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TVNews - Details

TVNews is an online, self-access English learning platform which provides local news clips and online exercises for self-access learning and teaching. It is available to teachers and students in Hong Kong with their HKEdCity accounts.


  • Encourage students to learn English via authentic multimedia online resources, enriching their English vocabulary and enhancing their listening skills
  • Increase students’ awareness of social issues in Hong Kong and develop their critical thinking skills, so as to equip them to face the curriculum of English Language Education, Liberal Studies as well as other KLAs
  • Facilitate students’ self-directed learning

News Practices

Online practices are built on local news clips, testing students’ vocabulary and comprehension of the clips.

There are two levels of News Practices:

    Senior Level

  • Suitable for S4-6 students
  • News Practices are updated every Tuesday and Thursday, except school holidays.

    Junior Level

  • Suitable for S1-3 students and more able senior primary school students
  • News Practices are updated every Tuesday, except school holidays.

For the full schedule, please refer to the format of TVNews Award Scheme.

Students are encouraged to opt for a level that is suitable to their abilities. Students and schools with excellent performances will be awarded under TVNews Award Scheme.

The News Practices are delivered through a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). Students and teachers can access them by the buttons btn_senior.pngbtn_junior.png  on the TVNew front page with their HKEdCity accounts.

There are 5 items in each News Practice (called 'Module' in the VLE):

  1. Prep: Learn about the topic and useful words / phrases from the clip.
  2. Vocabulary Quiz: Test your understanding of the vocabulary from the clip.
  3. Watch: View the news clip and answer related questions.
  4. Discuss: Respond to suggested discussion topics and train up critical thinking skills.
  5. Wrap-Up: Express your feelings and record any reflections.

In the VLE, there is a trial module for students to familiarise themselves with the navigation and format of a News Practice. Students' work in this trial module does not affect their overall results.

Students can also check their completed work and progress through 'Grades' in the VLE.

Teacher Reports

Teachers can view the performance statistics of each class and student for each News Practice.
Meanwhile, teachers also can view the practices as a student in the VLE.

News Archive

Local news clips in English and Chinese are available for up to a year after they are broadcast.