One Week Friends

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Genre Romance
Director Masanori Murakami
Cast Kento Yamazaki, Haruna Kawaguchi
  • Release Date 18/05/2017
  • Category I
  • Duration 120 mins
  • Country Japan

This is an innocent, heartrending pure love story based on a best-selling comic book One Week Friends by Matcha Hazuki.

Yuki Hase wants to be friends with his high school classmate Kaori Fujimiya, who always keeps to herself. One day, he takes the courage to talk to her, but is shocked when she tells him, ‘I lose all memory of my friends at the end of each week’. Still eager to befriend Kaoru, Yuki approaches her every Monday when her memory is reset, saying, ‘please be friends with me!’

They slowly build up their friendship by exchanging a diary, until one day…


  • Yuki Hase

    He has strong affection for Kaori, even when she forgets him again and again.

  • Kaori Fujimiya

    She loses all memory of her friends at the end of each week, including Yuki Hase.