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About eREAP


The eResources Adoption Programme (eREAP) aims at sourcing quality eLearning resources from education solutions suppliers around the world. Through this programme, teachers in Hong Kong have opportunities to adopt world-class eLearning resources and solutions (generally referred to as eResources), and to experience the latest application of technology in education. Teacher community will be set up to share the practices and to provide community support. The goal is to have more than 100 schools in Hong Kong, able to adopt quality eResources to support their learning and teaching, and develop pedagogy and lesson plans that can help to further enhance the quality of education in Hong Kong.

With the implementation of ‘The Fourth Strategy on IT in Education’ (ITE4), over 90% public funded schools in Hong Kong will have WiFi in all classrooms by September 2017. A solid foundation for eLearning is established and schools are now ready for more extensive adoption of eLearning Resources. While many free eResources, including those from HKEdCity, are available on the Internet, the ITE4 stated the importance to introduce commercially available eResources to schools to expand the availability of quality eResources.

A global sourcing exercise will be conducted to source the most suitable eResources for use in Hong Kong. The eResources are supplementary to learning and teaching needs in schools and are not intended to replace textbooks. Evaluation of eResources are coordinated by HKEdCity together with a group of experienced subject teachers. With the economy of scale in this project, suppliers through this programme can also lower their cost and efforts in introducing their products to schools, and able to collect feedback from schools easily.


There will be several Plans and a variety of eResources available under this programme:

  1. Plan A's eResources have been used by schools worldwide. These eResources cover main subjects in primary and secondary schools, including Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Science, etc. The licences of these eResources are covered by government grant and are offered free to participating schools during the programme.  (more)
  2. Plan B's eResources support main subjects and other subjects, inclusive of Social Emotional Development that caters to non-academic domains. The licences of these eResources are currently sponsored by suppliers and are offered free to participating schools for a specific period. (more)

Plan A

Plan B

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