Summer English is organised by Hong Kong Education City and Scholastic. It aims at encouraging primary school students to read and learn English in the Summer Holidays through interesting topics and a variety of text types, such as folktales, stories, articles, etc.

The theme of Summer English 2018 is: All Kinds of Families, All Kinds of Friends.

Students and schools with excellent performances will be rewarded.


Summer English is open to all primary school students in Hong Kong.

Junior Primary Division: P1-3 students

Senior Primary Division: P4-6 students


  1. Schools that have entered Summer English are entitled to win school prizes. The teacher-in-charge having registered will receive award notification for both student and school prizes.
  2. All primary school students in Hong Kong are free to join Summer English at any time and get individual student prizes.
  3. All challenges must be completed by 19 August 2018.
  4. The challenges consist of reading passages and relevant questions. Each challenge can be attempted ONCE only. When attempting the challenges, students will gain marks when they have got a correct answer, and extra marks if they have got all the answers of a challenge correct. Students with highest marks within each division will get prizes.
  5. The school prizes are determined based on the participation rates of each school (i.e. number of participating students / total number of students within the school).
  6. Results will be announced in September on this website. Schools with awarded students will be notified of the prize pickup arrangement.
  7. The organisers have the final decision on the rules, terms and results of Summer English.



  • A new challenge is available every Wednesday and Friday from 11 July to 10 August 2018.
  • All challenges must be completed by 19 August 2018.
  • Results will be announced in September.




11 July Challenge 1
13 July Challenge 2
18 July Challenge 3
20 July Challenge 4
25 July Challenge 5
27 July Challenge 6
1 Aug Challenge 7
3 Aug Challenge 8
8 Aug Challenge 9
10 Aug Challenge 10