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【e世代.家長童行】系列活動(六)21/05/2016  'Conference for Parent Education on e-Learning' series (6)

精選系列: 共建更好的網絡世界 最後更新: 17/06/2016

e世代.家長童行 系列活動六










著名兒童電子雜誌《黃巴士EMAG》及親子月報《黃巴士Light》總編輯許芷茵Helena,為資深童話作家、兒童教育工作者、《信報》及《FAM樂活.家》月刊的專欄作家,其著作《Anti-Tiger Mom反虎媽的超級教養術》深受家長歡迎,而童話故事包括《箭豬交朋友》、《龍.不過是傳說的一種》及《我要做萬獸之王》則為兒童恩物。除了出版工作之外,Helena更遍遊本港多家小學、中學及專上學院主持講座,身為媽媽的她,並主持「反虎媽俱樂部」臉書 www.facebook.com/antitigermom,深信「愛的教育」的永恆力量,推動教育不遺餘力。















  • 運用電子學習資源訓練小學生的寫作能力
    • 嘉諾撒聖心學校蘇愷晴老師
  • 英文科電子寫作
    • 港澳信義會小學代表
  • 運用電子學習工具促進數學科的自主學習
    • 聖士提反書院代表
  • 應用自主學習平台及媒體軟件協助孩子建構數學知識
    • 港澳信義會小學代表
  • 視藝新角度:由平面畫創作簡易立體動畫
    • 嘉諾撒聖心學校代表
  • 透過電子學習策略提升常識科學生課堂學習及小組參與度
    • 沙田崇真學校余耀忠老師


如有任何查詢,歡迎致電2624 1000或電郵info@hkedcity.net與教城聯絡。



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Entering a digital world, more schools are applying technology in learning and teaching. How can you grasp the new learning paradigm of your children? How could you help them make good use of information technology while preventing misuse? Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity), the Education Bureau and the Association of I.T. Leaders in Education hence jointly organise the series of ‘The Conference for Parent Education on eLearning’. Its fifth conference was held on 21 May 2016 (Saturday) in Sacred Heart Canossian School.  



1. Parents' role: Enjoying the learning journey with kids

Speaker: Ms Helena Chi Yan HUI, Editor-in-Chief of children online magazine Yellow Bus EMAG and parenting magazine Yellow Bus Light

Helena Hui is an experienced children story writer, an active participant in the field of child education, a columnist of Hong Kong Economic Journal and FAM Magazine, as well as a mother. Her published works include the well-received Anti-Tiger Mom Super Parenting, and a collection of story books tailored for children, such as Porcupine Making Friends, Dragons – Only a Myth? and I Will Be King. Apart from publishing work, Helena has been invited to conduct educational seminars, workshops and talks in primary, secondary and tertiary schools in Hong Kong and mainland China, and often shares her view as a mother via her Facebook fan page Anti-Tiger Mom Club: www.facebook.com/antitigermom. Sparing no effort in child education, Helena loves to spend time with kids and holds a strong belief in the eternal power of love education.


2. Risks Encountered in Digital Life

Speaker: Ms. HSU Siu Man, Supervisor of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Ms. HSU is Supervisor of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) and a registered social worker. She has focused her works on youth counseling and preventive education. She currently supervises the online counseling and Internet-addiction supports service of HKFYG. Ms. HSU is often invited by schools and organizations to share on teenage emotional health, study planning and new media education courses, and has published several series of books on youth counselling with co-workers.


3. Tips for spine protection

Speaker: Ms. Chan Wai Man, Vivian. Physiotherapist.



2 sessions with 6 topics each on different subjects. 

  • Effective Use of Free App to Develop the Writing Skill of Primary School Students
    • Representatives from Sacred Heart Canossian School
  • Powerful Writing
    • Representatives from HK& Macau Lutheran Church Primary School
  • Using eLearning Tools in Maths to Foster Student Self-directed Learning
    • Representatives from St Stephen’s College
  • Using eLearning Platform in Maths to Foster Student Self-directed Learning
    • Representatives from HK& Macau Lutheran Church Primary School
  • New Era of Visual Arts: Use of Free App to Introduce Artwork from Graphics to 3D Animation
    • Representatives from Sacred Heart Canossian School
  • Enhance Students' Engagement and Learning in Class Using eLearning Strategies in General Studies
    • Representatives from Shatin Tsung Tsin School


Should you have any enquiries, please contact HKEdCity at 2624 1000 or email us at info@hkedcity.net.


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