Video series: Common mispronunciation in daily life situations

SCOLAR releases a series of eight three-minute TV episodes to raise the awareness of proper English pronunciation among the general public, in particular, our students and the workforce. The episodes illustrate, in fun and entertaining ways, various common mispronunciation among some people in Hong Kong in daily life situations.

Topics covered include:

  1. How do we pronounce verbs in the past tense ending with -ed?
  2. How do we handle word stress in multisyllabic words?
  3. How do we pronounce words with silent letters?
  4. How do we pronounce long a sound /eɪ/ and long u sound /ju:/?
  5. How do we pronounce long i sound /i:/, short i sound /ɪ/ and schwa /ə/?
  6. How do we avoid sound insertion mistakes?
  7. How do we pronounce 'th' sound /ð/ and /θ/?
  8. How do we pronounce some special names of places?