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Welcome to Summer English 2015!

Let's learn English in a fun way in the Summer Holidays!

There is a new Challenge for Primary School students every Wednesday and Friday from 13 July to 12 August, 2016.

Finish all the Summer English Challenges by 31 August and win a prize!

What's New
28 Sept
8 Sept
  • Summer English 2016 has ended and the results will be announced soon. We have a big surprise for those of you who have completed all the challenges. Stay tuned!
13 Jul
  • Summer English 2016 is now open! Click on the 'Go' button above and start the challenges!
7 Jul
  • School registration ending soon! Teachers please register by 15 Jul to be eligible for school awards.
30 May
10 May
  • Summer English 2016 will be open for registration soon. Stay tuned!