws must come into effect - Erick Tsang
COVID-19 OUTBREAK CHP reports two new cases in the city
RENT RELIEF MEASURES URA approves of up to 75% rent reduction, totalling $100m
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Police seek legal advice over protest approvals - source
HOME-MADE BOMBS Suspect in Wan Chai bomb plot faces child pornography charge
政府建議向海洋公園撥款54億元救亡 否則公園將倒閉
新增三宗確診其二屬本地感染 23日零確診「斷纜」
政府指學生記者採訪示威極危險 批有關組織置孩子安危於不顧
林鄭:教育不能成為「無掩雞籠」 年內公布通識科前景
周五放寬限聚令 婚禮聚集人數限制增至50人
政府派發可重用口罩 一度近五萬人排隊網上登記
許樹昌: 食肆每枱人數可增至六至八人
港澳辦:黑暴攬炒是一國兩制大敵 中央不會坐視不理
612反修例示威首宗暴動案 被告認罪下周五判刑
本港新增一宗確診個案 為美國輸入個案
陳茂波大幅調低今年經濟增長 料負4%至負7%
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Social Service Council wants more help for most vulnerable
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hong Kong reports one new infection, lowest since early March
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Poll claims 90 percent of students want exams cancelled
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Worries of infections mount as DSE exam go ahead
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Optimistic to think virus can vanish in 2 years - HKU expert
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Health officials confirm Hong Kong showing signs of slowdown
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Court says police watchdog can review officers action
HOUSE COMMITTEE 15th meeting ends without electing chairman
COVID-19 SUPPLIES Govt puts $13 man in five extra firms to produce face masks
CATHAY PACIFIC Closing US bases, sacking crew as passenger volume plunges
COVID-19 RELIEF Legco approves $137.5 bln aid package after marathon talks
FREEDOM OF PRESS HKJA challenges police in court over treatment in protests
JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE Officials dismisses report re. mainland pressure on legal system
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Two new cases reported, travellers to get extra test kit
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST 15 pro-democracy figures arrested in crackdown
GOVERNMENT RESHUFFLE Patrick Nip among top officials being replaced - source
DSE EXAMS 90 percent of exam sites can seat students 1.8 m apart
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hospital Authority to set up spaces for recovering patients
HOUSE COMMITTEE DEADLOCK I expect to be disqualified as lawmaker soon - Dennis Kwok
BEIJING INTERFERENCE' CE backs Liaison Office in press release saga
POLICE ARRESTED Sergeant suspected of perverting course of justice
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Force closure, gathering bans extended for 14 more days
RATING DOWNGRADE CE expresses disappointment as credit rating cut to AA-
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Dozens sent home under new '10+4' plan as cases pass 1,000
PRESS FREEDOM Hong Kong drops seven places to rank 80th in the world
LEGCO DEADLOCK Pan-dems asks Beijing to stay out of SAR affairs
COVID-19 IMPACT Coaches and gyms calls for more government support
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hong Kong reports three new confirmed infections
LEGCO DEADLOCK 'Absolutely no ground for accusation of interference' - CE
PAY CUTS Airports Authority executives take 20% cut
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Time in quarantine centres will shorten to 10 days
HONG KONG ECONOMY Trade unions worried unemployment will soar
ANTI-MASK LAW Court Appeal partially overturns ruling on emergency powers
DSE EXAMS Education chief stresses goal to start exams on April 24
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 40-day-old baby among latest infections in HK
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Karaokes, mahjong parlours, nightclubs to close for 14 days
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Not enough evidence to arrest North Point attackers - police
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Global reported infections near a million
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Three teens arrested over police station attack
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 10000 truck drivers affected under new border control measure
COVID-19 OUTBREAK PolyU designs face shields reusable 50 to 60 times
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Bars shut down, no alcohol served in eateries for 14 days
COVID-19 OUTBREAK RTHK's Taiwan query breached 'One China' policy - gov't
POLICE WIN APPEAL Laws relaxed for warrantless phone searches
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 10000 truck drivers affected under new border control measure
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Cross-border truck driver restrictions delay by a week
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Global cases pass a million; bars in HK closed for 14 days
TAI PO ROBBERY Police open fire while chasing robbers
DOXXING CONCERNS TVB and Oriental Press Group push for tough policing
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Isolation beds could run out by mid-April - HA
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 17 new infections in HK, including crowd control sergeant
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Damages at Legco building cost government $39m
ONE-CHINA PRINCIPLE Gov't to review RTHK after Taiwan report saga
BASIC LAW City marks 30 years since mini constitution was adopted
PAY RISE Carrie Lam defends $120,000 salary increase
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hong Kong reports more than 20 new confirmed cases
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Mega bridge and MTR to reduce service
COVID-19 OUTBREAK CHP reports 32 new cases, most with travel history
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HK sees biggest drop of 44% in retail sales in February
DSE EXAMS Doubts over exams can start on April 24
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Kitchee SC staff tests positive for coronavirus
COVID-19 OUTBREAK CE says zero tolerance for quarantine breach
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Foreign domestic helper sector need relief - DAB
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters defy restrictions to mark Prince Edward violence
金管局:負資產按揭宗數 按季升兩倍
文憑試核心科首日開考 十名考生因發燒等不准入試場
漁護署檢測過52隻寵物 3隻錄低水平病毒
通識科必答題談及香港新聞自由 有考生指難以舉
劉兆佳:改組強化應對政治亂局 更好駕馭公務員
上水老翁被磚擊中死亡 兩人被控謀殺
中學文憑試如期下周五開考 目標7月22日放榜
本港多四宗確診 全屬輸入個案
駱惠寧:港維護國家安全制度不夠完善 是突出短板
本港新增4宗確診個案 全部有外遊紀錄
本港最新失業率4.2% 急升至逾九年高位
本港今無新增確診個案 防護中心取消記者會
楊潤雄︰文憑試24日開考機會高 正商討加強防疫措施
警察總部收到包裹疑似爆炸裝置 收件人為警務處處長
大律師公會:兩辦受第22條約束 沒有對港監督權
負壓病房曾故障半小時 瑪嘉烈醫院調查事故原因
本港增五宗確診 復活節診所關門或令檢測樣本減少
本港新增16宗確診 1人無外遊疑屬酒吧群組二代傳播
復活節長假期開始 多人往離島郊遊遠足
限聚令延至本月23日 陳肇始:警會檢控違例人士
楊潤雄:如確診續回落 本月24日文憑試開考機會相當大
林鄭與問責班子減薪一成 指非因應政治形勢而減薪
政府推800億保就業計劃 僱主須承諾不裁員
區諾軒以揚聲器襲警罪成 法官指其行為有惡意
UNEMPLOYMENT RISES F&B sector particularly hard hit; exporter confidence falls
秘魯返港星晨旅行團有團友確診 全團需入住檢疫中心
本港多24宗確診 一名患者曾到銅鑼灣唱卡拉OK
有居於劏房確診者仍未送院 憂傳染同住母親
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST IPCC's probe to cover 8.31, San Uk Ling
政府擬派包機接滯留秘魯港人 需自付費用
男子違檢疫令虛報地址並圖離境囚三個月 官斥行為自私
政府:食肆外有人排隊不違法 若人群聚集警方有權勸喻
立法會審議臨時撥款 政府稱本周不通過影響福利
本港多41宗確診 包括31歲駐西九總區男警
政府今派次輪包機接載湖北港人 料接載逾500人回港
湯家驊:禁賣酒「到皮不到肉」 憂受法律挑戰
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Police arrest seven over attacks; US release human rights report
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Occupy Central founder walks free from jail early
COVID-19 OUTBREAK CE looks to beef up relief fund to $28 million
FREEST ECONOMY Singapore takes top spot, HK ranks second
COVID-19 OUTBREAK More flights arranged to fly UK, US students home - CE
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Overseas Filipino workers can return to Hong Kong, Macau
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Chun Yeung Estate quarantine centre 'absolutely essential' - CE
COVID-19 UPDATE Three more confirmed cases in HK
HSBC RESULTS Bank plans new cost cutting after profits falls 33 percent
RTHK UNDER FIRE Satirical programme 'Headliner' draws over 200 complaints
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Another temple-goer confirmed infected
LEGCO ELECTIONS Pan-dems seek functional constituency seats
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Travel restrictions on Italy; parts of France, Spain, Germany, Japan
LAND SALE 2020/21 Gov't to sell 15 sites for 7500 residential flats
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Jockey club reopens 17 betting branches next week
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Diamond Princess recovered tested positive for virus
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Time for businesses to gradually return to normal - CE
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CE's inaction on police seems to condone behaviour - HKJA
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY No protest review committee anytime soon - CE
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Gov't will ensure financial stability amid turmoil - Paul Chan
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Protests as public hospital protection gear down to one month
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 'Innocuous' misuse of relief fund acceptable - Law Chi-kwong
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Gov't new subsidy to save jobs as a famous eatery bites the dust
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Protests break out over designated virus clinics
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Coronavirus subsidy 'hopefully' available within months - Gov't
COVID-19 CONS Thousands cheated in mask scams totalling over $48 mln
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Research New virus replicates 3x faster than SARS - HKU scientists
TUNG CHUNG LINE EXTENSION Gov't aims to complete two new MTR stations by 2029
本港增24宗確診 其中19人有外遊紀錄
本港增39宗確診 30人有外遊紀錄
酒吧禁酒巿民質疑措施效用 員工憂飯碗不保
政府修例禁止所有食肆和酒吧賣酒 減少社區人群聚集
林鄭推翻兩天前說法 指疫情變化快要迅速回應
袁國勇:病毒源於美無實證 野味劣質文化才是病毒之源
大批留學生回港 稱會自我隔離
本港多七人確診 大部分有外遊紀錄
新華埃及團領隊及七團友確診 餘下一人初步確診
六人涉年初爆炸品案 不准保釋六月再提堂
首班包機早上赴武漢 首日接258人回港
警拘17人檢爆炸裝置及化學品 指炸彈不單針對警員
消息:一男子初步確診 與北角佛堂群組有關
林鄭月娥及陳帆視察青衣長康邨 未有上樓就離開
過去一日沒有新確診個案 維持總數98宗
小店稱貸款治標不治本 盼政府直接補貼中小企
公務員今日起陸續恢復辦公 不少人上班自備口罩
五年公營房屋建屋量約十萬 嚴格審核明日大嶼公帑運用
港府首批專機主要接載滯留武漢港人 未有公布何時起行
本港新增五宗確診個案 兩人曾到北角佛堂
多個二三月南韓旅行團取消 涉至少300團逾五千人
張建宗:疫情已受控 盼市民包容政府
深圳推特別申請通道 零接觸辦赴港簽注
威士特丹號36名港人乘客 18人已返港無病徵
譚耀宗贊成推遲兩會 指可減風險及專注抗疫
有滯留湖北港人感徬徨 盼港府盡快安排他們回港
楊潤雄:復課日期未定 籲學校訂網上學習計劃
康美樓未再有新確診個案 一個住戶拒絕離開
強制檢疫兩人失蹤 警將發通緝令
強制檢疫措施生效 有市民質疑做法不合比例
醫管局:外科口罩存量1600萬個 少量訂貨分批抵港
徐德義出席沙田區議會 解駿洋邨作檢疫設施
美心兩員工確診感染新型肺炎 北京樓中環旺角分店關閉
K Kwong:正聯絡自動化生產口罩機器的廠商
所有內地返港人士須接受14日檢疫 周六凌晨生效
世界夢號郵輪抵港 乘客稱未知何時可以下船
政府凌晨起關閉四個口岸 只開放機場、深圳灣及港珠澳大橋口岸
林鄭:口岸關閉與醫管局員工罷工完全無關 以極端手法威迫政府不會得逞
醫護罷工踏入第三天 醫管局稱緊急服務受影響
一對武漢夫婦初步對新型冠狀病毒呈陽性反應 曾到本港多間酒店
西九站封站前夕入境旅客大排長龍 當局加派人手量體溫
內地旅客過關須接受查詢 指自願申報存漏洞
售口罩老闆:貨源緊張 小店根本無力應付市民需求
醫管局批評瞞報增醫護風險 正研究追究法律責任
DISTRICT COUNCILLOR ARREST Democratic Party's Cheng Lai-king accused of sedition
林鄭稱辭職只會帶來不穩和混亂 否認京收緊對港管治
TRAINS FARES MTR freezes fare hike this year
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Six more Filipinos in HK test positive for coronavirus
COVID-19 OUTBREAK More SAR residents return from Hubei; experts call for testing
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HK records highest jump in single-day infections
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Public gatherings of more than four people banned
武漢新增一宗肺炎死亡個案 深圳北京首現個案
駱惠寧:一家人有商有量 拋開區分求共對
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Government urges foreign domestic helpers to stay home
不否認警方研究引入電槍 李家超:支持更有效處理暴力
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Eateries restriction is 'lesser of the two evils' - Edward Yau
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Five more firms get funding for local mask production
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Wong Tai Sin Temple to shut for two weeks
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Most of HK's new infections have recent travel histories
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Officials explain measures on Facebook
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Cambridge International cancels IGCSE May/June exams
COVID-19 OUTBREAK McDonald's to stop night-time dine-in service
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Authorities to probe Lan kwai Fong Linked cases
HONG KONG JUDICIARY Dennis Kwok: CE politicises appointment; rule of law under threat
HONG KONG JUDICIARY Andrew Cheung appointed as next Chief Justice
LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Pan-democrats filibuster funding bill
COVID-19 OUTBREAK First batch of Hubei returnees finishes mandatory quarantine
COVID-19 OUTBREAK CHP records 48 more confirmed cases in Hong Kong
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Countries race to develop vaccines
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Health expert retracts published article on virus over criticism
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Two firms get funding for local mask production
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hong Kong at highest risk for local outbreak - HKU experts
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Gov't apologises for monitoring wristband problems
EXPELLED AMERICAN JOURNALISTS Edward Yau dodges question on right to work in Hong Kong
BUMPY RIDE HK Express suspends all flights Monday until end of April
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Cleaners, security guards to benefit from anti-epidemic fund
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Two people tested positive for virus let go by mistake
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 'Zero tolerance' for quarantine violation - Carrie Lam
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Some complaints against police proven true - police chief
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Tear gas fired in Yuen Long as hundreds gather
COVID-19 OUTBREAK First death in Japan, 44 new cases aboard cruise line
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Sun Hung Kai donates 280,000 masks to Hospital Authority
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Full border closure is meaningless now - Carrie Lam
COVID-19 OUTBREAK New infection case in relative of previous confirmed patient
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Schools now suspended until March 16; exams cancelled
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Quarantines support system being abused - civil servants
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Gov't announces $25 billion virus relief package
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Three Sheung Wan, Shek O, Kwai Chung residents infected
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Fears over estate outbreak as third infection in same building
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 16-month-old baby among three new infections in Hong Kong
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HK issues travel alert on more countries as imported cases rise
