Choosing the Right Christmas Tree

Here are some things you should keep in mind before buying a Christmas tree for your home.
  • 1 Is it fresh or is it fake?
  • 2Tough to tell right?
  • 3Artificial trees aren't what they used to be.
  • 4They're more realistic and they're easier to set up.
  • 5Well, before you buy,...
  • are some things to think about when you choose your artificial tree.
  • 7The material matters.
  • 8You can choose shredded PVC,...
  • 9...which used to be the main material used for artificial trees.
  • 10Not very realistic-looking, but it is easy on the budget.
  • 11Or you can choose PE or polyethylene.
  • 12PE can be molded to look more like a real tree.
  • 13It gives the branches and needles more substance and they're more pliable.
  • 14Finally, the choice of material influences the time it takes to set up the tree.
  • 15Trees made from shredded PVC do need some shaping,...
  • 16...while trees made from PE are basically ready to go right out of the box.
  • 17Wanna save even more time?
  • 18Choose a pre-lit tree so you can just pop it together and plug it in.
  • 19Remember to shop with some measurements in hand.
  • 20You need to know the height of the space where you'll place the tree...
  • 21...and available width too.
  • 22And don't forget to account for a tree topper when you're measuring.