The Man Who Invented Christmas

A story about famous author Charles Dickens and how he created one of the best loved Christmas stories of all time.
  • 1 So he's had a couple of flops, well, who hasn't?
  • 2You have a new book in mind?
  • 3Of course he does!
  • 4My lamp's gone out, I've ran out of ideas.
  • 5Are we in trouble?
  • 6No, of course not.
  • 7I have told you not to disturb me when I am working.
  • 8On Christmas Eve, the spirits pour into the night.
  • 9Well here, Mr. Dickens, pickpockets, streetwalkers, humbug...
  • 10Those people don't belong in books.
  • 11Humbug!
  • 12How do you make a world come alive, I could almost see and hear them people?
  • 13Even if you've already written it, we couldn't possibly get it printed and distributed...
  • only six weeks.
  • 15If I can't finish it, I'll never write again.
  • 16The characters won't do what I want.
  • 17I'm the author here.
  • 18Allegedly.
  • 19A jolly ghost?
  • 20What's that mean?
  • 21This season of hope, we will shut out nothing and everyone will be welcome.
  • 22I have to get to the printers by nine o'clock.
  • 23But you still don't have an ending.
  • 24Merry, merry Christmas to one and all.
  • 25Merry Christmas!