COVID-19 OUTBREAK No difference in outbreak in UK or EU - Ho Pak-leung
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS HK confirms first death; two more infections
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Medical workers escalate protests; hospital services affected
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Closures make cross-border journey longer for HK-SZ commuters
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Hong Kong to ease reporting rules for companies' results
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Taiwan calls China 'vile' for limiting access to WHO
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Public medical staff warn of mass quitting over border closure
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Union to continue strike after talks broke down with authorities
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Princess Margaret to stop taking in transferred patients
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS 3600 still stuck on 'World Dream' cruise in Kai Tak
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Private clinics closing due to mask shortage
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS DSE exam venues scrapped across the border
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Hotels are not suitable for quarantine - Gabriel Leung
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Mandatory quarantine for people with mainland travel history
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS 161 people under self-quarantine in HK, majority at home
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Medication stock dwindles for cruiseliner quarantined passengers
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Hong Kong Airlines to axe 400 jobs amid viral outbreak
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Hospital Authority has a month's supply of masks in reserve
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Concerns raised over enforcement of new quarantine policy
AVERY NG LSD leader jailed for 4 months
ACTIVIST ARRESTS Jimmy Lai among three activists arrested
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Two patients confirmed with virus did not travel to mainland
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Gov't studying law to punish those who lie about history
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hubei returnee tests positive for virus in HK
COVID-19 OUTBREAK On-month donation is 'same as pay cut'
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Another cruise passenger infected
LEGCO FINANCE COMMITTEE Civil servant pay rises approved
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hong Kong tour groups returning from Iran quarantined
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Four chartered flights to bring home Hongkongers in Wuhan
COVID-19 OUTBREAK On-month donation is 'same as pay cut'
RELIEF FUND DAB to give out $3 million to jobless families
RAILWAY ACCIDENT REPORT Improper repairs on worn-out sleepers to blame - MTR
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Ombudsman probes misuse claims over inmate-made masks
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Low chance of human-to-animal transmission - AFCD
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Last two groups of evacuees arrive HK from Hubei
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Total number of global infection passed 100,000
RTHK RULES Democrats accuse gov't of pandering to TVB
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Gov't aiming for cash handout registration to begin late June
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Confusion over quarantine ruin Hkers; Thailand plans
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Govt should do more to help mental health - psychologist
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Hotels turn down room rental to hospital staff amid fears
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Two more people test positive for coronavirus - CHP
POLICE COMPLAINTS Chris Tang admits force's image affected by officer arrest
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS HA apologises for not quarantining confirmed patient
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Some 2,600 Lunar New Year tours to mainland cancelled
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS High Speed Rail trains to be suspended; flights reduced
YEAR OF RAT People travelling for the Lunar New Year
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS At least 11 patients and one hospital worker quarantined
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS China vows speedy hospital construction, supplies replenishment
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Growing fears of outbreak despite gov't efforts
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Stock exchange meets with accountants over filing worries
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL REPORT Singles out police for 'excessive use of force'
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Around 4600 healthcare staff pledge to strike - HAEA
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Some bank branches to temporarily close
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS HKU professor says people wearing masks too soon
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS HK schools extend suspension, but border not closed
CHIEF EXECUTIVE Q&A Lam insists there's no police brutality at year's first Legco grilling
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Another suspected case, doctors to go on strike next week
CHIEF EXECUTIVE Q&A Lam warns protesters not to ruin 'Two System' capitalist model
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Second death in mainland as Thailand confirms another case
POLICE WEAPONS Non-lethal arms are safer alternative - police commissioner
IPCC REPORT Council vice-chairman sorry about failing public expectations
WEAPON SEIZURE Police make more arrests over firearms possession
TUEN MA LINE First phase of new rail to start running Feb 14
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS More than 1700 may be infected in mainland city - UK experts
IPCC REPORT Police tactics escalating violence - rights group
ALLEGED POLICE RAPE Victim accuses police commissioner of trying to discredit her
DISTRICT COUNCIL CS defends officials' move to leave meetings
BUDGET 2020/21 Finance chief looking into adjusting tax rebates
TUEN MA LINE Expanded station will help with transition crowd - Frank Chan
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Dozens gather to mark half-year anniversary of attack
ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTESTS Sunday Central rally to adopt 'flowing style' - organisers
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Mainland cities on lockdown as virus spreads to more provinces
BYE TO BY-ELECTIONS Not enough resources and time for another vote - EAC
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS New deadly virus outbreak spreads in China
KING OF THIEVES' Kwai Ping-hung released from prison, deported to the US
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS HK tightens reporting criteria as second case confirmed
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Lawmakers, health experts call for more action to prevent spread
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Could see a third wave of outbreak - Yuen Kwok yung
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Japan to allow patients' close contacts to return to Hong Kong
BOMB DISCOVERY Officers find explosives in Sheung Shui, arrest three more
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Gov't needs to derect super-spreading at earliest - SARS expert
OUTBREAK RELIEF Finance Committee approves $30 bln fund
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 30-week pregnant woman among Hkers in Hubei calling for help
BUDGET 2020/21 Public, lawmakers grill FS over SME help, payout, police funds
BACK TO OFFICE Civil servants to return next week
BUDGET 2020/21 Chan defends cash handout plans
CARE HOME DEATH Resident dies in plastic bag mystery
COVID-19 OUTBREAK DSE-takers giving false data penalised
COVID-19 OUTBREAK No evidence pets can transmit says Chan
GOING DIGITAL Government offers free digital TV to low-income households
WUHAN OUTBREAK WHO warns of possible limited human to human transmission
JUDICIAL WORRIES Judge Bokhary warns of 'full force storm' over rule of law
EXPLOSIVES HOAX MTR suspended briefly after bomb scare on tracks
PRIVACY BREACH? Photographer challenges warrants on police's search of devices
HONG KONG ECONOMY Exports plummet in January as city reels
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HKDSE continues as planned; class suspension extended
GOVERNMENT HANDOUT Salary donations to charities
UNAUTHORISED ENTRY Mainlander walked along high speed train tracks towards SZ
鄭若驊:去年法治飽受衝擊 有些人對法治理解屬謬見
馬道立:研究加快處理反修例案件 如延長開庭
海洋公園新發展涉106.4億元 政府擬一次過資助
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Government has no plan to regulate profiteering on masks
COVID-19 OUTBREAK HK family chooses to stay in Japan after cruise quarantine
MEDICAL STAFF PROTESTS Nursing association protests against protective gear shortage
COVID-19 IMPACT Jobless rate could worsen up to 5 percent - Labour chief
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 96-year-old tests positive for virus
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Prince of Wales Hospital medics volunteer to do 'dirty' work
COVID-19 OUTBREAK 106 Hong Kong residents quarantined upon arrival from Japan
COVID-19 OUTBREAK Hong Kong health officials report new cases
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Medical staff decide to end five-day strike
TUEN MA LINE OPENING Train fans rush to take first train on Valentine's Day
ANIMAL CRUELTY Tai Po pet groomer alleged dog abuse caught on tape
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS New HK case raises fears of human-to-human transmission
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS DSE exams set before 27 March to be delayed
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Hongkongers scramble for protection as face mask prices soar
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Hong Kong sees mask buying frenzy as CHP disputes reuse claims
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Teachers protest against 'white terror' in education sector
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Police shoot down undercover vandal reports as HSBC targeted
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Study finds reporters, students more depressed on average
VIRAL PNEUMONIA Wuhan outbreak increases to 44 cases, 11 in critical condition
ANTI-EXTRADITION SAGA Journalist hit by rubber bullet petitions to identify officer
OFFICIAL RESHUFFLE Wang Zhimin sacked; Luo Huining as new liaison office chief
VIRAL PNEUMONIA Hong Kong raises alert level in face of mystery Wuhan outbreak
DISTRICT COUNCILS Dozens of pan-democrats to boycott gov't meet-and-greet
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Mainland visitors flock to border city amid ongoing unrest
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Education chief says bureau takes teachers' misconduct seriously
VIRAL PNEUMONIA Doctors must report suspected cases starting tomorrow
VIRAL PNEUMONIA No need to board planes or trains to check temperature - Chan
SURVEILLANCE ORDINANCE No plans to amend comms, intercept ordinance - Security Bureau
DISTRICT COUNCILS Yuen Long councillors vow probe into July 21 MTR attacks
RETURN TO THE RIGHT TRACK' Carrie Lam vows to work with Luo Huining to tackle social unrest
WUHAN OUTBREAK Authorities identify coronavirus as cause
WUHAN OUTBREAK Authorities identify coronavirus as cause, pose no threat to HK
FAKE BAGS Counterfeit handbags worth $4 million seized; 6 arrested
MEETING ADJOURNED War of words continue; maternity leave amendment in limbo
ANTI-MASK LAW Court begins hearing on government appeal
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Another six in hospitals after returning from Wuhan
HONG KONG MENTAL HEALTH 2 million showed symptoms of PTSD, depression - HKU study
MATERNITY BILL Government defends proposal to fast-track Legco bill
WUHAN VIRUS Seven more isolated in HK, first death in Wuhan
TRANSITIONAL HOUSING Sun Hung Kai to lease 3 lands to ease housing pressure
HEALTH WATCH Surveillance, prevention, control measures are in place - CHP
LAND SUPPLY Gov't to meet housing target as three sites up for sale in Q1
ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT I was politically insensitive about Yuen Long attack - Junius Ho
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Pepper-spray used as Prince Edward protest turns ugly
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST I bear an unavoidable responsibility for crisis - Carrie Lam
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST PTU holds protest against education sector 'suppression'
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Appeal, complaint mechanisms exist for axed educators
HONG KONG CRIME RISE Incidents in Tai Po, Yuen Long fuel concerns about violence
CHRISTMAS EVE PROTESTERS Families scatter as police fire tear gas in Tsim Sha Tsui
DISTRICT COUNCIL Newly elected councillors from anti-extradition support groups
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters hold impromptu sit-ins, rallies in malls
QUIET CHRISTMAS Malls spending 20 percent less on Christmas lights
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST 50-year old man admits wounding in TKO Lennon Wall
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST HKCTU eyes worker influence as protesters bring about new unions
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST HKJA condemns police for targeting journalists
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters share Christmas meal courtesy of 'yellow' business
DOMESTIC WORKERS Union says tear gas-hit homes are harder to clean
LINGNAN UNIVERSITY NPC Deputy Andrew Yao to become Council Chairman
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Police rack up subsidies bill of $135 million
POLICE OPERATIONS Officers wearing the same calling cards is a 'hiccup'
HONG KONG MONETARY AUTHORITY MTR senior exec to join de facto bank as Executive Director
SUBSIDISED HOUSING Application for 'Green Form' discounted flats opens today
INFLUENTIAL YOUNGSTER FT named Joshua Wong one of 50 people who shaped the decade
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST TIC: Tourism industry suffers greatly from ongoing protests
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Clashes break out at Kowloon Bay Telford Plaza
MACAU HANDOVER ANNIVERSARY Xi praises SAR, swears in new CE, slams foreign interference
FESTIVAL BUDGET District Councillor eyes reforms for costly local projects
SPARK ALLIANCE Barrister: the non-profit doesn't handle litigation fees
FANLING BUS CRASH Bus driver denied bail, court adjourns case to next year
