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Online enrolment procedure:

  1. 有興趣參與的教職員以香港教育城(教城)校長、教師或學校戶口管理人帳戶登入及填妥表格,並核對資料無誤。
    Please log in with your HKEdCity's principal, teacher or school administrator account to proceed with the registration. Fill in the online enrolment form and ensure the data recorded is accurate.
  2. 您可同時為同一學校的教職員報名參加研討會。成功報名後,教城會於研討會舉行前一天向您發出報名確認電郵。
    You can apply the seminars for your colleagues in the same school. After successful application, HKEdCity will send a confirmation email to you one day before the seminar.
  3. 如有查詢,歡迎致電2624 1000或電郵至info@hkedcity.net與教城聯絡。
    For any enquiries, please contact HKEdCity on 2624 1000 or by email

報名開始日期: 2017-02-14
報名截止日期: 2017-02-22