It's Smart to Save Water

Be smart and save water for tomorrow.
  • 1Thanks again for inviting me for a sleepover tonight, Peter.
  • 2I love sleepovers.
  • 3Chris, you should always shut off the water when you're not using it.
  • 4But how will I brush my teeth without water?
  • 5All you need is just enough to get your toothbrush wet like this.
  • 6Why do I need to do that?
  • 7There's water everywhere.
  • 8In oceans, and lakes, and streams, and even when it rains.
  • 9Well, you're right but not all that water is safe for us to drink.
  • 10Here, imagine this.
  • 11If you took all the water in the entire world and put it in one big pool,...
  • will look like this.
  • 13See, I told you that's a lot of water.
  • 14It might look like a lot, but of all that water,...
  • 15...only a tiny bit is safe for us to drink and use every day.
  • 16Oh, that's not very much at all.
  • 17No, it's not.
  • 18That's why we have to be smart about how we use it.
  • 19Wow, you're right, Peter.
  • 20I didn't think of that.
  • 21It's always smart to save water.