FINANCE COMMITTEE Civil servants' pay rise postponed to next year
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Archbishop prays for resolution through talking and listening
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Tension in Yuen Long as protesters slam police inaction
TAI PO SHOOTING Pistol, assault rifle seized after suspect fires at police
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST University Station reopens, school gear up for next semester
GOVERNMENT HOUSE CE meets with defeated pro-Beijing DC candidates
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Kevin Yeung warns teachers of suspension
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Clampdown on non-profit sparks lunchtime protests
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS More cities on lockdown as deaths reported outside Hubei
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Enough evidence to probe police ID stunt - privacy chief
WUHAN CORONAVIRUS Hong Kong raises response level from serious to emergency
2500元學習津貼明起接受申請 家長經學校統一交表
陳肇始:留意到市面口罩供應緊張 料未來一兩周可補貨
警方去信毛孟靜 不滿誣衊派臥底破壞商舖
恒指兩連跌 曾失守十天線
灣仔滙豐分行懷疑被破壞 警員施放催淚彈
會德豐借出逾50萬呎土地 建二千個過渡性房屋
元旦遊行逾40工會擺街站 民陣籲勿破壞免致混亂
大除夕港島多區封路 港鐵通宵服務
SPARK ALLIANCE Police arrest 4 and freeze non-profit for money-laundering
TEACHER'S UNION More than 20 teachers ask for help against complaints
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters call on foreign gov'ts to 'stand with Hong Kong'
612 ANNIVERSARY Crowds turn out for 6- month anniversary of major protest
FANLING BUS ACCIDENT Lawmakers call for better safety measures
PRESIDENTIAL VISIT Xi Jingping attends evening gala for handover anniversary
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Police receive $950 mln for OT payment in past six months
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST ExIPCC member: not surprised foreign experts quit
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Blind lawyer counsels Hong Kong's front lines
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Henry Tang reacts to niece's video calling out China
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters continue to rally and against the government
BOMB THREAT Police arrest three men for testing home-made explosives
REFINITIV CENSORSHIP Company created filter to block stories about Hong Kong protests
MISSING MAN Chief secretary backs Zhuhai authorities over detention
ELECTION PETITION Pan-dem lawmakers lose seats after top court decision
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST IPCC report expected in January
COMPLAINTS AGAINST POLICE IPCC interim report to be made public early next year
INDEPENDENT REVIEW COMMITTEE Chief secretary plays down investigation plans, warns on violence
CAMPUS CONCERNS Bombs found at Wah Yan but no evidence linking students, staff
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST CE: Cabinet reshuffle not an 'immediate' task
POLICE WARRANT Court rejects judicial review bid for eye injury victim
SMART LAMPPOSTS Committee: will lose cameras over privacy concerns
ANTI-MASK LAW Court lifts 'unconstitutional' mask ban as DoJ awaits appeal
CHOW TSZ-LOK Funeral held forteenager who died from high fall during protest
BRANDS 7 PRODUCTS EXPO Exhibitors expect less turnover than last year
旺角凌晨少年墮樓 警指無動武但曾用電筒照射
三名男子涉本月中尖沙咀劫案被捕 其中一人認識事主
新城市廣場黑衣人遊走 便衣探員制服多人
電視廣播重組業務 裁員約350人
警周日檢獲真槍案 其中五人提堂
ENTRY DENIED HK AmCham president denied entry to Macau
修例風波半年 警方使用1.6萬枚催淚彈
工展會周二開幕 市民入場需接受安檢
HONG KONG AIRLINES Licensing authority not taking further action for now
HONG KONG ECONOMY FS not ruling out cash handouts amid recession
POLICE OPERATION Police: officers need time to get used to wearing code cards
HUMAN RIGHTS DAY PROTEST Police: Rally will be cut short if there's violence
ANTI-TEAR GAS RALLY Hundreds protest against extensive use of tear gas
COLD WEATHER Hospitals overflow as cold snap hits Hong Kong
SHATIN-CENTRAL LINK Expect further opening delays due to protests - Frank Chan
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Mistakes have been made, but CE should stay - Cheung
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Pro-Beijing lawmakers slam CE, but keep her in place
HONG KONG AIRLINES Carrier expecting 'substantial' amount by Saturday
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Frontline protester: I may never be able return to Hong Kong
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST MTR experiences giant hit in business amid ongoing protests
王志民:離開憲法 法治就無從談起
HONG KONG SEX LAWS Legal body recommended updates for rape, necrophilia
拘捕行動坐在女學生頭上 警方:不能單憑一張相片下定論
政府公布九項紓困措施 薪俸稅等可申請分期繳交
10月零售銷售大跌24.3% 跌幅破紀錄
警方周末再放催淚彈 批有人唯恐天下不亂
理大尋找留守者但無發現 要求警方解封校園
SOJ RETURNS Teresa Cheng recovery from wrist fractures
區議會選舉民主派大勝 創下多個紀錄
高院指禁蒙面法的限制不合理 裁定違憲
警方協調政府部門清理路障 將適時開通紅隧
美參院通過香港人權法案 邱騰華憂發錯誤信息令社會紛爭惡化
HONG KONG POVERTY Number of people in poverty hit record high in 2018
佐敦持續有示威者圖往理大 警放催淚彈阻截
POVERTY IN HONG KONG Welfare chief: Ageing population contributing to poverty data
DRUG BUST Customs seize counterfeit medicines worth $13.8 million
SHORT-SIGHTED SAR Research: HK has the highest ratio of myopic people globally
POWER INFLATION HK Electric asks for 5.2% fee hike, 2.5% for CLP Power
HK ELECTIONS Gov't to look into electronic ballot counting
CHINA ARRESTS Belize native detained over meddling in HK affairs
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters block traffic at Prince Edward with police on standby
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Injured police officer open to a commission of inquiry
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST CE announces fourth round of relief measures
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Matthew Cheung hope peace after PolyU siege
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Chater Garden hosts Pro-Beijing, anti-government protests
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Protesters reject Gov't plan on independent review commission
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Hundreds rally in Tsim Sha Tsui in support of PolyU protests
HK DEMOCRACY ACT Beijing warns US of retaliation for HK law
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST PolyU takes back campus after two weeks of police lockdown
THANKSGIVING RALLY Thousands celebrate passage of Hong Kong democracy Act
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Paul Zimmerman accuses government of ignoring result
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST CE hopes for way out with independent review committee
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Hundreds rally in Tsim Sha Tsui in support of PolyU protests
HK DEMOCRACY ACT Beijing warns US of retaliation for HK law
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Man jailed for spitting at police, unlawful assembly and vandalism
TIGHTENING CONTROL Report: China considers replacing HK chief liaison
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS CE: NO Beijing censure over election failure
LEGAL WIRETAPPING Watchdog: More cases involve legal professional privilege info
SUSPECTED ROBBERY Police open fire during robbery chase; seven arrested
NEW POLICE CHIEF Chris Tang: worsening violence 'close to terrorism'
BASIC LAW FURORE Lee: if gov't fights decision, it must submit review
PLA 'VOLUNTEERING' CE defends troop clean-up; critics say it's a breach of law
FROZEN MEAT SMUGGLING HK Customs make massive frozen meat seizure
AIRLINE PROBLEMS Cathay cuts 2020 capacity plan amid unrest
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Lancet: humanitarian norms violated in Hong Kong
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Reports: Riot police to guard polling stations
BASIC LAW INTERPRETATION Martin Lee: HK courts do have power to assess laws
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST EDB: students could be penalised for protesting in uniform
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Police and officials urge Poly U holdouts to leave
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Shot Sai Wan Ho protesters called police's action 'absurd'
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Some protesters reportedly remain holed up at PolyU
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST CS questions Trump's claim, announces tunnel re-opening
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Voters from the mainland champion the right to vote
ANTI-MASK LAW Government asks court to allow enforcement pending appeal
CHINESE DETENTION Shenzhen police release Simon Cheng's 'trial' video
HONG KONG SCHOOLS Yau Tsim Mong parents, teachers demand tear gas answers
YUEN LONG SIT-IN Marks 4 months since MTR attacks on commuters
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Poly U holdouts refuse to bow down and 'surrender'
ANTI-MASK LAW High court suspends 'unconstitutional' ruling for a week
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Young people flock to register despite political worries
ESCALATING VIOLENCE School's out for the rest of the week
HONG KONG HUMAN RIGHTS ACT China 'resolutely opposes' move, as state media vow revenge
PRO-CHINA RALLY Hundreds gather outside police HQ
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Gov't civil servants who join illegal protesters will be suspended
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Tuan: 'situation at CUHK is out of control'
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Tolo Highway reopened; Cross-Harbour Tunnel remains closed
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST PLA soldiers help clean debris on roads in Kowloon Tong
HONG KONG ECONOMY Government confirms first recession in a decade
KWAI CHUNG SHOOTING Police defend firing live rounds in Kwai Chung
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Police inspect CUHK bridge, more students leave uni
CAMPUS CHAOS Tear gas and petrol bombs rain as police battle students at CUHK
ANTI-GOVERNMENT UNREST Tam: The government needs to implement Article 23
JURNALIST ATTACKED Police fired projectile at CRHK reporter
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Former top officials urge government to de-escalate
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CE: To suspend schools is to fall into protesters' trap
ESCALATING VIOLENCE Officials stay tight-lipped over late night CE meeting
ESCALATING VIOLENT Clashes at PolyU create dangerous scenes at harbour tunnel
CITY-WIDE UNREST Gov't dismisses curfew rumours, Xi calls for end of violence
ESCALATING VIOLENCE DAB: CE must encourage society to help stop violence
KWAI FONG DEATH Police deny links with black-clad man fell to death
示威者快閃破壞沙田站 最少6人被補
科大生墮樓危殆 消防:救護車兩遇堵路才抵傷者位置
CRITICAL CONDITION Student who fell fleeing tear gas remains in ICU
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CE rules out granting amnesty to arrested protesters
何君堯屯門遇襲受傷 送院時清醒
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Student who fell from car park in weekend protest dies
SHANGHAI MEETING Xi praises CE; demands an end to violence in Hong Kong
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police to request Coroner's Court examine student's death
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protesters mourn death of UST student at lunch rallies
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY UST demands a thorough, independent investigation
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY People mourn Chow Tsz-Lok's death at Tamar
ARTICLE 23 Top Beijing official says lack of security law aides separatism
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pan-democratic: lawmaker arrested a bid to postpone elections
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CCTV footage show other people trying to jump over railing
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protesters to step up fight against the government
HALLOWEEN PROTESTS Police shut down entrance to LKF, fire tear gas
ANTI-MASK BAN Legco divided over rule during public hearing
ANTI-MASK SAGA High Court hears mask ban judicial review application
SUCCESSION PLANNING Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma to retire in 2021
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Appeal board upholds police ban on Nov 2 assembly
RALLY BANNED Saturday's Tamar Park rally remains banned after appeal rejected
HALLOWEEN PROTESTS Another reporter victim of alleged police violence
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY HK government hit back at UK report
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police use tear gas against Causeway Bay protesters
INJUNCTION REJECTED Court rejects TVB's bid for injunction against assaults
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Molotov cocktails thrown during TST rally
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police use tear gas against Causeway Bay protesters
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Court clarifies injunction against doxxing against police
HOUSING FIX Gov't to rent Henderson brownfield for transitional homes
NATIONAL SECURITY Pro-Beijing lawmaker dismisses fears of Article 23 enactment
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protests mark two months since Prince Edward MTR crackdown
HONOURS GONE Anglia Ruskin University strips Junius Ho of doctorate
韓正見林鄭 肯定特區政府及警隊工作
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS EAC bans Joshua Wong over independence stance
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY High Court orders interim ban on online promotion of violence
LUNAR NEW YEAR FAIRS Govt slashes ' dry goods' sale; pan-dems slam decision
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Pro-establishment group protesters against 'black terror'
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Academics warn of backlash over cancellation talk
PROTESTER CONVICTION Teenager the first to be found guilty over laser pen
FATAL FIRE One dead, two injured in Tai Wai blaze
警方指示威記者不肯離場 取消記者會
盛智文指萬聖節如遇突發情況 酒吧提早關門
港台攝影師遭扯脫面罩 警稱不理想但片段不完整難評論
HONG KONG ECONOMY CE confirms Hong Kong likely to enter recession
K9 CONTROVERSY Police deny service dogs suffered from tear gas
HONG KONG ECONOMY Li Ka-shing to donate $200 mln to catering industry
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pro-Beijing lawmakers: Gov't measures 'too meager'
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Taiwan says it's ready to handle suspect transfer
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Student link hands to protest restrictions on student press
EXTRADITION SAGA Extra assault charges for six men in Yuen Long attack case
COURT INJUNCTION High Court grants temporary ban on police doxxing
FINAL FAREWELL Former CS Aker-jones' service to HK celebrated at funeral
APPLICATION REJECTED High Court rejects cops' appeal bid Ken Tsang case
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Joshua Wong: Returning officer under political pressure
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Medical workers slam police brutality
