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  1. How can I get started with TVNews? Is it free to use?
TVNews is free and open to all schools in Hong Kong. Teachers and students need their HKEdCity accounts to access the contents.
Teachers please make sure that details of all student accounts are correct and updated for the current school year. Please contact your HKEdCity account administrator for details.
Students should approach the HKEdCity account administrator of your school for enquiries and/or reset of password.

  1. The TVNews practices are delivered through a VLE. Do I need a VLE account to access them?
You can access TVNews in the VLE by the buttons or on the main page with your HKEdCity teacher / student account within the TVNews Award Scheme period. No other accounts are needed.

  1. When I go to the News Practices, I am prompted to a page called 'Modules'. What is this?
The News Practices in the VLE are organised in 'modules'. One module is essentially one News Practice. Each module consists of several items, such as Vocabulary Quiz, Discuss and Wrap-Up. Finish all the items in order to complete the module.