Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this powerful movie about a man who loses his legs in a tragic accident, and eventually loses hope.
  • 1 I'm gonna be there at the finish line for you.
  • 2I'm gonna make a big sign for you!
  • 3He doesn't show up for anything.
  • 4Then, he shows up.
  • 5There was an explosion, and your legs, they're gone, bro.
  • 6I can't do this.
  • 7I can't, I can't do it.
  • 8This is the first time you're in this week and you had three appointments.
  • 9You just have to show up.
  • 10Show up?
  • 11I showed up for you.
  • 12You remind me of my son.
  • 13He died.
  • 14Helping you made me feel like I had helped my son.
  • 15And for that, I am grateful.
  • 16You're grateful.
  • 17I'm gonna walk.
  • 18You know, I'm gonna walk with you again someday.