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Joshua Wong responds to 3rd round of questions
PRESS FREEDOM CE insists there's no plan to issue gov't press cards
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CE hopes Chan Tong-kai surrender puts matter to rest
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police accused of denying protesters legal representation
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY SJ: Focus of mask law should not be on efficacy
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Appeal board upholds police ban Sundays rally
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY XE: US senator's police state remark 'irresponsible'
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Briefing session cut short due to chaos
CATALONIA SUPPORT Hundreds gather in solidarity with Catalan protests
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protesters out to support NBA's Daryl Morey, as Lebron wades in
ANTI-MASK SAGA School instructs parents to not mask their children
POLICY ADDRESS Carrie Lam takes questions from public in Facebook Q&A
POLICY ADDRESS CE attends Q&A session; Legco erupts into chaos
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY High Court grants interim injunction at service quarters
POLICY ADDRESS Citizens' Press Conference lambasts annual speech
POLICY ADDRESS Government officials address housing, land concerns
ANTI-MASK SAGA Protesters from masked human chain in defiance of ban
ANTI-MASK SAGA CHEF fighting police ban on Sunday's Kowloon march
JIMMY SHAM ATTACK Pro-democracy activists: assaults aim at spreading fear
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Murder suspect Chan Tong-kai may surrender to Taiwan
GAG ORDER Police defend protecting officers' identities in court
INJUNCTION GRANTED Appeals court rules personal details of voters can't be public
ANTI-MASK SAGA Pro-Beijing bloc to head panel vetting mask-ban
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY HKDI suspends school, more videos released over girl's death
CHILD ABUSE Ombudsman: look into reporting mechanism to stop tragedies
RELIEF MEASURES Govt unveils $2 bln package to help transport and tourism
陳同佳將出獄 大批傳媒壁屋監獄外等候
李家超促台灣讓陳同佳自首 否則須負全責
林鄭及盧偉聰到訪清真寺 有穆斯林團體稱接受道歉
MTR CLOSURES Repairs continue affecting commuters and businesses
CONSUMER COUNCIL REPORT Spices contain carcinogenic toxins
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Nip: Elections must take place amid calm
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Petrol bombs thrown, as thousands march in protest
FACE MASK BAN CE: the law aims to deter youngsters from protesting
VEBY MEGA INDAH Lawyer of injured journalist takes civil action to High Court
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police arrested 241 over weekend, 77 over mask ban
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver at Sunday protest
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CE to cancel forums after policy address announcements
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Dozens assemble in TST in support of injured protesters
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Traffic chaos in morning rush hour after protests
DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS SAB and FTU urge action against harassment
APPLE APP Tech giant pulls HK map app after People's Daily criticism
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Government: 2379 people arrested in 18 weeks
本台車長中彈受傷 被扣兩小時後獲釋送院
RENT RELIEF Labour chief: Government to study feasibility of rent control
警認曾派便裝在上水站內執行任務 所有警員絕無違法行為
ANTI-MASK SAGA 14-year-old shot by police in overnight clashes
ANTI-MASK SAGA MTR services suspended, shop shut, DSE cancelled
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Reports: Police relax guidelines on lethal force
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Riot, assaulting police charges against teen who was shot
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protesters furious with police go on wrecking spree
ANTI-MASK SAGA Democrat lawmakers file injunction, judicial review against ban
ANTI-MASK SAGA Masked protesters defy new ban to join unauthorised rallies
OCCUPY PROTESTERS Raphael Wong, Shiu Ka-chun released from jail
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CE to discuss mask ban with Exco tomorrow - sources
ANTI-MASK SAGA CE says last night's 'extreme violence' justifies new law
教育局要求中學提交戴口罩人數 學生斥營造白色恐怖
New centre to probe marine strandings, deaths
網民號召多區集會 沙田有商店暫停營業
NATIONAL DAY Hong Kong on lockdown as protests go on in districts
NATIONAL DAY Pro-democracy activists lead banned Hong Kong Island march
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police warn public to stay off the streets
NATIONAL DAY Celebrations in Hong Kong went on despite recent protests
禁蒙面法明實施 集會遊行用隱藏身分蒙面用品屬違法
片段顯示示威者追打警員 警員手持佩槍以外多種裝備
多區衝突暫有逾百人傷 中槍學生情況穩定
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Victim challenges police warrant of her medical records
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Fire Services Department blames chaos for casualty error
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protesters rebuild the 'Lennon Walls' around town
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Opposing protesters clash throughtout the city
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Chaos breaks out in Admiralty during anti-govt rally
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY FS: US bill could affect investments in HK
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Citizan's press Conference: MTR abets police brutality
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Top cop hits out at 'smear campaign' against the force
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Helen Yu: violence should not be tolerated
JOSHUA WONG Activist to stand for November District Council election
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Exco member says dialogue can't solve all problems
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Carrie Lam touts dialogue as US lawmakers talk democracy
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Tear gas fired as protesters throw Molotov cocktails in Tuen Mun
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Legal fight over MTR CCTV footage continues
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Group aims to take civil action over alleged police brutality
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Volunteers carry out 'Clean Up' event
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Sit-in stages in Yuen Long to mark two months since mob attack
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Fresh Amnesty report urges HK 'push back' against Beijing
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Chief Executive looks forward to dialogue session
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Restaurant offers protest-themed dishes
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Lam: 'I hope to solve border problems than the five demands'
ROY KWONG ATTACKED Masked men beat up pro-democracy lawmaker near his home
OFFICER ASSAULTED Off-duty police attacked in Tuen Mun by gang of men
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Six men granted bail in connection to June 12 clashes
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Shops and schools shutter early ahead of CE dialogue
LAND SUPPLY Gov't announces land sale in Tai Hang and Tuen Mun
JUDICIAL REVIEW Court opens on Housing Authority rejected same-sex couple case
JOSHUA IN GERMANY Pro-democracy activists likens Hong Kong to cold war Berlin
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Off-duty officers to be issued expandable batons
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY UK lawmakers back right of abode for HongKongers
警方否認後巷毆打被捕人 指片段不清晰只見「黃色物體」在地
前人大常委曾憲梓病逝 享年85歲
國際特赦組織批港警濫暴 籲迅速作獨立調查
有人發起周六清潔連儂牆 警方:會嚴正執法
浸大學生記者被捕 警方指現場判斷他有可疑
北角炮台山打鬥警拘29人 包括持摺凳男子
穆迪降本港信貸評級展望至負面 陳德霖:對港影響不大
CONSUMER COUNCIL Watchdog: Lenders target young adults with misleading claims
新東補選選舉呈請勝訴 范國威非妥善當選
警方暫停報料熱線 稱坊間有很多不同意見
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Duelling over US bill on Hong Kong human rights
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Chief Executive vows to start public dialogue next week
MTR CHAOS East Rail train from Hung Hom Station derails
JUDICIAL REVIEW Pigs won't be inspected in Hong Kong
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Yeung: casualty numbers revised in fire department logbook
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Tam Yiu-chung: emergency powers should be used sparingly
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Hospitality, F&B employees warn of growing unemployment
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Chief Executive: I've never given Beijing my resignation
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY HKMAO: Universal suffrage needs to be within Basic Law
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Chung: leaked recording may lay in Lam's favour
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Students sit out classes for second day
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police: hard to distinguish 'real' and 'fake' journalists in clashes
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Carrie Lam says China 'respects and supports' withdrawal
CATHAY PACIFIC Flight attendants from three recent flights suspended
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Demosisto leader arrested; another attacked
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Students continue to boycott schools
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Liberal Party looks to city's moderates for hope
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Authorities step up measures to prevent airport chaos
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protests break out at Prince Edward
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY National flag-burning suspect denied bail
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police permit rally to US Consulate on Sunday
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Secondary school students call for strike on Sept 3
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Cathay Pacific defends recent staff dismissal
WAN CHAI FIRE One dead; at least seven injured in building blaze
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Tear gas fired as police clear protesters from Admiralty
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY US jeweller Tiffany says Hong Kong unrest hitting earnings
KNIFE ATTACK Three men assault off-duty police officer
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Messaging app Telegram looks to protect HK protesters
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Au Nok-hin, Jeremy Tam, Cheng Chung-tai out on bail
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CE: Government in control despite more growing violence
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CHRF to appeal police ban for August 31 rally
RAILWAY SHUTDOWN Protests held at MTR headquarters over weekend closures
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police deny female protester was abused in custody
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pan-dems lambast CE suggestion of emergency powers law
SIMON CHENG Global Times reports UK consulate staffer 'solicited prostitution'
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Two men charged with rioting for Yuen Long attack
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CY Leung denies writing warning letters to British lawmakers
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY DoJ asks trainee solicitor to address hate comments
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Students call for class boycott ahead of new school year
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police fire tear gas to disperse Kwun Tong protesters
CLEAVER ATTACK Lennon Wall slasher denied bail; case adjourned to Oct 17
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY US upgrades travel advisory over 'civil unrest'
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police approved Sunday's Tsuen Wan, Kwai Tsing march
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY MTR criticised for suspending Kwun Tong line for protest
SCHOOL TRAGEDY Principal sacked over school teacher's death
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Druggists: 'Tear gas causes physical and psychological damage'
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pro-government protesters besiege RTHK headquarters
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Banned protest turns into flash mobs; police fire tear gas
SIMON CHENG Police: UK consulate staffer released by China
POLICEMEN ARRESTED Two officers accused of torturing elderly man in hospital
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Three injured in Tseung Kwan O attack
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Beijing: Britain is 'wrong' to call SAR leader directly
JEREMY TAM Lawmaker and pilot resigns from Cathay Pacific
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Education Bureau staunchly opposed school strikes
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Patrick Nip: Now is no time to restart electoral reform
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY HK union group slams mainland's aviation directive
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Facebook, Twitter spot fake posts on HK protests
HK AIRPORT TENSION Some passengers arriving to chaotic scenes
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Thousands take over airport causing more delays
ECONOMIC RELIEF Government unveils subsidies, tax break
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Rally planned for August 18 over protester demands
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Hospital staff hold sit-in over police behaviour
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Civil servants threatens another strike
BENNY TAI Court grants bail to Occupy leader after four month in jail
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pro-gov't group gathers at Tamar to 'say no to violence'
'RECLAIM HUNG HOM' Riot police clear protesters after Hung Hom march
CONSUMER COUNCIL CAUTION Results on slime and meat substitutes
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CE pledges dialogue and IPCC fact-finding study
RELIEF MEASURES Gov't: university students aren't neglected in package
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Teachers march to 'protect the next generation'
李嘉誠:不接受暴力衝擊法治 為香港擔心
太子道西有大批市民聚集 警方出示藍旗
與默克爾會面談香港問題 李克強:中央支持港府依法止暴制亂
被取消參選資格 周庭提選舉呈請勝訴
黃之鋒周庭獲准保釋 期間禁入夏慤道等範圍
消息:行會曾討論緊急法 視乎831情況再定
831遊行上訴被駁回 民陣向市民致歉
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Student leader released over laser pointer purchase
POLICE POWERS Barrister: 'People have right to remain silent when arrested'
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protesters hold second press conference, criticise police
