The Adventures of Pinocchio

The puppet that came to life lied to his maker so they both got into trouble.
  • 1 Long ago, there lived a lonely old carpenter named Geppetto.
  • 2He made a puppet out of some wood, a ball, and a string.
  • 3That night, a fairy visited and cast a spell that made the puppet walk and talk.
  • 4Geppetto named him Pinocchio.
  • 5Geppetto gave Pinocchio some money and sent him into town to buy schoolbooks.
  • 6Instead, Pinocchio spent the money on a circus ticket.
  • 7The fairy asked him what he did with the money and he lied to her.
  • 8Suddenly, his nose grew.
  • 9The fairy said, "Whenever you lie, your nose will get bigger."
  • 10"Now go find Geppetto."
  • 11"He's out looking for you by the sea."
  • 12Pinocchio was rowing a small boat in the sea and found Geppetto inside a whale.
  • 13Pinocchio made the whale sneeze and they escaped.
  • 14Relieved, he promised to never lie again.
  • 15The fairy said, "Keep that promise and I will turn you into a real boy."