Let's Draw Little Red Riding Hood

Here's an easy way to draw Little Red Riding Hood.
  • 1 First, just like with our other drawings,...
  • 2...we're gonna do a quick sketch of the body as an outline for us on the page.
  • 3Next, draw the front of Little Red Riding Hood's face.
  • 4And then, add her hair...
  • 5...and her hood.
  • 6Now, finish her body by adding clothes, legs and arms.
  • 7And of course, don't forget the long cape she's famous for.
  • 8Finally, give her a nose, eyes...
  • 9...and a mouth.
  • 10And then color her in however you like.
  • 11Here's what Junaid's looks like all colored in.
  • 12And here's what mine looks like.