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Medical sector protests gov't handling of political crisis
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pro-Beijing politicians: foreign powers mastermind protests
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Political group calls for re-initiating fugitive bill amendment
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Thousands of social workers to join Monday strikes
YUEN LONG VIOLENCE Police arrest a total of 19 people for Yuen Long mayhem
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protesters ask Cathay Pacific to suspend pilot on bail
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police: weapons found are also seen at protests
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY HKNP's Andy Chan arrested for keeping weapons, explosives
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Potesters block main Kowloon roads and tunnel traffic
RETAIL SALES Government says protests dent business
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY HKBUSU President briefly detained, now in hospital
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Beijing comments on protests; pan-dems respond
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police condemns calls to block trafiic on Monday
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Activists hold press conference to address protesters' demands
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police arrested 148, used 800 tear gas grenades yesterday
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Traffic impaired after chaotic night of protests
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Civil servants urge gov't to heed protesters demands
港龍工會主席被解僱 批做法散播白色恐怖
楊潤雄:教育局反對罷課 學校不應受政治干擾
梁金成沙田遇襲受傷 警方正調查
李嘉誠刊廣告籲停止暴力 勿傷害香港
馮永業公職人員行為失當罪成 下月判刑
警方承認警員喬裝成不同人物 採取情報主導行動
警方承認警員喬裝成不同人物 採取情報主導行動
EXTRADTION CONTROVERSY Protesters call for city-wide strikes on Monday
守護香港大聯盟撐警日 周六到警署表支持
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Eddie Chu says receives tip off from informants
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY More protests planned for the weekend
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Analysis from a political and coroprate risk specialist
VOTER REGISTRATION Biggest hike in new voter registration since handover
DEATH THREATS Eddie Chu says receives tip off from informants
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY 44 protesters face riot charges over Sheung Wan clash
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY PLA HK garrison promo video sends warning
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Think-tank VP: Beijing has faith in 'One Country Two Systems'
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Anti-riot truck with water cannons go for a road test
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protesters disrupt morning MTR service
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Appeal board supports police ban on Yuen Long protest
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Aviation staff stage protest at Hong Kong Airport
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police groups write to CE opposing independent inquiry
OCCUPY ASSAULT Two officers walk free as jail terms cut by Court of Appeal
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Security tightened around Beijing's liaison office
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Hospitals on standby for potential Yuen Long casualties
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Tear gas fired as Yuen Long protest turns ugly
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Beijing reiterates support for CE, police amid protests
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Regina Ip calls for fewer anti-extradition protests
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY More police slam Matthew Cheung for Yuen Long apology
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Fernando Cheung: Hong Kong is turning into a police state
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Sunday night clashes see multiple arrests
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police block planned weekend protest in Yuen Long
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Stephen Lo issues internal memo giving thanks to police
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Support for police outside police headquarters
SITE COLLAPSE Part of West Kowloon Cultural District into water
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Civil servants issue joint petition; threaten to strike
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pan dems call for special meeting on Yuen Long
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Arthur Shek resigns from post
HONG KONG MONETARY AUTHORITY Eddie Yue to head city's de facto central bank
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY CE condemns Yuen Long attack and liaison office protesters
RIGHTS GROUP CONCERNED Business and human rights group call for inquiry committee
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pan-dems want answers over police no-show crime and accidents
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pro-Beijing lawmaker office vandalized
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Exco members take aim at violence
張曉明︰首要止暴制亂 支持特首及警隊
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Arthur Shek draws fire over 'caning children' remark
消息︰中央研判極瑞暴力分子近千 須嚴刑阻嚇
示威者傍晚佔領紅隧九龍入口 阻塞來回路線
黃大仙龍翔道被佔據 警方催淚彈驅彈示威者
示威者屯門堵路 屯門公路來回線全封
周日衝突44人被控暴動提堂 大批市民聲援
警方:6月至今行動中 使用約千枚催淚彈
上環警民衝突暴動案 最年輕被告僅16歲
港島綫一度受阻 乘客稱理解網民不合作行動
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Shocking scenes across HK as night of violence divides city
EXTRADITION VIOLENCE Pro-establishment camp strongly condemns protesters
TRAIN DELAYS Nightmare morning commute on East line after breakdown
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Security Bureau: 'no plans' to introduce curfew
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Hundreds seek to file complaints against New Town Plaza
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Alleged finger-biter receives mention in court
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Hong Kong retailers forecast drop in sales due to protests
HKPOP SURVEY CE popularity rating at 33.4 marks
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Rising Sun Flags plastered on Tai Po Lennon Wall
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police face crisis of confidence and leadership
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY 2 arrests made in connection with June 21 & 26 clashes
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Denise Ho: Universal suffrage is Hongkongers' ultimate goal
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pro-democracy Sunday rally approved by police
PRO-BEIJING RALLY Pro-establishment lawmakers to rally on Saturday
EXPLOSIVES SCARE Record seizure in Tsuen Wan; concerns of link to protests
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police insist CHEF and their rally in Wan Chai
EXTRADITION VIOLENCE CE slams 'thugs', 'rioters' who scuffle with police in Shatin
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Justice chief says Beijing continues to support the HK gov't
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pro-gov't supporters gather to call for peace
LANTAU TOMORROW Development Chief confident in proposal
HERE TO STAY Carrie Lam's office denies reports she has tried to quit
銀髮族遊行 大會估計約8000人參與
書展開幕 有市民通宵排隊等候入場
CONSUMER COUNCIL REPORT Anti-bacterial handwash, cough drops under microscope
SUCCESSFUL SURGERY Infant becomes youngest heart transplant recipient
BRIBERY CHARGES Ex-JPMorgan banker pleaded not guilty in HK court
BUS CRASH One dead, 14 injured in motorway collision
SHATIN-CENTRAL LINK MTR: Tai Wai to Kai Tak stations to open by Q1 2020
港大生不滿張翔譴責學生 促收回聲明
SUSPECTED FAKE VACCINES Centre that gave out 'fake' HPV vaccines shut today
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Liaison Office chief Wang Zhimin condemns violence acts
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Anson Chan: Exco should n't be a 'rubber stamp' for CE
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Anti-fugitive bill protesters disrupt District Council meeting
EXTRADITION PROTESTS CHRF will launch judicial review to investigate police
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pro-Beijing figures call for investigation into June 12 clashes
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY At least one man arrested for assault linked to saga
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police called to break up tension at Tai Po Lennon Wall
HELPING HAND Psychologists offer services as Hong Kong mourns
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Anti-extradition mooncakes selling like hotcakes
'RECLAIM SHEUNG SHUI' Violence breaks out during anti-parallel trading protest
HPV VACCINES Customs arrest 2 and seize 76 boxes of alleged fake jabs
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Chan Kin-por: Legco reparis to cost between $60-70 mln
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pro-Beijing camp at odds over the fate of Carrie Lam's gov't
SCHOOL MANAGEMENT Questions raised on over teacher complaints panel
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY James Tien name-shame Exco members for hasty gov't backing
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Gov't worried that independent inquiry harms police
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Ex-judge:gov't seriously erred in political judgement
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Carrie Lam: the fugitive bill is 'dead'
DSE RESULTS Nine boys and three girls clinched all top grades
TUEN MUN SAMAS Tuen Mun Park's self-entertainment zone gets cancelled
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Legco secretariat will lift red alert on Thursday
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Student unions decline any closed-door meeting with gov't
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Chief Secretary holds meeting to discuss response to youth
EXTRADITION PROTEST Police beef up security in preparation for Kowloon rally
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Netizens organise anti-extradition march on Sunday
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Netizens organise anti-extradition march on Sunday
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Multiple arrests made after July 1 Legco siege
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Thousands join mothers rally in support of protesters
1 JULY AFTERMATH CE condemns protest violence as Legco left in ruins
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Legco building still under red alert warning
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Leader of Beijing's top think tank urges CE a softer approach
1 JULY AFTERMATH IPCC sets up task force to probe mass protests handling
1 JULY DRAMA Anti-extradition protesters charge Legco building
OCCUPY SENTENCING Tanya Chan appeals against incitement convictions
1 JULY DRAMA Morning chaos as protesters try to disrupt handover ceremony
1 JULY DRAMA Rally organisers end march at Chater Road instead of Tamar
1 JULY AFTERMATH Pro-Beijing lawmakers slam 'unprecedented' violence
1 JULY AFTERMATH Beijing: Storming Legco challenges the bottom line
1 JULY DRAMA Carrie Lam: Gov't will be more responsive to public opinion
1 JULY AFTERMATH Various groups urge CE to respond to protesters' demands
1 JULY AFTERMATH Pan-democratic lawmakers lay blame on Carrie Lam
文憑試12狀元主要來自傳統名校 喇沙佔3
警員立法會大樓內搬出大量證物 用貨車搬走
MENTAL HEALTH SURVEY HKU survey finds depression numbers now at a 10-year high
落馬洲警拘四男一女 疑與一宗企圖行劫有關
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Chan: 'Secretary for Justice should step down'
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Activists lodge complaint against police 'raptor' units
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Court deliberates id search warrant is needed for phone search
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Li Fei: 'protesters should not target police'
EXTRADITION PROTESTS Source: IPCC to launch investigation into June 12 clashes
EXTRADITION PROTESTS Hundreds surround Department of Justice
HONG KONG STOCK EXCHANGE ICAC arrests former official over alleged IPO corruption
EXTRADITION PROTESTS Pan-democrats call for investigation into 'ID-less' police
EXTRADITION PROTESTS John Lee urges protesters to redirect anger away from police
EXTRADITION PROTESTS John Lee urges protesters to redirect anger away from police
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Heung Yee Kuk backs Carrie Lam as Chief Executive
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Anti-extradition ads on int'l papers durling G20 summit
POLICE MEETING Police Commissioner vows follow-up with protestors
PRIVATE HOMES Price index for home sales hit record peak in May
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Forum on district election procedures axed for security reasons
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Protestors apologise to workers at the Revenue Tower
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Group urge probe into alleged police abuse of power
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Justice Chief says no set timetable for bill's reintroduction
NOISE PROTEST Tuen Mun residents protest against park performances
TRAIN COLLISION MTR releases investigation report of March crash
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Government building reopens after temporary closure
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY A group of 100 protests outside the revenue tower
NO ID Footage shows police was wearing uniforms with ID
COMPLAINT LODGED Protest organisers lodge complaint with police
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Teresa Cheng apologises again as protests quiet down
'POLITICAL STORM' Albert Chen takes aim at controversy surrounding extradition bill
HOSPITAL PROBLEMS HA addresses arrests of protesters at hospitals
兩醫院警崗關閉 警方指屬臨時措施
曾蔭權公職人員行為失當案 終極上訴得直
楊岳橋促擴域外法權 保安局:不能輕率接納
民陣七一遊行 警承諾需要時開放更多行車線
李家超: 被捕人士是涉及襲警、藏有攻擊性武器
黃之鋒刑滿出獄 對連續兩周大型抗爭感鼓舞
林鄭與教育界會晤致歉 承諾修補年輕人關係
泛民抗議修例 內會財委會提早結束會議
LIBERAL STUDIES Task force: LS should remain a compulsory subject
Protesters remain defiant days after mass march civic and political participation
EXTRADITION LAW Pan dems vow to continue fighting against the proposal
EXTRADITION LAW Chief Executive remains defiant, but backs down on bill
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Claudia Mo and Joshua Wong shoot down CE's remarks
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Lam apologises again but no resignation or bill withdrawal
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Twitter abuzz with criticism of government handling of protest
HK REELS Dust settles, but protests continue underground
