A Baby Elephant

Elephants are one of the largest animals on Earth and they have strong noses called trunks.
  • 1 Whoa, it's an elephant.
  • 2I think it's a baby elephant.
  • 3You know what we should do? Let's take a photo and send it to my sister, Katie.
  • 4She is also a junior ranger.
  • 5Hold still young one.
  • 6Hi Katie, so did you find anything about the baby elephant?
  • 7Hi Leo, the elephant you found is an Asian elephant.
  • 8The largest land animal in Asia.
  • 9Though they are smaller than the African elephant.
  • 10Asian elephants can grow up to three meters tall.
  • 11Wow, that's so big.
  • 12Elephants have long noses called trunks.
  • 13They use their trunks like we use our hands.
  • 14With their trunks they can greet each other like a handshake...
  • 15...and pick up objects as heavy as a tree.
  • 16As heavy as a tree?
  • 17Wow, elephant trunks sure are strong.
  • 18Earlier we saw the baby elephant grab some grass with its trunk.
  • 19That's because they need to eat a lot of food.
  • 20They eat all kinds of grasses, small plants, bushes, fruit, twigs, tree bark, and roots.
  • 21Where do Asian elephants live?
  • 22The Asian elephant can be found in lowland forests...
  • 23...and grasslands of India, China and Southeast Asia.
  • 24Baby elephant must be hungry.
  • 25We should bring it back to its mother.
  • 26Come and join us.