'eRead Scheme' Free Packages 2023/24
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歡迎 貴校訂閱「e悅讀學校計劃」免費組合2023/24。請留意以下事項:

  1. 請學校聯絡人以香港教育城(教城)教師、學校職員或學校管理員帳戶登入及填妥表格,並核對資料無誤。
  2. 成功訂閱後,所有師生可於服務期內閱讀書籍。(服務期:完成訂購程序後至2024年8月31日)
  3. 請 貴校於計劃開始前確認已完成教城學生帳戶的年度更新,並將帳戶分發予學生,詳情可聯絡學校管理員或資訊科技統籌主任。

如有查詢,歡迎致電2624 1024/2624 1063/2624 1033或電郵至info@edcity.hk與我們聯絡。


'eRead Scheme' is a school-based eBook subscription service by Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) supporting schools to promote extensive reading. Under the scheme, EdCity has worked with organisations such as the Education Bureau and the Quality Education Fund to provide free reading packages for schools to subscribe to. Please click here for details

Thank you for subscribing 'eRead Scheme' Free Packages 2023/24. Please note:

  1. To subscribe to packages for your school, please log in with a teacher, school staff, or school administrator account and fill in the correct information.
  2. Upon successful subscription, all teachers and students can read the eBooks in the Free Packages within the service period (After completion of the subscription procedure, till 31 August 2024).
  3. Before the scheme starts, please make sure that the student accounts are updated for this school year and distributed to students. Please contact your school administrator or IT Coordinator for details.

For enquiries, please contact us on2624 1024/2624 1063/2624 1033 or info@edcity.hk.


Start Date: 2023-08-16
End Date: 2024-08-31