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Group calls for ban on masks during protests
CENSORS TAKE AIM Protests blocked on WeChat. DDoS attack on Telegram
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police commissioner denies using excessive force
AFRICAN SWINE FEVER Gov't satisfied with new slaughterhouse measures
FIREBOMB ATTACKS Police question suspects and step up security at stations
EXTRADITION BILL Elsie Leung: the proposal has been 'politicised and demonised'
CITY-WIDE STRIKES Students, unions, and businesses protest against extradition law
EXTRADITION LAW Opponents to bill raise calls to 'besiege Legco'
PHONE-SNATCHING CASE Lawmaker Ted Hui avoids time
SUPPORT FOR THE LAW Liberal Party backs the controversial bill
TIANANMEN 30 YEARS ON Hong Kong remembers the massacre with candlelight vigil
HISTORY REVISED Fewer details of Tiananmen crackdown in HK textbooks
ECONOMIC WORRIES Hong Kong firm drops $1.4 billion land purchase pact
TUNA SANDWICH ATTACK Court rejects govt's appeal bid on Avery Ng case
SEX ATTACK Ex-care home warden jailed for assaulting disabled child
LANDMARK RULING Gay civil servant wins spousal benefits case at top court
CATHAY BREACH Privacy watchdog slams HK carrier over data breach
EXTRADITION BILL Legal professionals and former HK governor protest bill
曾鈺成︰續推修例影響難料 暫緩卻可控
EXTRADITION LAW CE: I won't blindly follow Central Government's instructions
示威者包圍立法會及政總 霸佔夏愨道龍和道
警員立會大樓內戒備 示威者和警員均有受傷
警方凌晨與示威者爆發衝突 共拘捕19人
被問會否下台 林鄭:承諾維持和諧包容社會自己會繼續努力
佔中案陳淑莊刑囚八個月 緩刑兩年
灣仔警車遭投擲汽油彈 警方:事出突然未有追捕
綠置居小單位銷情緩慢 缺席率達七成
活豬恢復應市 零售價貴一倍
民陣周日反修例遊行 籲參與者穿白衣
環亞體檢清盤 多名顧客到診所了解情況
議員促人權保障寫入法律 政府︰需有彈性
陳弘毅:若有移交內地個案 社會可用輿論監督
何謂台灣「中央機構」 林鄭李家超仍未能回答
港航多架飛機零件脫落 日方:情況不尋常
NO EXTRADITION AMENDMENTS School alumni, staff and students sign petition against bill
EXTRADITION BILL CE: amendments must be submitted to Legco by June 1
EXTRADITION LAW Gov't makes changes to controversial bill
TIANANMEN ANNIVERSARY Chu: political abuse in China is now worse than 1989
SAME SEX MARRIAGE First-ever judicial review filed for legal marriage rights
HK AIRLINES Eighth case in 4 days of missing parts on plans
UNDISCLOSED HOMES Teresa Cheng slammed for undeclared properties
PRIMARY ONE LOTTERY 73 percent of children allocated top three school choices
AFRICAN SWINE FEVER Fresh pork supply to continue tomorrow despite virus scare
EXTRADITION LAW DEBATE Matthew Cheung sidesteps questions over status of Taiwan
CONTROVERSIAL ASYLUM CE doubts Berlin's decision
EXTRADITION WOES Officials still seek to ease concerns on rendition law
HOSPITAL CRUNCH HA head: more overseas doctors may be recruited
EXTRADITION LAW Lawmakers sling blame for changes to Legco rules
LANTAU TOMORROW $550 million allocated to fund studies on artificial islands
EXTRADITION LAW Alan Hoo: outsiders seek to 'demonise' rendition laws
KADOORIE FARM ACCIDENT Authorities investigate deadly helicopter crash
SUSPECTED NEGLIGENCE Mother arrested after son falls from 4th floor flat
AFFORDABLE HOUSING HA takes online applications for the first time
EXTRADITION LAW Top counsel allowed to represent fugitive tycoon
FINANCIAL CRIMES Cho Kwai-chee charged in stock-collapse investigation
FINANCIAL CRIMES Cho Kwai-chee charged in stock-collapse investigation
BEA HANDOVER David Li Kwok-po stepping down as Bank of East Asia CEO
DUTY OF CARE LRC wants new offence to criminalise 'bystanders' of harm
INDECENT ASSAULT TRIAL Former rehab head convicted of indecent assault
EXTRADITION LAW DEBATE More concerns raised over the controversial proposal
ELDERLY SERVICES Gov't to tighten application for elderly services
OPERATION BUNGLE Doctor removes patient's spleen by mistake
SWINE FEVER SCARE Slaughterhouses to reopen but no fresh pork yet
NATIONAL ANTHEM DEBATE Martin Liao grilled over 'Beijing will be angry' comments
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Chief secretary says government cannot intervene
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Pan-dems: Shelf amendments, treat Taiwan case separately
EXTRADITION CHAOS Rivals call for political reconciliation after Legco clashes
DONALD TSANG Court of Final Appeal hears ex-CE's bid to clear his name
CAUSEWAY BAY BOOKSELLER Taiwan extends Lam Wing-kee's visa for three months
CELEBRITY TUTOR CASE DOJ applies to amend charges over exam questions leak
多個駐港總領事到立法會出席午宴 無回應逃犯條例
港鐵延長早晨折扣優惠一年 十月提高折扣額
林鄭晤德國駐港署理總領事 反對德國批庇護
許智峯三罪成 官指無權要求女職員交手機
鄭若驊被指上任後續參與仲裁 特首辦未回應
街市首日恢復新鮮豬肉供應 價格貴約四成
政府去信立法會 逃犯條例下月12日恢復二讀
無牌經營骨灰龕首例 男子判罰款三萬元
首兩宗競爭法訴訟被定罪 14間公司違例
美籍華裔建築師貝聿銘逝世 終年102歲
反釋法遊行圍堵中聯辦案 吳文遠全部罪成
委員會周二開會 民主派批會議室用鐵鏈上鎖
EXTRADITION LAW Claudia Mo: Chief Executive Carrie Lam is a liar
MEDICAL COUNCIL VOTE CE, doctors and patient groups react to overseas doctor vote
LEGCO SECRETARIAT Administrative body accused of violating political neutrality
EXTRADITION WOES Albert Ho: 'CE quoted me out of context'
POLITICAL BRAWL Chaos in Legco as rivals scuffle over extradition bill chair
MONG KOK RIOT SENTENCING Yung Wai-yip and Yuen Chi-kui both jailed for three years
POVERTY LINE CE: We may be over-estimating the number of poor people
SWINE FEVER SCARE Pork traders cry foul over pig cull
EXTRADITION LAW Secretary General insists he is politically neutral
EXTRADITION LAW CE won't bow to demands to appease pan-dems
EXTRADITION LAW Amendment will not apply to retrospective cases
GAY RIGHTS Civil servant appeals to top court for spousal benefits
SURGERY SUCCESS Pan-dem lawmaker Tanya Chan recovering from brain tumour
DRUG BUST Police seize $1 million in illegal drugs; come in Mao figurine
逃犯條例明開會 民主派接力留守會議室
今年首季127宗電話騙案 增約四成
民主派見陳維安不果 計劃提不信任動議
NATIONAL ANTHEM 'Flash mob' video stirs mixed reaction
TAX REVENUE Gov't collects record-high tax for 2018/19 fiscal year
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY House Committee instructs James To replacement
HONG KONG ECONOMY Edward Yau: Businesses still surviving amid US-China trade war
GOLDEN WEEK HOLIDAY Commerce chief: be empathetic to mainland tourists
HONG KONG HOME PRICES March growth hits fastest pace in 2-1/2 years
HKU POP RESULTS CE's popularity rating sees slight rise
MAY FOURTH ANNIVERSARY Flag raising ceremony to commemorate student movement
EXTRADITION WOES Ronny Tong, Dennis Kwok lock horns on rendition law
LIVING STANDARDS Concern group urges gov't to set basic living standards
林鄭:陳同佳最快十月獲釋 修例有逼切性
陳同佳承認洗黑錢判囚29月 繼續還柙
涉在台殺女友男子判囚 泛民指修例無迫切性
本港樓價11連升 距離去年高位僅2.89%
建制派指佔中案判刑輕 憂青年接收錯誤信息
佔中案判刑 戴耀廷陳健民等四人即時入獄
學牌司機衝路障被捕 一名警員受傷
報告:香港平均樓價936萬元 連續五年貴絕全球
涉台殺女友後返港男子洗黑錢罪成 月底判刑
郭卓堅丁權案部分勝訴 鄉議局開會討論裁決
LAW REFORM COMMISSION Report issued suggesting law to tackle upskirt photos
EXTRADITION LAW CE rejects calls for talks with pan-democrats
OCCUPY CENTRAL Lawyers group: DOJ should hold prosecution
OCCUPY VERDICT All nine Umbrella protest leaders found guilty
EXTRADITION BILL CE: We won't stop pushing for amendments
SCHOOL TRAGEDY Brother of late teacher criticises authorities' inaction
ALLEGED SHOOTING Manhunt underway for suspect; victim stable
CURBS LIFTED Beijing relaxes limitations on HK-mainland productions
TELEMARKETING FINES Lawmakers criticise 'ineffective' cold-call regulations
SHAM SHUI PO SHOOTING Suspect denied bail, remains in police custody
TRIAD CRACKDOWN More than 400 arrested in anti-triad operations
PRESS FREEDOM INDEX Public views pressure from Beijing as major factor in decline
RED RAINSTORM HKO issues the first red rainstorm warning of the year
TRANSITIONAL HOUSING Groups providing housing services exempt from land-use fees
FRANCHISE TAXI Taxi industry likens gov't proposal to child abandonment
HK MEDICAL SHORTAGE CE criticises Medical Council's new proposal
HONG KONG AIRLINES Four directors issued injunction blocking decisions
INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC OPINION HKU's Public Opinion Programme to become independent
EXTRADITION WOES Civic Party lawmaker to propose expanding court powers
OCCUPY AFTERMATH Chu Yiu-ming visits jailed activists
COCAINE BUST Customs seizes drugs worth $240 million; two arrested
MANPOWER MEETING Sophia Chan: won't focus on single proposal
BELT AND ROAD FORUM Carrie Lam: HK bridges the mainland and other members
OCCUPY CENTRAL Chan Kin-man and Raphael Wong transferred to prisons
FATAL CRASH Lorry driver arrested after motorcyclist dies in accident
EXTRADITION REVISION CE rules out sunset clause for proposed extradition amendment
EXTRADITION LAW PROTESTS Pro-democracy camp to march against 'rendition to China'
OCCUPY CENTRAL Chu Yiu-ming: No apology during mitigation was deliberate
ARTICLE 23 Acting CE says legislation only a matter of time
JUNE 4 MUSEUM Concerned citizens against building safety risks
UNAUTHORISED WORKS SCANDAL West Kln Magistrates fines justice chief's husband $20,000
SCHOOL TRIP SCAMS Commission: staff members involved will be disciplined
MEASLES OUTBREAK CHP investigates one case of measles infection
患癌菲傭遭即時解僱 獲判賠償3萬元
選舉事務處遺失選民登記冊 涉及八千人資料
否決放寬海外醫生執業 醫院人手將持續短缺
逃犯條例首讀 民主派多次提規程問題
EXTRADITION LAW John Lee: no bias excluding several corporate crimes
LANTAU TOMORROW Mixed opinions over the government's development project
MEDICAL STAFF SHORTAGE Lawmakers work together to try to hire overseas doctors
NATIONAL ANTHEM BILL Lawmakers: Hard for courts to define patriotic
MEASLES OUTBREAK Another Cathy worker infected, at least 33 cases so far
MEASLES OUTBREAK Three more airport staff infected with the virus
PUSHING HK'S CASE Chan: Carrie Lam should be defending SAR to US
EXTRADITION LAW CE: No setback to changes, despite legal challenges
TOP ROLE Ex-police chief Andy Tsang joins China's anti-drugs body
FAT CAT SALARIES Union blasts huge wages at publicly funded NGOs
EXTRADITION WOES Elsie Leung: unfounded worries as China's legal system improves
MEASLES OUTBREAK CHP confirms seven new cases, record-high since 2008
DRUG TRAFFICKING Recaptured ringleader sent to jail for 37 years
OCCUPY CENTRAL TRIAL Benny Tai, Chan Kin-man: we're prepared for jail time
CONTROVERSIAL CHARGE Top court rejects DoJ's challenge to exam leak case
BUS SAFETY KMB to cap special shift at 14 hrs; testing anti-dozing sensors
EXTRADITION DEBATE Paul Tse: Limit window on retroactive cases
MEASLES OUTBREAK Another airport worker contracts virus, raising tally
MTR PROTESTS Workers protest layoffs they say were unexplained
VOLUNTARY HEALTH INSURANCE Flexi plans provide a much more expensive choice
本港新增四宗麻疹感染個案 兩人在機場工作
逃犯條例修訂首開會 仍未選出主席
許智峯涉立會搶手機 他否認三項控罪
PHONE SNATCHING Judge: initial evidence supports charges against Ted Hui
MEASLES OUTBREAK Total cases in the city rises to 31
WHITE HOUSE MEETING HK's former deputy leader Chan VP Pence
LANTAU TOMORROW Gov't: First flats to be ready in 2032
'e-TAXI' APP Cashless taxi rides now possible with Octopus cards
TOLL ADJUSTMENT Amendment plan withdrawn again ahead of LegCo meeting
SHATIN-CENTRAL LINK Panel: no need to rebuild Hung Hom station extension
PRICE HIKES MTR to increase passenger fares by 3.3 percent
EXTRADITION LAW Gov't strips 8 commercial crimes from arrangements
MEASLES OUTBREAK CHP: More cases confirmed among airport staff
"CONSUMER COUNCIL REPORT Watchdog warns some baby mattresses are hazardous"
ELECTRONIC ROAD TOLLS Gov't hopes pay-as-you-use toll cuts CBD traffic
"HEALTH SERVICE HA promises to hire more nurses at public hospitals"
"EXTRADITION LAWS Lawmaker voices worries over Her jailing on mainland"
EXTRADITION CASE CE says law changes are urgent because of time constraints
LANTAU TOMORROW VISION Reclamation project could be most expensive in HK history
"BOEING BAN Aviation expert: Not rushing into ban was right move"
ASBESTOS RISK Insufficient safety precautions reported at hospital
EXTRADITION LAW CE: Amendments are good for HK, won't damage trade
LAMMA BOAT CRASH Rescue teams scout seats for crew after collision
RURAL LEADER IMPRISONED Kenny Man jailed for $140,000 fraud
FREE MAN AGAIN Property tycoon Thomas Kwok finishes five-year jail term
網上情緣騙案手法有變 相識不久即要求匯款
政府引入新型捕蚊器 可殺成蚊和孑孓
旺角騷亂梁天琦等三人暴動罪不成立 容偉業暴動及襲警罪成
台不接受修改逃犯條例方案 林鄭︰不會撤回
港鐵兩列車相撞 指與新信號系統測試有關
民主黨林子健訛稱被擄 被裁定虛報罪成
旺角騷亂案 陪審團開始退庭商議
新綠置居項目合共約3700單位 年底預售
PUBLIC TOILETS Gov't to use 'innovative' technology to renovate 240 toilets
VOTER INFORMATION Lawmakers fuming after Kwai Tsing voter data lost
WHATSAPP SCAMS Police report 13-fold surge in cases last year
SWIMMER DEATH Service held for Olympic hopeful Kenneth To
ONCE COUNTRY, 1.5 SYSTEMS? UK parliamentary report warns of diminishing HK autonomy
DOCTOR SHORTAGE HKMA look to repackage plans for overseas talent acquisition
ESCALATOR INCIDENT Langham escalator engineer funded, escapes jail time
SAI WAN TRAGEDY Police investigate family murder-suicide
UBER FLASH Taxi partner backs out of Uber deal last minute
DODGY BID Health chief to quit honorary role over collusion concerns
FATAL ACCIDENT Construction worker killed by falling wooden batten
RENDITION LAW CHANGES SJ and Executive Councillor defend proposed amendment
HKNP BAN CE: Beijing supports ban, requests work report on it
COCAINE BUST Police seize $380mln worth of drug, arrest three men
TRANSPORT SUBSIDY SCHEME Minibuses enrolled in monthly scheme don't qualify
TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK Minibus drivers block off Tsing Yi bus terminus
TUNNEL TOLL PLAN Gov't to re-table toll fees proposal at Legco in March
LAND SALE Gov't: 15 residential sites to provide 8,850 units
FLU OUTBREAK School remains open despite 12 students falling ill
ESCALATOR MISHAP Nine hurt in escalator accident at Ngau Tau Kok MTR station
西九龍快速公路巴士貨車相撞 增至兩死
政府撥二百億購物業 設逾百社福設施
預算案 基層市民認為紓困措施聊勝於無
預算案 政府本年度錄得587億盈餘
政府回撥房屋儲備金 下年預算轉虧為盈
LAND SUPPLY CONTROVERSY Golfers alliance: Talking Fanling course an act of 'populism'
GREATER BAY AREA Officials talk up integration plan, dismiss autonomy fears
HEALTHCARE WOES Lawmaker says hospital staffing lacks planning
HONG KONG NATIONAL PARTY Executive Council rejects Andy Chan's appeal
MTR SHODDY WORKS Legco vetoes using P&P to probe missing forms saga
LAND SUPPLY Gov't to give Legco more Lantau project figures in March
PERU HOSTAGE Officials say no Chinese injured in deadly hotel robbery
SAUDIS IN HONG KONG CNN: Sister escaping to Australia stuck in SAR
SOCIAL MEDIA SWINDLE Risk-free, high return 'investors' lose $6 mln in scam
GREATER BAY AREA Officials insist HK has say in policy implementation
MTR RESHUFFLE Lingnan University's Council chair to head rail giant
GREATER BAY AREA NPC delegates talk up opportunities, dismiss criticisms
EXTRADITION LAWS AmCham expresses 'serious reservations' about legal changes
CRASH VIGIL Roadside remembrance for West Kowloon accident
ELDERLY CARE ExCo member: No plan to allow helpers work in care homes
EXTRADITION LAW Paul Chan: HK court would act as 'gatekeeper' for requests
HK ECONOMY Edward Yau: US-China trade war to cloud HK economy in 2019
FORMULA E RACE Traffic measures planned for harbourfront roads
ELDERLY CARE Law Chi-kwong: FDHs can be an option as caretakers
ARTICLE 23 Former minister: national security law unlikely to pass by 2022
MTR CRASH Overseas experts to join MTR collision probe
GREATER BAY AREA Finance Ministry to provide tax subsidies to attract talent
HONG KONG DOLLAR Monetary Authority spends $1.5 billion defending peg
MEASLES OUTBREAK Two confirmed measles cases, including 11-month-old baby
