Words With -ive

Let's learn some words that end with -ive.
  • 1I love to swim but I really love to dive.
  • 2Dive ends with - ive.
  • 3After swimming, we ordered pizza.
  • 4How soon until it will arrive?
  • 5Not too long.
  • 6It's not a far drive.
  • 7I hope you're hungry.
  • 8We ordered a lot of pizzas.
  • 9How many did we order?
  • 10Twenty-five!
  • 11I love pizza.
  • 12I'm so happy, I could dance the jive.
  • 13Uh-oh, is that a bee?
  • 14We must be sitting near a hive.
  • 15Oh no, don't squish them.
  • 16We want to keep the bees alive.
  • 17If we want to eat honey, the bees have to survive.