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Britannica LaunchPacks™ Science

Key Stage: 
Primary 1 - 3
Primary 4 - 6
Secondary 1 - 3
Secondary 4 - 6
Science Education
Cross KLA / Curricula

Key Stage

♦ Primary 1 - 3      ♦ Primary 4 - 6      ♦ Secondary 1 - 3        ♦ Secondary 4 - 6


♦ Science Education


Brief Introduction

Britannica LaunchPacks: Science save planning time and make students’ research more productive with ready-to-use content sets, curated and complied to match the Science Curriculum.  Each Britannica LaunchPack is dedicated to a specific Science topic and features a variety of content types ideal for lessons, classroom activities, projects or assignments.


Support platform

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Major Functions

  • Over 1,700 Packs with diverse multimedia such as: Articles, Images, Videos, Primary Sources and Websites
  • Organised and customisable resources
  • Differentiated levels of contents support for learning diversity and personalised learning
  • Ideal for activities, assignments & lesson planning to facilitate close reading, build critical-thinking skills and enhance student literacy skills


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Major steps on how to use it

1. Create personal account on LaunchPacks: Science.
2. Create activities using Pack contents.
3. Assign activities or Packs to your students.
4. View at-a-glance student progress.
5. Review students' answers to questions.

Refer to the User Guide for more details.




Science, eLearning, literacy, K-12, multimedia resources, inquiry, critical thinking, information literacy, project-based learning


User Guide



Learning Strategies for Teachers


Learning Strategies for Students


LaunchPacks Activities for teachers


LaunchPacks Activities for students


Creating Classes and Invite Students


Customise and Share


Sharing a Pack to Google Classroom


Import Classes from Google Classroom




Creating an Excerpt


Britannica LaunchPacks Science Training Workshop

Teacher Sharing

Speaker: ​Mr Kenny Tang, St. Paul's Secondary School

eREAP 2019/20 Briefing Session

Speaker: Ms Miranda Wong Ping-yan, Teacher Librarian, Chan Shu Kui Memorial School



Teaching resources could be found here to help teachers kick off using eResources in learning and teaching, and experience the benefits.


Teaching idea - Britannica LaunchPacks™ Science - Chemical Bonding (For KS4)

This lesson plan demonstrates how to implement Britannica LaunchPacks™ Science under 5E instructional model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate).

[Download Lesson Plan]



Teaching idea - Britannica LaunchPacks™ Science – Phases of the Moon (For KS2-3)

The suggested lesson plan below combines the resources in the “Phases of the Moon” pack with a hands-on classroom activity. 

[Download Lesson Plan]