Learning and Teaching Expo 2017
SEN Theatre – Speaker Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Call for Speakers for ‘Learning and Teaching Expo 2017 – SEN Theatre’. Please read carefully the following notice:
感謝閣下有興趣申請成為「學與教博覽2017 - 特殊教育需要研討會」的講者。請於申請前細閱以下注意事項:

  1. All fields in this application form are required (Except ‘Additional information’).
  2. Please complete the application form carefully, and preview all information before submission.
  3. Each application should include one presentation title. Please follow the procedures above to submit a new application for another presentation title if necessary.
  4. Closing time of the application is set at 16 June 2017, 23:59 HK Time.
  5. Applicants will get a confirmation email in 7 working days after submission of application.
  6. For enquiries, please contact us on (+852) 2624 1000 or info@hkedcity.net.
    如有任何查詢,請致電 +852 2624 1000 或電郵至 info@hkedcity.net 與教城聯絡。
Start Date 報名開始日期: 2017-05-11
End Date 報名截止日期: 2017-06-16


報名開始日期: 2017-05-08
報名截止日期: 2017-06-20

*Mandatory 必須填寫
A. Personal Information 個人資料
*Title 稱謂:
*Name (Eng) 英文姓名:
*Name (Chi) 中文姓名:
*Organisation Name 機構名稱:
*Organisation Website 機構網址:
*Position 職位:
*Email 電郵:
*Phone No. 電話號碼:
*Country / Region 國家 / 地區:

B. Presentation Information 演講資料
* Theme 主題(Check all that apply 可選多項):
 Learning and Teaching 學與教
Subject 科目:
Related Elements 相關元素 (Check all that apply 可選多項)
 eLearning 電子學習
 Assessment for Learning 促進學習的評估
 STEM Education 科學、科技、工程及數學教育
 Game-based Learning 遊戲為本學習
 Computational Thinking and Coding 計算思維和編程
 Collaborative Learning 協作學習
 Others 其他 
 Whole Person Development and Inclusive Environment 全人發展及共融學習環境
 Life Planning and Transition from School to Workplace 生涯規劃、學校至職場的過渡
 Role of SEN Coordinators 特殊教育需要統籌主任之角色
 SEN Support in Tertiary Education 大專教育:照顧特殊教育學習差異
 SEN Support in Early Childhood Education 幼兒教育:照顧特殊教育學習差異
* Related SEN Type 相關的特殊教育學習類別(Check all that apply 可選多項):
 All 所有類別
 Specific Learning Difficulties / Dyslexia 特殊學習困難 / 讀寫困難
 Autism Spectrum Disorders 自閉症
 Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorders 注意力不足 / 過度活躍症
 Intellectual Disability 智力障礙
 Physical Disability 肢體傷殘
 Visual Impairment 視覺障礙
 Hearing Impairment 聽力障礙
 Speech and Language Impairment 言語障礙
 Gifted Education 資優教育
 Others 其他 
* Target School Level 涵蓋學習階段(Check all that apply 可選多項):
 Early Childhood 幼兒教育
 Primary 小學
 Secondary 中學
 Special School 特殊學校
 Higher Education 高等教育
 Continuing Education 持續進修
* Target Audience 目標觀眾(Check all that apply 可選多項):
 School Leaders 學校領導層
 Department Heads / Curriculum Panel Heads / Subject Panels 學校部門主管 / 課程發展主任 / 科主任
 In-service / Pre-service Teachers 在職教師 / 職前教師
 SEN Coordinators / Social Workers / School Discipline and Counselling Teachers 特殊教育需要統籌主任 / 社工 / 訓輔主任
 School Administrative and Support Staff 學校行政及支援人員
 IT Coordinators / Technicians 學校資訊科技統籌員 /技術人員

C. Details of Presentation 演講詳情
* Presentation Topic 演講題目:
* Presentation Language 演講語言:
 English 英文
 Cantonese 廣東話
 Mandarin 普通話
* Presentation Summary in Bilingual Version 中英文版本的演講內容簡述:
Please describe your researches, projects, pedagogies or experience sharing (including the background, content, outcome, etc.) (Max. 300 words)


  Additional Information 補充資料

If you have any additional information (e.g. Organisation introduction, research paper, teaching plan, etc.), please upload such information in doc, pdf or zip format. (Please zip if there are more than 1 file; max. file size = 100Mb)

如有任何補充資料(例如:機構簡介、研究報告、教案等),請以 doc, pdf或zip 格式上載於此。(如多於一個檔案,請先壓縮成zip檔;檔案不可大於100Mb)

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Terms and Conditions
  • Your presentation must be relevant to the themes mentioned in section B of this form.
  • Your presentation must reflect actual classroom experience and / or research in an educational discipline.
  • Your presentation must be within 30 minutes including a 5-minute Q&A session.
  • Your presentation must be conducted in English / Cantonese / Mandarin.
  • You retain copyright over your work, while agreeing Hong Kong Education City Limited (HKEdCity) to place your work and / or presentation materials online to allow others to freely access, use, and share the work, with an acknowledgement of the work's authorship and its initial presentation at the SEN Theatre.
  • SEN Programme Committee is formed for making decision on presentation selection in their sole and absolute discretion to select the shortlisted applicants.
  • HKEdCity reserves the right to change the details of SEN Theatre and will use its reasonable and practicable efforts to inform the details to applicants.
  • All data transfer and reception time shall be according to HKEdCity, and subject to HKEdCity’s final decision. HKEdCity is not responsible for any data that is transmitted late, lost, or any information that is received but incomplete or illegible.
  • HKEdCity reserves the right to amend or vary the terms and conditions of SEN Theatre without prior notice. However, HKEdCity will use its reasonable and practicable efforts to post and publish the most recent terms and conditions via HKEdCity channel.
  • The personal data collected are subject to HKEdCity’s privacy policy. For the details of HKEdCity’s privacy policy, please visit www.hkedcity.net/dataprivacy.
  • 演講內容必須符合B部份所列的主題。
  • 演講必須關於課堂實踐經驗,或有關教育之研究。
  • 演講必須於30分鐘內完成,其中包括5分鐘問答環節。
  • 演講必須以英語、廣東話或普通話進行。
  • 講者仍保留演講內容之版權,並允許香港教育城有限公司(教城)將閣下的演講內容或資料於網上發布,讓第三者在列明原作者及演講出處的情況下,自由取得、使用、轉載閣下的演講內容或資料。
  • 所有申請將交由「特殊教育需要研討會諮詢委員會」遴選,該委員會保留獨立及最終決定權。
  • 教城保留更改特殊教育需要研討會細節安排的權利,並會以合理及可行方法通知申請人士。
  • 所有資料的傳送及接收時間以教城之紀錄為準,並受制於教城的最終決定。教城對基於任何原因未收到、延遲收到、不完整或難以識別的資料,概不負責。
  • 閣下同意教城保留修改此條款及細則的權利,而毋須先行通知。惟教城將以合理及可行方法,經教城的宣傳渠道通知及公布最新的條款及細則。
  • 個人資料收集和使用仍根據教城制定的「私隱政策聲明」,詳情請瀏覽 www.hkedcity.net/dataprivacy
  • 中英文版之內容如有任何差異,以英文版為準。