Computer Programming - ScratchJr

Computer Programming - ScratchJr
作者:Innovative Technology Education Limited
出版社:Innovative Technology Education Limited
ScratchJr can operate on both iPad or Android tablets. You can compose a program just by fitting different program blocks together. You can create simple animations, stories and games. Through the process of creation, programming, debug and reflection, we can not only learn the programming skills, but also cultivate our creativity, problem-solving and logical thinking skills. Content: Chapter 1: Learn about the basic operations of ScratchJr, combine different Motion blocks to program. Chapter 2: Learn to use the Rotate, Hop and Start on Green Flag program blocks, change the Stage Background and switch characters. Chapter 3: Learn to edit a character, use Repeat Forever, Grow, Shrink, Reset Size and Start on Tap porgram blocks. Chapter 4: Story creation, learn to add new pages and switch pages. Use the Say, Wait and other program blocks to finish the story creation. Chapter 5: Game making, use the Send Message, Receive Message and Start on Bump program blocks to program the game.