Let's Go, Jets!

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Genre Comedy, Romance
Director Hayato Kawai
Cast Suzu Hirose, Yuki Amami
  • Release Date 15/06/2017
  • Category I
  • Duration 121 mins
  • Country Japan

Female students, including Hikari Tomonaga, from a high school cheer dance club follow strict instructions from their teacher Kaoruko Saotome. They compete at the USA Cheer Dance Championship.

From small town girls to US champions, this is a schoolgirl miracle of cheer dance – based on true story.


  • Hikari Tomonaga

    She’s never danced before joining the cheer dance club. Can she really become a US champion?

  • Kaoruko Saotom

    This ‘teacher from hell’ will never stop pushing the girls into becoming the best cheer dancers.

  • Kosuke Yamashita

    He is Kikari’s crush, and is the real reason of Hikari joining the cheer dance club because he once said to Hikari: ‘You cheering me on will be cool’.