SWIMMER DEATH Top athlete Kenneth To dies at 26
MPF REVIEW Tax breaks floated to encourage contributions
EXTRADITION DEBATE HKU legal scholar says proposed law change too broad
EXTRADITION CONTROVERSY Police chief: Planned changes help cross-border investigations
TRANSPORT SUBSIDY January's rebate available starting today
BRIDGE TROUBLED Shenzhen Bay suspension cable snaps
LAND CONTROVERSY Sources: Exco accepts all recommendations by task force
LAND CONTROVERSY Sources: Exco accepts all recommendations by task force
EXTRADITION POLICY Gov't proposes legal changes to make extraditions easier
MANPOWER CRUNCH HK Medical Council looks into relaxing rules for overseas doctors
SAI WAN LUNCHEON Pan-dems boycott new year gathering at Liaison Office
GREATER BAY PLANS Beijing set to release development blueprint within days
MTR SHAKE-UP Source: Rex Auyeung to replace Frederick Ma as chairman
CHINA TRAVEL SERVICE Home return permit appointments online only from March
CHINA AIRLINES Six more flights cancelled as pilot strike continues
RATING CARRIE HKU poll: CE's popularity edges back up, still negative
政府全面接納土供組建議 32公頃粉嶺高球場將建屋
九巴派更系統故障 屯門公路轉車站一度長龍
繞道周日全面開通 運輸署將更新及加設路牌
MEDICAL VOUCHERS Former top health official slams scheme as failure
PLASTIC POLLUTION Study: Higher microplastic concentration in HK seas
STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES Department of Health blasted for wasting money by Ombudsman
CHINA AIRLINES STRIKE Seven more flights between HK, Taiwan cancelled
HEALTHCARE VOUCHERS Health chief defends $2000 cap for optometry services
YAU MA TEI ATTACK Knife attack suspect shot to death by police
MTR WORKS SCANDAL Police probe missing construction records at Hung Hom
華航罷工 今明兩天共有28班航班要取消
下午有約25度 是歷來第二暖農曆大除夕
FLU SEASON Gov't: No need to extend holidays as infections drop
NEW YEAR PETITIONS Protesters call for better social welfare
FLU SEASON Gov't: No need to extend holidays as infections drop
MTR SHODDY WORKS Inquiry Commission to investigate missing documents
CAN'T BE WITH FAMILY Son blames hospital after demented mother fell vegetative
WARM CELEBRATIONS Hottest second day of Lunar New Year since records began
PRIVACY CONCERNS Commissioner: Record number of data breaches last year
HOME PRICES HK property prices fall for fifth month
MTR SHODDY WORKS China Tech: 'suspicious' MTR, gov't lost key records
MISSING INSPECTION FORMS Gov't: scandal case passed to law enforcement last month
TOURISM BOOM Mainland visitors drive tourist numbers to record high
TKO BOMB WWI grenade defused at Tseung Kwan O potato chip factory
POLICY DEBACLES Chief Sec: Future policies to be put to 'reality tests'
BAD COPS Police chief: Officers' misconduct not to be condoned
CNY HOLIDAY Travel industry cashes in with XRL, HZMB tours to mainland
TRAGIC FALL Man plunges to his death in lift shaft in Ma On Shan
HONG KONG'S RICHEST Li Ka-shing still on top despite wealth taking a hit
YEAR OF THE PIG CE sends greetings as Hong Kongers celebrate with family
YEAR OF THE PIG Hongkongers gather in Tsim Sha Tsui for annual parade
漏診X光片陰影 醫管局指醫生感知落差
E-CIGARETTES Health chief defends ban on alternative smoking products
關愛共享計劃首天收表 市民批申請訊息混亂
陳志全促下台 林鄭:會繼續努力服務市民
香港續成最自由經濟體 惟司法效率評分急跌
HUNG HOM PROBE China Tech: 'Ironclad proof' that steel bars were cut
FLU SEASON CHP investigates new severe case involving 2-month-old baby
ANNUAL REVIEW MTR sees two percent growth in passenger flow
AFRICAN SWINE FEVER Slaughterhouses close down during CNY holiday
FLU SURGE Gov't orders early pre-school closures to curb outbreak
DRUG SMUGGLING Customs officers seize $57mn worth of ketamine
LONDON GOLD Police arrest 14 over $600 million fraud
ELDERLY WELFARE SAGA Law Chi-kwong: $200 subsidy deduction a symbolic move
UGL SCANDAL Legco votes down motion to summon justice chief
HANDOUT DRAMA Gov't admits room for improvement in Caring & Sharing Scheme
FATAL CRASH Truck driver dies in three-vehicle collision on Tolo Highway
NATIONAL ANTHEM BILL Gov't: bill won't prosecute unsuspecting citizens
LEGCO PROTEST Case of Andrew Wan and Lam Cheuk-ting adjourned to April
LOGO BAN? Demosisto accuses gov't of banning its branding
SELF-REFLECTION CE says she accepts criticisms and will work on them
BUDGET TALK Paul Chan stands firm on belief in tech and innovation
WELFARE SPENDING Law Chi-kwong: Permanent premise allows long-term care
STANDING FIRM Paul Chan shoots down calls for handouts and more rebates
'DEAD' SPACES Gov't proposal could give new life to vacant sites
SWINE FEVER SCARE Cleaning at slaughterhouses possible during CNY
CENTRAL-WANCHAI BYPASS More signs installed to direct drivers along new route
PUT ON HOLD Gov't to drop toll change motion amid criticism
APPEAL REJECTED Leung Kwok-Hung's prison haircut challenge
CASH HANDOUT Matthew Cheung bashed over complex arrangement
DOCTORS PROTEST Doctors rally against public hospital pressures, shortages
HONG KONG MARATHON Organisers ramp up first aid after death inquest
LINK REIT BILL Regina Ip calls for support to cap Link REIT's rent
繞道開通首日 東行車龍塞至西隧口
LUNAR NEW YEAR Festivities continue with temple visits and horse racing
SCHOOL DISCIPLINE Education chief says 'zero' tolerance over bullying issue
CENTRAL-WAN CHAI BYPASS CE speaks of mixed emotions ahead of operation tomorrow
TOLL ADJUSTMENTS CE has direct talks with tunnel executives over toll cut
MTR SHODDY WORK Another substandard steel bar found at Hung Hom station
DIFFERENCE OF OPINION CE, lawmakers disagree over elderly welfare policy change
PEAK FLU SEASON 234 kindergartens and childcare centres to close next week
NATIONAL ANTHEM BILL HK gov't admits speaking to Beijing about proposal
CARRIE'S Q&A SESSION CE touches on CY Leung's UGL case
CONSUMER COUNCIL REPORT Watchdog finds cancer-causing ingredients in some pastries
VIRUS RESEARCH HKU scientists develop potential drug for SARS, MERS
AIRPORT MAKROVER AA: facial recognition devices to be added at T1 gates
INDUSTRIAL COMPETITION Watchdog to probe newly formed HK Seaport Alliance
NATIONAL ANTHEM DAB lawmaker says ambiguity of the bill is necessary
GROWING BACKLASH Gov't under pressure to withdraw elderly CSSA adjustment
AIR POLLUTION Hazy Saturday for HKers amid serious health risk warning
SAFE CITY Hong Kong's crime rate hits an all time low
MONG KOK FIRE Police classifies station blaze as arson
BREAKING POINT Nurses cry foul over manpower shorten amidst flu surge
DONALD TSANG RELEASED Ex-CE finishes his 12-month prison sentence
ELDERLY CSSA ROW Legco passes non-binding motion to review age adjustment
PIG INFECTION SCARE Dead pig found in Cheung Chau, sparks swine fever worries
BREAKING POINT Nurses cry foul over manpower shorten amidst flu surge
CHILD ABUSE Two nannies get prison sentence for abusing girl
ELDERLY CSSA ROW CE said to have met with pro-gov't lawmakers to discuss remedies
CARING AND SHARING No online applications for $4000 handout starting 1 Feb
ELDERLY CSSA ROW Social welfare sector: new subsidy offering another 'mistake'
FOOD TRUCKS Operators want to join public events to save ailing business
ROAD SAFETY Report slams bus companies for risky 14-hours shifts
ON THE DEFENCE CE brushes off criticism over raising CSSA age limit
PRESS FREEDOM HKJA: gov't has different view on freedom of press
NATIONAL ANTHEM CONTROVERSY Sources: Exco passes national anthem bill
FANLING GOLF COURSE CE: too early to decide on taking back private golf club
BUS FARE HIKE First Bus increases price by 5.6%, Citybus by 7%
LAMMA TANKER FIRE At least one dead, two missing; explosions also heard
SCREWED OVER MTR hands evidence to police as more bad screw jobs found
收緊長者綜援申領 59歲綜援受助人稱大失預算
最低工資上調至時薪37.5元 將於5月實施
湯漢出任宗座署理 臨時管理教區
NEW YEAR'S PROTEST Demonstrators angry at Beijing's 'political suppression'
LAND SUPPLY Stanley Wong: Qualitative views can't be quantified
HAPPY NEW YEAR Life in Hong Kong gets even more expensive
HAPPY NEW YEAR 340,000 watch as dazzling fireworks light up Victoria Harbour
STARTER HOMES Applications open for URA's Ma Tau Wai project
PAYING RESPECTS Michael Yeung dies of liver failure at 73
SHRINKING SURPLUS FS warns of economic risks, softens tone on mortgage rules
TRAFFIC ACCIDENT Minibus mounts pavement, injures three
MAINLAND ARRESTS Chief Sec: No need to inform SAP about West Kowloon incidents
STARTER HOMES Thousands submit applications to purchase URA flats
LAND SUPPLY DEBATE Stanley Wong brushes aside concerns over golf course
SHODDY WORKS SCANDAL More substandard steel bars found at Hung Hom station
PATIENT ESCAPE Authorities search for tuberculosis patient on the run
WINTER FLU SEASON CE visits healthcare workers, patients at Tuen Mun Hospital
民陣將提覆核 釐清公民廣場使用準則
維港煙花倒數 警方將在多區實施道路管制
巿建局首置盤314萬上車 最貴661萬元
MTR SCREWS UP Fate of Hung Hom Station fuzzy as more shoddy work found
NEW DEPUTY DIRECTOR Deng Zhonghua to become new vice-chief for HK Affairs Officer
CAR CHASE Manhunt after 7-seater runs roadblock, hits other cars
CRABS NABBED Suspected crustacean smugglers stopped at Lok Ma Chau
CONCERTS CANCELLED Andy Lau calls off performances due to throat inflammation
LIAISING LUNCH Divided reactions from lawmakers over Liaison Office invite
AFRICAN SWINE FEVER Seventeen pig farms in Guangdong halt direct supply to HK
EMERGENCY SITUATION At least two public hospitals at 110 percent capacity
JOY TO THE WORLD Santa swaps reindeer for dogs to brighten up children's hospital
XMAS TRAVELS Cross-border links boost HK tourists for Macau, mainland
TOURISM NUISANCE Gov't and tourism council to regulate cheap mainland tours
UGL SCANDAL Bar Assoc.: SJ's explanation at odds with DoJ policy
SMARTER IMMIGRATION New e-Channels for new HKIDs At HZMB port, West Kowloon
CONVICTION APPEAL Families of jailed HKers in the Philippines to file appeal
CONTEMPT CHARGES Occupy activist wins appeal against four-month jail sentence
下季推地供應3950伙 按季增一成七
鄭若驊及丈夫涉僭建 鄭若驊不予檢控
的士司機拾逾百萬現金不報 判囚八個月
PHILIPPINES DRUG CASE CE promises help the four jailed Hkers
FOOD SAFETY Lawmakers question small wet market inspection sample
UGL SCANDAL CE refused to comment on CY Leung's case
HONG KONG'S ECONOMY Paul Chan: HK forecast to grow by 3.2% in 2018
OCCUPY APPEAL Top court dismisses Raphael Wong's contempt of court case
UGL CONTROVERSY ICAC defends probe, Acting CE hints at more explanation
APPEAL GRANTED Former CE to appeal misconduct conviction in top court
RATE HIKE HKMA chief sounds caution over economic uncertainties
CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL HK's first paediatric facility opens in Kai Tak
AFRICAN SWINE FEVER Hong Kong consumers still confident in imported pork
WINTER FLU PREPS Public hospitals to get more beds and staff
HIGH-SPEED FAILURE CLP sorry as 18 trains almost cancelled due to power outage
NEW TOWN AREAS Gov't: compensation in Northeastern NY not for everyone
ILLEGAL STRUCTURES SCANDAL Lawmaker wants explanation why only SJ's husband is charged
SOLSTICE SUPPER Hikers skip pork-based dishes over worries of swine fever
HOLIDAY SEASON Over 13 mln people expected to travel in and out of HK
CO-LOCATION PROTEST Lam Cheuk-ting and Andrew Wan pleas not guilty to Legco chaos
NORTH POINT CRASH Bus Operator insists not due to mechanical failure
KWUN TONG CRASH Nine injured after school bus rams divider
RATES CONCESSIONS Gov't to prevent ratepayers from enjoying multiple discounts
CO-LOCATION PROTEST Lam Cheuk-ting and Andrew Wan pleas not guilty to Legco chaos
NANJING MASSACRE Groups protest outside Japanese Consulate on 81st anniversary
ELDERLY HOME LAWS Ombudsman criticises gov't for being too lax
UGL SCANDAL Democratic Party may apply for judicial review against DOJ
SCIENTIFIC PUSH Some universities change entrance policies for STEM talent
EDUCATING TECHNOLOGY ETV loses meaning as school go digital with class materials
BABY DEATH Indonesian helper arrested over death of a newborn
SAFE VACCINES Flu jabs to resume on Monday following quality scare
INNO-TECH PUSH Gov't blames global economy for limited tech talent import
BASIC LAW FORUM Beijing: Chinese constitution overpowers Basic Law
DISQUALIFICATION SAGA CE defends Eddie Chu's election disqualification
FATAL CRASH Coach driver in Tsing Yi collision dies
OCCUPY TRIAL Organiser reveals misconception among protesters
SHODDY WORKS REPORT Commission accuses MTR of modifying its investigation report
SHODDY WORKS SCANDAL MTR under fire for testing 80 spots at Hung Hom station
MTR HEARING Rail staff discovered problematic bars on five occasions
ELECTION BAN Pro-Beijing heavyweight calls barring of Eddie Chu 'lawful'
HK DEMOCRACY Top judge urges restart of political reform process
HUAWEI ARREST Telecom giant troubles cast shadow on HK businesses
LOITERER' IN COURT Man charged after offering young girl to follow him
GATHERING EVIDENCE Crime scene reenactment for suspected father killer
LAWMAKERS ARREST CP says DOJ to decide on charges against two Democrats
UNSCRUPULOUS PRACTICES Victim speaks out about beauty salons poor sales practices
GENOME SUMMIT Scientist of genetically-edited babies presents research in HK
SECURITY LOOPHOLES Top officials' credit reports accessed in privacy investigation
LAND SUPPLY DEBATE Task force hurries to finalise recommendation report
DISQUALIFICATION TRIAL Prosecutor compares Long Hair to ousted localist lawmakers
POLITICAL CONTROVERSY Eddie Chu yet to be confirmed as candidate in rural election
OCCUPY TRIAL Chan Kin-man: Occupying was a final escalation tactic
LGBT RIGHTS Legco won't study possible civil unions for gay couples
HOTEL ROBBERY Two arrests made over $15mln robbery in Shatin
ERWIANA TORTURE CASE Migrant groups calls early release of employer 'unjust'
OCCUPY CENTRAL TRIAL Defendants heard asking protesters to resist police defence
INCLUSIVENESS SUMMIT Carrie Lam promises better job training for the disabled
LEGCO BY-ELECTION Five candidates go head to head in Kowloon West tomorrow
SALARY HIKE Hongkongers to expect 1.8 percent jump in salary
WINTER FLU JABS Gov't suspends vaccine jabs over possible contamination
TRAVEL CHAOS Zhuhai visitors struggle to cope with new ticketing rule
HOT POTATO James Tien: Gov't should start drafting Article 23 now
POLITICAL LANDSCAPE CE: changes in Legco won't affect governance
POLITICAL LANDSCAPE CE: changes in Legco won't affect governance
佔中九人案 押至明年4月裁決
去年城巴剷上行人路 司機囚卅個月停牌五年
北角校巴剷上行人路 陳肇始羅致光探望傷者
北角校巴剷上行人路 疑因司機未拉好手掣
林鄭立會質詢時間遇示威取消 上任後首次
急症室加價 緊急病人平均輪候時間有增無減
林鄭:對青衣車禍感難過 暫未能判斷意外原因
逾百人疑被投資公司詐騙 有人稱被騙億元
九龍西補選 陳凱欣當選
專家:賀建奎做認為對的事 亦要對社會負責
佔中三子等九人被控煽惑阻路 料審訊一個月
七警案上訴開審 料審訊三天
張建宗:五年來福利開支增八成 非越扶越貧
田徑教練被控非禮前學員 罪名不成立
HK RANKING SAR falls six places in global talent ranking
CIVIC SQUARE CE: re-opening foreground shoes sincerity to free speech
PARTY DISASTER Baptist Uni students injured in dorm blaze
OCCUPY CENTRAL TRIAL Prosecution: Pro-democracy activists incited public nuisance
政壇元老鍾士元離世 享年101歲
搬遷B6巴士站 林鄭憂人流更多未有定案
TICKET SCALPING Gov't studies harsher rules against event ticket resales
女子疑接受醫學美容療程後不治 西醫被捕
中槍市民仍危殆 涂謹申促警方全面公正調查
深水埗警員開槍案 腹部中槍男疑犯情況危殆
東涌居民抱怨遊客多 區議員倡搬B6巴士站
姦劫案疑犯警署上吊 死因庭裁定死於自殺
WASTE LEVY Communities voice implementation concerns
INTERNATIONAL STATUS US threatens to treat HK the same as other mainland cities
TRANSPORT FARE SUBSIDY Gov't rolls out all inclusive scheme in January
