I'm Proficient in Snapchat

A millennial tells her job interviewer what skills she has.
  • 1 Amy, it says you are trained in technology.
  • 2That's very good.
  • 3Are you adept at Excel?
  • 4No.
  • 5PowerPoint?
  • 6No.
  • 7Publisher?
  • 8Not really.
  • 9Exactly in what area of technology are you proficient?
  • 10Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Twitter.
  • 11You know, the big ones.
  • 12I'm surprised you didn't say Facebook.
  • 13That's for old people like my parents.
  • 14That's funny.
  • 15Well Amy, when you're working for me,...
  • 16...you have to have those kinds of research skills because I'll send you things for you...
  • 17...to comb through and get the answers and send them to me.
  • 18So for that, you got to be really good at technology.
  • 19For stuff like that, no problem.
  • 20I'll just ask Siri.