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Subscription Procedure

1. What are the procedures for schools to join the service?
  1. School Purchaser logs in EdMall by using the School Purchaser Account (xxx-buyer), and buys the products by entering the quantity and then clicking ‘ADD TO CART’ to proceed ordering.
  2. School can select to settle the payment by cheque. Invoice will be issued upon order confirmation by EdMall. (**Note: once the transaction is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled.)
  3. School Purchaser will receive the invoice notification via email within 2-3 working days. After receiving the invoice notification, please settle the payment by cheque within 45 days according to instructions stated on the invoice.
  4. School Purchaser can download the product in EdMall and receive an activation key for using the platform upon successful purchase.
** Service provided is under academic year basis. Please refer to “Order Now” for details.
2. What are the procedures if individual users intend to join the service?
  1. Search for required product in EdMall (please click here for details), login with HKEdCity ID and add product to the shopping cart.
  2. After selecting products, click “CHECKOUT” to proceed payment by Credit Card (Visa /Master).
    Please refer to Order Process Flow for details. for details.
  3. After payment, you can download the product in EdMall and receive an activation key for using the platform. (**Note: once the transaction is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled.)
** Service provided is under academic year basis. Please refer to “Order Now” for details.



1. Is it necessary to create another set of login accounts for OQB platform?
No, teachers and students can access platform by using HKEdCity accounts. Make sure the accounts have been updated through school account management system. Please contact us by email (support@hkedcity.net) or by phone (2624 1000) for assistance.
2. We have just updated students’ account information in school account management system, why is the student information not updated in OQB platform?
After updating in school account management system, it takes at least one day for OQB system to refresh the information.
3. My school has subscribed and confirmed platform service. Why can't we use OQB after login?
After confirmation, you have to enter the activation key in the platform for using the service. For details, please refer to activation process (school).
4. Why can't we login platform by using the activation key?
Please note that the key is used for activation only. Login platform requires HKEdcity accounts. For details, please refer to activation process (school).
5. Why does the system display error message after I input the activation key?
Please check if you log in with school admin accounts, teacher accounts affiliated to schools or school purchaser accounts for system activation.
6. Is school admin the only person who can perform the activation of service?
No, besides school admin, teachers accounts which have been affiliated to school also have right to activate. Note the activation key can be used once only.
7. How to simply authenticate students and teachers to use the service?
School admin does not have to manually authenticate students and teachers to OQB’s service. All teachers affiliated to school and students can access OQB platform now.
8. What are the requirements to use platform service?
For Desktop:
Latest version of Chrome (Windows XP or above)
Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 7 or above)

For tablets running iOS and Android:
Chrome for iOS (iOS 6.0 or above) ;
Chrome for Android (Android 4.0 or above)

[Details please refer to the test page: http://www.hkedcity.net/hq/testpage/]



1. My school has subscribed the service. Why do we see free practice papers only, and cannot see all the papers under the subject we bought?
Please consult your school admin or related teachers to make sure the subscribed subjects are activated.
2. Students might take subjects in a mixed mode (one subject with students from different classes), or only some of students in a class take certain subject. In this case, how can I distribute the paper?
A "grouping" function is available in platform.  Teachers can create custom groups with students from same / different classes. For details, please refer to quick start guide (teacher).
3. Can students skip questions when they perform the test?
It depends on how teacher sets "Mandatory" option when creating a test. Once the paper is distributed to students, it cannot be modified.
4. Is there any option for answer display?
Yes, there are 3 options for teachers and students when creating a test.
  1. Test: answers displayed after submission of test;
  2. Exercise: answers displayed after submission of indiviaul question;
  3. Study (only for student mode): answers displayed together with questions, it is for self-study only.
5. Can I edit or delete the paper generated before?
  1. Paper can be edited and deleted if it has not been distributed yet;
  2. Paper cannot be edited but can be deleted if it has been distributed and the test has not started;
  3. Paper cannot be edited and deleted if it has been distributed and the test has started.
6. Can I skip the questions assigned before when I create another test?
Yes, an "Exclude Attempted Questions" option is available in creating a test. Once it is clicked, those assigned questions are excluded.
7. How to mark the listening test?
Only keyword and essay require manual marking. Other question types including multiple choice, checkbox, ordering and matching can be auto-corrected by the platform.
8. Can I subscribe the service for individual use?
Yes, you can subscribe an individual license. Please note that all operations must be done in student mode (green system background) including activation process and creating test. This mode is also deisgned for individual user. Unlike teacher mode, test papers cannot be distributed in student mode.



1. Can I subscribe the service if my school is not intended to do so?
Yes. Please enter EdMall or Order Now subpage to subscribe individual license. Please take note that the expiry date for current year will be 31 August 2017.
2. My school has subscribed service. Why does the platform display "no access right" after I login?
After login, the platform redirects url according to teacher or student accounts. If a teacher logouts and then a student logins in the same page, there is an error. The solutions are accessing platform url (http://oqb.hkedcity.net/) again or re-login after closing the platform.
3. What if I accidentally turn off the browser while I am doing a test paper distributed by my teacher?
You can continue the test at any time before the test ends.
4. Can I create a test by myself?
Yes, you can create it from "Create Test" subpage. Then the platform will indicate the test is created by "Me".
5. How to set question language to be English when creating a test?
In "Create Test" subpage, press "ENG" on the top of screen (on the right side of login name). The question language will become English.
6. Can I download and print out the paper by myself?
The platform is designed for online assessment, hence download and printing is not supported. One exception is that the graphics and maps in Mathematics and Geography are printable to facilitate offline computing.
Hotline: 2624 1000
Fax: 2624 1088
e-mail: oqb@hkedcity.net
Correspondence Address: Sha Kok estate, Shatin, N.T., H.K
Office Hour: Monday to Saturday (except public holidays)
8am – 10pm

Activation Process (School)

Activation Process (Individual)

Quick Start Guide (Teacher)

Quick Start Guide (Student / Individual)

Video Demo (Chi. Ver.)

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