Roman Holiday: Champagne for Lunch

A clip from the Audrey Hepburn movie "Roman Holiday"
  • 1Must be quite a life you have in that school-- champagne for lunch.
  • 2Only on special occasions.
  • 3For instance?
  • 4The last time was my father's anniversary.
  • 5Wedding?
  • 6No, it was the fortieth anniversary of the day he got his job.
  • 7Forty years on the job. What do you know about that!
  • 8What does he do?
  • 9Well, mostly you might call it public relations.
  • 10Oh well! That's hard work.
  • 11Yes, I wouldn't care for it.
  • 12Does he?
  • 13I've heard him complain about it.
  • 14Why doesn't he quit?
  • 15Well, people in that line of work almost never do quit.
  • 16Unless, it's actually unhealthy for them to continue.
  • 17Well, here's to his health then.
  • 18You know, that's what everybody says.