OWL: Reef recovery? How you can help

OWL: Reef recovery? How you can help
作者:Editorial Team of OWLKids Magazines, Canada
出版社:Bayard Presse Asia
Since 1976, OWL has ignited the curiosities of kids ages 9 to 13. OWL continues to give children access to new information in a fun, age-appropriate and engaging way. OWL highlights elements of science, technology, engineering, art, and math to encourage kids to discover, explore, engage, and inspire. The cover story is to discover the Great Barrier Reef near the east coast of Australia, the largest living structure with 12,000-year-old system of reefs in the world; this ecosystem for millions of life forms have been threatened by pollutions and climate change and become a bright white warning in the world - coral bleaching which is prone to the death of reefs. So, how the young Australians take actions to protect and stop further harms to the Great Barrier Reef.