SHATIN-CENTRAL LINK Leighton Asia accuses subcontractor of lying
UNREGISTERED SCHOOL Classes resume for Think Int'l School primary students
GRADUATION PROTEST CUHK students protest against HK's shrinking freedoms
CONSUMER COUNCIL REPORT Study finds $20 face wash as good as $410 product
NEW APPOINTMENT Tony Ko to become new Hospital Authority CEO
CRYPTOCURRENCIES Markets regulator suggests temporary rules for exchanges
SUSPECTED SUICIDE Charged DOJ prosecutor jumps from Tai Kok Tsui home
WALTER KWOK FUNERAL Business peers, officials pay their respects to former chairman
FREE EXPRESSION WEEK Political art show dropped after 'threats Chinese authorities'
PRISONER FOUND Police find escaped prisoner in Wan Chai
FLU SEASON Gov't says more people are getting vaccinated
TOURISTS IN TUNG CHUNG Tung Chung residents frustrated by influx of visitors
GARAGE MURDER Man died after being attacked in Tai Wai
HK-ZHUHAI-MACAU BRIDGE Travellers satisfied with smoother transport arrangement
SOLID WASTE LEVY Gov't stresses public education over law enforcement
PASSING CELEBRITIES Former actress Yammie Lam found dead in Stanley home
LANGHAM ESCALATOR Court hearing begins on mall escalator malfunction
ILLEGAL TOURS Government says it's contacted Guangdong authorities
COACH ARRANGEMENT Some HZMB visitors to be shuttled away from Tung Chung
M+ SCANDAL West Kowloon Authority calls contract termination rare
MTR HEARING Subcontractor admits being warned over steel bar cutting
MTR SHODDY WORKS INQUIRY Leighton exec. Rejects whistleblower's testimony
MONG KOK CLASHES One activist pleads guilty to rioting and arson
BOAO FORUM CE: Fight unilateralism with innovation
FREE EXPRESSION WORRIES Tai Kwun pulls dissident Ma Jian's Literary Fest. Events
DISEASE OUTBREAK School suspended over hand, foot and mouth illness
TRAVEL CHAOS New measures rolled out to ease crowds using mega bridge
SELF-CENSORSHIP FAIL Dissident writer shames Tai Kwun for Literary Festival saga
POPULARITY RATING HKU poll shows higher marks but negative support for CE
ONE COUNTRY, TWO SYSTEMS' Carrie Lam plays down worries of diminishing freedoms
MAINLAND VISIT Carrie Lam dismisses rumours of replacing Matthew Cheung
FAILED KIDNAP Mainlander jailed for trying to kidnap Urban Council chair
SUBSIDISED HOUSING RENTAL Housing Society consider relaxing rules in rental scheme
DATA BREACH Gov't: Cathay can be penalised if refuses to cooperate
HK-ZHUHAI-MACAU BRIDGE Bus companies want more cross-border permits to use the bridge
MTR HEARING Leighton project manager denies giving out hush money
SHATIN-CENTRAL LINK China Technology boss stands firm despite claims against him
CO-LOCATION TROUBLES SENIOR Counsel Martin Lee calls immigration setup 'madness'
FASTER PAYMENT SYSTEM Authorities point blame at e-wallets over fraud reports
HANG SENG UNIVERSITY Hang Seng Uni. becomes the second private university in HK
CIVIL SERVANT ACADEMY Frustration raised at plans to demolish vocational centre
屯門幼稚園爆急性腸胃炎 涉21人
警破跨國網上情緣詐騙集團 涉款1.1億
的士司機被裁定不合法被殺 警方暫未回應
WASTE REDUCTION Scheme to cut plastic utensils to launch in food chains
港珠澳大橋石屎造假 官指事件影響公眾信心
港珠澳大橋首日通車 市民乘跨境巴往珠澳
PATERNITY LEAVE Fathers in the city to get two extra days off
SHATIN-CENTRAL LINK MTR to expand safety yests upon gov't advice
MTR HEARING China Technology witness credibility called into question
LANTAU RECLAMATION PROJECT Gov't: Developing Kau Yi Chau cheaper than New Territories
CATHAY DATA SCANDAL Chief Sec.: Not ruling out stricter privacy laws
BRIDGE COOPERATION Feverish mainland boy handed to Macau health authorities
PLASTIC WASTE Green group boosts recycling with deposit-refund scheme
THE HONOURS LIST CE presents awards in recognition of contributions
CHINESE MEDICINE Traning of practitioners to be strengthened for new hospital
FINALLY LAUNCHED President: bridge represents 'One Country, Two Systems'
HOUSING CRUNCH Housing Society touts flat-for flat scheme
PHONE SNATCHING SAGA Ted Hui denies charges including common assault
LANTAU DEVELOPMENT Gov't says it welcomes diverse views
WELFARE ISSUES Law Chi-kwong: pension fund running out not miscalculation
SHATIN-CENTRAL WORKS Gov't, MTR silent over link to cracks in Hung Hom buildings
HK-ZHUHAI-MACAU BRIDGE Some bus operators might not be ready for opening
WALTER KWOK PASSES Eldest of Sun Hung Kai brothers dies after stroke
CAR ACCIDENT Taxi driver dies after crashing into pedestrian island
POLICE CORRUPTION Ex-superintendent Ng Wai-hon gets 28 months behind bars
PHONE SNATCH ROW Democrat Ted Hai charged with three offences
MTR MAYHEM Chaos after four train lines hit by signalling failures
RELAYING MESSAGES Local media group: Beijing supports decision over Mallet
LANTAU CONTROVERSY Gov't: brownfields and framland not enough to meet demand
LANTAU CONTROVERSY CE rejects criticism of mega reclamation plan
POLICY ADDRESS CE: lower rating this year is expected
LEGCO BY-ELECTION Ex-lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan's candidacy confirmed
DQ PROTEST Democrats call for support for Labour Party's Lee Cheuk-yan
KOWLOON WEST BY-ELECTION CE supports decision on Lau's disqualification
FOREIGN INTERFERENCE Gov't: US report on SAR freedoms 'biased', 'unfounded'
BACK IN ACTION Lion Rock Park reopens after Dengue scare
LANTAU CONTROVERSY CE say reclamining East Lantau is a must
DATA BREACH Cathay Pacific slammed as unethical for half-year cover up
【施政報告】取消強積金對沖 政府補貼額增至293億元
NOVELIST DEATH Writer Jin Yong died at the age of 94
【施政報告】產假延至14周 5萬月薪以下獲全額補貼
REJECTED VISA Int'l community urges HK gov't to explain, revoke decision
HIGH SPEED RAIL Passenger numbers surge, but still miss government target
LEIGHTON SUSPENSION Lawmaker: move won't affect contractor
POLICY ADDRESS CE to unveil new measures on housing, medical, education
MALLET VISA CE dismisses links between visa denial, FCC talk as speculation
APPEAL REJECTED High court turns down Leung Kwok-hung's appeal bid
SHAM SHUI PO FIRE Police investigate suspected murder, suicide and arson
POLICY PREVIEW Sources say CE to unveil east Lantau reclamation plans
POLICY PREVIEW Health experts urge gov't to set cancer-fighting policies
POLICY PREVIEW social Services Council hopes for info on transitional homes
OMBUDSMAN PROBE Housing Dept. criticised for wasting public estate space
PLASTIC PROGRESS Gov't venues to ban some plastic disposables, new laws mulled
NEW ID CARDS Residents born 1985-86 to get new cards in January
ELDERLY CARERS Gov't support urged as caregivers under pressure, depressed
反新界東北示威 法官駁回定罪刑期上訴
POLICY ADDRESS CE defends pricey Lantau reclamation plans
高錕舉殯 特首及中大校長等扶靈
KOWLOON WEST REPRESENT Frederick Fung throws hat into ring, shakes up by-election
POLICY ADDRESS Civil service to lead way with maternity leave extension
INDEPENDENCE PROTESTS CE Defends authorities involved in gov't offices scuffles
CAB DRIVER DEATH Jury picked for Coroner's Court suspected police assault case
LONG HAIR APPEAL Court changes sentence for Leung Kwok-hung, Tam Tak-chi
SHATIN-CENTRAL LINK MTR told to crack open sections of platforms for probe
POLICY ADDRESS Sources: Farmland to be developed by public-private partnership
POLICY ADDRESS Sources: Gov't to beef up funding for plans to scrap MPF hedging
SERIOUS MEDICAL BLUNDER Toddler fighting for his life after overdose
WEST KOWLOON BY-ELECTION Pro-Beijing heavyweights back Rebecca in upcoming race
LAND SUPPLY DEBATE Stanley Wong: Gov't likely to follow consultation findings
LAND SALE Four plots in 3rd quarter sale to produce 2,630 homes
#METOO HK Athlete finished testifying in coach indecent assault case
INDEPENDENCE DEBATE Independence banners seen at HK universities
CASE OVERTURNED Ex-lawmaker Wong Yuk-man wins Legco glass attack appeal
ACID ATTACK Man arrested for splashing neighbour with acid
BEIJING VISIT Han Zheng: good news to come soon for HKers on tax rules
SHATIN-CENTRAL LINK Works resume after permitted subsidence levels revised
MANGKHUT AFTERMATH Financial Secretary takes part in cleanup in Fanling
ARTICLE 23 PROTEST Anti-national security law banner seen on Beacon Hill
RAIL LINK OPENING DAY Chaotic scenes as protesters storm terminus
MANGKHUT AFTERMATH Expert: exposed Heng Fa Chuen is an easy target
INDEPENDENCE CONTROVERSY Pro-Beijing heavyweight calls Article 23 legislation
LAND DEBATE Housing under secretary tells HKers to 'face reality'
TYPHOON FALLOUT Destroyed Sok Kwu Wan fisheries set to lose millions
QUALITY OF LIFE Calls for gov't to build mainland retiree community for Hkers
RATE HIKE No more cheap loans as HK follows US to raise rates
LAND DEBATE Task force insists report was only for reference
LAND SUPPLY CONSULTATION Brown fields, golf course likely to make options list for CE
RULES OF PROCEDURE Committee proposes new penalty system in Legco
CE SAYS 'UNACCEPTABLE' Carrie Lam slams local NPC deputy's attack on judges
EXPRESS RAIL LINK Enthusiasts start queuing for tickets two days early
UGL INVESTIGATION UK Gov't stops investigation due to lack of evidence
WEST KOWLOON WOES Arts hub CEO defends payments for cash-strapped contractor
EXERCISE BALL MURDER Prosecutors lay out evidence as closing statements begin
DENGUE FEVER CONTROL No new cases in a week, but public warned to stay vigilant
DOUBLE STORM Observatory warns of very wet weekend as cyclones near
SERVICE EXTENSION Police chief to stay on until November 2019
EXTRADITION CASE CE agrees to extradite interpol-wanted Singh to India
SUPER TYPHOON THREAT Hongkongers stockpile food as Mangkut looms over weekend
XRL TICKETS Ticketing systems loophole makes cheaper tickets available
FATAL ACCIDENT Tsim Sha Tsui intersection crash leaves one dead
POLICE ASSAULT CASE CP admits retired officer's jailing is affecting morale
MONSTER MANGHUT HKO: storm surges and flood risks will sustain until tomorrow
EXERCISE BALL MURDER Judge directs jury in murder trial
BODY FOUND Male body discovered in Sai Kung waters
TYPHOON FALLOUT Several beaches closed after Mangkhut damaged sewage pipes
AIR PURIFIER DEBATE Watchdog finds cheaper models outperform the pricey ones
AUSTRALIA CAR ACCIDENT HK family hospitalised after being hit by car in Sydney
LAND SUPPLY Disagreements over land options emerge
EXPRESS RAIL LINK Companies hope to boost tourism with rail's launch
INTERNET FRAUD Woman says she lost $180 million in love scam
GOLD ATTACK Coach given suspended jail term for assaulting protester
SMS PORTAL HACK DOH: low risk of personal data leakage
FIGHTING BID-RIGGING Competition Comm. Charges 3 renovation firms, 2 individuals
SHOPPING CONTROVERSY Site meant to deter parallel traders faces risks of closure
CHILD ABUSE Man gets 6 years, 4.5 months jail term for abusing daughter
CONTROVERSIAL LAW Entry exam questions leaked to be debated in top court
ELDERLY COMPLAINTS Telecom companies target of senior citizens' anger
憂慮本港加息 二手業主「劈價」套現
政府刊憲禁香港民族黨運作 即時生效
MANGKHUT AFTERMATH Groups call on Gov't to set holiday laws for bad weather
風暴後垃圾大增 垃圾轉運站爆滿
紅磡珠寶店職員遭截劫 犯案者或多於四人
學校今日復課 有中學安排學生清理校園
多間校舍損毀 全港周二繼續停課
林鄭:香港安然渡過山竹吹襲 感謝前線人員
THE ULTRA-RICH Report: Hong Kong has more multi-millionaires than New York
RAIL LINK OPENING DAY Officials tout cross-border express rail at ceremony
STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH School receive subsidy to hire campus-based social workers
EXPRESS RAIL LINK CE defends surprise B5 level, co-location arrangements
CHILD ABUSE Man gets 6 years, 4.5 months jail term for abusing daughter
GAY RIGHTS Non-local same sex partners eligible for dependant visas
dengue fever Patient visited Lion Rock Park, brings tally to 29
INDEPENDENCE TALK CE 'heartbroken' by CUHK student union speech
POLICE SHOTTING Gunshot fired in missing car chase in Tai Po
ASIAN GAMES Team HK return home from 'encouraging' results at Jakarta
HKU MURDER Professor accused of murdering wife put on suicide watch
MARKET MANAGEMENT Ombudsman: FEHD to blame for $1.6bn loss at wet markets
MTR WORKS SCANDAL Widespread subsidence along Shatin-Central Link
XRL WATER ISSUES MTR: floods at Shek Kong won't affect operation
CROSS-FAMILY KIDNEY DONATION Gov't rolls out pilot scheme to boost transplants
DENGUE FEVER One more Cheung Chau resident confirmed with disease
TIN SHUI WAI FIRE Brother and sister hospitalised
CHINA RESIDENCE PERMIT New smart ID applications open for China-based Hongkongers
DANGER SHOP Two injured from falling board at Causeway Bay shop
DENGUE FEVER Sophia Chan: schools need to take preventive measures
MEDICAL BLUNDER Discharged pancreatic cancer patient died without medication
朱經緯上訴被駁回 官指對下屬立下壞例子
院舍前線無加薪 工會質疑公帑去向
DENGUE OUTBREAK CHP: Cheung Chau cases have same virus source
MANGKHUT AFTERMATH Gov't under fire for not giving workers a day off
HONG KONG SPORTS Gov't pledges to invest in sports development
TERROR SUSPECT India requests extradition of HK based accused
CO-LOCATION ARRANGEMENT High Court rejects rail injunction bid
POLLUTED AIR Poor air quality poses 'serious' health risk in HK
EXPRESS RAIL LINK Frank Chan: Discounts may be offered if numbers are low
DENGUE OUTBREAK CHP predicts more infections in Cheung Chau
ANOTHER LIBEL CASE CY Leung sues Stand News and PolyU professor over article
LAND SUPPLY DEBATE Land search team under fire for taking sides
HKU MURDER University Professor accused of murdering his wife
ARTICLE 23 CE says it's too early for implenmentation talks
TRANSPLANT INFECTION At least four patients have Hepatits E after organ reansfer
CHAN LETTER BACKLASH CE: HKNP leader's actions 'deeply regretted'
HK AIR TRAFFIC Factwire: latest system glitch was worse than reported
WALTER KWOK Property tycoon in 'stable condition' after health scare
DISTRICT COUNCILS Pan-dems: Eac recommendations are politically biased
LEFT LUGGAGE COURT CASE Airport staff wins case involving CY Leung's daughter
EXPRESS RAIL LINK Trains to start running on September 23
KWUN TONG TRAGEDY Pedestrian killed falling tree branch
DENGUE FEVER CUHK: up to 3000,000 HongKongers may have had the disease
MAINLAND RESIDENCE PERMIT CE: New ID card a response to HKers' needs
RECLAMATION COST Reclamation may be cheaper than collecting farmland
SINKING BUILDINGS 23 buildings sank around To Kwa Wan station
MTR DELAY Glitches on Kwun Tong Line cause peak hour problems
ANDY CHAN SPEAKS Activist says independence is the only way forward
TST PERFORMERS Street performers turn to TST after MK closure
DENGUE FEVER City-wide mosquito control amid 'unprecedented' local infections
EXPRESS RAIL LINK Frank Chan: Hong Kong section is safe to operate
LIVING IN CHINA Hongkongers to enjoy social benefits across the border
CHINA TAX Tax rates stay same for HKers under new permit scheme
DENGUE FEVER HK authorities work to contain dengue cases
MTR SCANDAL Former gov't civil engineer chief suggests cracking open walls
LAST ATTEMPT Former CE Donald Tsang files appeal to top court
LAW REVISION Calls to revise dishonest use of computer law
HONGKONGER DEATH Two teachers killed in Perth car crash
ASSAULT APPEAL Judgement reserved until September 14
高鐵香港段車票下周一開售 每人限購八張
SINKING BUILDINGS 23 buildings sank around To Kwa Wan station
A DIFFERENT TRANSPLANT CUHK sets up Asia's first lab to study fecal transfer
中大學生代表提港獨 校長重申大學不支持
眾志:兩成員被扣留 質疑內地要打壓眾志
戴啟思被拒訪問北大 公會倡無限期暫停課程