Big Bug and Little Bug

Watch the story of one bug helping another bug while rhyming the 'ug', 'eg', and 'ig' sounds in this video.
  • 1Big bug and little bug.
  • 2One day, a very little bug fell into a hole he dug.
  • 3"Help me, help me," said the bug.
  • 4"I fell into a hole I dug."
  • 5A big bug saw the little bug.
  • 6He saw the hole the bug had dug.
  • 7"I will help you," said the big bug.
  • 8"I will give your leg a tug."
  • 9The little bug said, "Please I beg."
  • 10"Do not tug hard on my leg."
  • 11"Just give one tug, one little tug,"
  • 12"That is all I need, big bug."
  • 13The big bug gave the leg a tug.
  • 14He pulled out the little bug.
  • 15"Thank you," said the little bug.
  • 16He gave the big bug one big hug.
  • 17The end.