The Oldest Woman Skydiver

The oldest female skydiver in the world describes what it's like for her to do this dangerous sport.
  • 1I am a world record holder for being the oldest woman skydiver in the world.
  • 2I don't worry that my carpet is rather threadbare and old as long as I'm skydiving.
  • 3But I do get scared,...
  • 4...and I used to be so scared that I would drive the car up to the drop zone...
  • 5...and think, "I could go back,"...
  • 6..."I don't have to stay here," but I knew if I went away, I'd never come back again.
  • 7So, the ecstasy was more than the fear.
  • 8The first time I jumped out of an airplane, I thought I was gonna die,...
  • 9...and as I fell, I thought, "What a mistake."
  • 10"This is death."
  • 11I could remember it now,...
  • 12...and then the next second, I thought, "Ah! I'm flying!"
  • 13Skydiving gives you the most intense, wonderful feeling.
  • 14I think sometimes we get pulled down by fear.
  • 15We get pulled down by necessity of work and it's a mistake.
  • 16But having done skydive, I learned courage.
  • 17I learned to go,...
  • 18...and that has been the biggest turning point in my life.