Norm of the North

A polar bear named Norm goes on an adventure in New York City to save his homeland.
  • 1Out here in the wild,...
  • 2...when you don't fit in, life can be a real bear.
  • 3Especially for Norm.
  • 4What good is a bear if he can't even hunt, huh?
  • 5Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer.
  • 6But when his home is threatened...
  • 7Humans are invading our land.
  • 8Read them and weep, boys! Caribou yeah!
  • 9I want one!
  • 10He'll finally discover...
  • 11Humans are moving here now!
  • 12Look! From Florida.
  • 13...what he was born to do.
  • 14Go to the city Norm, and convince them not to move here.
  • 15We need to convince people to help you,...
  • 16...and I have an idea.
  • 17Backup dancers, let's show them who we really are.
  • 18Ladies and gentlemen, Norm of the North!
  • 19Fleming, look out!
  • 20Wait for it...
  • 21Geez, they don't call this place a concrete jungle for nothing.
  • 22Norm of the North.