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Online Question Bank: Create Tiered Assessment for Learning Diversity / Weekly Formative Assessment (Teaching Ideas)

Friday, May 22, 2020

Stepping into second term, how could teachers help students consolidate what they have learnt and build up new knowledge? Use Online Question Bank to create tailor-made assessment for students with different learning abilities; or establish learning goals for students by assigning 10-question formative assessment weekly, and adjust teaching strategies continuously through data feedback. 

Suggested teaching plan:

  • Create tiered assessments for learning diversity in 5 minutes
    It is usually time consuming to prepare tiered assignment for students with learning diversity. Being an e-platform for ‘assessment for learning’, Online Question Bank (OQB) enables teachers create a paper for use in classroom with 4 simple steps in just five minutes before class.
  • Weekly 10-question formative assessment
    Teachers create papers for students weekly in a continuous manner to implement formative assessment. By analysing the performance of students and adjusting teaching strategies, teachers can enhance the learning and teaching effectiveness, especially encourage students to set their own goal and keep practising.