Jewelry from Trash

Nurdle in the Rough specializes in making beautiful and exotic jewelry from ocean trash.
  • 1Kamilo beach is one of the dirtiest beaches in the world.
  • 2A lot of the currents bring plastic in from the open ocean.
  • 3The name Kamilo actually translates to "twisting currents".
  • 4I went there to do a little bit of a beach cleanup and scope the area out.
  • 5And that's when I started interacting with the material and seeing how I could use it,...
  • 6...which inspired me to take action and to start Nurdle in the Rough.
  • 7Nurdle in the Rough jewelry is jewelry that's made from ocean plastic.
  • 8A lot of times people come up to me and ask me what kind of stone I'm wearing.
  • 9It's really a great segue into a conversation about how much plastic is in our oceans.
  • 10I'm really passionate about taking this ugly plastic pollution...
  • 11...and transforming it into something beautiful...
  • 12...these gemstones that are sleek and they have these beautiful textures...
  • 13...and lines on them that tell the story of where this plastic has been.
  • 14I cut the material up and I start rounding and shaping it and polishing it down by hand.
  • 15I use all recycled sterling silver and I set the marine debris like I would a stone.
  • 16I try to make designs that are eye-catching and have a little bit of an intrigue.
  • 17Some are inspired by sea life...
  • 18...and some are inspired by the beauty that I find in the material.