How to Make Onigirazu

A chef explains the basic way of making a popular Japanese snack.
  • 1 The first onigirazu I'm going to prepare is tuna mayonnaise.
  • 2Start by putting one whole can of tuna into a bowl.
  • 3This will give you around two servings.
  • 4Season with salt and black pepper.
  • 5Add a generous amount of mayonnaise, some lemon juice...
  • 6...and around three tablespoons of finely-chopped onions.
  • 7Give it a good mix.
  • 8The principles behind all of the onigirazu will be the same.
  • 9Start by placing a sheet of cling film onto a chopping board.
  • 10Take one roasted nori seaweed sheet.
  • 11They will usually have one side which has a rougher texture...
  • 12...and the other side with a shinier and smoother texture.
  • 13When making sushi rolls or onigirazu, ensure that the rough side is facing up.
  • 14This is so that the smoother, aesthetically pleasing side...
  • visible on the outside of the onigirazu.
  • 16Place some warm steamed rice in the center of the nori sheet,...
  • 17...season with salt, place some lettuce...
  • 18...and cucumber on top of the rice,...
  • 19...followed by the tuna mayonnaise.
  • 20Then, top off with some more rice.
  • 21Season again with some salt.
  • 22Next, fold in the edges to create a parcel.
  • 23It's important not to squeeze too hard...
  • you'll end up with a really dense and unpleasant texture when eating.
  • 25Finally, wrap the onigirazu with the cling film.
  • 26Reshape and allow to rest on the side for a few minutes,...
  • 27...enough time for the edges of the nori to stick together to form a parcel.