DiscoveryBox: Let's recycle

DiscoveryBox: Let's recycle
作者:Editorial Team of Bayard Magazines, UK
出版社:Bayard Presse Asia
is a journey of discovery through nature, science and history. Readers enjoy the magazine through the fascinating scientific articles with fun experiments, important historical events retold in a lively and accessible way, animal topics presented through spectacular photos. Besides, readers can explore the world by understanding other countries, cultures and lifestyles. They can enjoy fun by comic-strips, games, quizzes, jokes, competitions and much more! The cover story is to talk about the history of handling rubbish and waste, and the change of throwaway living caused to the increase of waste, until the modern days that how people try to recycle waste and protect the environment. This main theme is also supported by the funny comic of reducing waste and a investigation report about the process of glass recycling.