A Snake Bakes a Cake

Time to build your vocabulary by learning words that end with -ake.
  • 1 His name is Jake and he loves to bake.
  • 2What does he bake?
  • 3That's easy: cake!
  • 4It's time to frost it!
  • 5But be careful he doesn't drop the icing...
  • 6...because sometimes his tail likes to shake!
  • 7That was delicious!
  • 8Sometimes he likes to take his cake and eat it by the lake.
  • 9And when he's done, he works in the garden with his rake.
  • 10It's a sudden snow storm.
  • 11Look, there's a snowflake.
  • 12Don't worry Jake, it's not really snow.
  • 13It's all just fake.
  • 14All that hard work makes him sleepy.
  • 15So it's hard to stay awake.
  • 16Good night, Jake.