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TVNews Award Scheme


TVNews provides online exercises based on local news videos (from News Archive) for self-access learning and teaching. It is available to teachers and students in Hong Kong with their HKEdCity accounts.

Choose your level and start the News Practices (modules). If you are new to TVNews, we recommend that you go to [Module 0 - Trial] to familiarise yourself with the format before you start Module 01.

IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you access TVNews in 2018/19, you must click on either button to enrol yourself to the right level.

Junior Level - Featured Modules:


Senior Level - Featured Modules:



  • Encourage students to learn English via authentic multimedia online resources, enriching their English vocabulary and enhancing their listening skills
  • Increase students' awareness of social issues in Hong Kong and develop their critical thinking skills, so as to equip them to face the curriculum of English Language Education, Liberal Studies as well as other KLAs
  • Facilitate students' self-directed learning


There are two levels for students to choose from:

  • Junior Level: Suitable for S1-3 students and more able senior primary school students
  • Senior Level: Suitable for S4-6 students

Students are encouraged to opt for a level that is suitable to their abilities.


TVNews exercises are built on local news videos, testing students' vocabulary and comprehension of the videos. The exercises are delivered through a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

There are 5 items in each News Practice (called 'Module' in the VLE):

  1. Prep: Learn about the topic and useful words / phrases from the video.
  2. Vocabulary Quiz: Test your understanding of the vocabulary from the video.
  3. Watch: View the news video and answer related questions.
  4. Discuss: Respond to suggested discussion topics and train up critical thinking skills.
  5. Wrap-Up: Express your feelings and record any reflections.

There are marks allocated for different items in each News Practice (Module). Students with the highest marks in each phase and level will get awarded.

In the VLE, there is a trial module for students to familiarise themselves with the navigation and format of a News Practice. Students' work in this trial module does not affect their overall results.

Students can also check their completed work and progress through 'Grades' in the VLE.

Teacher Reports

Teachers can view the performance statistics of their studentsfor each module.
Meanwhile, teachers also can view the practices as a student in the VLE.

News Archive

Local news videos in English and Chinese are available.


TVNews Award Scheme 2018/19 is in 3 phases:

Senior Level: Exercises are updated every Tuesday and Thursday, except school holidays.

Junior Level: Exercises are updated every Tuesday, except school holidays.

Detailed schedule:

Phase 1

8 October 2018 (Mon) - 31 January 2019 (Thu)


Senior Level

Junior Level

9/10/2018 Module 1 Module 1
11/10/2018 Module 2  
16/10/2018 Module 3 Module 2
18/10/2018 Module 4  
23/10/2018 Module 5 Module 3
25/10/2018 Module 6  
30/10/2018 Module 7 Module 4
1/11/2018 Module 8  
6/11/2018 Module 9 Module 5
8/11/2018 Module 10  
13/11/2018 Module 11 Module 6
15/11/2018 Module 12  
20/11/2018 Module 13 Module 7
22/11/2018 Module 14  
27/11/2018 Module 15 Module 8
29/11/2018 Module 16  
4/12/2018 Module 17 Module 9
6/12/2018 Module 18  
11/12/2018 Module 19 Module 10
13/12/2018 Module 20  
(Winter Break)
8/1/2019 Module 21 Module 11
10/1/2019 Module 22  
15/1/2019 Module 23 Module 12
17/1/2019 Module 24  

Phase 2

1 February 2019 (Fri) - 31 May 2019 (Fri)


Senior Level

Junior Level

(Chinese New Year Break)
Module 25
Module 13
Module 26
Module 27
Module 14
Module 28
Module 29
Module 15
Module 30
Module 31
Module 16
Module 32
Module 33
Module 17
Module 34
Module 35
Module 18
Module 36
Module 37
Module 19
Module 38
Module 39
Module 20
Module 40
(Easter Break)
Module 41
Module 21
Module 42
Module 43
Module 22
Module 44
Module 45
Module 23
Module 46
Module 47
Module 24
Module 48


Phase 3

8 July 2019 (Mon) - 18 August 2019 (Sun)


Senior Level

Junior Level

9/7/2019 Module 49 Module 25
11/7/2019 Module 50  
16/7/2019 Module 51 Module 26
18/7/2019 Module 52  
23/7/2019 Module 53 Module 27
25/7/2019 Module 54  
30/7/2019 Module 55 Module 28
1/8/2019 Module 56  
6/8/2019 Module 57 Module 29
8/8/2019 Module 58  




Students and schools with excellent performances will be awarded.

Schools that have enrolled are entitled to win school prizes. Teachers can enrol online for the whole school with their HKEdCity teacher accounts by 15 July 2019.
The teacher-in-charge having enrolled will receive award notification for both student and school prizes.


Best Performance Awards for Students

For each level in each phase, the 10 students with highest marks will get:

  • HK$100 gift voucher
  • A certificate

* If a student is eligible to be awarded at more than one level, they will get awarded at Senior Level.

Best Participation Awards for Schools

For the whole year (Phase 1 + 2 + 3), the 10 schools with the highest participating rates will get:

  • HK$1,000 gift vouchers


Result Announcement

Phase 1: 22/2/2019

Phase 2: 21/6/2019

Phase 3: 16/9/2019

Results will be announced on this website. Awarded schools and schools with awarded students will receive a separate notification through email.


Results (Phase 1)

Here are the results for Phase 1 of TVNews Award Scheme 2018/19. A notification about prize pickup will be sent to the schools with awarded students.

Best Performance Awards for Students

Each awarded student will get HK$100 gift voucher and a certificate.

Junior Level

School Student
Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten (Primary Section) Au Cheuk Yu
Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten (Primary Section) Lau Audrey Teresia
Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten (Primary Section) Pei Cherry Chanley
Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten (Primary Section) So Chun Kiu
Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten (Primary Section) Tsang Evelyn Wai Ning
Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten (Primary Section) Wong Hoi Lam
Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School Yeung Hok Yi
SKH Chai Wan St Michael's Primary School Chan Jit
Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School Chan Cheuk Yin
Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School Wong Nok Hin


Senior Level

School Student
HKTA the Yuen Yuen Institute No. 1 Secondary School Li Hon Lam Herman
Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School Cheng Chung Ming
Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School Cheung Tsz Wing
Sing Yin Secondary School Bow Tsz Hin
Sing Yin Secondary School Chik Yiu Kai
Sing Yin Secondary School Kwan Ngai Pok
Sing Yin Secondary School Ng Kwan Shu
St. Antonius Girls' College Malik Aqsa Ayoub Awan
St. Antonius Girls' College Mok Hiu Wing
Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School Li Chi Tat


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