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School Participation

Role and responsibilities of Participating Schools

  • Provide leadership in implementation of eResources Adoption and maximise its benefits to learning and teaching in school

  • Contribute educational practices (pedagogy and practices)

  • Participate in surveys and provide feedback

  • Participate in teacher sharing events (twice a year) to benefit more teachers and students



Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

School Recruitment
Jan - Feb 2017 Result Announcement and provision of e-Resources
May 2017 School survey
May - June 2017
  • 1st Community sharing
  • School Recruitment for School Year 2017/18 and Result Announcement
Nov 2017 User survey
Dec 2017 2nd Community sharing
April 2018 School survey and confirm renewal for 2018/19
April – June 2018
  • 3rd Community sharing
Nov 2018 School Survey
Dec 2018 4th Community sharing
Jun 2019 School Survey
Aug 2019 End of Program